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Minecraft Daily | Ep.254 | Ft. Kevin, ImmortalHd and Steven | No chance with Chansey

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Text Comments (1586)
Raenee Phipps (4 years ago)
this is the second or so time sly mentioned a pokemon he wanted and then aleks finds it
furryfrog1122 (4 years ago)
where is lapis?!?
AlligatorProGamer (4 years ago)
JAKOB G (4 years ago)
no kingdra in pixelmon
Lance Lee (5 years ago)
Soooo, if some asks for a six letter word that starts with f and rhymes with maggot, they actually want sticks? If so, why don't minecraft players just use that word instead of saying sticks.
Thomass Carrierr (5 years ago)
man your dumb
homerer490 (5 years ago)
It wasn't just a boulder... it was a rock! :D
Junsung KyuHyun (5 years ago)
He should've caught Seadra. Kingdra would've been Dragon/Water
Fire Ant (5 years ago)
Slaving a creature? They seem happy... enough, in the show :3
Naoi Okay (5 years ago)
if you were a kid in the 90's you must of had 0-no friends, and anyway WHY WOULD YOU BE WATCHING A POKEMON VIDEO IF YUO DIDNT LIKE IT UYOU FECKING EJIT
Joshua Schwab (5 years ago)
On their way to Guam, our heroes stop for a lunch break!
Marshall White (5 years ago)
oh my god are you going to call peta
moose pickle (5 years ago)
is sly and immortal still living together?
Maya McLean (5 years ago)
Where is his Lapras?
SirKaffee (5 years ago)
He doesn't use super toilet anymore, sooo yeah.
Thdersk rolaod (5 years ago)
all eps of minecraft daily should be animations
Fyshkabob (5 years ago)
derogatory insult!!!! >:O
Z Dragon Killah (5 years ago)
yeah I know my grammar sucks ):
Giga Jarrett (5 years ago)
Your grammar horrifies me.
Z Dragon Killah (5 years ago)
relazed that near the end of his time on the series so yeah go away N from the first time they showed him on the Series
Z Dragon Killah (5 years ago)
ok N am here to show you the truth 1 why do you think oak elm etc would give you a pokemon like charmander bulbasaur etc etc if you would slave them and you don't slave them they choose to battle for there friend why do you think ash brock misty may trip etc etc etc would get a pokemon and force it to battle if they raised and cared for it even N
Tariq Castro (5 years ago)
Make dat ass clap!!!
Tariq Castro (5 years ago)
no.... its in the game.....
Tariq Castro (5 years ago)
Must.... CATCH!!!! Her Twerk attack is super effective to all types!!!!
Brandon Serediak (5 years ago)
1:53 a wild nicki minaj appears
Goh Jun Sheng (5 years ago)
JohneyBoy100 (5 years ago)
It's not lag on their end it's server lag. Optifine won't help for server lag and neither would turning down the particles.
Xekaz Music & Gaming (5 years ago)
Steven was hella Sassy in this episode! XD The laughter I received- oh, thank you, Steven!
Silver Sky (5 years ago)
They have over 100 mods and its a little laggy. And I have 0 mods and I can't even fly because it lags so much
Darkmass (5 years ago)
Go away, N, no one cares.
Brandon Atwood (5 years ago)
Devils Advocate (5 years ago)
Does that come with a free virus or do I have to pay for it?
Riya Jadhav (5 years ago)
@kuvgwtn yeah yeah we all know that! and dude! i think you would enjoy this game have a look --> bit.ly/15clyeY?=llyls
Robert Cullen (5 years ago)
Man,pokemon is dumb.slaveing a creature to battle.its more believable than Christianity I guessing
mslita09 (5 years ago)
I know it means multiple things. I was just telling that person it doesn't mean being homosexual but in fact a term against homosexuality :(
Tyler Clendenin (5 years ago)
I'm honored to meet you sir but shouldn't you focus on running the country and not getting butt hurt because he's using strategies provided to him by the makers of the mod that they originally established to be inside the boundaries initially discussed. ily<3
Allan Saelor (5 years ago)
Jinx was a legendary!!!!!
Carrion Hound (5 years ago)
He must be but hurt because he couldn't get chansey
PKblaze (5 years ago)
For the people talking about the word "Faggot" please shut up. Calling someone a faggot his more of a term of that you want them to be set on fire. I'm not going to give an educated long ass answer as the all mighty Lyle has a video on it. Go and watch the video.
PKblaze (5 years ago)
The pokemon was probably hitting it with Special Attacks. If you hit it with a physical attack it will get wrecked, plus it mainly has support moves which is pretty useless unless it's in competitive battling.
Coco Chen (5 years ago)
U and nova look alike :D
Latirin (5 years ago)
Chansey is a god damn tank dude, I remember seeing a single one in Pokemon diamond and it took a year to die, especially with that infuriating 'Soft boiled' bullshit it has.
James Landry (5 years ago)
hes sponsering a server that makes him lagg alot NO THANKS
iHasARaptoR (5 years ago)
Sly, maybe try and go to the nether. Moltras might be there.
domosaurus (5 years ago)
he lost his lapras.
flinn hallen (5 years ago)
@xqzidkh yeah man i know what you mean also! man check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while -> bit.ly/10YlSNA?=zcfht
Reinzar (5 years ago)
but if you have 6 pokemon and you catch another one he would go to the pc
PKblaze (5 years ago)
Oh god, sly. Chansey is poop. It has massive hp and SP defense and that is it. If you were to flick it, it would probably die. Also, Aleks is right about Seadra being bad too ;)
CooperXpert (5 years ago)
SLY in the furnace you only need 1 coal for 8 blocks and 2 for 16 like so he can see!
Like and Subscribe (5 years ago)
You couldn't capture chansey because you have max pokemon because you have 6
Hrodvitnir (5 years ago)
I don't know, maybe it's just me but it seems pretty funny that he's been sponsoring the CraftNode servers and after they get the server on there, it lags even worse than when Steven hosted it.
Sarcastic DPS (5 years ago)
Black Wolf (5 years ago)
How do you scroll down on the fam guide?
Deatroyer51 (5 years ago)
yea just that joke you know the ''You think you got it bad noone eaven remembers me'' thats like in some sonic short thing.
Shoelace10011 (5 years ago)
I live in Guam
Makaron Spaghetti (5 years ago)
But not in that context
Divjot Singh (5 years ago)
yippee. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. just listen for now, simply put your email and number and wait for your parcel. its worth a try here => bit.ly/12tfwXz?=upunnk
David Laman (5 years ago)
jpwogg (5 years ago)
Kevin share drugs with me please
Sarcastic DPS (5 years ago)
Faggot means multiple things. I got replies saying that it also means meatballs. :P
RedBlueGemini (5 years ago)
Its because the mod. If puts stress on it.
ethan (5 years ago)
craftnode are good but need a good one for mods
Makaron Spaghetti (5 years ago)
you used the wrong definition as it is used in his sentence...
ALonelyFeesh (5 years ago)
Was is supposed to? I told you what it really means. If you want I can write a thesis for you, as you obviously have trouble learning.
JXK3 (5 years ago)
Nice to seadra sly
Millard Beland (5 years ago)
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TerminatorGaming724 (5 years ago)
Did you get the chancey
Makaron Spaghetti (5 years ago)
You're horrible at using text evidence to define the word faggot used in the sentence -_-.
Ry :. (5 years ago)
Oooooh sly still putting shitloads a' coal in a furnace
ChimChamp (5 years ago)
it also is a welsh food
Frogdor (5 years ago)
if it doesn't really work then why use it?
Pietro Lais (5 years ago)
Anthony (5 years ago)
Band rare candy
MindlessZebra (5 years ago)
yes but granted this server only has four people on it.
uSCOTTpwnd (5 years ago)
Stop doing Children! Think about the Drugs!
Houndbites (5 years ago)
Thats the Pixelmon. Ever go on the official servers made by the owners of the mod? This server is actually doing VERY well compared to the official ones
xXDrangonoidXx (5 years ago)
It does matter it rain or snow for the legendary birds and moltres is not in the nether -.-
Ifraka (5 years ago)
ALonelyFeesh (5 years ago)
I realize my comment was asinine and stupid. I apologize. :(
olan tucker (5 years ago)
Lewis Blair (5 years ago)
It also is another name for meatballs.
Lewis Blair (5 years ago)
You find dratini in swamps that's where I found mine.
MrRoro48 (5 years ago)
Sly someone said this before but articuno is found in the snowy mountains Moltres is in extreme hills and zaptos is in the mountains with trees
MegaTMjones (5 years ago)
Have you not watched the first facecam video idiot it explains it all there dumbass!!!!
ZDGraphics (5 years ago)
why is there 6th gen pokemon in guam??? 3:40
TofuDubs (5 years ago)
slys lapras is gone :O
SpacingTech (5 years ago)
They should add a sandstorm to minecraft for the desert weather
ALonelyFeesh (5 years ago)
They switched to a craft node server halfway through. Dumbass.
MegaTMjones (5 years ago)
They were not running a full craft nod server yet that is why you are a dumbass, dumbass!
ALonelyFeesh (5 years ago)
Okay. Stating my opinion makes me a dumbass? Well, this is the internet.
Bend Over (5 years ago)
@cumzevb yeah i agree def a top 10 and dude! this game is tight been playing all day: bit.ly/1aAwpEc?=wqxbr
WheatFlakes919 (5 years ago)
man they really gotta get rid of some mods they aren't using to clear some lag cause its laging hard
22kenjii (5 years ago)
They weren't even on the craft node server
MegaTMjones (5 years ago)
*face palm* dumbass
Sarcasmo The Pirate (5 years ago)
Steven never got a new server its the same 1 its pixelmon and other things lagging it
Gage Lamberson (5 years ago)
sly you unlimited gold stop making rare candy.
Aldo Manuel (5 years ago)
Well, the series is over so I dont have anything to watch.
TheIronic BlackMan (5 years ago)
Well it did started lagging twice as much when they got a craft node server. It was "fine" with the other server, now its fucked-up-fine
NIkko C. (5 years ago)
actually yea i did O_o also even if you didnt no you coulda made a educated guess seeing as they added the PC sly would have said if it didnt work fully
Liger254 (5 years ago)
When he said "Limited Edition Bullshit" I couldn't stop laughing. Ep.254 did not disappoint. Apart from the lag but whatever.

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