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ESO Update 1.28 Patch Notes

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The ESO update 1.28 for PS4 Patch Notes Morrowind ALLIANCE WAR & PVP Battlegrounds The ESO 1.28 update has fixed an issue where the effects seen on the Chaosball would remain visible longer than intended. DUNGEONS &GROUP CONTENT Halls of Fabrication Trial The stun applied by Draining Shock can once again be blocked. QUESTS & ZONES Quests Ancestral Adversity: You can no longer use the back exit to the final Treasure Room (resulting in blocking your quest progress) until you have talked to Narsis Dren. The Heart of a Telvanni: Sun-In-Shadow is now freed when the Slavemaster is defeated. Stunning the Guard Captain with sleep powder no longer blocks your quest progress. UI Battlegrounds The ESO update 1.28 for PS4 has fixed an issue where the Dominator Battleground medal was not fully translated in the French game client. Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack DUNGEONS &GROUP CONTENT Bloodroot Forge Fixed an issue where groups formed through the Grouping Tool could receive an “Activity Complete” message at the incorrect time. EXPLORATION & ITEMIZATION Achievements Right to the Root of the Problem: The ESO version 1.28 for PlayStation 4 has fixed an issue where this achievement for Bloodroot Forge would begin as soon as you loaded into the dungeon; the timer will now start at the first campsite. Combat & Gameplay COMBAT BALANCE Bow Poison Injection (Poison Arrow morph): This morph will now recalculate its damage over time each time it ticks. This fixes the issue where the execute damage was not updating as the target gained or lost health, but also means the tick value can increase or decrease if your stats change while it’s active. Known Issue: Poison Injection will currently consume the Cruel Flurry enchantment bonus but will not gain the benefit from it. COMBAT FIXES & IMPROVEMENTS General Fixed an issue where monsters killed by a beam attack would remain standing and not display their death animations upon reaching 0 health. Weapon Dual Wield Lacerate: The ESO update 1.28 for PS4 has fixed an issue where this Ultimate would not proc the effects from “On Ultimate Use” item sets, such as Witchman’s Armor. Champion System Befoul: The ESO 1.28 has fixed an issue where this passive would increase the effects of healing bonuses. ITEMIZATION FIXES & IMPROVEMENTS Item Sets The ESO version 1.28 for PS4 has fixed an issue where the enchantments on some older PvP sets were dealing significantly higher Oblivion and Flame Damage than intended. The ESO patch 1.28 for PS4 has fixed an issue where Item Sets that summon monsters could critically strike. Base Game Patch ART & ANIMATION General The hip armor from the Emperor’s Regalia will now appear as it did prior to the Update 15 patch. The Light Celestial Belt will no longer appear to float. CROWN STORE & CROWN CRATES Visual Effects According to the ESO version 1.28 for PS4 patch notes, all Dwarven mounts will no longer spit when rearing up, with the exception of the camel. DUNGEONS &GROUP CONTENT Dungeons Cradle of Shadows Sithera will no longer pursue cowardly players endlessly throughout the dungeon. EXPLORATION & ITEMIZATION General ESO 1.28 update has fixed an issue that caused players to get premium daily rewards more than once per day from successful groups formed through the Grouping Tool. QUESTS & ZONES Main Quest Soul-Shriven in Coldharbour: This quest has been updated to fix an issue where you could become trapped in Coldharbour, or you would get a surprise visit from the Hooded Figure. Due to these changes, all characters currently on this quest will have the quest re-granted upon login, and you will find yourself at the beginning of the Wailing Prison. With ESO version 1.28 update, the Hooded Figure will now appear in Vulkhel Guard for players who travel there via Wayshrine. There is no escaping her! UI Gameplay The ESO 1.28 update has fixed an issue where the “Target Debuffs From Others” setting option under the Buffs & Debuffs setting would not persist after closing the game.
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Victor Abdel-Malek (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ it hasn't event started downloading
Hevno Joor (1 year ago)
47 GB update for this? Are you fucking kidding?
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
Its because alot of the files get overwritten in an update so you basically downloading parts of the game that have had changes in if they have the smallest change to them.
Kip Meneer (1 year ago)

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