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Garry's Mod Containment RP with an Asdf

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Garry's Mod: Stuck in a containment facility, BedBanana must face his nightmare in order to survive. twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/bedbanana Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy:https://www.youtube.com/user/itsGRRAVY Kirra: http://www.twitch.tv/wewastooturnt Game Mode: SCP RP Containment Breach soundtrack
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Text Comments (546)
Ginsburg (2 days ago)
This is "MethRP Season 2"... This is what we've been waiting for... BedBanana has been put in a prison confinment for the mentally insane after his gruesome murders and this is how his story continues
Adyn Case (15 days ago)
I like to think of this as episode 8 of meth rp
WorldofSoup S (1 month ago)
Its weird to see this after seeing the new sco vids
ALBANIAN LORD (3 months ago)
lol this is not how it is supposed to be. D-Class is supposed to be taken down not taking down
Brennan Vilcheck (3 months ago)
The OG SCP Multiplayer diaries
XerO (4 months ago)
this server seems so bad
lb fighter (5 months ago)
Choas Insurgency Incoming!
lb fighter (5 months ago)
Chaos i mean
Jayden Sisco (5 months ago)
He said "You've done horrible things" 😂
Spoon tan (5 months ago)
Holy shit. I watched this video YEARS AGO! Been watching you go a long ass time banana.
Jaeden tabin (5 months ago)
SCP-???? AKA:BedBananas Object class:Keter This SCP uses a doughnut to defend or kill a victim
G_MIXES AJL (5 months ago)
"HA, HA, WAKE THE FUCK UP.........OH SHIT, ITS ALWAYS ME" :....( -- random little kid at the beginning.
TheBlueGamerG (7 months ago)
Serv ip? : v
Pimp Pastry (7 months ago)
Why the fuck are all Gmod servers fucking totalitarian?
grimm reapergaming58 (7 months ago)
this is what happened after meth rp. Bed was given to the SCP foundation by Exocity because of his crimes.
SovietRacoon (7 months ago)
and then a new scp was born scp-054360 "the donuts man"
Lykan (7 months ago)
this is fucken amazing!
Spacedefender54 (8 months ago)
SCP 3572 Impactable Donut of Doom.
Adam M. (8 months ago)
o shit, this is like the new scp game
SZEfdf Yudntknw (8 months ago)
Try werewolf except when theres almost noone on this could be a ban
flyde (8 months ago)
ye old ‘15 SCP RP, now MTF have their heads so far up their asses they shoot you if you speak
McDastardly (9 months ago)
173 straight not giving a fuck.
Zake (9 months ago)
ayo throwback! I'm in this video LOL
Halvos (9 months ago)
Most of these SCPs seem like they'd be better off as NPCs
pupinator98 (10 months ago)
What server is this? also: avoid any servers hosted by "werewolf gaming" of the UK, as they are cancerous and the people in charge dont really know the basics of how RP applies to rules
Shorshi G (11 months ago)
YOU'LL ALL DIE! so fucking hilarious
Matt Ryan (11 months ago)
The camera angles, how he always seems to be just out of harms way while others get gunned down and thrown through the door it almost looks staged, funny af
Matt Ryan (11 months ago)
holy fuck, its oviscity its 2007 in this bitch again
The KGB (11 months ago)
Secure. contain. Pewdiepie xD
Soulless One (11 months ago)
*cough* backwater scp server *cough*
Stephen Reed (11 months ago)
"I'm like that guy from Jurassic Park you're free." *Gets killed.* Accurate.
Gunslinger (1 year ago)
"Yeah, why would you do that? Bad." -Butt Toucher Senpai
Red Scorpio (1 year ago)
What gamemode? And what server
stephanie king (1 year ago)
When did Concordia scarp start using M9K?
Reyly Gonzalez (1 year ago)
homcidal lui (1 year ago)
Mistah Cookiez (1 year ago)
what video editor does this god use
M Jackson (1 year ago)
tasirah beeant (1 year ago)
he is the donut scp
Dreson Johnson (1 year ago)
oh so this is Dr. bright
TheNeonGuy (1 year ago)
i am the butt ghost, i will eat your butt
Prince Deus the Vult (1 year ago)
Guns don't kill people, donuts kill
Levi Lynch (1 year ago)
i should use the donut on every server everytime XD if someone says DONT USE GUN! then i will use... donuts... *destroys the admin with a donut* XD
Cooper Yates (1 year ago)
Holy shit
Jr. Jackrabbit (1 year ago)
2:49 the way the plague doctor effortlessly slinks out of the room really cracks me up
big nibba (1 year ago)
*SCP-049 holding a gun* Yeah sure okay
Sniper31 (1 year ago)
Bell Cranel (1 year ago)
I hate that kid in the end not even rolling with it like those 2 guys who did
Ethan (1 year ago)
Chaos Insurgency has stepped up their game.
Phoenix Filth (1 year ago)
I was the kid who said it was that easy to kill him at the end
Singularity _ (1 year ago)
6:34 when SCP-049 goes to CI then infects them
Singularity _ (1 year ago)
3:29 sais me im the MTF leader MTF:NOT ANYMORE YOU AINT
Bucket (1 year ago)
what map is this?
leosheppard47 (1 year ago)
spooky guy is a plauge docter
AweGuys (1 year ago)
English SCP = Retard.. LOL
Super Sky Scout (1 year ago)
I feel this is how the SCP foundation really is. They say they're super orderly but they're really unorganized and unprofessional "i think i just let them out" "yeah. that was bad."
nejinaji (1 year ago)
they just like writing out reports. its to a fetishistic level.
Butt is basically Hermione. "We're going to die, or worse, be banned."
Purple Penguin210 (1 year ago)
We've found a new SCP, it looks like a male Class D, he has a donut as a weapon, the donut (SCP-9000-2) is very powerful, and can kill everyone in it's view when thrown/or hit with SCP-9000-2.
Ygbot17 (1 year ago)
3:28 I died..
Ygbot17 (1 year ago)
I hate you. *gunfire* Okay minus one.
Tibby (1 year ago)
Whats the map?
Warren Cherau (1 year ago)
Scp on gmod is not so scary anymore!
Pvt.Pancakes (1 year ago)
What is the sever?
DiahreabetesMan (1 year ago)
The hissing had me rolling
EliteAaron (1 year ago)
lmao scp 049 had a gun too
Griffyn 709 (1 year ago)
how does he get revolutions to start like this?
Spazz Zerda (1 year ago)
he killed him with a fucking donut lol
REDdotMElaser (1 year ago)
how do you get to have so much fun in these situations and go so far? like evertime i play an RP it's a little boring... any tips? lol
UniDolphin (1 year ago)
This was one of the most funniest videos I've seen. Subscribed!
Patrick Napier (1 year ago)
10 out of 10 containment boss, would work with again.
zero 0 (1 year ago)
A new SCP has been recorded, he is known as the donut man
AsianOnEggrollPatrol (1 year ago)
Holy shit I'm in this video? Holy fuck! I sound like a bitch..
cockroach (1 year ago)
+AsianOnEggrollPatrol kk
AsianOnEggrollPatrol (1 year ago)
AsianOnEggrollPatrol? 6:00 - 6:30
cockroach (1 year ago)
AsianOnEggrollPatrol who are u in there
rayo kill (1 year ago)
it that easy to kill him WTF
SwiftJoey 794423 (1 year ago)
ZKTgamerpro XD34 (1 year ago)
dragongabe1 (1 year ago)
SCP-096 "Waluigi
Malachi Luna (2 years ago)
A doughnut is THAT deadly? just use the blue gravity gun with the doughnut.
Eli Nels (2 years ago)
What server is that? please reply
The Pineapple (2 years ago)
What server was he playing on at the time?
cockroach (1 year ago)
The Pineapple a dead one
Erwin Rommel (2 years ago)
the one time on not on the fucking server
Vapo (2 years ago)
that is how scp containment breach truly happened
XxPixleKidsxX (2 years ago)
Oh my god, you should go on servers acting like a SCP. You kill people with your donuts.
Ruddy (2 years ago)
Walks up to cap tension builds up then the cap just goes "quack"
cameron ogles (2 years ago)
my big strong arms
Jayden Cheng (2 years ago)
deserve more subs
Anibal Araujo (2 years ago)
DONUT REBELLION COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snake Eater (2 years ago)
"it was that easy to kill him"
Mank Demes (2 years ago)
like death by teacup, death by doughnut
TheSunFiles (2 years ago)
"Says me, Im the MTF Leader." *Is Immediately Gunned down by an MP5 SMG 2 seconds later*
UniDolphin (1 year ago)
Gin. You are the weakest bitch in the world. Can't even kill Aizen ffs.
Forge Pivots Videos (2 years ago)
Erick Torres (2 years ago)
kill'd by a donut
SomeEnglishGames (2 years ago)
Youre bad at shooting.
Legendary Waffle (1 year ago)
+Thatone Lolcat the AWP+Olaf meister have nothing on Beds Donut technique
Game Plate (2 years ago)
+IFDF: Admiral Yoshinator11 that's all that really matters these days
IFDF: Admiral Y11 (2 years ago)
But he's good at killing people with a Donut.
Osceres (2 years ago)
I got stuck in an elevator thing the other day on another server with one if those zombie things it was horrible and it tramatized me lol
Single Pringle (2 years ago)
I keep missing parts because I sniff my hands (I washed dishes using bleach) I rov the smell
BlackNinjaMAW (2 years ago)
Primo X (2 years ago)
No idea what's goin on in this but looks fun
Masongilman's friend (2 years ago)
Sarenskii (2 years ago)
Was he banned cause there is no part 2
WaterViking (2 years ago)
There is.
TheSunFiles (2 years ago)
There IS a part 2. :/
uncannier (2 years ago)
Map Plz
Captain Newfag (2 years ago)
God I miss Terminus Gaming, it used to be such a fun server but then it got a new head admin/owner, the rules got stricter, and people left

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