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In Defence Of No Mans Sky

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Let me know your thoughts below keep it friendly NO MAN'S SKY https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA03952_00
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ManInACan (8 months ago)
I didn't play NMS for the first year. I bought it then got busy with life but when I came back all the various updates made me wonder why people were hammering on it. I understand now that I missed a large amount of the problems and the overall 'let down' everyone felt upon release. Regardless. I've already spent so much time in game that I have my money's worth. I do need to step back in and keep trying earn my first freighter.
Darren Pask (9 months ago)
Anyone else having issues with the artimus quest I placed the 3 signal boosters and went to the station and spoke to the mission guy and it said I need to increase my reputation with someone and that was the last I heard about the quest I'm at a loss now and don't know what to do ?
Darren Pask (9 months ago)
Clever Witty Gaming that's the thing there is nothing apart from my atlas mission so there is nothing to click on
Clever Witty Gaming (9 months ago)
to increase reputation go to space station head down the left hand side and speak to a contractor and select the mission that will increase your reputation with the faction you need if not check your log on the pause menu sometime's you have to click the follow the mission again hope it helps :)
Darren Pask (9 months ago)
I bloody love the game I went out and bought a ps4 just so I could play it it was the best £300 I've ever spent
Syntax 04 (9 months ago)
yeah me to I got a ps4 pro for $500 au last yeah just to play it and I still play for hours each day.

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