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NEW BOOK PROMO! Manny Man Does Revolutionary Ireland: 1916-1923

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NEW BOOK AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE: https://www.collinspress.ie/manny-man-does-revolutionary-ireland.html Thanks for all the support! New videos coming soon!
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Text Comments (152)
VICTOR KIEDROWSKI (4 months ago)
It's gotta be a good book!
Jeremy Smith (4 months ago)
I’m getting this
Texas Ranger Fillip (5 months ago)
9 english disliked
the scheming vernon (7 months ago)
Plz do about apartheid
SpikesGirl1 (7 months ago)
Cool stuff! By the way... I feel silly asking this, but are you still affiliated with Channel Awesome? Not seeing your show listed there anymore. :(
Fluffy Owl (7 months ago)
Please do a Korean war one!!
DiamondJolt (7 months ago)
When will the new videos be out?
Your Name (7 months ago)
Sadly this channel is dead
Raheem m.a (7 months ago)
Please make a video on india and Pakistan
[No Username] (7 months ago)
Can you a video on the English Civil War?
Vaughn Cedric Araneta (7 months ago)
THE VIETNAM WAR!!!!! (I can wait)
hitler h (7 months ago)
Ar you a jous
Polish-Bolshevik war?
Urj Dhbd (8 months ago)
Does this deliver to Northern Ireland?
Carlos Granados (8 months ago)
looks like it going to take a year
john smith1995 (8 months ago)
Hi , Weird question but im from the Northwall area of Dublin and recently seen your illustrations on my local newsagents wall , are you responsible for this art
Game Skull 321 (8 months ago)
Apple 06 (8 months ago)
Do a video on the Canada-Croatia war
Donal 1800 (8 months ago)
My suggestions 1. Vietnam war 2. Mexican war of independence 3. The seven years war 4. Russo Turkish war 5. Spanish war of succession 6. Russian civil war
MF 6718 (8 months ago)
Make a new video! John D Ruddy in 10 mins
alexthegamer25068 (8 months ago)
Do the vinam war 🙏🙏🙏
Özgür Oğulcan Yanar (8 months ago)
Can you Make Turkish War Of Independence 👍
M P (8 months ago)
Hey, can you do the revolution of Nicaragua?
Ralph Adeka (8 months ago)
Can you the war 1812
School Cartoons (8 months ago)
nice work
Samuel McNeill (9 months ago)
You should do the Vietnam war also love ya John
Zac Webster (9 months ago)
Ireland is British clay
PAPA STALIN (9 months ago)
Bruh its been 3months or 1 year where is a video
godzilla 2014 (9 months ago)
War of 1812
Josh. C (9 months ago)
Can you do a video on the siege of jadotville
Sergio Alvarez (9 months ago)
please do the 100 year war
go commit die (9 months ago)
heinrich dolphus (9 months ago)
good job bud, also if I can a suggestion for a (blank) in (blank) minutes: the Rhodesian bush war, its an interesting and seldom talked about war that I think you could do pretty well
Edwinas Jakubenaz (9 months ago)
Can you please do Lithuanian Independence(1918) and Independence war(1919 - 1920) ,because Lithuania on Febuary 16th will celebrate 100 years of Lithuania's re-establishment from the Russian Empire and Declaration of Independence.
Cool Cap (9 months ago)
Wheres my Vietnam dam it
TheUraniumFish (9 months ago)
No pls no,I can't buy.Pls put on Google play so I can buy
Muriel Cunningham (9 months ago)
Can you do the Falklands War?
Jt Boucher (9 months ago)
Hey can you do the boshin war
Eamon Tango 445 (9 months ago)
When’s the Vietnam War video out?
jimpachi haihachima (9 months ago)
Dude stop talking about Ireland, like no one cares. Haven't you caught on that it gets the lowest views?
ethan munro (9 months ago)
I would cry in joy if you was to do rome and how it took Britain i have a report soon so yeah plz your the best source plz
Ridge Bhati (9 months ago)
I have an idea why don't u make a video on Roman Empire..huh?
German Empireball (9 months ago)
Do the Titanic Tragedy
Ha Chi Nguyen Le (9 months ago)
Amazing! Can you do the Franco-Prussian War?
sketchy tekkers (9 months ago)
Plz do a book on either ww2 or the Cold War
CaptainStryker - MCPE (9 months ago)
I have an idea for your video! Maybe the Interwars 1918-1939? I know there’s many battles and wars but we all don’t know everything about it.
Coopdogg W (9 months ago)
The war of 1812 please
DiamondJolt (9 months ago)
Thanks for being so friendly when I met you john
Adolf Hitler (10 months ago)
Do about the Spanish Civil War.
Hani Günü (10 months ago)
Pls make Cyprus war
L I L L Y (10 months ago)
Book looks amazing, can u do a video Prague springs next !!
Kids Playing (10 months ago)
do war 1812
Mr Hasko (10 months ago)
Made about bosnian war
PTU (10 months ago)
Ermm.....John I'm still kinda waiting for for the Vietnam war that you promised in your video 'Comparing the American presidents'. You said that it will be made before the end of 2017 but its now 2018. Just saying.....Not to rush you. Keep up the good work. :)
lll Sovietdoggo lll (10 months ago)
Where is the Vietnam war? You promised!
lemon lime (10 months ago)
Why Haven’t You Made the Vietnam War Yet?
Delete ed (10 months ago)
You should do a history video on the Finland winter war
YouTube User (9 months ago)
Storm 368 it’s a short war
Pate Riot (10 months ago)
Ready 4 the new Vietnam war video!
HighlightTV (10 months ago)
Do the war of 1812
Adam Lundell (10 months ago)
congo crisis
Steven Sheridan (10 months ago)
Hi john stevie here lookin for a shoutout pls
Steam Punk (10 months ago)
are you going to make a video on Vietnam?
CyclopsGD (10 months ago)
Can you be my teacher
Steven Sheridan (10 months ago)
Sorry he is Irish only folks
ReplayTSL (10 months ago)
Do the Vietnam war
Señor Tmeh (10 months ago)
The boer war in 8 minutes
lemon lime (10 months ago)
Are you making the Vietnam War?
Matthew Carmona (10 months ago)
does anyone know what his email/gmail is I have a rly important question to ask him
Steven Sheridan (10 months ago)
Well I can tell him In person
IYAN PEREZ (10 months ago)
A hi can you give as A date for the Vietnam war
Fox Gaming (11 months ago)
You deserve a million subscribers!
Roman Productions (11 months ago)
Can you do the Mexican-American War?
Hello! I Am so loving these history videos! Keep it coming.
Quill Works (11 months ago)
I'm going to write this comment here since it's your most recent video and you're more likely to see it ... Your videos, no doubt, have been the most helpful history recap videos I have ever seen. I first watched your videos two years ago freshman year when I was studying for my world history exam, and I can't put into words how much they helped me not just memorize, but understand important historical events. I study my notes weeks in advance and try everything to understand some concepts, but I learn very differently from others and it can be quite difficult. Now here I am, junior year, watching your American revolution and civil war videos to help me prepare for my US history exam. Unlike other history summary videos, yours skip the cheesy segways that waste so much time and get straight down to the point in an entertaining, visual way. I am so glad you are still making videos, and I hope you know just how much your videos mean to me and other students :)
ctam6c34 (11 months ago)
only ogs know rud the spud
ctam6c34 (11 months ago)
rud the spud
harold saulnier (11 months ago)
U should make a Falkland war video
FestiveDoge (11 months ago)
Could you maybe do the Russian civil war next?
FestiveDoge (11 months ago)
Looks amazing!
German Empire (11 months ago)
Please Say about Roman empire
Siddhesh Metkar (11 months ago)
Can I get the book in India
Steven Sheridan (10 months ago)
Namen (11 months ago)
already got, fantastic read! cant help but say the whole thing in your voice
Namen (10 months ago)
well its a great accent. be proud of it
Steven Sheridan (10 months ago)
He's Donegal like me
Turbo Hiiva (11 months ago)
Can u make finland vs soviet union??? Plz. Btw Finland is now 100 years old :)))
Edwinas Jakubenaz (9 months ago)
Lithuania,this year is going to be 100 years,since it's re-establishment and Declaration of Independence from German and Russian empires.
Schutzstaffel _ (11 months ago)
Yeah! ;)
METALITY XirOz (11 months ago)
123 viva l'algerie
Prathamesh Sundaram (11 months ago)
jcorkill01 (11 months ago)
I have a question how long is shipping from for an (ex) USA will it be 1 day or 2 weeks
oliverboi (11 months ago)
Can you please make a video about Sweden great power like 17-18th century
How many pages?
oliverboi (11 months ago)
LLFreviews Lincoln Fendiana the book has 467 pages
ravioli789 (11 months ago)
The book looks really good, John!
BloodRider 14 (11 months ago)
What about sales in North America?
SaintsAwayOllie (11 months ago)
Fuck the IRA
JimmyaKaTheK (11 months ago)
BloodRider 14 (11 months ago)
SaintsAwayOllie They aren't that bad. Plus, there were many IRAs
ricky99la (11 months ago)
Do you take North Korean Wons as currency??
Edge_6 Adventures (11 months ago)
Fantastic work! We will surely get one or two!
lil pill (11 months ago)
Im british with irish blood
Eoin Brown (11 months ago)
N-7 (11 months ago)
I'd love to have it on Amazon Kindle.
Gay fish (11 months ago)
I live in Mexico. Do you ship there?
Steven Sheridan (10 months ago)
Collins press that's a hint
sirrliv (11 months ago)
Might need to contact my local public library about getting a copy or two. Also, minor aside, but one of the few things I do know about the Irish Civil War is that it was apparently devastating to the Irish railway system, with many railway lines being sabotaged or otherwise wrecked by both sides throughout the conflict. On unique casualty of the war was the Listowel & Ballybunion Railway in southwestern Ireland, which gained fame as one of the world's only commercially successful steam powered monorails.
Lemono Sharky (11 months ago)
John are u from Ireland cuz i got a feelin that u ar :)
Steven Sheridan (10 months ago)
Donegal man
BloodRider 14 (11 months ago)
Wikipedia him
theGamingJanina (11 months ago)
U sure about dat
Captain 88-B (11 months ago)
Lemono Sharky gee, I wonder
Edward Morris (11 months ago)
Amazing! I want it!!!!
marcosthomas 54 (11 months ago)
Is or was it on sale?
Steven Sheridan (10 months ago)
Well the book shops are nearly empty
Knowledge Headquarters (11 months ago)
The book looks awesome, good work John!
Eric Allen (11 months ago)
Knowledge Headquarters are you irish?

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