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KIDS WHO GOT SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR DUMB REASONS PART 2! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and are almost done with school! WATCH PART 1 KIDS WHO GOT SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR DUMB REASONS Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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SSSniperWolf (1 month ago)
Have you ever gotten in trouble at school and what for???
Kimberly Blanco (6 days ago)
SSSniperWolf touching the wall
Quin Bros (8 days ago)
I got suspended for swearing for 2 fuckin whole days
Corbin Bryant (15 days ago)
I appear to be #500 here
River Reid (16 days ago)
SSSniperWolf 500th to comment
Chan000Ruiz 070403 (18 days ago)
I got suspended for hugging a girl
Hia Raafat (13 minutes ago)
Ima comment cause i finished about 3 weeks ago
Zena (32 minutes ago)
I have gotten suspended for fighting
Skylar Kirby (37 minutes ago)
out of school
Mary Hitson (54 minutes ago)
My boyfriend got suspended for abusing fruit! He got his last quarter stuck in a pear and didnt know how to get it out so he started punching it and got suspended
John Nelson (55 minutes ago)
Sarah Randall (1 hour ago)
a girl punched me in the face for no reason i dragged her but im the one who got suspended but i was assaulted like what the hell i was in 5th grade
Violatte (4 hours ago)
My school doesn't let us take videos but my awesome history teacher let us take a video of him chugging lemonade
Constance Yung (4 hours ago)
Hannah Forland (9 hours ago)
I was suspended once for falling off my chair what happened is I was reaching over to grab my book the table wobbled The chair fell I bent down to sit and I fell 🤣
Jaren Demelo (9 hours ago)
Is there a Pegasus from the original show metal fusion
Eliana Solis (9 hours ago)
Yes....for having holes in my jeans in second grade from skidding,and I look over the girl next to me is wearing Boody shorts and fishnet legans
DisturbedPotatoGod xD (10 hours ago)
I’ve been suspended for having a knife in my backpack three different times
hadawexx games (10 hours ago)
Melody Cain (10 hours ago)
Haha thanos in the bathroom lol
janiyla tv (11 hours ago)
I did
Jacqueline Gonzalez (11 hours ago)
I remember a 6th grader got suspended for dropping a pencil
Addie Yates (11 hours ago)
One of the symptoms of the plague was coughing and sneezing, and it is believed that Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great) suggested saying “God bless you” after a person sneezed in hopes that this prayer would protect them from an otherwise certain death. The expression may have also originated from superstition.
Alexa xox (12 hours ago)
I got int trouble cause I fell down and I dident BLEAD AND THIS KID SAID THAT IM SICK I know it's stupid 🙄🙄
Anthony Trevino (12 hours ago)
Been suspended for 4 days just for slap boxing cause there was a crowd
The_Roblox Gamers (12 hours ago)
I got in trouble for giving my friend a pen, She said you friend should have came prepared and I got mad and told her maybe she would understand if she had any friends and she suspended me and my friend for a week
Aryn Animations (12 hours ago)
Anabelen Mendez Valencia (12 hours ago)
Huh what I thought it was only banned in my school
Mitchel games (12 hours ago)
Beyblade ftw
balerinakiller57 (13 hours ago)
I got in trouble for playing a game in class
nevaeh. yasminee (13 hours ago)
this boy got detention for saying china 🤣
Le3g3ndary Gam3r (13 hours ago)
I got suspended for fighting this kid talking bad about my mom (the suspension was for 1 day btw)
Johara Phillip (13 hours ago)
I still have that toy lol
Kara McCracken (13 hours ago)
I almost got a write up for chewing gum
K K (13 hours ago)
you posted this on my graduation
K K (13 hours ago)
you posted this on my graduation
K K (13 hours ago)
you posted this on my graduation
Cierra Wilkins (13 hours ago)
A boy got in trouble for having a bad haircut 🤨😂
SuperGamer 1738 (14 hours ago)
I still play beyblades
Lowell Brooks (15 hours ago)
Gloria Brw (15 hours ago)
I got suspended for stabbing someone with a pen.
Arthur Clement (15 hours ago)
Bro I got suspended for some shit I didn't do. This girl said I cut her with scissors and we did even use fucking scissors that day. But I didn't get in trouble.
Natsuki Nico (15 hours ago)
Never been suspended, but I was not at school for a month in first grade b/c my tonsils were removed
Jaxxy_Reacts (15 hours ago)
yes and for saying Help
Jammie Humphrey (15 hours ago)
Who saw the squirrel in the back ground in the second one
julie valentin (15 hours ago)
Lol Im not religious at all and I still say bless you
Pete J (2 hours ago)
Same here
Emily Baker (15 hours ago)
I've been suspended 3 times...
Courtney Leapold (16 hours ago)
I was in primary and told the teacher that some one choked me she told the boy you do not put your hands on a lady then he said CSB I touch men and my mom and the room was sulint
Rhe Nation (21 hours ago)
I got suspended for doing a musically AFTER SCHOOLING
Rhe Nation (21 hours ago)
Im out of school
Skippy TheKitty (21 hours ago)
I mean I understand that teachers say you can’t say “I can’t.” , but I mean, HANG OUT?! yeah, when you say hangout, UR SUSPENDED!
Ava Monroe (23 hours ago)
Wow. Sometimes when it’s hard to breathe because of my asthma, and since I would always wear only a sweatshirt and no shirts, I would pull up my bra and let myself breathe. And since my sweatshirts are baggy, you can’t even tell that I did anything.
lanaeis _soocool (23 hours ago)
Once I got in trouble for bringing a bouncy ball
Sarah Special (1 day ago)
Instead of I don't know you can just say idk
Miranda Vargas (1 day ago)
I got suspended for spilling milk in kindergarten
Stan talent stan (1 day ago)
Someone at my school got suspended for not wearing a bra, so my whole school planned a day later that month where every girl who wanted to support the cause went to school with no bra on.
keegan marie (1 day ago)
My sons school wont let the kids say omg or BFF it's so stupid
President Camacho (1 day ago)
That poor girl..... She just trying to get fucked at school thats all.
Devin Kinsey (1 day ago)
I got suspended for wearing pants
lil k (1 day ago)
Balde blades was the shi back than
Ty Stringer (1 day ago)
A boy on my bus got in trouble for have a sucker in his my and the bus driver said he couldn't have it inhis my because it had a point end but it was a dum dum
Its Josh (1 day ago)
why teachers like this in america not profetionals I mean kind of but can you just tell me why
Just a Nerd (1 day ago)
If I cant say I DON'T know... Then can I say I DO NOT know... Or I am uncertain
Naviiy Fox (1 day ago)
teacher: billy whats 1+1? billy: I Don- Teacher: *death glare* billy: I mean, I have NO CLUE! theres your way around :)
Pasta Person (1 day ago)
Yes I did
Pasta Person (1 day ago)
School 4 me go's out on 29 june
Savage Qveen (1 day ago)
I'm out of scholl
Isabelle Wickham (1 day ago)
I got suspended for having non safety sicorss
Crystal Marion (1 day ago)
My friend lwas holding rhe bathroom door and my principle thought i was locking her out then he yelled at me
Maria Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Well if your a Jehovah’s Witness you can’t say “bless you”
Sdquake 128 (1 day ago)
I got yelled at because I had to go pee during a presentation. I almost peed myself and my mom told me to just walk out of the class room next time. Also I wear sweaters in the SUMMER because I dont feel like wearing a bra and I've never get in trouble like wtf
Aaliyah Atkins (1 day ago)
I take pics at school in the bathroom all the time I have never got caught
Elllen Holden (1 day ago)
I once got suspended because there was this guy and he was about to punch me in the face and I blocked his punch. My principal a total B!#* and she has had it out for me since she came to this school and she decided to suspend me for a week because I decided to not get a black eye and/or get a tooth knocked out. So some words were said and I eventually started talking about how I was gonna protest and about how the school supports fights and specifically getting beat up. My suspension was bumped up to 2 weeks. A few months later I got almost every virus that went through our school and eventually got an attendance counselor and she asked me about these 2 weeks I missed and I told her I was suspended, and as it turned out the suspension was never filed and the principal wound up being fired and was actually also sued for child negligence and endangerment.
maddy joy (1 day ago)
BAYBLADE BAYBLADE LET EM RIP. Dang it now the theme song is stuck in my head.
DayTimeYouth (1 day ago)
My friend got suspended for a finger gun
Jayde Butcher (1 day ago)
I got after school detention for forgetting my homework
Katelyn Pendergraff (1 day ago)
I was really pissed off because in fifth grade fidget spinners were banned even though some kids have ADHD or anxiety.
Katelyn Pendergraff (1 day ago)
" My Bad" is also not allowed on the first one
Skyler s (1 day ago)
I remember the Beyblade thing from Chadtronic's videos
I'm in summer break
Marissa B (1 day ago)
In school whenever I went to the bathroom I would always take a mirror picture and send it to friends or post it on Snapchat.
Heidi Wickert (1 day ago)
I got iss for wearing leggings under my skirt
Niyas World (1 day ago)
I got in trouble for giving my friend her pencil back (other girl in profile picture)
alex giametta (1 day ago)
twenty ron savage
Emily Reed (1 day ago)
I did because the bus
Isaiah Williams (1 day ago)
Out of school
Fortnite-Clips (1 day ago)
Sssniper wolf I was suspended for disrupting the class and for lighting off a firework
Dylan Lane (1 day ago)
I got suspended for coughing during a test
The Dino Guy (1 day ago)
“What if you se Thanos in the bathroom” -SSSniperwolf/Lia, May, 2018
GuardianCraft408 (1 day ago)
Bay blades (is that how it’s spelt) were banned in my school because they hurt people’s feet when they hit then
GuardianCraft408 (1 day ago)
Susannah Simpson (1 day ago)
I remember my school banned bay blades so we used acorns instead
Emoji Lover (1 day ago)
I'm out of school and I got in trouble in kindergarten for accidentally coloring on my pants!
Affen Smith (1 day ago)
I got in trouble for “cutting” someone’s hair.
Godly Maniacs (1 day ago)
Wow I died of lafter
Codtermsonly (1 day ago)
One time I got is because I was talking about rape when the lesson was about sexual misconduct I was like 😑bruh it was a week to
Juan Cerritos (1 day ago)
I love beyblade
Niomi plays (1 day ago)
I have been suspended for nor wearing a bra before I was 11. the words fucked
jeremy wolf (1 day ago)
Bay blades are so fun I blade with them everyday after school
Elizabeth Barrett (1 day ago)
I almost got suspended for screaming bless u to a kid😫BUT i totally saved myself😂😁😏😉!!!!
Dj Sparkles (1 day ago)
??? ??? (1 day ago)
I came once to school with my PJ's. basically just a shirt and underwear... some how I did not get in any trouble
cobra gaming (1 day ago)
I got in trouble for standing next to the gym and waiting for the bathroom and I didn't do anything but just stand there that's just stupid reply if you guys agree
Heavenly Garcia (1 day ago)
I got suspended for Saying stupid
SpiffyWord 666 (1 day ago)
Dude I did the exact same beyblade stuff
Gianna Ford (1 day ago)
got suspended in 2nd grade for wrighting the F-bomb on the back of my spelling test, in tiny lettering

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