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KIDS WHO GOT SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR DUMB REASONS PART 2! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and are almost done with school! WATCH PART 1 KIDS WHO GOT SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR DUMB REASONS Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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SSSniperWolf (3 months ago)
Have you ever gotten in trouble at school and what for???
That bra one was dumb i dont wear bras with clothes sometimes (i do most of the time though XD)
Outlaw 001 (4 days ago)
SSSniperWolf yep I got suspended for telling another kid I’d cut his head off and I was just in 1st grade after he threatened to do a drive by at my house and shoot me
Vandy Merrick (15 days ago)
I got in trouble for standing on snow for 5 seconds
metal creeper (20 days ago)
I got suspended when I was 5 for climbing on a climbingfram
Bleach Clorox Poison (30 days ago)
I was in trouble for not being at school for a math test... -.- I was sick AF icouldnt bread like what ami supposed to do If there was magic ofc I'd do somethingg
Mariah Benson (3 hours ago)
In The Lunch Room It's Horrible... Plus If You Put Your Fingers In A L Shape Or Gun Shape You Get in Trouble... Oh And A Boy Named Hunter Got In Trouble For Trying To Shoot A Girl With A Rubber Band... (I Thought He Was Trying To Shoot Me)
Mariah Benson (3 hours ago)
SSSniperwolf: What If You See Freak'in Thanos In The Bathroom! Me: *Laughs So Hard Then Falls over And Spills Her Pretzel Crisp* Dang It!!!
You look like aphmau! Also I love your vids
Astronoot (3 hours ago)
I got in trouble for breathing to loud
Tegen Hill (6 hours ago)
A sub-teacher got me in trouble for saying bless you. I even said it quietly. Detention and call to parents.
assuring dominance (6 hours ago)
iss doodoo water
Dynitra Hall (7 hours ago)
I've never been suspended
Amber and josh (7 hours ago)
I got suspended for giving my friend Tyelon and My school made me do drug classes and drug test before I could go back, and I was a Senior.
Joey Love (8 hours ago)
I got three day sucking in school suspension for shutting a locker door too hard in the middle of class change but we had to slam or Locker door to make sure it was locked me both and my locker partner had $60 CD plus MP3 players and shit stolen from us back when I was in 6th grade
Allison Avila (8 hours ago)
I subed btw
Allison Avila (8 hours ago)
Jamie Naquin (8 hours ago)
Like you should not being suspended for saying bless you
Jamie Naquin (8 hours ago)
T The girl who had got suspended for saying bless you so dom
Lexi Lulu (9 hours ago)
I got intruble because my friend did some thing in one her classes and I got intruble for ITTING WITH HER AT LUNCH
αƒ тαєнуυηg (9 hours ago)
On the first day of school, this random girl asked for my name and I said my name and she fucking told the principal that I called her an ugly pig 😂. Thank God the principal and me were friends..
Rylee Zohner (9 hours ago)
i was in 4th grade and i took a quarter and grabbed a tampon from the bathroom. it went between a couple of kids after i gave it to my friend because she needed it. She dropped it and boys took it. I got in trouble. WTF!!! My friend not alowed to have a period.
Badguy Badguy (9 hours ago)
Bayblade Bayblade let it rip let's fight an epic battle!!!
Rylee Zohner (9 hours ago)
i left a like because i will probably pull some stupid shit and get expelled. ha ha
Ashlyn Martin (10 hours ago)
Keep in mind I am only in 6 th grade and I got an OSS for showing my braw strap!!!! 3 days just for that!😡
Astro1110 (10 hours ago)
It's funny how u say ! Suspended!!!!!
Life :P (10 hours ago)
I was suspended from school for wearing a shirt that didn’t cover my butt,
izzy (10 hours ago)
Some people think that when you sneeze your soup falls out so the teacher wants them to loose their souls...
Jonah Faw (10 hours ago)
I got in trouble for reading a 📚 book like wth?!? I subscribed
Cabana -0 (10 hours ago)
In this school you need to wear a bra. My school will suspend anyone if they can see a bra strap lmfao
Batmans 69228 (11 hours ago)
I got suspended bc i said hi teacher
TTAANNEERR25 (11 hours ago)
I got in trouble for coughing
NICOLECHE050128 (12 hours ago)
We even play at school instead of sniffing we say shifu from kun fo panda and the teacher doesn’t even told us something
wolf girly (12 hours ago)
the one about the bra i would have said why are you looking there anyway i mean seriously why are teachers always look at your chest or butt
Munchy Meal (12 hours ago)
I got in trouble for asking the teacher to stop showing and telling what her text say and telling me about her love life
leyshlanimarie vazquez (12 hours ago)
4:15 does any one see the squirrel
Muna Mohamad (12 hours ago)
Cat you gets say things or items
simply kerstyn (12 hours ago)
The jonh glenn one my sister goes to that highschool
Toni Flowers (13 hours ago)
when i was in summer school i got in troble for saying stop to a kid
Azim 820 (13 hours ago)
I did for asking for a pencil it was also mid period so I don’t know why I got suspended cause how much noise more did I make
K pop Panda (13 hours ago)
During the part with the girl not wearing a bra and add played and it was about breast cancer
Lisa Aston (13 hours ago)
I put all the lunchboxes in the bin at my school,I didn’t get suspended But had to take them all out
eviepezzy10 eviepezzy10 (13 hours ago)
Lol I took a selfie with my friends in my school bathroom last year and got away with it. Lol
eviepezzy10 eviepezzy10 (13 hours ago)
I LIVE in stretch pants At my school, you can wear stretch pants as long as your shirt cover your butt or half of your butt. I'm in middle school btw
Derek Franco (14 hours ago)
Man you're lucky I'm only in 5th grade I was like so much days ago or years
keira harris (14 hours ago)
I got out of school the day the video was posted but now I'm I have been in school for a month
fire blaster (14 hours ago)
4Th grade
William Dominguez (14 hours ago)
I have not been suspended but my school does not allow to colors on a sweater of hoody like gray with black or any two colors I and they did tell us and got us in troubled
Dylan Herr (16 hours ago)
I got in trouble for laughing to laud :3 can I be in a video probably not
Leah_Bears 11 (18 hours ago)
I have gotten suspended for putting corn in someone’s shoe😂😂😂
My friend got in trouble for wearing tight trousers
xx Gamer girl xx (20 hours ago)
3:49 look at the backround xD
Summer Ellis (22 hours ago)
One of my old teachers tried pushed me down the stairs and i told the principal and she said so idc i would to
daiisy xoo (22 hours ago)
I seen a squirrel in the background ;)
Penny Playz (23 hours ago)
By law teachers and principals can't suspend u only the administrators can at my school we can wear what ever feels comfy and no one judges and we say what we want
susan crockett (1 day ago)
Ya they still have beyblades
Zoe Coffey (1 day ago)
For telling a kid to go tell her friend that I want to hangout with them. They must of got suspended
Izzie G. (1 day ago)
Teacher: what is the square root of 4,847,297,175? AND YOU CAN'T SAY "I DON'T KNOW" Me: hmm ok then.... "im not sure" *smerks*
Skyler Night06 (1 day ago)
Dude like my dads boss had a company picknick at elichis and his boss 51 yr old white man was told to throw away a white banadana sucurity said it was gang related and boss said he was waring it to keep the sweet out of his eyes while other little kids and adults waring a full body one covering the face and not eyes ur in god dang American for god sake take it off the kids could have there face taped and being kidnaped like if this is plain out stupid look it up on face book eliches front page review
puppyworld _yay (1 day ago)
I have because me and my friend ware wearing croptops what the f****k
Danny Marks (1 day ago)
My little cousin is 8 and he brought all of his Bae blades to school and his two huge arenas and even the teacher played with them
KaSe snipz (1 day ago)
So I can go back 2 sleep
KaSe snipz (1 day ago)
I got expelled on purpose so I could go back home
Roberto Rios (1 day ago)
Love you and your videos
Blessing Saygbah (1 day ago)
I got it in school suspension because I told a sub that I'm not going to do my work because I did not want to color anything....lol
Pupper Doggo (1 day ago)
Well I guess were not allowed to be polite anymore saying bless you can get you suspended
XSmol_Pan _CakeX (1 day ago)
5:55 They're really about to suspend this kid over a beyblade..?
Leah Delatorre (1 day ago)
Got suspended for fighting,calling a girl Chewbacca and walking about of my class and pulling the fire alarm
Makade DeArmond (1 day ago)
lol me andmy friend took a mirror selfi and got away with it
Tamara Mazorra (1 day ago)
sssniperwolf whats 4×5 I don't know expelled and you have a 100 million year dettention
Kaori Nelson (1 day ago)
Bless your heart
horsy morsy (1 day ago)
Dang the bless u thing on last word it said u couldn't say "my bad"
cole (1 day ago)
*ACHOO* bless u *UR SUSPENDED 😠☠*
YouPro YT (1 day ago)
Oof I just started school 2 weeks ago
tao lao (1 day ago)
I got in trouble for talking
tao lao (1 day ago)
Your asome
Jill McCormick (1 day ago)
I got suspended for 6 days for wearing a bra
Jewel Hicks (1 day ago)
Damn... Of course it's Michigan who has piss water. Wtf Michigan I thought we were friends. But that highschool has a lot of issues
Jessica Volk (1 day ago)
Bruh I got in trouble for watching two people fight IN KINDERGARTEN!!! I was a witness so I was questioning why I got in trouble! I took no part of the fight.
jauzlyn Schwaed (1 day ago)
I got suspended from stealing from a teacher
Trackz YT (1 day ago)
I got in trouble in school cause I said my dads name Chet
Den Slayer (1 day ago)
When one person sneezes at my school almost the entire class says bless you and it’s kinda loud lol We don’t get in trouble Dang bet that teacher would be triggered by classes at my school
Izzy Henson (1 day ago)
my princables name is mrs.savage
GUINEA PIG (1 day ago)
Miss Meggy (1 day ago)
K, we literally used to have bay-blade tournaments! Like waaaatt
GUINEA PIG (1 day ago)
K L (1 day ago)
My school is so chill compared to this! I've never heard of someone getting suspended for a stupid reason at my school. But two things happened that makes me hate the school system
The Best Uzumaki (1 day ago)
Me and my friends always brought beyblades to school in 5th grade but we never got in trouble
Elizabeth Martin (1 day ago)
Holy fu**. My name IS LIZZIE MART
Cid Cypher (1 day ago)
I’ve been suspended for talking glass talking in class talking in class
Cid Cypher (1 day ago)
Amber Dawn Woolsey (1 day ago)
In 6th grade I got suspended for taking a cellphone for "show-and-tell" (the battery was completely dead and my mom knew about it)
Destiny Gonzalez (1 day ago)
You can said i don't get it
Helena Downer (1 day ago)
In my middle school you can wear booty but you can’t show your shoulders 😒😒
Cid Cypher (1 day ago)
Pikachu Swag (1 day ago)
Only way I get expelled from school is defending myself from another person. Who wants to fight me but I'm the one who goes to the principles office. I wasn't the one who throw the punch it's bull shit
Pikachu Swag (1 day ago)
What the hell my days in school nothing like this. Now. Theses days are shit
Xx MLGSHREK xX (1 day ago)
No joke my friend in the 3rd grade brought a revolver B.B. gun that looked Super real, and he took it out and didn’t get in trouble.
Rachel Thompson (1 day ago)
For not giving my phone to a teacher
Chris Ambernerth (2 days ago)
My little cousin has a Dress code at her school where she can ONLY wear gray. (Edit:And no I dont have a dress code)
Jackie Hale (2 days ago)
I did alot
Vex (2 days ago)
I've never got suspended before from school
Hailesbailes101 (2 days ago)
And then she thought about bang banging the principal lol I’m dying
Lovey Dovey (2 days ago)
I refuse to wear bras at school all the time
Victoria Blakley (2 days ago)

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