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Far Cry 5 – Faith Seed (All cutscenes)

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These are all cutscenes with Faith Seed, one of the antagonists in Far Cry 5.
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Text Comments (402)
REDMAN OFFICIAL (5 days ago)
i call her blissbitch
Jessica (23 days ago)
Well never trust sweet women.
James007HungerZone (1 month ago)
After seeing this i had the feeling that John and Jacob weren't really brothers/related to Joseph either. Faith was the only one who wants to break away from Joseph's grip but afraid to do so.
Jordan Sohl (1 month ago)
In the Misery mission, I just rolled in with a chopper, killing all the hostages in the process... but hey, at least it was easy.
Jordan Sohl (1 month ago)
The Bliss is like Canada in anywhere other than Southern Ontario. Extremely sparsely populated and teeming with wildlife.
Jordan Sohl (1 month ago)
Faith is so beautiful. Or maybe she's fugly and the bliss is basically super-makeup
Folkskjöldr (1 month ago)
It didn't take much to see right through her routine at first. That's why it got old every time these scenes happened. Me: "Umm yeah, lady, I'm still not buying your BS. You haven't figured it out yet? So why are you still trying?".
Ethan mcquat 1999 (1 month ago)
I like pigman better but faith its really hot though
Emily (1 month ago)
I like Faith. What's is wrong with me?
Ashton Duke (1 month ago)
She gots some nice feet
kaerouse48 (2 months ago)
Computer froze a bit. I tried to ask "Who could play Faith in a Live Action Movie?"
kaerouse48 (2 months ago)
Snakes in your garden? Call Eden's Lawn Care now! 1-(303)-420-6969
Khaki Gt (2 months ago)
When I see her makes me watch porn hehe.. Fuck she is pretty
Josh Washington (3 months ago)
She is a threat to innocent humans.
Nite Owl-3 (3 months ago)
I used to know a girl, more than a few girls actually, that were a lot like Faith. Abused by family, bullied relentlessly, and manipulated by authority figures. All of them, christian, and had been abused by the church at one point or another. Every time I play and I see faith, I instantly sympathize and genuinely feel sad for her. I wish there was an alternate ending to the game where you could save Faith, or maybe even join the cult.
gemini enigma (3 months ago)
Faith my heart goes out to you.
Rais Rorke (4 months ago)
She is so sweet.
Jessica (23 days ago)
Honestly? I really feel sorry for you man. You really love Faith and she just used you.
B-Y Bryce (4 months ago)
I'm a Christian but I don't believe in this kind of shit
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
Only youuuuuuuuuu
Spartan -118 (3 months ago)
B-Y Bryce Amen
Stephen LaMar (4 months ago)
ya know its funny I feel sorry for Faith she was brainwashed and was only a little girl when she was put into all of this she was innocent and did not deserve the outcome we had to give her
Joker (4 months ago)
Faith looking like a dessert
brian self (4 months ago)
I had a dream after meeting her in the game for the first time. My dream was we were sitting in the grass. She tells me "Don't worry, this will all be over." She slightly stroked my face with her hand and smiled. I asked her "Who are you?" She said "My name is Faith and I'm here to help. I will lead you to salvation my child." She suddenly stabbed me with a syringe. And then I woke up. I was dripping sweat. I have never been so scared in my life.
regent falcon (4 months ago)
You could find us me and faith behind the spread eagle in the widow maker semi truck and if the truck is rocking dont come knocking cause you know whats goinn on😉😂
regent falcon (4 months ago)
Faith hella cute...and i hella wanna smash
Damien Hansen (5 months ago)
Count how many times she says faith and by the way her name is Faith seed
The Mega Bob (5 months ago)
24:08 I seriously felt bad for faith. She never deserved any of this
I took your vbucks (28 days ago)
+Kiilan Stephens ye she did
Kiilan Stephens (3 months ago)
The Mega Bob Joseph made her sick in the head like what joker did to harly
Acid Bigfoot (5 months ago)
I wish faith because she has a great deep back story she seems bad but she dose seem and feel like a villain I would join her side of the cult
R. Aziz (5 months ago)
Wow the part at 26:49 really moved me
Alora (5 months ago)
My favorite character.
P1X3L D3L74 (5 months ago)
quiet Don Marasigan (5 months ago)
Man this makes me want not to kill her
- M4gnix - (6 months ago)
And spoiler alert The villains are RIGHT about what will happen But still confuse why did they Drug everyone just to save From a nuclear detonation
Macho Commando Supreme (6 months ago)
To kill for yourself is murder. To kill for your government is heroic. Can you even remember why you came here? If you were a better person, you wouldn't be here. How many Americans have you killed today?
Acid Bigfoot (6 months ago)
I wish faith lived
Nare Maretti (6 months ago)
I feel sorry for her. She was not a bad person. She was simply manipulated by Joseph. He is real evil.
Tkcb 2799 (1 day ago)
Grandmaster Dragonborn If you say they aren‘t evil then you got manipulated in real life. These are evils and they try to have you on their side. You‘ve fallen for it pathetic
Grandmaster Dragonborn (2 months ago)
No he wasn't, none of the Seeds were evil, they brought Faith into their family and accepted her, her test was to simply know if she was ready for what was ahead which was to prepare for the collapse, Joseph was trying to save everyone because he knew the collapse was coming, if anything; we are evil
TorroDash (6 months ago)
200/10 would bang her
Jordan Sohl (24 days ago)
+4DaMovieGuru Sometimes you wanna bang someone so hard, it breaks the laws of math.
4DaMovieGuru (24 days ago)
dis mofo said 200 out of 10 lmao
Jordan Sohl (1 month ago)
Me too, man. Sharky agrees.
Skyperskyte (6 months ago)
Is this how it feels to take a drug?
Tuna Baş (6 months ago)
She killed Marshal Burke, so I want to kill hher so much.
InsaneGamer 223 (23 days ago)
+Jessica What?
Jessica (23 days ago)
+InsaneGamer 223 What? Ha ha ha ha.
InsaneGamer 223 (5 months ago)
Tuna Baş What about John and Jacob from what i have seen people think they're not as evil as Faith she's considered "the worst of the Seeds"
Tuna Baş (5 months ago)
InsaneGamer 223 Killing hundereds of cultists which threat thousands of civillians. I don't say that every action you did was right, but Faith was wrong.
InsaneGamer 223 (5 months ago)
Tuna Baş again she only did that to your friends because of you the player you forced her hand and caused the marshal his life as well was Vergial if you had just listened to Faith and not toss her away then they wouldn't have been killed, Also you claim that killing is a crime so i guess you get a pass on killing hundreds of cultists?
Orion TheGamingRaptor (6 months ago)
I really wanted to butcher the marshal
She has awesome and beautiful voice.
Emma Watson (6 months ago)
the boot-scene is on of the best in the game.
Daz of England (6 months ago)
I hate the bitch she just doesn't stop popping up every 20 seconds talking shit when im hunting or scouting outposts she complety ruins the game
Roxy Vincenzo (6 months ago)
I HATE FAITH!! She is the worst character ever!! I love Jacob and I very like John but she just pissed me of. I felt satisfaction when I killed her.
Roxy Vincenzo (1 month ago)
+Emily Goddamn right and she is weak.
Emily (1 month ago)
+Roxy Vincenzo Only strong women mean something.
Peaches Peaches (5 months ago)
idk dude O_O
Jon's ultimate Universe (5 months ago)
faith seed da fuck, what is with the bitch fight?
Peaches Peaches (5 months ago)
FAAAAAAAAAAAAAITH ! ! ! * Jumps on her back * You can take me to the bliss anytime you like ;)
She should have been given a second chance. It's not fair that she was killed
Shayan Shajarian (6 months ago)
What happens if you let the marshal go through the gates?
InsaneGamer 223 (5 months ago)
Shayan Shajarian Nothing you just fail the mission and start over all tho Wonder what would happen if you walk through the gate? You probably can't but ya never know
James Sawley (6 months ago)
Faith is the only morally grey character of the 4 leaders so I'm disappointed you couldn't spare her.
laurenseltzer (3 days ago)
Not to mention that she says they're happy here "in the bliss" so the angels might be the happiest of all in her eyes which is why they're fine with grunt work and they are the most mindlessly devoted. Maybe she doesn't see it as humans losing their minds but rather ascending to another plane of existence much like heaven. And they are called... angels. Unless I'm mistaken nowhere does the game explicitly state what she truly believes, if what she tells you all along are lies or she truly believes them. At the end she says something along the lines of 'do you think I wanted this? I was young and he plied me with drugs blah blah' which may indicate that she was in fact just a forcibly loyal soldier. If we can excuse the angels then a really fucked up thing she did was with the Marshall and Virgil at the jail. But she says she doesn't want to do this and some people truly believe in consequentialism, the ends justify the means. I honestly think this game wants you to think you're the true villain on accident by the end. All the jabs at you about you committing violence. Sure, the peggies are kidnapping people and torturing some of them (Jacob prob being the worst area) but they wouldn't attack you if you left them alone. If you didn't make the choices you made at the beginning, Joseph wouldn't instruct his flock to take you down and they'd probably just keep trying to convert/kidnap you like the rest. But in doing so they truly believe they're saving your life and eternal soul. I felt bad for Faith :c
James Sawley (6 months ago)
Does she really know what she's doing? How do we not know that she is always high and unknowing of what she does.
James Sawley I would like to agree, but keep in mind that she is the one responsible of creating most of the angels, that’s too inhuman to make her “morally grey”
moret25 (6 months ago)
Ugh Rachel Jessop was so pretty.
DarkWolf Gaming (6 months ago)
The reason boy's buy far cry 5
Kiilan Stephens (3 months ago)
Yea 😂
DarkWolf Gaming (6 months ago)
James.T .Adams yah bro she's weird as fuck
James.T .Adams (6 months ago)
DarkWolf Gaming can you blame them? Such sweet poison she is... No... _NO!_ *_NO!_* That bitch has gotten in my fucking head,she’s gotten in all our heads. Good job,Ubi,you’ve managed to scare the hell out of me.
Lucas Dacier (6 months ago)
And this Far Cry Is why we dont want character creation again *WINK*
Gage Welker (6 months ago)
Having headphones on, playing through this game completely immersed, these scenes had such good atmosphere. It honestly makes the bliss a lot more believable, and why so many people would be drawn into it. Honestly if I was in the same situation I would've gave up so fast. This kind even just gives good insight to heroin users, and other drug users. Imagine feeling like your on heroin but being in that world, it would take people with the strongest willpower to not give in. And the Marshall is right to an extent, I don't even think the bliss is truly addictive or changes you in anyway, its honestly just the truth, the Marshall knows its not real but why stay in the real world when he can finally be happy. faith is such a charming girl, honestly a young, angelic, pitiful girl.
laurenseltzer (3 days ago)
Jack Frost (6 months ago)
Why u call them cut scenes when u can play them or not..lol;
Ross Pate (6 months ago)
This game does send a powerful message to reality, everything Joseph Seed has said, and what Faith and the Marshall said, all line up to the problems we deal with today.
Macho Commando Supreme (6 months ago)
I told you... I didn't want to leave.
Macho Commando Supreme (6 months ago)
Derp Ferguson (6 months ago)
One of the most sympathetic and dynamic villains I've ever fought in a game. But I sure didn't hesitate to put an arrow in her face. Down with religion!!!!
Faith and John are the most tragic, John being taken advantage of for being too good of a person growing up and Faith being abandoned by friends and family and finally being given attention by a man, it’s just so tragic that man was a manipulative megalomaniac cultist. John and Faith are my favorite Seed siblings.
laurenseltzer (3 days ago)
too good of a person? He was heavily physically abused by his parents until he welcomed it and started saying yes to everything like drugs and sex I assume. Not saying that made him bad but...
Nare Maretti (6 months ago)
Hades Lord of the Underworld I agree. I would like to save them.
Paprica 67 (7 months ago)
I hate her,the only that she does is talk and when you finaly fight her you get bored very quickly
Damien Orr (7 months ago)
Who thinks faith is attractive I do
I took your vbucks (28 days ago)
Jordan Sohl (1 month ago)
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
Dude I can tell her
Khaki Gt (2 months ago)
I do think she's attractive though and she really is manipulative because she makes me fall in love with her
Josh Washington (3 months ago)
Damien Orr She is bitch.
Rozze Lindberg (7 months ago)
At 25:25, she said the ending of far cry.
Kidvette2004 (7 months ago)
I dislike how you can’t pause it. I had to go eat dinner and I missed part of the cutscene even though I opened my Xbox menu
Boxterades Productions (2 months ago)
Kidvette2004 That’s pretty frustratingly relatable.
Player 1 (7 months ago)
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Angel Starfire (7 months ago)
11:38 damn deep and kinda right
Why can not fuck her? She ll fall in love, trust you more than Joseph, then kill members of her family, and finally you become a new leader of this place with an awesome wife and children from her. What a good story that would be
TheMostFacts (6 months ago)
Юбисофт должны выпустить трейлер с схожей историей, тогда у всех игроков отпадут вопросы.
your mom
Derp Ferguson (6 months ago)
Peddo BearFaz (7 months ago)
Faith Seed is my faith
Gregory Smith (7 months ago)
Welcome to the BORE. I play Far Cry to shoot people, liberate outposts, and do some story missions. I don't need some woman telling me about peace and love. I hate that part of the game, same goes for the times I get captured by the Ginger and Jacob.
DjaniTheGamer SFM (3 months ago)
The hash Slinging slasher LMAO
You’re a 42 year old man who whacks off to faith every night in bed. That’s why you’re here. It’s the only explanation
Spector (6 months ago)
Gregory Smith I'm way, way late, but as someone with a Latin American family, yes, my family does speak the way Vaas does sometimes. Typically for terms of endearment or something along those lines. Obviously not everyone does, but a few do. I'm not trying to kick up the argument again, that just bothered me a little haha.
Ross Pate (6 months ago)
Gregory Smith Then damn why didn't you just say that to begin with? That is the most intellectual thing I have heard from you, something I even agree with, I thought you didn't like the character development to the story which I didn't understand, but you pretty much share the same opinion as I do, so I take back what I said.
Gregory Smith (6 months ago)
Far Cry 3 and 4 didn't have those interruptions, and they were great games. Far Cry 4 more than 3 because I don't like Latinos who keep switching from Spanish to English and vice versa. It's annoying as hell, and having spent part of my life in Latin America, I can tell you no real Colombian would ever speak like the Far Cry 3 villain. Only Puerto Ricans and California chicanos speak like that. "Hermano, you got mierda in your culo" sounds absolutely ridiculous. Moving on, maybe you haven't noticed that on the Internet, people post videos, and then other people post comments. If you don't like a comment, you can either. 1. Ignore it 2. Debate it When you and others attack the messengers, you're not winning the fucking argument.
Adam Scaife (7 months ago)
Do you think you could upload the speeches you hear at outposts?
Helikopter (7 months ago)
Dont do drugs
Anubis_X64 (7 months ago)
I'll tear that crazy little ass of hers up. I'll show her what a bliss is....my D!
Stan (7 months ago)
Anubis_X64 lmfao
Spector (6 months ago)
I feel bad for her, but she's actively allowing many people to die (not to mention what she's done to the Marshall and many others). Doesn't matter how good she thinks her actions are, people still died because of her. Not to mention that she basically mind-controls people to do her bidding. Not the worst of the Seed family, but she's definitely not innocent. (Also, most people just think she's innocent cause she's hot and has a sad backstory, from what I can tell.) (Also, rewatching this, who the hell gave the Marshall a gun? Like you'd think they wouldn't have just let him walk around with a gun, like he wasn't just controlled by Faith hours earlier.)
Spector (3 days ago)
+laurenseltzer I understand she was indoctrinated like everyone else, but thats not much of an excuse considering all the horrible things she's done. Being fucked over doesn't give you free pass to fuck other people over and get away with it. But that's just my opinion! If you like her that's cool with me. Also as a side note, I think of Jacob as a similarly bad person, I just like him despite it. So I suppose in a few ways I'm a hypocrite lol
laurenseltzer (3 days ago)
+Spector Faith says they're happy here "in the bliss" so the angels might be the happiest of all in her eyes which is why they're fine with grunt work and they are the most mindlessly devoted. Maybe she doesn't see it as humans losing their minds but rather ascending to another plane of existence much like heaven. And they are called... angels. Unless I'm mistaken nowhere does the game explicitly state what she truly believes, if what she tells you all along are lies or she truly believes them. At the end she says something along the lines of 'do you think I wanted this? I was young and he plied me with drugs blah blah' which may indicate that she was in fact just a forcibly loyal soldier. If we can excuse the angels then a really fucked up thing she did was with the Marshall and Virgil at the jail. But she says she doesn't want to do this and some people truly believe in consequentialism, the ends justify the means. I honestly think this game wants you to think you're the true villain on accident by the end. All the jabs at you about you committing violence. Sure, the peggies are kidnapping people and torturing some of them (Jacob prob being the worst area) but they wouldn't attack you if you left them alone. If you didn't make the choices you made at the beginning, Joseph wouldn't instruct his flock to take you down and they'd probably just keep trying to convert/kidnap you like the rest. But in doing so they truly believe they're saving your life and eternal soul. I felt bad for Faith :c Also Jacob didn't just see some shit, he was forced to kill his starving friend and fellow soldier and eat him to survive. 0_0
Jawann Sharper (4 months ago)
I cant believe i shot her, why we killed her (sobing) No no!
eqsaz (6 months ago)
I mean she was pumped so full of drugs and abuse she got superpowers, that gotta mess with your decision making a little.
Spector (4 months ago)
XxVortexShredderxX Well, John was heavily, heavily abused as a child (his parents literally beat him until he started laughing and just accepted it). With complete lack of a parental figure, it was easy for Joseph to manipulate him into thinking he was doing the right thing. Jacob doesn't have many excuses, but he did see shit in the army and it's obvious it really messed him up. I still get your point though. Faith was probably the most innocent out of all of them, though like I said, John comes a close second.
R. Aziz (7 months ago)
Faith needs a tic tac
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
Who am I? (7 months ago)
So if when we are in the bliss we are dreaming..so we fight Faith in a dream...does that mean Faith is still alive??????
TheMostFacts (6 months ago)
I don't think it's that easy. There must be a quest somewhere. Maybe only in a new dlc. And you haven't checked all the map, have you? At least her region. I heard there's a cave where you can find Faith as a walking shade. So maybe this is the first step.
Who am I? (6 months ago)
TheMostFacts I cannot find her anywhere. All i find are notes and phone calls left by her. Breaks my heart because i dont know where else to look
TheMostFacts (6 months ago)
Try to find her? As I said, there probably are some hints or something like that. Maybe some letters, hints in caves, phone calls, etc.
Who am I? (6 months ago)
TheMostFacts very true, damm wish i could talk to her if she is still alive
TheMostFacts (6 months ago)
I don't think so. That she was able to survive after what happend to her is already a miracle knowing that she'd been treated so badly.
Gothic Inferno (7 months ago)
i really do feel insanely bad for Faith. she was just a teenager when Joseph kidnaped her, drugged her, and threatened her life until Faith joined him
laurenseltzer (3 days ago)
+Alex Bondevik he never mentions what state she was in, simply having tubes in an infant does not necessarily mean they definitely would have died or even sustained lifelong injuries. She could have been a fine and normal girl.
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
How do you know!?!!?
Alex Bondevik (4 months ago)
Well, If that was true. It's hard to tell since she lies about everything else. Joseph killing his daughter could be looked at as a mercy kill though, she was going to die anyway and was probably in horrible amount of pain. Still fucked up though.
Nare Maretti (6 months ago)
Gothic Inferno He used her and John. He killed his daughter. He is a fucking monster. The best antagonist is definitely Pagan Min.
berkan ala (7 months ago)
yeah fuck you and all those religious freaks... die!
Dave10567 (7 months ago)
What's the name of the soundtrack on the first cutscene
Dave10567 (7 months ago)
Foxtrod thank you
Foxtrod (7 months ago)
Dave10567 Oh the Bliss, by Hammock
Crispyratx (7 months ago)
Hey man! Could I please use the footage you gathered here to be used in my video where I talk about the lore of Faith Seed? I don't want to have to start a new play through just to record all of Faith's scenes. I would link the video and your channel in the description! Many thanks.
ian walters (7 months ago)
Imagine being balls deep in her booty. Heaven....
Jordan Sohl (1 month ago)
+James Fuller A beautiful one. I don't fantasize about sex with her tho, lmao
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
Dude wtf
Whiterun Guard (3 months ago)
gemini enigma nothing wrong with being a perv
gemini enigma (3 months ago)
ian walters always one pervert
FN Fallout (5 months ago)
king naleśnik She's 24.
ian walters (7 months ago)
Faith is so shaggable I wish she was real. Nice girl that had bad family and turned to the needle. I really fall for the nice girl really but damaged type. I could happily worship her, but I would insist on anal. I would have to penetrate her pretty bum, even if she'd just had a shit 😂😂
TheMostFacts (4 months ago)
How's it going? Did you go to the bunker? Alright you just tell me where you want to go and where you'd like to meet, I can go anywhere. Should I invite some guys? You know them, you met them when you were here at Fall's End so they're not strangers. Haha I'm sorry but I haven't decided yet what to do. Maybe we could go to the mountains and spend some time there. I think there are some hotels up there so that we could relish the amazing views of Hope Country from above. Or should we rent a car and go on a trip across the country or maybe even outside of it. I've got some money for what I've been doing recently so it's not a problem. Well, whatever you want. Maybe you have a suggestion?
TheMostFacts "I do agree but some part of me does feel sorrow and guilt for the lives I destroyed. That will always stay with me. I might go back to my old bunker and see whats left of it. Its quite big so its dangerous going back inside. Either that or we could go to the veterans hall? Yeah I played the guitar in my spare time really. I would sing with the choir a lot too" 💐
TheMostFacts (5 months ago)
I have a house here but this is not the only place where I live. So if you're safe somewhere else, that's not a problem. I can go wherever you feel safe and my friends won't mind going there either. So just tell me. Haha that's great I didn't know you played guitar and sang so well. I was so used to you dancing among flowers. But you are amazingly good at anything that's related to art and performance. That's what a lot of people know you for, by the way. And they believe that you're innocent and don't deserve being treated badly. How can anyone being so good at art be a bad person? Stupid people don't think about it, they are so eager to blame. And yes, they're so blind.
TheMostFacts "I will come back as soon as I feel safe again...those people broke the trust we had...im almost scared to come back because next time the find me I might not be so lucky. Prehaps some people are lying...prehaps there are wolves hiding amongst the sheep.. Ive not been doing much, ive been helping the guys here with my cottage, playing my guitar and singing to them to boost morale. Im okay thank you. Maybe I should visit somewhere else other than Falls End?" 💐
TheMostFacts (5 months ago)
Hi! I was outside of Hope Country. Just came back home and saw your message. I said I was done with my work but some problems occurred so I had to spend some time solving them. It will probably take yet the whole month to finish it. But I will be able to communicate. And maybe guys will do it themselves without me so I won't need to participate and spend my time on it. Who knows. What have you been doing these days? Is everything quiet over there? I'm still waiting for you to decide when you might come here so we all could have fun :) Maybe you have any ideas about what we can do or where we can go. Or have you planned something else and don't want to come here yet? Yeah after what those people tried to do to you... I understand you may not want to show up here again. Maybe you're still expecting people to want to hurt you. Which is pretty weird cause whoever I've talked to said they'd never even wish to do you any bad, which makes me wonder, who those people could possibly be? Do you have any idea?
Faith Rorke (7 months ago)
She looks almost like me.
Jessica (23 days ago)
And she is crazy like you. Damn you are even more crazy.
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
It's you
If you look anything like her can I have your snap?
Derp Ferguson (6 months ago)
almost, except she;s hot and 70 pounds lighter
Chanel Cs (6 months ago)
Faith Rorke really?
greenthunder1000 (7 months ago)
She doesn't exist out of the bliss. It's like she's an actual spirit, a goddess of her own realm
laurenseltzer (3 days ago)
+James007HungerZone that still leaves the question of how she's doing everything magical???
James007HungerZone (1 month ago)
Watch the short movie Inside Edens Gate. It confirms she is indeed a real person.
AndyXP (7 months ago)
Whiterun Guard the marshall shooting the coach dude killing himself, that happened in real life
Whiterun Guard (7 months ago)
How can you be sure that anything in this game was real? You're constantly surrounded and taking bliss
AndyXP (7 months ago)
greenthunder1000 she does though, she was in the church with John, Jacob and Joseph in the first cutscene. But yeah how does she do this, teleport and stuff in the bliss, it must be based of something that happens in real life so wtf i don’t unerstaaaand.)2)2)2
John Donovan (7 months ago)
I like and i hate Faith Seed at the same time.
FUmarc (6 months ago)
Everyone one of these fools thinks there’s no other way to convince people to prepare for the end. Clearly they’ve never watch doomsday prepers.
Colonel Panic (7 months ago)
What I hoped for in the OST that isn't there is the background music for being in Faith territory - the music that plays whole the game data loss. It isn't there.
Jack Cotterill (7 months ago)
I really pity Faith. I've known very Christian girls like her who've been very enthusiastic about their faith and have used that energy and (kind of) childish naivety to try to get you to convert. It isn't seduction and it isn't manipulation, it's genuinely been a desire to spread the faith on their part. Farcry got this right I think
Mark Johnson (6 months ago)
See that's the thing though isn't it? The moment any belief is forced upon anyone or someone trying to convert to their side - it becomes a problem. That is where you know there is something more behind this than " Oh i just wanna share what i know " There is a difference between religious person that simply follows their path and lives their life peacefully without making anyone believe them, because why would they? there is no point - if they found the true happiness by praying to god every day for example - They will do that without the urge of shoving it in others noses. But everything has its evil side and those are the converters the so called " prophets " that suddenly have this vision and think they know everything and they force you to believe it, because you are the foolish one and naive, when in reality they are arrogant and manipulative. It is no longer about faith or free will, but mind control on a new level. Just look at what some religious extremist do... they do not even act like human beings and all for a stupid word " god " they believe in... it is truly sad what such thing can do. Some people wont even shake your hands simply because you are not religious… those are not people, those are dead souls. So yup, Ubisoft got this by the ass so good, really amazing attention to detail and how it really is.
TheOdd Boogie (6 months ago)
But what if there a atheist?
Chris Davis (6 months ago)
In their head they are trying to save you from eternal damnation, If someone could save you from walking into a fire you were blind to, you would probably say you really wanted them to stop you into walking into that fire well thats what they are trying to do.
Carlos Umanzor (7 months ago)
I grew up as a Pentecostal, then left the church. This absolutely does happen. Also, think of most Christian churches as having the same social hierarchy of the "outside" society. Devotion alone is not enough, in those environments, specially mega-churches, your looks, your money, count as much as your faith, and as much as they do in the real world.
FUmarc (6 months ago)
Jack Cotterill They built her a temple and locked her away. But they never told her the price that she’d pay, and all that she might have done... Only the good die young.
Random Commenter (7 months ago)
She’s hot
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
+Cirilla Fiona Elien Ranion ok
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
+Miguel Salinas play Saints Row 4 then...
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
Only youuuuuuu are fucked up
Random Commenter No!!!!! Jacob is hot and John too.
x6x-Bl4cKBuRn-x9x (6 months ago)
Miguel Salinas What about if u play as a female character? Licking and fingering?
Santiago Silva (7 months ago)
Bruddas this queen will show us da whey
d4unit (5 months ago)
east germany (6 months ago)
cyndankit (6 months ago)
Kmicic (6 months ago)
Santiago Silva dead meme
- -Kachigga- - (6 months ago)
Dead meme
Hefer Wener (7 months ago)
oh the soundtrack guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hGDdqYdXs0 :DD
Hank (7 months ago)
What am I fucking? This family is sick and we have to arrest Joseph.
Luis Alberto Rendón (7 months ago)
I wish there was an ending where we could have saved Faith, Considering the ending options I would have much preferred to ride out the apocalypse with her in the bunker. Just sayin.
laurenseltzer (3 days ago)
I legit loved Faith. While I was playing if there had been an option ACTUALLY walk the path I would have done it. I couldn't help it 😍
Peaches Peaches (21 days ago)
God i wished we could do that. Like pick 1 of the seeds to help you ( or none of them if that is your shit) the gameplay would have had more endings and just a better feeling i guess. I would have loved that.
Josh Washington (3 months ago)
Luis Alberto Rendón Nooo! She got what she deserved. Women with sweet voice are a threat to humans.
Nare Maretti (6 months ago)
Luis Alberto Rendón I would like to save her and John.
Who am I? (6 months ago)
Roxy Vincenzo okay im not saying this because she is attractive but tbh she is a really misunderstood character she legit had the shittest childhood
Hefer Wener (7 months ago)
Omg , Does anyone know this soundtrack 10:50 ? please
Keenan Eriksson (6 months ago)
Look up the we will rise again album by hammock. It’s all the songs from faith’s region.
Jacob jacob (7 months ago)
Hefer Wener We Will Rise Again (reinterpretation) on the soundtrack
ImLucidd (7 months ago)
When you were speaking to the Marshal on the boat ride it really made me think about the world we live in. I found that what he was actually saying was kinda right.
Jordan Sohl (1 month ago)
Yeah, I was agreeing with him, too.
Deano RunningRampage25 (3 months ago)
Josh Washington (3 months ago)
ImLucid Women with a sweet voice are the biggest threat to men - Roy McAffrey 2016.
InsaneGamer 223 (5 months ago)
ImLucid Ikr!!! I was literally going "Yes!!!! Finally someone who speaks my thoughts on today's world " This is exactly why i love the Far Cry franchise because of moments like that
Mark Johnson (6 months ago)
He was definitely right all along, however sadly the way he shared his visions and all were all wrong and did not really make it look " good " in greater picture for those who did not believe him simply because he forced them to believe them else they would be killed, if he didn't go for such drastic measures tho, nobody would take him seriously. The story really makes you question many things indeed, but its just ironic how his own words went " When will you realize, that not everything can be solved by a bullet? " When in reality that is what his followers are doing sadly.
Matthew Breedlove (7 months ago)
Thank you! Everyone always skipped the Marshall talking to you. That’s deep stuff
jetgeo4 (7 months ago)
It's deep because you are a sheep. It was too much for you. LOL
ROBOBRIGGS S (7 months ago)
I'd love to worship faiths feet😍😍😍
Kiilan Stephens (3 months ago)
Uncle Daniel (7 months ago)
hell yeah boy. fuck them both
Faith Rorke (7 months ago)
ROBOBRIGGS S She manipulated you.
Donald Trump (7 months ago)
Endrushmi nozzle I want that rule 34 asap
Endrushmi (7 months ago)
rule 34. c'mon internet. chop chop.
Can Çankırı (7 months ago)
I remember being with Sharky and hearing him say "Why is everything getting so wubbly?" before that smoke captured me, fuck was it weird yet hilarious
J2_SoGood (7 months ago)
Do u care if im 1st
Jacob seed (1 month ago)
Sandra Lok (6 months ago)
J2_SoGood 57 yep
J2_SoGood (7 months ago)
Game Rant (7 months ago)
J2_SoGood 57 no

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