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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Lazarević (All cutscenes)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is a video depitcing all cutscenes with Zoran Lazarević, the main antagonist in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.
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Text Comments (94)
Vasilije Pantelic (14 days ago)
Lazarevic and Asav. Most badass villains. Ever.
ReMi xXx (19 days ago)
UpintheAir1395 (3 months ago)
"Nathan Drake raced a mad man and his entire army to the steps of Shamballa."
Christian Castillo (14 days ago)
UpintheAir1395 Nathan Drake found a lost city in the middle of the Rhub al Khali Desert
gibbs615 (3 months ago)
14:00 It's called SELF DEFENSE!!!😣 That's the difference motherfucker!😠
111005469 (5 months ago)
Dis little man is my friend.
DeathBringer9216 (5 months ago)
5:15 literally the whole reason I came here. Lazarevic was the ultimate savage .
Coolmusicplaylist (6 months ago)
Best villain in Uncharted. They did such a good job on building him up as a character.
Ben101 (9 months ago)
You think I am a monster. But you are no different from me Drake. How many men have you killed? How many ? Just today.
Jens Bols ex OVJ (10 months ago)
Am i the only one that couldnt say his last name lazarovioce
Joao Silva (11 months ago)
my favourite are: 1-lazarevic 2-rafe 3-nadine
Nate W (11 months ago)
This guy was really one of the most threatening and imposing of the antagonists. Gabriel Roman and Navarro were pretty forgettable, and Marlowe struck me as more of a Jame Bond kind of villain. This guy was one of my favorites, though.
OL Club (23 days ago)
TPDManiacXC626 he was greedy and died still cool though
TPDManiacXC626 (3 months ago)
Nate W What about Rafe Adler?
Tim Henke (5 months ago)
Nate W Roman sucked but navarro is pretty good. And marlowe and talbot both were weak.
4:15 fuck I love this one so much
Xamer (10 months ago)
Best cutscene in the game and one of the best in history of Uncharted in my opinion.
Julian Gaming (1 year ago)
Lazarevic is a cool villian. Maybe one of the best, but it would be better with little more cutscenes with him than 15 min. That's to low for a mainvillian. Think about this. Lazarevic waiting with killing Nate. He's getting away whole time. Lazarevic should have killed him the first time.
OL Club (23 days ago)
Julian Gaming you are right Mr. Clown
greenlizardballs (1 year ago)
the last real uncharted game
IamAndrey Mbao (7 days ago)
Are you serious?3 was great as well as 4
Kaptain Eo (9 days ago)
Ben101 (9 months ago)
greenlizardballs Fucker
greenlizardballs (1 year ago)
The Gaming Nerd no u
Mr Kings (1 year ago)
greenlizardballs shaddup
Vademar of Xeroes (1 year ago)
R.I.P Lazarevic
OL Club (23 days ago)
Vademar of Xeroes can he still be alive wasn't he immortal???
SKYDORMER (1 year ago)
1:54: For a few seconds there Lazarevic almost looked friendly.
Bogdan Markovic (2 years ago)
I don't understand...Im Serbian as Zoran and in games always Serbs be bad guys or war criminals....why the fuck always bad guys....is that telling us that US hates Serbian ppl or what?Why not god guy,the best friend of Drake..I don't know?Someone explain...
Kevin Norris (3 months ago)
fiveohnine Not as much money and brains as the Albanians and Bulgarians.
Joe-X guy (3 months ago)
fiveohnine That's a joke or something? You're saying Americans have brains?
fiveohnine (3 months ago)
Whose got brain and bronze and tons of cash and is not American? Serbs
Joe-X guy (4 months ago)
Zoran is a badass though. You should be proud.
Kevin Norris (4 months ago)
Well, the Serbs are the reason why the Balkans is such a shithole.
Chloe Price (2 years ago)
main villain of the game only gets 15 minutes of screen time :/
OL Club (23 days ago)
Chloe Price lol I know right and his such a badass
Kevin Kelleher (2 years ago)
This guy was fucking insane 0_0
Praise the Beef (2 years ago)
Personally, he was by far the most threatening villain in the series. A shame they couldn't follow up with a villain just as threatening or better in 3.
Kaptain Eo (9 days ago)
Praise the Beef talbot was a bitch
toustík (1 year ago)
Thos eguardians must have been like: "So, you have made it all the way here from Borneo... shame"
TheHasmith99 (1 year ago)
He's the only threatening villain
Praise the Beef (2 years ago)
+TheNewLelouch17 Holy shit. I didn't make the connection when I saw this scene years ago.
TheNewLelouch17 (2 years ago)
At 14:40 I love how that one guardian just Rock Bottom/Chokeslams Lazarevic.
Darkstar263 (2 years ago)
Lazarević is an amazing villain. I really need to play this game sometime. I've only beaten the first game.
Vademar of Xeroes (1 year ago)
I have 1-3 collection and the 4th one but I've only half finished number 3 and that was PS3 so I need to finish all 4 on PS4 :L
Darkstar263 (1 year ago)
+Adam T I've beaten the first 3 games. I can't play 4 yet as I don't have a PS4. But out of the PS3 games. 2 is definitely the best I agree.
Adam T (1 year ago)
The 2nd one is the best one and I beat all 4 of them. Uncharted is AWESOME!
Darkstar263 (2 years ago)
+LaatMaarGaan / De beste games voor jong en oud! Just got through Chapter 14. Taking down that Helicopter was satisfying.
+Darkstar263 The train part is awesome right?
SpideyAlex101 (2 years ago)
Best villain in the Uncharted series!
Mexican Hitman (3 months ago)
SpideyAlex101 in gaming history the guy stands up next to Raul menendez and Vladimir makarov
Tim Henke (5 months ago)
ImmortalMoore Eddy Raja is funny but Lazarevic is fucking terrifying.
Coolmusicplaylist (6 months ago)
SpideyAlex101 IKR?!
Jens Bols ex OVJ (10 months ago)
In my opinion Nate should have told early to make a deal with rafe in Kings Bay than Rafe would prob say that there is no Alcazar  no prison break etc etc and Nate would rescue sam and say to him leave this all behind because you lied to me. End of the story as an alternate ending
EasyLee (2 years ago)
Wow that Hitler and Stalin comparison was a heavy one.
Vademar of Xeroes (1 year ago)
Genghis was a God among men.
Chloe Price (2 years ago)
Don't forget about Ghengis Khan and Pol Pot.
Emmanuel Arthur (2 years ago)
Graphics ain't that bad
DENKI GAMER (2 years ago)
DENKI GAMER (2 years ago)
KingJaymo2k11 (2 years ago)
Lazarevic is the only Uncharted villain that's just as bad ass as Drake
Zkaei A.R. (5 months ago)
William Norris No rafe is a badass.
William Norris (5 months ago)
No rafe is a pussy.
Mr. Douglas (1 year ago)
Fuck no.
Bill Cipher (1 year ago)
+Chloe Price I felt like rafe wasn't as badass antagonist like Nadine Ross.
Chloe Price (2 years ago)
rafe Adler comes close.
awesometacular (2 years ago)
4:30 Did Nate really think Lazarevic was gonna give up just because Nate has one of his expendable soldiers hostage?
DeathBringer9216 (5 months ago)
xXSilentAgent47Xx they low key relied on him to get there as fast as they did though
xXSilentAgent47Xx (2 years ago)
+awesometacular Lazarevic would already kill Drake at 3:24 after he got what he needed without telling his mercenaries to kill him. It's ridiculous story but whatevs, story without Drake would suck anyway.
breeeegs (2 years ago)
The rake...THE RAKE!!!
KiranTaker270 (3 years ago)
lazarevic looks so much like the comedian dara o'briain with his head shaved
GrayWoIf (3 years ago)
I don't know if it's my TV or what but in all these cutscenes the characters eyes are all black and beady.
Josh Harding (3 years ago)
cptTK421 (1 year ago)
MajesticJac (3 years ago)
Gotta love Lazarevic.
Philly Jailer (3 years ago)
rockitman22 (4 years ago)
quite an underrated villain!

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