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Side by Side: Toys-to-Life - Skylanders vs. Disney Infinity vs. LEGO Dimensions

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In this Side by Side we take a look at the recent history of AAA Toys-to-Life games and the merits of each major title. Check out more gaming news, cheats, and reviews at http://www.gamerevolution.com.
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Text Comments (22)
Lord Vortech (1 year ago)
LEGO Dimensions 💙
The Flickster (1 year ago)
As a HUGE fan on the Toys to Life style of gaming and the specific game Disney Infinity has gotten me to think about a new platform, who would be interested in a Toys to Life Comic book game, with properties such as MARVEL, DC, TNMT, Power Rangers, etc, who's with me?
Justin Baggett (2 years ago)
Infinity has such a cool look and great customization. Aswell as a pretty nice leveling system and playing with great characters.
But Some characters of Infinity don't are created of Disney like marvel,Star Wars and other characters
Pifs GT (2 years ago)
Lego dimensions ftw
Lord Vortech (1 year ago)
Matthew Nguyen F*ck y0u
Matthew Nguyen (1 year ago)
Danny Ruiz I like me all!
sondre vatland (2 years ago)
No skylanders 4 life
Hak Lee (2 years ago)
Memories just flushed back to me when I saw Teddy Rexpin.
iamSAVAGE (2 years ago)
lego is so much better because disney infinity play sets are so short and you pay alot!
You're right
MarioLuke (2 years ago)
the cool thing about Skylanders Superchargers is that the old characters are even stronger and better.
Mark Lorenz Barangan (2 years ago)
+Lazer Gamerz yes
John Higgs (2 years ago)
Lego dimensions and Disney copied Skylanders
M2G2 (2 years ago)
+Jeremiahh G they're adding more stuff now
ThatRandomGuy (2 years ago)
Yeah because Lego dimensions has a faint line with skylanders spyros adventure
Jeremiahh G (2 years ago)
+H Bro gaming Lego dimensions gets boring quick for its lack of content. disney infinity has character with different abilities and a never ending experience, the Toy Box
Mark Lorenz Barangan (2 years ago)
+John Higgs they copied my answer is yes
Hayden Hynes (2 years ago)
Lego Dimension by far the best, Skylanders 2nd best and Disney Infinity is terrible
Twinplay12 (3 years ago)
Me too
Fired Up Saracen (3 years ago)
I vote for lego dimensions

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