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Q&A: Life in Germany Still an "Adventure"? | Making Friends | German Struggles

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Is life in Germany still an "adventure" for me? Was it easy to make friends here? Do I get German humor? Answering these questions and more about my life as an American living in Germany! Questions in this video: 1. Why do you pronounce your name Dana and not Day-na? 2. Do you still consider yourself living abroad? Aren't you at home in Germany now? And is it still an adventure to you? 3. Do you consider mastering a new language a life-long challenge? And: Are you sometimes frustrated that you can’t say everything exactly as you want it to say? With every shade and every hidden meaning? 4. Do you understand or appreciate German humor? 5. Is there a difference between peanut butter in Germany and peanut butter in the U.S.? 6. Is there anywhere Americans can work that will sponsor their visa? 7. How long does it take someone to get used to living in Munich? 8. What do you find so special about Germany? 9. Is it easy to make friends in Germany? So my question for you is: How would YOU answer some or all of these questions? Links: 1st Q&A video: https://youtu.be/lG2FuUbBcYY 2nd Q&A video: https://youtu.be/9KL8hDXQG1g 4 Things I Look Forward to in the USA: https://youtu.be/JzYCj0SauP8 My interview on BrodiesFilmkritiken: https://youtu.be/Q1EwygilQtI Videos on Jobs, Visas, Teaching English: How I Moved FROM USA TO EUROPE: https://youtu.be/gV5LBfdXt_I My Life as an English Teacher in Munich: https://youtu.be/d4DkSPwAjHo TEACHING ENGLISH in Germany: https://youtu.be/6cZrttvtkSE English blogs/websites about things going on in Munich (If you check them out, say hi from me! 😃 ) http://www.movetomunich.com/ https://myadventuresinmunich.blogspot.de/ http://www.moving-to-munich.com/ Subscribe: https://goo.gl/IXm5MB Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/WantedAdventure Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WantedAdventure Twitter: https://twitter.com/WantedAdventure Google+: https://plus.google.com/+WantedAdventure Thanks so much for watching!! Subscribe for more videos about the German and American culture, life in Germany versus life in USA, travel, and languages! New videos every Sunday and most Wednesdays :)
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Sue Lily (2 months ago)
Dana has anyone ever asked if you know someone else from America, either a visitor they met sometime or someone famous they saw on tv or something? I'm American and even just traveling around US people ask where I'm from & always ask if i know so&so "from there" my area. I'm just wondering if you get that, too?
Semra Oz (7 months ago)
I'm sorry but you speak a little bit too fast and also too loud :/ It's really hard to follow you.
emerald dawn (1 year ago)
Do the Germans in Munich usually speak standard German or Bavarian dialect?
Fine Ch (1 year ago)
Great answer, Dana! Especially to that last question! I've been living in Germany for a few months now, about to start Uni and being a bit nervous about making friends with Germans. I've met some Germans, even had one as a roommate, but none of them 'clicked' with me (all the friends I made are non-Germans from my German classes). From your experience, do you usually click with that "potential German friend" right away or does it take much longer? (I know this varies from person-to-person, but would be nice to have some idea :) ) Thanks for your answer in advance!!
no ne (1 year ago)
Stand up comedy: Monika Gruber, Günther Grünwald, Torsten Sträter, Sasha Grammel, Sebastian Reich, Atze Schröder..... just go through YouTube
Regina (1 year ago)
Nico Semsrott is really funny!
Lini Lupo (1 year ago)
Best german standup comedian: Faisal Kawusi!
Adrian D (1 year ago)
check out caroline kebekus
Felix Kloft (1 year ago)
Kinda funny how you say you felt at home in Munich after learning German, when it's the place in Germany where the least German is spoken ;-)
Nico104 (1 year ago)
Can you speak a little bit bavarian? ^^ WEISCHWURSCHTL! 😂
pielmeierdieter (1 year ago)
Hi Dana. The best political comedian imo is Volker Pispers. There is also a long video here on youtube where hespeak about the USA and terrorism, the way things are connected. It take longer as 45 min. and there is a version with engl. subtitles. Your videos are great, I always like to watch them.
Laura Valle (1 year ago)
Erdnusscreme is similar to American peanut butter, and if you buy it at a bio shop, you won't have any icky ingredients in it. You should try it! Much better than the partially hydrogenated oils they put in Jiffy!
Randy Welsh (1 year ago)
What i do not understand about German, is why try to make a whole sentence into one word
Fadl K (1 year ago)
Love your videos!! I'm actually moving to Bremen in August for university and I'm going to be taking intensive German couses for 3 years, do you think I can conquer the German language in that period and be able to understand German books and locals? Thanks
BibbsyD (1 year ago)
Hey Dana, some comedians I really enjoy are: Carolin Kebekus Tahnee Markus Krebs Bülent Ceylan Kaya Yanar (he especially analizes the cultures and languages in the world) Chris Tall Have fun :)
Felix Wohlers (1 year ago)
Hi Dana, abgefrühstückt means something like finally done (erledigt). A good comedian: Torsten Sträter and Dieter Nuhr
HamuAndXerxl (1 year ago)
Dana, has someone ever told you that the way you pronounce your name is not German? You say it like Danna, but the German name Dana has the emphasis on the first a, like Daana.
Demenion (1 year ago)
you could search for Bodo Wartke for really nice comedy/poetry/lyrics. he makes very funny songs
feliciaable (1 year ago)
German comedy??? Check out "Knallerfrauen" !!! Haha
Osmone Everony (1 year ago)
BTW I recommend Dieter Nuhr for standup comedy. Ich bin in Deutschland geboren und habe dieses Land, bis auf einen Tagesausflug nach Paris, seit 56 Jahren nie verlassen, aber das Wort "abgefrühstückt" habe ich jetzt zum ersten mal gehört. Ich kann nur vermuten, dass es das Gleiche bedeutet wie "abgegrast". Ich glaube, manchen Leuten fällt einfach spontan ein neues Wort ein und wenn es gefällt, dann wird es viral. Ich meine, Ausdrücke wie "Arschkrampe" oder "Vollhorst" haben ja irgendwo ihren Ursprung. :)
Mathilde T (1 year ago)
How did you and your husband met and what is your job in Germany ? (sorry if you've already answer to those questions)
Nina Maric (1 year ago)
how old are you???
Lioba Fi (1 year ago)
My all time favourite comedian is Michael Niavarani, he is Viennese and not German though but I find him super funny :)
Rudi .adH (1 year ago)
Sie meint wahrscheinlich auf gefrühstückt
Felix Grempels (1 year ago)
You should take a Look for Otto Waalkes even if he has his special Humor he is amazing. And a lot of Comedians take him as a role model or inspiration. A lot of them even have seen his shows on TV when they were young and many said that Otto inspired them to do this job. If you don't know him (what i actually doubt) just search on Youtube for him.
Marcelxyz (1 year ago)
best timeless stand-up-comedian in Germany ever: Fips Asmussen!!!
I bims 1 Nutella (1 year ago)
The pictuer behind you was taken at the Herzogstand;-)
Raphael Loureiro (1 year ago)
Dana I LOVE your channel <3
mel schtempel (1 year ago)
mich würde interessieren, ob du extra deutlich in die kamera sprichst (evtl. auch, damit dich nicht-englisch-muttersprachler verstehen können) oder ob du immer so redest.
Jennifer Müller (1 year ago)
mel schtempel yes, my boyfriend and i are surprised, that we can understand every single word (thats good!) although normally our listening comprehension is not so good?! perhaps dana can give us an answere in the next q&a video?
asrsi (1 year ago)
Ever seen "Cindy aus Marzahn"? :-D
darrick steele (1 year ago)
Yur smile and energy are infectious. Are yu a grade school teacher? You could be I think?
Jürgen Erhard (1 year ago)
So much great comedy here. Someone I just rediscovered (well, knew him, but somehow ran into him again) is Horst Evers.
theplayernkc (1 year ago)
I finally figured it out. Watched a few of your videos and kept thinking the way you speak reminded me of someone. Sarah Palin.
Rick Heli (1 year ago)
Have you noticed that when Germans speak English they use the word "gonna" (going to) a lot? Whereas I almost never hear "gonna" anymore in the States. I suspect "gonna" was big in the 60s and 70s and its use has since tapered off, but Germany did not get the memo. :) Also, regarding your pronunciation of "button", do you watch a lot of youtube? Seems to be everyone in youtube is pronouncing it this way. So it may be a kind of echo chamber thing.
Peter8aus8Berlin (1 year ago)
100 percent command of the German language = this is possible. Prove is here on youtube: Gesichter Bonns: Kate und das "Fitness First" am Markt. She has a video on her channel with some tips how to learn German. 1 of those tips in particular I find very, very helpful: Record yourself and you will notice a lot of mistakes you cannot hear whilst speaking. abgefrühstückt => as in English "off" "ab" has sometimes a negative meaning in German as well; abgefischt => I feel fatique (literally: the sea has been emptied of all fish) Whereas "schroff abspeisen" means to give someone a curt/brusk answer (or something) to brush the whole affair OFF. But in a diner setting "ganz schön abgefrühstückt" I guess just means that one is saturized (or beyond saturized). German humour: Knorkator.
Varcolym (1 year ago)
I really like this videos :D By the way is anybody here who's American native speaker and wanna learn German? I'd be glad if I can help anyone. As a return for this you help me to improve my english skills, agreed? ;-) I hope my English isn't too bad.
L. C. (1 year ago)
very good comedians are Mundstuhl
Magicians1313 (1 year ago)
Hey Dana, awesome channel you have here =) I love your videos and I have a suggestion for you =) volkers pispers I dont know your german level but I love this guy ... he makes jokes about politics, but I could not understand his jokes if he would speak in english, but check him out on youtube .. he is really awesome ... keep up the good work and thx for all your great videos. KR Frank (from germany)
Squidward (1 year ago)
voice actor for moira brown from fallout 3?
peter koller (1 year ago)
one more thing to consider when you have moved away from home: If you have been away for several years and feel homesick, you are longing for something that does not exist any more. there is no going back even if you moved back to the very place you left years ago, because this place has changed as well, and going *back* would also mean going back in time. so, if you uproot yourself by moving away and cannot get rooted in the new place, you will stay uprooted for the rest of your life.
Natalie (1 year ago)
I suggest Mario Barth, really funny guy 😂
schlawa (1 year ago)
I`m German and still trying to understand some dialects or get the meaning of words from other parts of Germany where they use totally differend words for everyday objects so ... :) Bavarians will hardly understand the meaning of words like "Pölter", "Pinöckel" or "Buxe" or other words from our local vocabulary in Westphalia so I guess thats just part of living in Germany.
Jakob Geiger (1 year ago)
hi Dana, you're such an adorable, positive woman. keep at it!
M& D (1 year ago)
I have never heard the word abgefrühstückt & I am German 😂
Dorothea Holzapfel (1 year ago)
There are a few differences between the USA and Germany that I noticed. You could make a video about them if you haven't already. (1) Apparently, couples in the USA get married much earlier than in Germany. After only 1 or 2 years in the USA and after 5 years or more in Germany. (2) When watching US TV shows or films, I see that many children have babysitters although I would consider them old enough to stay at home alone. So, children in the USA seem to be overprotected.
Sue Lily (2 months ago)
Trust me, i live in US children are not overprotected. Mostly safe, but "drive by" shootings & home invasion (someone who lives in the house is home at time of break-in) do happen. Alot of weird crime to unique to have a name on the news all the time.
Kopfcineast (1 year ago)
Hey Dana, where do you want your kids to be born? Should they be born in the US or in Germany?
Spider Man (1 year ago)
I also love the bus/bahn public transportation in germany, just love love love
Hennes Meyer (1 year ago)
You should check heute Show up! Its the best german Satire Show
Thomas (1 year ago)
Du hast dir aber auch gleich den schwersten Start in Deutschland ausgesucht, den es überhaupt geben kann :D In München wird ja noch verständliches Deutsch gesprochen, aber je weiter man sich von München, aber immer noch innerhalb von Bayern, entfernt, desto schwieriger wird es mit dem Verständnis. Da haben selbst Muttersprachler Probleme ;-)
Evelyn Zucker (1 year ago)
Monika Gruber is a hilarious stand up comedian, but I doubt even people from northern Germany understand her. Her bavarian accent is really thick. I am from a different area in Germany and after living here for a few years I now understand most of what she says. She is really funny. I think she is the best german comedian.
Ciera Schmid (1 year ago)
Ohhh Dana, I have lived here for SEVEN YEARS and just recently made a new, huge cultural mistake. I invited a bunch of people to a restaurant for my birthday. Einladung in German means, of course, also, that you are going to be paying for everyone...AHH. Invitation in English just means you want someone to BE there! And then "treating someone" means you pay for them. I was/am so embarrassed that I had to explain to everyone that I can't afford to pay for everything! Luckily many of them understood, but after doing some reading online I was shocked at the animosity toward people who have done something like I just did. I hope there aren't any more unspoken cultural rules waiting behind the scenes to get me. :(
Katrin Stefanie (1 year ago)
Ciera Fisher Dana made a Video about this, but I can't remember which one it was. Sorry for your experience
Jürgen Erhard (1 year ago)
Also, to the abroad thing: you do certainly legally... wait, you are still a US citizen and have not become a German (yet?) right? If you are still a US citizen, then you are legally abroad. Apart from the general feeling of "any other nation than the one I grew up in is 'abroad'". See foreign nationals — Turks as the most well-known example — who were born and raised in Germany and *feel* German mostly, and only see Turkey as a place to visit on vacation (were curiously you have relatives).
Jessy Diamba (1 year ago)
Not to sound creepy, but I LOVE listening to your voice! You sound like you truly enjoy living, speaking and breathing in Germany. I'm currently trying to learn German myself! (Any advice?) From one side of the pond to the other, keep on keepin' on!
cucumberpilotng (1 year ago)
Hey Dana! Do you follow German politics at all? How deeply are you into German politics, or politics in general?
CaL S (1 year ago)
Pascal Gorke I believe she did a video on the American political system, but that's about it. She doesn't want to get political unfortunately.
Dosenwerfer (1 year ago)
I would like not to know German an then learn it as a foreigner. I think this would be very interesting and funny, but unfortunately I will never be able to do this as a German <.<
Molly Grace (1 year ago)
I totally understand! I always want to know what English sounds like to non-English speakers! Like, every language has a certain sound, and you can mimic it without knowi it. I really want to see a video of people speaking fake English. Also, I want to hear people speak their own language with an American accent. Like I could speak English with a Russian accent or a spanish accent. I want to hear what other people consider a typical American accent. Trixie dos a video about American accents, but she used Dana for the pronunciation and just talked about it. I want to see her fake an American accent in German. Does that make sense?
Scott FW (1 year ago)
Is that pink pig a paper model? Looks angular like one would be.
TheRealMeisl (1 year ago)
"Abgefrühstückt" also bears the connotation of "old news". At least it's most often used in reference to some bit of information or topic that wasn't really so relevant and now definitely is of no interest anymore.
Eric Taylor (1 year ago)
Anyone who knows you are American, are they suprised when they find out you speak German?
Eric Taylor (1 year ago)
I knew a guy growing up who was German. He'd been an 18-year-old solder in 1944. He'd been captured shortly after D-Day and he, along with a lot of other German POWs got shipped back to the US. By the end of the war most of his friends and his entire family were dead. He literally had nothing to return to in Germany, so he applied to stay in the United States (Huge numbers of German POWs did this). He eventually became a citizen, got married and had a family. He'd been living in the US for well over 40 years when I know him (something like 2/3 of his life) and he told me he still thought of himself as German, even though he considered his home to be America. He told me he didn't have any war stories, that he had never even fired a shot in the war, but I'm not sure I believe him. Still he was pretty cool. I'm betting, even if you spend the next 60 years of life in Germany, you'll still think of yourself as living abroad.
Michelle Catherine (1 year ago)
Check out the "Känguru Chroniken" by Marc-Uwe Kling, they are really great :) I really enjoy watching your videos btw
Mary Hines (1 year ago)
We recently got a new store in my town that sells jars of peanuts and some other ingredients and you dump it in a machine at the store and it grinds it into peanut butter! It's so fresh and a little gritty and delicious! I can't even eat the pre-made stuff any more!
Nerd Bot (1 year ago)
"Abgefrühstückt" relates to "gefrühstückt" like "abernten" to "ernten" It just emphasizes that after the action is little left
Francisco Ramirez (1 year ago)
I just got the movie Frantz. Great movie easy to understand, the subtitles help when they speak French.
Tobias Hofbauer (1 year ago)
Standup comedy i can recommend is "Night wash".
Seegal Galguntijak (1 year ago)
I don't think I could ever get used to living in Munich. But that may be because I'm German, but from north of the Weißwurstäquator. Berlin though, wasn't really a problem. I felt at home here even before I had an own apartment (when I still had been living "illegally" in a tent somewhere in the Tiergarten park).
Sepelator (1 year ago)
Vincent Pfäfflin, Johann König, Helge Schneider. Großartige Künstler, wobei Helge Schneider natürlich alles überstrahlt, was die deutsche Komik zu bieten hat.
Seegal Galguntijak (1 year ago)
I really regret that you don't take questions from Youtube comments. I am not registered on any other "social" website, so I can never ask you a question, Dana.
Stefka (1 year ago)
Have you ever been to Austria or do you want to go there? 'cause I'm from Austria and it would be cool to see if you could understand our dialect.... Even Gemans struggle with it sometimes :D But some people here speak „normal german“ - if depends on which part of Austria you visit.
P. Herrmann (1 year ago)
Look after a Man called Heinz Erhard ...hes imho the best german comedian ever...
lovecookie1347 (1 year ago)
jan Philip Zymny, so ein super Poetry-Slamer hören ihn dir auf jeden Fall an :)
Angela Marra (1 year ago)
Can I just say, your teeth are so perfect! Is that weird? They're just literally so perfect, like you could be in a dental commercial... just saying :)
Thomas Hering (1 year ago)
Ich finde "abgefrühstückt" sollte man auch ml im Kontext mit "verfrühstückt" vergleichend betrachten - wobei letzteres wol das geläufigere ist... Beides bedeutet ja soviel wie das das Objekt dieser Verfrühstückung mit Leichtigkeit abgefertigt wurde- wie bei einem Schwergewichtskampf Tante Erna gegen Klischko... also quasi im Vorbeigehen erledigt.
Lena Öö (1 year ago)
Do you know any stereotypes of Germans/Germany that are true?
DSAmania RU (1 year ago)
I can totally relate to not being able to find friends in Germany very easily - German friends, that is. After 8 years I am now well integrated and have nothing to complain about, but originally I found it quite difficult, even though I had an acceptable level of German. I have a feeling that Germans make friends through their existing friends more than they do just randomly at universities, parties and so on. Or their superficial acquiantance (did I spell that right?) needs to grow over a long time to become friendship.
Wally Kaspars (1 year ago)
The life-work balance and architecture in Germany are admirable!
Hannah (1 year ago)
Selbst ich weiß nicht was abgefrühstückt bedeutet 😂
Taug1000 taug (1 year ago)
One more question for you Dana: Have you ever been recognised by one of your youtube viewers? :-)
Franzi Minimuff (1 year ago)
Hey, wenn du gerne Comedy siehst solltest du umbedingt einmal Nightwash auf youtube ansehen !! :D
Red Arrow (1 year ago)
Do you find it easy to think in German rather than in English?
Leonie 2018 (1 year ago)
Comedy Master Luke Mockridge
Marc Exner (1 year ago)
About the pronunciation of your name: We all agree, "Day-na" is completely wrong, but you pronounce it like "Donna" while the "original" Czech pronunciation would be something like "Dah-na".
Anja (11 months ago)
I agree. Sounds like "Dunna" to my German ears, too :-).
musicori67 (1 year ago)
Yeah, I have no issue with the Dayna thing. To my Rocky Mountains region of the US ears, Donna and Dahna would be pronounced and sound exactly the same. I've known a Dawna or two as well, again, the same to my ears as the other two. When Dana says her name, it sounds a little like she's saying Dunna to me, instead of Donna/Dahna. THAT'S what I'm trying to figure out. Is she saying Donna, but maybe my Rocky Mountain ears get scrambled by her Floridian tongue, or am I hearing the "Dunna" correctly?
Banane Kirsche (1 year ago)
Hey Dana! A suggestion for a german comedian: Luke Mockridge. And a question for your next Q&A: Do you want to have children and are you and Stephan planning on some?
HiddenXTube (1 year ago)
Dana, I enjoy your outside view on Germany, German culture, and people. It's like you are holding a mirror before me. Thank You and keep up the interesting and entertaining videos!
La La (1 year ago)
I usualy speak my mind in English and am able to make my feelings very clear. I find it so frustrating not to be able to say exactly what I want to in German. Very often I say nothing at all and my poor husband gets an earful (or I force him to say what I wanted to) :).
Mr. X (1 year ago)
Dana: You have to watch "Die Anstalt" in the ZDF Mediathek. It is awesome, absolutely Great! But of Course, "Extra 3" in the NDR (have their YouTube Channel also) and "Die Heute Show" also in the ZDF Mediathek are good too.
jayxfrost (1 year ago)
In which language do you speak with your husband or/and friends? English or German?
jayxfrost (1 year ago)
I don't blame her for that xD I learned German in school and can barely say something, it's hard asf.
_CHOZENLIFE_ _ (1 year ago)
Simmie X she say it's mixed but some times they try to stick to straight German but it never works out
Thomas Krieger (1 year ago)
German comedy late night show: neo magazin royale by jan böhmerman
Jerome Mc Kenna (1 year ago)
'Do you still consider yourself living abroad?' If you can be an Ausländer at home, I might qualify. I left NJ in 2004 to live in MN, but I had a detour through Memphis, TN, for 2 years. There was a bit of culture shock when I moved to MN and it wasn't the weather. I had even more of a culture shock when I worked in Tennessee, though living there helped me appreciate Minnesota. Most of the people I care about live in Minnesota, and many of those I cared about in NJ have moved out of state. In a real sense the NJ I lived in doesn't exist.
No Ra (1 year ago)
For comedians I suggest Loriot, Hape Kerkeling and Martina Schwarzmann
ebeneben (1 year ago)
I moved to Munich in September 2016, it already feels like home although my German level is B1 and basicly have noone I can call my friend. The city is just amazing, everything is in order and as you said you can walk everywhere or use the excellent public transportaion. I personally love the cafe culture aswell, it was weird at the beginning sitting on the street watching people but now it feels really cool. Oh and I love the cakes with cheese <3 You are right about the two things, I believe once I learn German and start using it to make friends, then I will be happier. I think I still have time. Also if I see you one day outside (let's say an der Isar :) ) I will ask for a signature. My question is: what was the funniest mistake you made when you were learning German?
Tc dk (1 year ago)
"abgefrühstückt" means something is totally done, over and out, period. Not just "something is done" It is often meant like "there is nothing to gain here " or "we talked about this over and over". BTW something totally different is "abgrillen", which is the last bbq of the year, followed by"angrillen" in the next year.
Leonardo Cucchiara (1 year ago)
Check out Carolin Kebekus. Currently my favorite german comedian!
Hauke Holst (1 year ago)
6:08 Hmmm...ich glaube, das wäre für mich anders...ich bin Deutscher und könnte mich in München niemals zu Hause fühlen - da gibt es kein Meer und alles ist voller Bayern...
Hauke Holst (1 year ago)
Niemals. Nichts geht über Schleswig-Holstein.
C. Boehme (1 year ago)
Bayern ist das bessere Deutschland - schon immer gewesen.
Wurst Salat (1 year ago)
Die klassische Late-Night-Show nach amerikanischem Vorbild ist "Die Pierre M. Krause Show" vom SWR. Gibt es auch hier bei YouTube.
fjellyo32 (1 year ago)
neo magazin royale
Andrew Stevens (1 year ago)
Have you heard any German Hip hop and what's you opinion on it?
Rick Heli (1 year ago)
lol, when you raised three fingers you did it the American way. A German would have included the thumb. :)
Astriatin (1 year ago)
I have a question: do you and Stephan talk in english or in german or in a mix? :)
Alexander Howard (1 year ago)
I guess "abgefruehstueckt" is when the breakfast was canceled.
Bisaflorian (1 year ago)
Drachenlord is favourite youtuber! lel

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