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Time Team Special 21 (2005) Journey to Stonehenge

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Miro Collas (4 days ago)
Thanks for uploading, very interesting. But also *very* speculative, rather than hard science.
Nancy Maschio (4 days ago)
Thank you.
Amazing J (5 days ago)
Recently discovered your awesome channel. Great content. Thank you for taking the time to provide thoughtful and intelligent programming. Your awesome!
Neldidellavittoria (6 days ago)
So then, Terry Pratchett was on the same page as his Neolithic ancestors when he devised Hogswatchnight to stand for Christmas on the Discworld. :D Seriously now, this is a wonderdul documentary. Thanks a lot for uploading it!
annette fournier (6 days ago)
Avery Milieu (6 days ago)
Ditch around the outside would provide drainage - less mud underfoot - in the center of the henge. It is POSSIBLE - and there is nothing but reason to suggest it - that the center circle was roofed. Beams and thatching. They were certainly capable of it. If the site was used as it decayed, any thatch litter or ash of burning would have been disturbed, distributed.
Claire Papadatos (6 days ago)
Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much ! 👍
APE MAN (6 days ago)
Stone Hedge boulders Where moved around in the 1920's Anyone else ever heard about this ?
Hulbog Stonethrower (5 days ago)
Yep, craned lifted the lintels up...
Diane Sinnett (6 days ago)

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