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Frost mage Ownage in PvP level 90 (part 2) 1080p

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Hope you enjoy! not the best pvp vid out there, but it is a pvp vid! if you wanna see an entire BG insted of just clips, please send me a letter! can allso try on hig crits or best DPS. Please suggest what i should make next! song1: sub focus - rock it song2: DJ MHM - The PewDiePie Song song3: DotEXE - Hipster Cutthroat Recording: Fraps Video manager: Vegas Pro 11.0 (64-bit)
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lollian1 (5 years ago)
bro, this video is from nov. 6th. don't comment that shit on a half year old video, shit is patched ages ago
Fx cc Feder (5 years ago)
mop just has no skill envolved and is a kiddy xpac
aloha (5 years ago)
pasive pet...
lollian1 (5 years ago)
Thats good! theese clips are prtty old now tho, but damn frost mage was OP then, i dont know if they still are! ^^ remember to put your movement keys to "Q, W, E" because u need "A, S, D" for spells as a mage! Moving with "Q, W, E" allso gives you a good chanse against anyone ambushing you! I quit a while ago because i am a WarZ gamer at the moment! ^^
BLOODFIRE31 (5 years ago)
Man i liked this good job, these vids keep me motivated to keep lvling my mage to 90 even tho i hate questing its lvl 88 atm keep it up man :)
Garnik Hambartsumian (5 years ago)
Priest killer :D

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