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Khatarnak Khiladi (Mirchi) 2015 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie With Telugu Songs | Prabhas, Sathyaraj

26132 ratings | 9013943 views
The movie story deals with Jai who is practicing guitar when a girl runs to him and asks him to save her from a gang of goons chasing her. Then Jay, without fighting, resolves the conflict. The girl introduces herself as Manasa. They slowly become friends. But one day she asks Jai to leave her and go as she cannot stand the separation from him if their relationship develops any further. He then goes back to India and changes the mind of Manasa's brother and when they give a vacation he goes with him to his village. There, where everyone are conservative in nature, he changes their nature and makes them more lovable. When Manasa expresses her love for him, he tells his flashback. It is then revealed that he was born to their rival's family. His father Deva wanted to convert the people of his village. But his mother didn't want to stay there, so she left him. Later when Jay goes there, he falls in love with Vennela. He starts taking revenge on the Manasa's family without revealing his identity. Then they decide to marry Jai with Vennela because they both are in love with each other. During the marriage the inspector tells his father that the enmity is rekindling because his son is taking revenge on the rivals. Soon afterwards, the rivals come and start killing everyone. After the fight it is known that Jai's mother dies. His father banishes him and blames her death on him. The story is now back to the present. Manasa's uncle challenges Jay that if he can defeat his men then he too would follow non violence. After successfully defeating them, her uncle asks Jay that if he could defeat the rival's son he would marry Manasa to Jai. Jai gets angry at his stubbornness and reveals his true identity. He starts fighting with Manasa"s uncle. Then all her family members come and convert him too. This was watched by his father who had just arrived there. His father welcomes him back to the family.
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Text Comments (461)
Sufian Khalid (2 years ago)
please upload billa 2009 in hindi dubbed for prabhas
paban majhi (2 years ago)
Ataur rahman (2 years ago)
everyone want for that
Ataur rahman (2 years ago)
when you will upload prabhas movie Billa
Alamgir Hossain (2 years ago)
great movie
Daud Miya (2 years ago)
nice moovis
gaurav rawat (2 years ago)
very nice move fantastic
Waqar khan (2 years ago)
mental dubbed movie pls
Avinit Saha ii (2 years ago)
upload yennai arindhaal in hindi
Eshetenesh Anberbir (2 years ago)
Inayat Ullah (2 years ago)
nice but I am waiting for Billa
Altaf Hossen (2 years ago)
Youssef Zoubair (2 years ago)
un filme gerre
Prince Sameer (2 years ago)
please upload billa dubbed hindi
Goldmines Premiere (2 years ago)
+Prince Sameer thank you for your comment
TANIA BATOOL (2 years ago)
Awsome movie :)
Caydaruus Muuse (2 years ago)
Sneha KM (2 years ago)
I love u prabhas♡♡ u r amazing☆☆☆
Md Feroj Alam (2 years ago)
a v moving bhut accha hai
Md Feroj Alam (2 years ago)
acchaa saccha movi dona plz
Manoj Luhar (2 years ago)
MJH JAKIR HOSSAN (2 years ago)
so it very super hit film
Aamir hussain (2 years ago)
Very Nice
Ajay Wakode (2 years ago)
good movies
fan of virat (2 years ago)
still I am a prabhas fan
Abdulwahab Malik (2 years ago)
ilove this movie
mdmobashir somia (2 years ago)
Deendayal Pareek (2 years ago)
nice movie
Prince TV (2 years ago)
so nice move
yasinin Norway (2 years ago)
hy as long as u understand
Jaxx Immy (2 years ago)
wow nyc movie
Rajendar Kumar (2 years ago)
i like this movie..
Dipak Shah (2 years ago)
Javaid Javaid (2 years ago)
Nice move
Rahul Rshul (2 years ago)
Awesome movie
K Sribas Das (2 years ago)
Teri Yaadein Hai Basi Zameen Se Aasmaan Tak, Dekh Kar Haseen Chand Royengi Ye Raatein, Bas Jana Tum Aankhon Mein Khawab Ban Kar, To Shayad Zara Sa Sambhlengi Ye Raatein, Bhula Na Paoge Tum Meri Mohabbat Ko Kabhi, Aawaz De Kar Roz Tujhe Bulayengi Ye Raatein
Md Mizan (2 years ago)
Waqar Ansari (2 years ago)
javed babber (2 years ago)
बहुत बढ़िया मूवी हे यार
Habibullah Rezaie (2 years ago)
very good
Saisakshith N (2 years ago)
wating for prabhas billa movie
Goldmines Premiere (2 years ago)
+Saisakshith Narsingoju thank you for your comment
chandankumar yadav (2 years ago)
super movie
zahoor khattak (2 years ago)
ajmal rauf (2 years ago)
thank u so much lots of love from Pakistan
Goldmines Premiere (2 years ago)
+ajmal rauf thank you for your comment
mohan chaudhary (2 years ago)
Irshad Ahmad (2 years ago)
I love it's
Imran Khan (2 years ago)
nice movies
sana hussain (2 years ago)
thank u so much for this movie
Goldmines Premiere (2 years ago)
+sana hussain thank you for your comment
Abdul Rahim (2 years ago)
nice movie.
Jumba Jookiba (2 years ago)
after long time this movie is Great....
Amol Kakde (2 years ago)
Nice songs
chandni chouhan (2 years ago)
i love u prabhas
chandni chouhan (2 years ago)
i love u prabhas
Vicky Singh (2 years ago)
so nice movie .bhut hi assi movie hai .sab ko dekhni chahi e
Mohd. Israeel Hasan (2 years ago)
Md Aslm Shekh (2 years ago)
Nice yar
Muhammed Yousuf (2 years ago)
Varry nice. movie
Anisha speaks (2 years ago)
superb movie of prabhas ,anushka and rucha :)
Rahul Chaudhari (2 years ago)
very nice movie ..........................Anushka and prabhas are superb onscreen ACtors.
Goldmines Premiere (2 years ago)
+Rahul Chaudhari thank you for your comment
Mmr Mizan (2 years ago)
super hero prabahs
Zaheer Shaikh (2 years ago)
Vaddariya Mohsin (2 years ago)
Super khatarnak kiladi muvis
Habibur Fahim (2 years ago)
Aamir Khan (2 years ago)
nice movie
online boy (2 years ago)
my febarit hiro parvesh
online boy (2 years ago)
nice movei
Aslam Shaikh (2 years ago)
Amir Hussain (2 years ago)
very biuttifull
Litu Gantayat (2 years ago)
Govind Gupta (2 years ago)
I hv also a movie script...
Anisgc16 Gc16 (2 years ago)
All The Best Parbhas.Bangladesh
vicky (2 years ago)
wow prabhas was nice in this movie
MD AKRAM (2 years ago)
Shankar Modi (2 years ago)
wow so nice movie & my fev ..hero parbhas. ...
Goldmines Premiere (2 years ago)
+Shankar Modi thank you for your comment
Priya Sanjibani Panda (2 years ago)
Super movie
Abubakar king (2 years ago)
Pervaiz Koot (2 years ago)
Jaljalas Lama14 (2 years ago)
khatra film xa
Jaljalas Lama14 (2 years ago)
Malik Marufkhel (2 years ago)
Malik Marufkhel (2 years ago)
i liked the acting of both actors prabhas and
Malik Marufkhel (2 years ago)
great actor prabhas
shahnawaz idrisi (2 years ago)
very nice movi
stephy silva (2 years ago)
its really uncommentable movie, its really very very awesome movie
Goldmines Premiere (2 years ago)
+stephy silva thank you for your comment
Kalba Dubai (2 years ago)
super move from bangladesh
Mohammad Nasir Siddiki (2 years ago)
nasir siddiqui
krushna more (2 years ago)
prabhas is allwes dam good......
uzzal akash (2 years ago)
super movie
NaveedNT Ashna (2 years ago)
kiran chaudhary (2 years ago)
áwesomê movie
Govind Kashyap (2 years ago)
nice muvi
Maria Ahmed (2 years ago)
Nice i love this film
Aarti Vyas (2 years ago)
Dipak Bot (2 years ago)
so good
mahesh mohod (2 years ago)
Md Masook (2 years ago)
md masook
bean by (2 years ago)
like movie n actor
Simona Acharya (2 years ago)
macho prabhas
Simona Acharya (2 years ago)
love you prabas
md rony (2 years ago)
nice movi

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