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Yamaha MT-01 Burnout extended version!

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Yamaha MT-01 muscle cruiser and street fighter together. The street bike like no other! What is this bike? One thing is sure .. I love it! Come back.. I will be updating this video when finished! Also will give you a link for full resolution version! Enjoy! Thanks!
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moopindo (10 years ago)
The new MT looks really good .. and what about new VMAX? Yamaha keeps bringing some coool toys!
moopindo (10 years ago)
cheers! Very pleased you like it.
Mark Ninetynine (10 years ago)
Yeah like they said i`m on my second MT01 now too, brilliant, Yamaha would be well pleased with that video. sell it!!
moopindo (10 years ago)
thanks, yes they are awesome bikes!
Robert Ceely (10 years ago)
Nice vid :)Great bikes. I have had 2 now :)

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