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Minecraft Daily | Ep.72 Ft Ze,Kevin, and STeVEEEN | You too good for me Jungle Cat!?

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Text Comments (602)
Vidia Ree (4 years ago)
Kevin: Steven, do you think we are dumb? Sly: *steps on all the pressure plates*
Scott Rhoades (4 years ago)
spooky craft, mission-craft, sky-lands, and can't remember a fourth one... lol 7:03-7:34
Maddog (4 years ago)
I'm rewatching this series and I keep getting so mad cause sly has like 10 stacks of 64 logs but he doesn't ever use them. He just keeps chopping down trees thinking he is all out of wood because he forgets that he keeps putting the wood in his chests and not taking them out
Mare_Bare 2016 (4 years ago)
Sly you have to be slow and don't move then put the fish on the ground or right chick the cat idk try both
Logan Landers (4 years ago)
i expected kevin to draven has it all
Roselyn Viray (5 years ago)
What is the seed?Plz answer
LinkSmokes Loud (5 years ago)
i see the future!!!!!! its.. coming in blurrry butt ImmortalHD burns down stevens hou389427.. its gone.. damn
Elliott Firth (5 years ago)
But lol at little d :)
Elliott Firth (5 years ago)
Anyone see the pressure plate lol
Anarchy30 (5 years ago)
Bro its just a game they just are playing they are still friends no matter what
Dumble Cage (5 years ago)
no one can escape rebecca black,NO OOOONNNEEE
Edgardo Carmona (5 years ago)
That's my undergrou....shutup oh sly lol
Lani Shaw (5 years ago)
this video was put up on my birthday :3 nipple talk for my birthday :D <3
TonyHallett Gaming (1 year ago)
Lani Shaw ur nips are nic
Ironballsofsteel (5 years ago)
...sigh... you must be very new... no one is really being mean to Steven sly even said so. if Steven felt threatened he would leave would he not?
Superfunk27 (5 years ago)
me neither
Jordan Colvan (5 years ago)
11:30. Sly is fishing for horses.
Brianna Cahall (5 years ago)
CORNHUB (5 years ago)
they have lots of mobs were they live
GlobularDriver97 (5 years ago)
Sly shud ask Kootra where all the cat have gone
Weejordy (5 years ago)
encase it was a trap :)
Seranthi (5 years ago)
hes trying to say that sly stepped on all of the pressure plate without knowing what they do and it couldve been a dumb move if it blew up everything or summoned whatever the hell or he meant that steven thinks that their dumb
Zachary Hoetjes (5 years ago)
thats not normal should do somethin bout that
I dont get it...
Weird Chick (5 years ago)
what's wrong with not having a belly button? My sister doesn't
oander66 (5 years ago)
Lol never mind
oander66 (5 years ago)
Wtf is that pressure plate for at 3:12
misty xx (5 years ago)
Nova needs to come back :(
Vriska Serket (5 years ago)
why is little d in out of the walls
Vriska Serket (5 years ago)
lol thats funny
Simon Alen (5 years ago)
Not me
Mr. Minger (5 years ago)
Sly got a super rod.
Taylor Lynn (5 years ago)
Kevin is the best.
Miraj Suzanne (5 years ago)
*sly types "cheater fuck"* Kevin : "Sooo-oh. Oh."
ashketum12az (5 years ago)
I love Kevin <3
Exogenesis (5 years ago)
Creepers b scared of pussies
Autumn Weidner (5 years ago)
Does anyone else hate when Sly chops down a tree and he doesn't get all the wood blocks sometimes?
Clayton McIntyre (5 years ago)
I think Rebecca Black might be possessed...
XxGarrysModGamesxX (5 years ago)
I have a inny belly button
Snoa Valdeen (5 years ago)
It's probably not compatible or SMP..
Brightonhub56 (5 years ago)
the texture for the fish is fucking creepy
Gearsofwolf (5 years ago)
When sly is going up the steps Ze made in the cave, it kinda looks like he's going down them too O-o
Aujinai N (5 years ago)
just get the car mod instead of of a railroad it would do cool and better use of the highway
Tyler Edwards (5 years ago)
Steven needs to make a fan base
Angel Cano (5 years ago)
Even though stevens Half-Mexican, He sounds Verrryyyyyyyyy white.Just Saying
Lani Shaw (5 years ago)
My mum doesn't have a belly button S:
TonyHallett Gaming (1 year ago)
Lani Shaw oohh ur nips
Bi0BUnnY64 (5 years ago)
Donate $1 a day to ensure the protection of little d's around the globe.
koriokami1 (5 years ago)
Thank god for puppy chef reminding me to like :P
Martin Enrico (5 years ago)
steven: hey , im just saying nipple ear ME: WTF
phk590207 (5 years ago)
Good. You don't destroy your computer.
kmc613 (5 years ago)
Bad because I'd ruin my laptop with Dr. Pepper. ;~; But good more so because laughing is good.
TonyHallett Gaming (1 year ago)
kmc613 nice nips
ajbudd12 (5 years ago)
ajbudd12 (5 years ago)
Luciee: Sly, I wanna come back on the series
kmc613 (5 years ago)
I can't drink anything while watching this series Not sure if good or bad
kmc613 (5 years ago)
I can't stop thinking about Steven's nipple
santos melendrez (5 years ago)
360 no scope
santos melendrez (5 years ago)
santos melendrez (5 years ago)
yolo right
LilPup Gaming (5 years ago)
nothing's alright when drrraaaaveeennsss unight
Avenchist (5 years ago)
we need da lucie back
Gavin Drudge (5 years ago)
welcome to geto ass daily
Christine Sanford (5 years ago)
Noob School (5 years ago)
Steevens fan base should be the stevennation
A. Pierce (5 years ago)
for steeven's fan base i think super dog stveevens would be cool
TrinityX (5 years ago)
Y u so impatient when fishing?!?! Oh wait... This is Sly, he's impatient about everything. xD
12darkcarnival (5 years ago)
Frosty Winwinter (5 years ago)
Omg ive known about that song Watch me change by Brother Blake for a long time and I just notice sly knows about it
Submonster Ine (5 years ago)
and nutritious
Pizza Roll Kid (5 years ago)
this is kinda late, but when nova comes back, he should be a crossing gard for the highway!!:O
xXxLongHairDudexXx (5 years ago)
are good
Juggalette Angel (5 years ago)
dang baby got bebe!??!
Spyder nam (5 years ago)
Stevens Nipples
David Bejarano (5 years ago)
if creepers are scared of cats, doesnt make them gay, because they dont like pussy
Weejordy (5 years ago)
kevin: steven do you think we are dumb *sly steps on all pressure plates*
WillieWest (5 years ago)
Actually, with the Mo' Creatures cats height and arm length they're not face-slappers, they're crotch-slappers.
Izzyboo (5 years ago)
Welcome to nipplecraft!
juan garza (5 years ago)
Are you sick
Ice Cold Films (5 years ago)
yes but spelled Steven
ZH3Nco (5 years ago)
membrane keyboards pppppssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh...get mechanical!
TechnoDinoKingVG (5 years ago)
no man he has a ps3
ThePlantGod (5 years ago)
This car just came by and it sounded like a mo'creatures dragonfly WTF
Distraught Falcons Fan (5 years ago)
Slimy WormBaby (5 years ago)
Isn't Ze's name Stephen?
Nipples yummy
Shawn Elliott-Diehl (5 years ago)
i dont give a fuck
ReallyFuzzyBubbles (5 years ago)
God Damnir sly quit moving when you try to get a cat
cody halupka (5 years ago)
Sly do u have xbox
cody halupka (5 years ago)
Sly how do u down load tekkit
Faith G. (5 years ago)
He has to go in Stevens house? DESTRUCTIONNNNNN!
Faith G. (5 years ago)
Steven might be hatching a plan to explode the town...
Wolf (5 years ago)
Slyfox freaked epic
mark castillo (5 years ago)
Tomewore am going to school
Imani Withers (5 years ago)
it cant be the D OMG! lol
ClearWolf (5 years ago)
19 people were offended because they think they are better fishermen than Sly.
Jacob (5 years ago)
When steven says "No dont teleport!" That makes you wonder what he is doing
Jacob (5 years ago)
10:35 yep
lunarpeak (5 years ago)
19 people got their nipples ripped off
MultiWip (5 years ago)
yeah. :)
Peter Tiansay (5 years ago)
OOOOOOOOOHHH that makes much more sense xD
Shining Silver (5 years ago)
It's scheduled uploading. That way, Sly can't miss a day unless he doesn't record! :3 There's a reason he's called Sly. Take care Homie!

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