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Minecraft : Meatycraft 2016 Ep.39

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Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 We are going in big with: Fallout 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and Star Wars Battlefront. Mixed in with our classic Let's Play games. Games will be played on Playstation 4 (PS4) and PC GET THE SAME PS4 CONTROLLER I USE HERE: Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22
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Text Comments (111)
Nathan Harrison (2 years ago)
did any realize that the zombie banners are giving you the finger
Nathanael Raynard (2 years ago)
omg just use charcoal
DD Welcomes (2 years ago)
water dosent have taste 13:00
Luke Dickinson (2 years ago)
He should put a chest and a pipe leading to the quare (i don't know how to spell that) and in the chest should be like a bunch of wood and it would keep feeding the quare
Killa4509 // (2 years ago)
Meaty your the best😊
Diego Montana (2 years ago)
meaty make more 7days to di plzz
MiniMytch (2 years ago)
I laughed when you started exploiting the wood plank glitch/error, or whatever you call it.
Joshua Matias (2 years ago)
meaty do more mincraft like crazy craft with brothergunns pls!!!!
TheMaxedBlade (2 years ago)
You should play minecraft sky grid
The ultimate Survivor (2 years ago)
Put a bukte of lava it Works in a furnis to
sabina kortenhoeven (2 years ago)
can you use marble it is realy nice even whit chissel
friendlygamer 21 (2 years ago)
Use computer craft and make a computer and a lot of mining turtles
jbmbc (2 years ago)
8:46 did you fall down
Summor Padilla (2 years ago)
Meaty has been told.. there would be no ME.. in this Vid.. Lol
Awesome Nukers (2 years ago)
Dishrex BUCAO (2 years ago)
meaty plant the supplings to grow more trees
oneear713 (2 years ago)
What about charcoal meaty? Cooking the wood in a furnace should give u charcoal and that should burn like charcoal.
oneear713 (2 years ago)
Sorry didn't realive others already suggested charcoal.
Jeremy Sonneman (2 years ago)
make a stupid ANGEL RING! it's cheap!
Ratchet Rampage (2 years ago)
I know this is a late reply but... Patience my friend.
MetallicRoots (2 years ago)
"whoa its so small" 11:13 xD
Micah Bustos (2 years ago)
play some stranded deep
Robert Champion (2 years ago)
Use lava for power it's the most efficient just get it from the nether
Lucas Allen (2 years ago)
56 more :)
SS RAYNE (2 years ago)
Another great video. Super quality.
Caleb Roark (2 years ago)
Is this pack open to the public?
Ratchet Rampage (2 years ago)
Yes, you just need to get the curse launcher. Go to the 1st episode for directions on how to download curse voice (If you have done all this and you're able to play this modpack, then please ignore this reply.)
Myron (2 years ago)
try the Tesseract
Myron (2 years ago)
try the Tesseract
momicajack (2 years ago)
Also, for the solar generator, when you set it to absorb energy, that is all it will do. Then you have to set it to use the energy. But it will not do both at the same time. So you have to set it to absorb and then go back and reset it to burn, then go back and set it to absorb, and so on. I'm sure there is probably a way to set up a redstone signal to make it automatically go back and forth between absorbing and using the energy, but I'm afraid I don't know how to do that. Plus, if you turn all your coal into blocks, you will be able to put up to 64 blocks in an engine at one time and get a longer-lasting burn. Just using 10 blocks would equal to 90 pieces of coal used. See what I mean?
momicajack (2 years ago)
If you're talking to me, yes indeed, it is very frustrating! I'm not very experienced with the stuff, so it's all a learning process for me! I admire the minds that are able to put all this stuff together! Meaty seems pretty knowledgeable and able to figure stuff out! I guess we all have to learn from trial and error. =)
Ratchet Rampage (2 years ago)
A little off topic here, but do you agree that those generator upgrades are as frustrating, paitence breaking, and expensive as the progress of making HV solar arrays in Tekkit Classic? Seriously, I hate making those bloodeh things. Even making an auto crafting factory for it is time consuming, and Complicated!
momicajack (2 years ago)
Meaty, I believe somewhere along the way you picked up a tool called a "Totem" in one of the dungeons or villages you've been in. I found one of those some time ago and only recently looked it up to see what the heck to do with it. I found out that if you are mining and find some of the basic ores, like gold and coal, you just right click the ore before mining it, and it turns it into an actual block - a 9 ingot block! Then you just mine it and you have now turned one piece of ore into a block of 9 ingots or gems! This thing is absolutely awesome! It doesn't seem to work with some of the modded ores, or the dense ores, but it will definitely work on things like gold and diamond. I strongly suggest you go through all of your chests and find where you've put it because it will be worth it! It even works on redstone and lapis, but for those it turns into blocks that break down into 9 pieces of dust and 9 pieces of lapis. I'm telling you, the Totem tool is the BEST!
momicajack (2 years ago)
Yeah, I really liked both the terrain eater and the totem tool! I haven't played in a bit, so maybe if I don't update? Lol! At least Meaty still has his terrain eater. I think he's forgotten about the totem tool, so he doesn't notice it gone. =)
Ratchet Rampage (2 years ago)
+Button_ Pusher_ Gah... Bloodeh hell... That thing was my favorite. :/ Aside from the portal gun, that thing is SO useful.
Button_ Pusher_ (2 years ago)
+momicajack yeah i forgot to disable that thing, it's been removed in newest update
momicajack (2 years ago)
Sorry, I don't have twitter and don't care to. Maybe someone else can tell him. Thanks anyhow.
GreekGeek6467 (2 years ago)
Yeah tell him on twitter or post it on a new video. He's starting to read comments.
vortex dragon (2 years ago)
you need 56 genny
AceAtGlitching (2 years ago)
This mod pack needs oil lol
AceAtGlitching (2 years ago)
Nvm didnt watch the hold vid before I commented lol
Lemon (2 years ago)
Do meatycraft more often
Tauhir Price (2 years ago)
meaty needs to plan episodes more coz theres too little progress
Timothy Trevino (2 years ago)
You should use buckets of lava
James Mitz (2 years ago)
luck to the meaty
Prometheus Inc. (2 years ago)
try using a lava bucket instead of coal
Jr mullins (2 years ago)
sir Matthias you are awesome
Jr mullins (2 years ago)
media used the chance cubes
Ratchet Rampage (2 years ago)
Remember kids! Don't rely on autocorrect everywhere you go.
Pyromaniac 22 (2 years ago)
who is media?
Logan Speight (2 years ago)
U need 56
tom depalma (2 years ago)
8x8 =64 and you aredy have one so 64 - 1 = 63
Eric Lee (2 years ago)
I also think that Meaty doesn't know, or remember, about the U-button, or whatever's on the config., for NEi, for showing what the item can be crafted into.
Eric Lee (2 years ago)
I think that Meaty forgot that he has a Smeltery.......
Sky or Truemu (2 years ago)
Meaty smelting wood in a furnace makes charcoal. It's not hard even gunned could do that
Joey P (2 years ago)
Meaty craft hype
Button_ Pusher_ (2 years ago)
Immersive Engineering! \o/ Meaty, scroll down that mod list and check out all the mods that have power generation and storage, it is there that you will find more options, oh and you can shift click the mod name in the dropdown list to show all the stuff from any mod, or just type into the search bar, no need for the @ symbol, NEI just shows it naturally now
Justin Quides (2 years ago)
+Button_ Pusher_ k
Button_ Pusher_ (2 years ago)
+Neptune/Meatster the Claimer actually he does sometimes at work during breaks or during downtimes, not often but sometimes on Meatycraft videos he does read the comments, these are here just in case (and i'm not going to spam tweet or PM him these things, i just throw them here in case he goes looking for it)
Justin Quides (2 years ago)
Butto, just tweet him, he almost never looks here
Suresh Persaud (2 years ago)
Hey Meaty,if they have heart cannisters, u can get more health and not die emmidiatly .
Slothman Zane (2 years ago)
Meaty, instead of using wood or coal, make the wood into a ton of charcoal
Slothman Zane (2 years ago)
+farooq baloch thnxs, There are many more efficient ways to do it but that would take to long
farooq baloch (2 years ago)
+Maxwell Buckley clever!
Dylan Donalson (2 years ago)
do chance cubes
omni28cc (2 years ago)
could someone plz tweet meaty and let him know that he should get into Immersive engineering to solve his power issue. It was added into the mod pack for this reason. He can make coal coke and have passive generators with just lava and water. Compress the cobble stone using storage drawers ( compacting drawer ... well its the upgraded drawer ). Also needs to double up on his ores instead of just smelting it in a furnace. ( smeltary or a crusher )
knus1959 (2 years ago)
He should use the great smeltery to get more iron.... :)
knus1959 (2 years ago)
I agree :) I'm sure he knows what to do.... but many youtuber's are focus on uploading their games and earning their income, so they forget to play the games proper.... :( Most of them don't even communicate with their loyal subs. That's why they are getting more frustrated when they loose subs and viewers... like a snake eating its own tail...  But some youtuber's have their crazy play style as their PR... As like Meaty and Guns (YAW) are making videos together.... even thou we all knows that Meaty will push Guns to the death every time he have a chance to do so. We know he will....  hihi  Same as the funny TobyGames
Terry Chapman (2 years ago)
He should use the Smeltery, it ore doubles! But, hey there's a lot he should do, but is so distracted by everything else he does, that he forgets more than he remembers!
Everything ATV (2 years ago)
Meaty make a special long vid like an hour long
Hobo Hobo (2 years ago)
Please make more minecraft vidoes more often:D
madilyn deguzman (2 years ago)
make super awesome videos in you're 40 episode
Tony Price (2 years ago)
minecraft is awesome
Noseless Trump (2 years ago)
use coal blocks for the quarry
Edwin Lazaro (2 years ago)
my phone is on 22% lol
Munchlaxman22 (2 years ago)
Wens next stream
xHecticYT (2 years ago)
Can't he just take a tesseract to the nether and use liquid transfer pipes and a lava barrel and have another tesseracts at the quarry
xHecticYT (2 years ago)
Very true, my mistake. :P
Button_ Pusher_ (2 years ago)
+xHectic no tesseracts in the pack, but there are teleport pipes, and he could easily use an ender thermic pump in the nether coupled to an ender tank and railcraft tank to hold tons of lava for lava generators, it would be expensive to make but would facilitate "infinite" power input to power many things
MegaJohncenadx (2 years ago)
tell him on Twitter.
MegaJohncenadx (2 years ago)
he doesn't know about tesseract
Nerva Mugisha (2 years ago)
play crazier craft
ShadeKill (2 years ago)
Been a while since I watch Mr Wagon. Now I meat him again in a very Meaty Episode. Oh if only it was episode 22...
ShadeKill (2 years ago)
+Grasionthehedghog7 Well I did not expect someone to answer. I think it was intended, can't remember.
Ratchet Rampage (2 years ago)
"Now I *meat* him again in a very meaty episode." Was that intended? Either way, GG 10/10 Would pun again.
Dharven Guergio (2 years ago)
just make charcoal
Ayo Lil orange (2 years ago)
get a tinker construct axe
LetsDriveMustang (2 years ago)
look at Immersive Engineering
Mosphel (2 years ago)
You should use charcoal for your quarry.
Jonathan Reyes (2 years ago)
use the smeltery to double your ingots
Justin Quides (2 years ago)
Tweet him
Antonio Rodriquez (2 years ago)
meaty are you good at math ?
Ratchet Rampage (2 years ago)
+Hobo Hobo Same...
Hobo Hobo (2 years ago)
I hate math
Matthew Hall (2 years ago)
I love it when this pops up in my sub box :) keep up the amazing work meaty
Julius Crawford (2 years ago)
loved this episode 39. 👍👍
AIRWALK 22 (2 years ago)
Jacob Brown (2 years ago)
Antonio Rodriquez (2 years ago)
I love meaty craft
AIRWALK 22 (2 years ago)
Can u live stream for all of us
Elemen 56 (2 years ago)
Play the new bo3 dlc
7_k (2 years ago)
Minecraft : Meatycraft time in the cityy
Anakin (2 years ago)

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