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FARCRY 5 - ALL ENDINGS (All 3 Endings) Bad, Good, Nuclear [1080P 60FPS]

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Daniel (11 hours ago)
This annoyed the shit out of me because out of the 3 ending, you don't win even in a single one. I'm glad I didn't paid 60 bucks for it lol. When I finished the game, I was literally mad
WreckItRalph (1 day ago)
People saying these was a good endings and "are just mad because you're the villian in the end" are the types of people to see endings and say "woooooooow, so cool whatta mind fuck!" while forgetting every single thing that happend in the middle of the story. Josephs whole angle was join or die because "god" whispered in his ear, and the game has the audacity to act like you're the bad guy because far cry games are just you shooting hundreds of people?.. even though all you see is Joseph sending angels to kill innocent people and shoot at you immediately trying to kill you the entire game while testing on animals and making killing machines. Not to mention force everyone out of their holmes and shut down schools, day camps for handicapped, vets for animals, camp grounds for kids? while the whole time using drugs to make people hallucinate and follow him lol "HE WAS RIGHT" jesus christ who the fuck wrote this trash. If you genuinely thought any of the endings are remotely well written into the story they created, then you have no idea how storytelling and writing works and should stick to call of duty. It doesn't take a genius to see what they tried to accomplish, but i've never seen such hole filled conundrum of a story with such horrible hypocritical characters in my life. If i could i'd get a refund for how lousy this game was written i would in an instant, game looked pretty though.
dabeetot (2 days ago)
Poor dutch
Officer Gumbo (2 days ago)
What's wrong with him in the good ending?
Stranger Boy (2 days ago)
The endings nearly ruined the entire game for me...I don't give a shit about what it really means the game is basically saying "LOL GET REKT ALL THE SHIT YOU DONE IS FOR NOTHING YOU LOSE LOOOOOOOOOL" it just fucking nearly ruined it.... Still the game is fucking fun as hell
Brian Nordli (3 days ago)
Pretty sure any rational person would agree that the nuclear ending is the true bad ending, compared to the "bad" ending where only three people died when you walk away from the church. Just saying, walking away is better than watching life around you die. Sure, you killed three co-workers/friends and everyone else you know was taken, but it beats watching the earth die off and you're stuck with a man who's locked you in a bunker where you can't escape.
Viggo (3 days ago)
In FC 4 and 5 somehow the secret endings are the best
Joseph A (6 days ago)
I mean if you paid attention to the radio after you destroy the signal jammers in Jacob's region, you can hear glimpses of the world going to shit in between songs. I didn't really notice them until my 3rd playthrough. Those subtle hints made the ending make more sense and while I was playing I felt conflicted because Joseph was right.
Luigi Mario 1997 (6 days ago)
All in all, Ubisoft ultimately denied us players of continuing to explore Hope County post-game.
Luigi Mario 1997 (6 days ago)
Only you... That triggered him alright, but will the deputy attack them, or tell the sheriff to turn back around?
Macedon NKW (6 days ago)
The nuclear ending is the good ending because it's the only one in which the player survives.
SpetZemas (6 days ago)
I guess this is a reoccurring thing in the far cry series. The endings shows that nothing good comes out of violence. In Far cry 3 you either die or leave the island with a severe mental trauma. In Far cry 4 you side with the people that are causing most of the bloodshed. Pagan Min wasn’t much better but he tried to restore order to the country after a decades old civil war. In the end you see Amita’s and Sabal’s true intentions. They were tyrants themselves and the country was probably thrown into more disorder than before. I still don’t really understand the FC 5 endings since I haven’t played the game myself.
spaghet toucher (7 days ago)
Does cheese burger live
digitalexone (8 days ago)
just finished this today ,Wow what an ending , didn't see that coming . that crazy bastard was right .
Intelligent Owl (8 days ago)
*Fallout 5: Hope County* The thing is, when you decided to leave with the other officers. When you all got in the truck. The nukes still dropped
Trenton Judes (10 days ago)
what happens if you arrest Joseph?
Eagle Eye2015 (12 days ago)
I hated both actual endings so much! I was absolutely pissed
Katherine Kross (12 days ago)
Here is some truth about Joseph Seed. He is not a man of God in anyway, for if he was he, would not be doing what he does to people. Idk what messed up message Ubisoft is trying to send but it's wrong and evil. Everything Joseph Seed is prophesying has already been prophesied by real men of God a long time ago...ITS CALLED THE BIBLE! Joseph Seed is not right or a man of God. He is just another loony doomsday cult leader who happens to be in in the right place at the right time. There is so many evidence in the game to have you see how he can use and manipulate people with the world around him. Joseph Seed is an evil man using God to do his evil deeds. And your character is just a lost soul who had the unfortunate luck of dealing or facing this kind of evil. When it comes right down to it, that's what's happening here. You're character, Joseph Seed, and everyone else in the game is just tiny details of a much bigger thing going in the world which has already been called, by God, OUR JUDGEMENT DAY. This is just the truth I see from this game and I hope people see it too. Sorry to rant, I know it's just a game. Just getting kind of annoyed that some people are saying Joseph Seed is a good man but in truth. We all should know, he is not.
Matthew Smith (13 days ago)
First let me say this. I hate all 3 endings. I FUCKING HATE IT WHEN GOOD GAMES HAVE HORRIBLE ENDINGS!!!!!!!!! That aside, these are my thoughts. Bad ending: PEG never had nukes. Those nukes were from NK, Russia, China etc. Radio broad casts have said in the game nuclear war with North Korea is likely. He knew this and wanted to recreate mankind in his image as the new God. You and him locked in the bunker is like Adam and Eve starting the human race all over again. However, I believe it was an illusion from all the bliss you ingested throughout the game. Good ending ( and I use that term lightly): When you walk away, he forgives you. As you are driving away the Marshall said they would return to kill him with the NG. But due to all the bliss you ingested you were programmed on a subconscious level to kill them if they threatened the father. The song on the radio ( possibly the same one as that music box) was the trigger. Hidden: you walk away because you realize you dont have the man power/firepower to take them out right then. So, you leave and come back in greater numbers and better prepared to take the cult down.
Manny G (13 days ago)
This actually could have just been a bliss hallucination, because he knocks over the barrels and then you start to trip
vαpσrwαvє (13 days ago)
Adam Dempsey (14 days ago)
I want to fucking know why north Korea launched their nuke to Montana. They don't have many nukes, you would think they would launch them all at the major U.S. cities. but no. They choose a random fucking town in Montana, one of the lowest populated states in America. Makes perfect sense.
Adam Dempsey (14 days ago)
good game terrible endings. Seed was the most annoying villain yet and he never fucking dies no matter what.
ITS YEBOI (15 days ago)
This shit made by Michael bay or sum shit
The Video shov (15 days ago)
Thanks for the first time
the strike commander (15 days ago)
So the good ending is choosing to walk away at the start the bad ending is choosing to leave at the end and nuclear is trying to arrest him
Lloyd Zed (15 days ago)
I don't regret my purchase because the gameplay is pretty fun but the story is trash, I'd recommend to buy it but the second you leave Dutch's bunker don't bother with the story and just do side quests
Gabe knotts (17 days ago)
The one when you get the national guard do you get brainwashed and kill them So I choose between a shit sand which or a shit sandwich with a side of shit
Matthew Murdock (18 days ago)
To everyone saying that the radio eluded that a nuclear bomb was going to go off: First of all, it’s incredibly lazy writing on their part and stupid. Secondly, think back to the beginning of the game when they’re in the chopper first flying in and the Marshal is speaking to Nancy. If you listen closely she says “I’ll be praying for you.” right before you land. Then, given what happens after the crash, it proves that Joseph has sleeper agents outside of the county. He could have easily taken over the radio waves to have cultists reporting on convincing talking about fake global catastrophes to bring in outsiders.
Støne Guy (19 days ago)
So will you be able to kill joseph seed in far cry 6? Hmmmm.
Dante Shark (20 days ago)
When u watch and think carefully about all the details u ignored,the nuke ending is the best ending for players,all back to normal,except that our hero are brain-washed.the nuke is only an illusion .U can continue the game and the UI panel shows 4 bitch death and the world is all right.Our hero suffers from the cult drug treatment. After all the disaster,the state may take some time to fully recover,physically and mentally. when u choose to leave,All u four would be dead on the trip,cause the sheriff has been converted to cult deeply from the music in car. when u choose to leave at the beginning, national guard would take in and eliminate all the cultists without ur heroic help.
Ivan Renić (20 days ago)
Maybe it will be continued because the nuclear ending seems not to be completely finished.
Ivan Renić (20 days ago)
Well with only bad endings like these you can't expect that the player will be motivated to play the game through.....
christian tovar (21 days ago)
Faith warned us before she died "if you dont listen to him he'll be right" but if you dont go after him nothing ever happens. Holy shit
bb goly (22 days ago)
Why did the screen go black once the sherrif played a song on the radio?
NuLs GoDz (22 days ago)
this might be spoilers but this video is for those people who does not have far cry 5 nor even own ps4
MLGKILLER333 Gaming (23 days ago)
Dank Darry (24 days ago)
I can’t wait to play this game
Dan dan The tv man (24 days ago)
This game is by far their worst game yet. Geez if I can’t enjoy killing he asshole in the end than it sucks.
Helene Hedegaard (26 days ago)
What ?!!!! You can't kill Joseph... that's fucking annoying....... far cry 3 is still the best farcry game
wayfaring stranger (26 days ago)
I was a good boy and I got a Nuclear ending...
Adam Dragon (27 days ago)
so, in the end, you are trapped in a bunker with a crazy fuck who will keep pushing your shit in from time to time, or more if your character is a girl. havent been so disappointed since the mass effect 3 ending
Ömer Duman (27 days ago)
I choose woman character from beginning. Maybe they will make a baby in bunker with The Father..We lost everybody, atleast he wins. 😜😀
Ömer Duman (27 days ago)
Marshall missing no one trying to search him? Like what happened to our dude. Or government sleeping :) i know it a game but it could be more realistic with the other ways.. I dont like this endings.. I lost with both endings.. Sad 😒😀
sherwin conde (27 days ago)
Either ways, we can't beat The Father.
Blackwolf (29 days ago)
Question is: What will be Far cry 6, or there will be no next Far Cry? Since Far Cry 3 , Hurk and Willis always appeared, and they both make references to the previous games, so each game is set in the same universe, and they follow each other.
SupraBow (29 days ago)
Joseph is not necessarily right and son of God. There is always a chance that the shit will hit the fan and there will always be doomsayers who are saying that this is going to happen. 99% of the time they are wrong but if and when shit hits the fan some of them are bound to be right just by pure luck.
ErwinTheEmperor1 (1 month ago)
Couldn't kill joseph in any ending. Just started hating this game. Good thing I didn't waste my time getting everything done to 100%
McKenna The Microwave (1 month ago)
That ending made me feel so awful but was amazing at the same time. Props to Ubisoft for having enough guts to make you feel like everything you did was for absolutely nothing
Iemandjwzz (1 month ago)
i thought this story was so bad. I understand the story but it was so hollow and the missions felt pointless for me
Dismal Cascade (1 month ago)
Guys which one is the good ending and the bad?
Dr Srein (1 month ago)
I’m still trying to figure out which one is the good ending
IZKA0793 (1 month ago)
J'ai lu que certains pensaient que la fin avec l'attaque nucléaire était une hallucination du personnage, et que Joseph était bien mort sous prétexte que même après les fins on peut continuer d'arpenter hope county. Moi je ne pense pas, beaucoup de jeux nous laisse "retourner" tout simplement pour pouvoir continuer les petites choses qu'on aurait pas faite, comme les missions, les objets à récupérer etc... Après y en a qui disent que c'est en faite Joseph lui même qui a actionné les bombes des bunkers pour réaliser sa prédiction. Peut-être, mais là encore j'ai un doute, il est trop croyant pour prendre la place de dieu dans son "grand effondrement". On ne peut pas trop blâmer Joseph, il tue des personnes ou fait tuer pour arriver à ses fins en quelque sorte. Mais que fait notre héros ? Pareil, il/elle tue à foison pour arriver à ses fins. Ce que nous dit le jeu c'est qu'il n'y a ni bon ni mauvais, c'est nos actes qui définissent qui nous sommes. Personnellement j'ai adoré les fins, l'une comme l'autre. Pas besoin d'une "bonne fin" ça change un peu et ça surprend. En tout cas celle de l'attaque est particulièrement éprouvante, même si ce n'est qu'un jeu. Alors bien sûr il y a les bugs, mais avouons-le, ils font plus rire qu'ils n’empêchent de jouer... C'est du grand art, à mon sens le meilleur far cry, le plus psychologiquement poussé et qui prête à réfléchir sur notre monde. Au fond, malgré les dérives, les abus et tout, je dis bien au fond, les fanatiques ont-ils complétement tort ? notre monde et notre société n'est elle pas au bord du gouffre ? Ou alors ces gens ne sont qu'une allégorie de nos "dirigeants et gouvernements" formatages, pression, pensée unique etc... qui nous passent des chaines qu'on ne voit pas et qui s'enroulent telles des serpents autours de nos cous ? 9/10 pour ce jeu mais c'est juste parce que j'aurais voulu avoir le choix de ne pas tuer tous les antagonistes et de ne pas détruire les bunkers, c'est du gâchis. Quoi qu'il en soit, merci Ubisoft ! :-)
nick ceulemans (1 month ago)
why was there no way to kill him?looked forward to the whole game :(
nick ceulemans (26 days ago)
it's just how he behaves that I just want to schoot him
AsteroidSpy4270 (26 days ago)
+nick ceulemans he doesn't actualy hurt you
nick ceulemans (26 days ago)
why not
AsteroidSpy4270 (26 days ago)
Why do you want to kill him
Ragna Koldor (1 month ago)
So, if you're a selfish Joseph sympathizer, the best ending is actually the one first shown in this video. Leave him be in the 10 minute ending, and the bombs fall and you likely along with it. Worst part is all of Joseph's psychopathic siblings survive. By far the worst ending if you're that kind of person. Nuclear ending, it's just you and Joseph, which is good, but he's really angry at you, plus you have no other friends. 2nd Walk Away Ending, the people of Fall's End survive, those you've grown attached to, and you murder your law enforcement friends and return to Joseph. And all of his psycho siblings are dead. Best ending for a selfish Joseph sympathizer.
Jim Crowe (1 month ago)
So Joseph was right all along??? What a great ending
Dean M (1 month ago)
So you can’t kill him no matter what.... But yet you can still kill Vaas, Hoyt, and Pagan min
Nxhu (1 month ago)
Yooo this is the best game evereerrr
Marčello tv (1 month ago)
Fuck that game u cant kill him
AsteroidSpy4270 (26 days ago)
Fuck this comment you can't delete it
GibsonOfAGun (1 month ago)
No country would nuke MONTANA, it would be LA or NYC.
AsteroidSpy4270 (26 days ago)
Ther is a lot of missile silos in montana
Eedsku (1 month ago)
Why Joseph didn't drug Sharky and Addie? I don't see them in the ending?
Rondu Danur (1 month ago)
guys guys guys guys wait joseph seed caused the nuclear ending now hear me out, this makes sense. when you walk away, no nuclear bombs go off. but if you resist, then nuclear bombs are detonated. i told you it made sense.
AsteroidSpy4270 (26 days ago)
But if you resist you break the last seal that causes the nukes to blow
Mia Corona (1 month ago)
I have the demo new animals free guns and 6 endings 1 you choose gods side 2 satans side 3 none 4 kill god 5 kill satan last choose none and kill both
Mia Corona (1 month ago)
Farcry 6 you kill the father in the ending you need to choose what side gods or satans
Funtime Suomi (1 month ago)
Let me tell you guys I got many answers If you walk away A.You Fall A sleep B.You Become one of the lunatics C.Your in another past Of the beginning In The mission called''The Warrant'' That you have to arrest joseph and you crash in the helicopter D.You died E.Your in Jacobs obstacles full of hostile militia
Gavon Sharkie (1 month ago)
Im confused about the 1st ending can someone explain
AsteroidSpy4270 (26 days ago)
+Gavon Sharkie you are brainwashed by jacob to kill everything if you hear the song Only You
Gavon Sharkie (26 days ago)
+AsteroidSpy4270 yeah but what with the hole screen going red thing
AsteroidSpy4270 (26 days ago)
You walk away
Ozan Güven (1 month ago)
the fact that you dont get to kill joseph is bad plot
AsteroidSpy4270 (26 days ago)
No just in this case it is bad players
TeeCan (1 month ago)
TechClive (1 month ago)
Joseph seems like a cool guy srs
Rodrigo Bento (1 month ago)
He murdered his own newborn daughter
KaiShadowFox (1 month ago)
Jason Broody: Im finally home after my horrible ordeal fighting Vass and his pirates, loosing my finger, and rescuing all my kidnapped friends on Rook island, now i can finally rest * gets nuked *
Shadowed Raven (1 month ago)
Then suddenly.... ...New DLC: *World on FIRE*
Wandering Ghost (1 month ago)
Far cry 4 : Do nothing get good ending Far cry 5 : Do nothing get good ending Far cry 6 : You guess it!😭
Thanh Le (15 days ago)
maybe best ending, yet. good ending? no ways...
Phyco Buzzaxe21 (1 month ago)
all of the endings were bad
mr. pasta playz (1 month ago)
There will be a far cry 6 and I know that
Is it me or The Father looks like Jared Leto with a beard
BLACK JESUS (1 month ago)
For every farcry ge i ve seen short ending
BeenLeanin/ Media* (1 month ago)
It ends the same way it started if you try to kill Joseph instead of walking away, pretty crazy!!! Dope ass game👏🏾👏🏾"A bullet doesn't solve everything...."
ameen alnaimi (1 month ago)
I played for 1 month and I get the bad All my friends are dead Push me to the edge 🐸💔
Den06 (1 month ago)
this game has the most fucked up endings of all the games... what the hell?
Amy xo (1 month ago)
I think Joseph is a man who loses his mind after the accident that took his wife away. And that’s obvious because when he woke up he killed his own daughter! Then some organizations took him and give him the power and authority to do what he did, like it is a whole political thing. I don’t believe that the ending means he was The Chosen One you know. (Pardon my weak English tho) 🙃
Michael Black (1 month ago)
so The Father Wins this story , what joke , who made this shit ? good people lose , crazy people win ? WTF
Ebubekir Can Güneş (1 month ago)
FAR CRY 6: Joseph Seed becomes post-nuclear war U.S president(father) then sends you secret missions to North Korea and Russia.
Gaetano Lisco (1 month ago)
So, if you refuse to arrest him, tha game ends before starting (for the glory of developers) :-D :-D :-D
arbiter 45 (1 month ago)
Remember far cry blood dragon what if this is the prequel
arbiter 45 (1 month ago)
Never mind just found out it's a spin off
sultan Bansao (1 month ago)
what he choose in the first walk away or resist
Bushworld Rick (1 month ago)
Games dont always have to end good
Andres Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Anybody that wanted to bring him to justice or kill him got the nuclear ending, so i guess thats all of us who played it
Trevor Thompson (1 month ago)
Why do you not get to kill him
Dio Dio (1 month ago)
This game is just great.
Sarge Thebandit01 (1 month ago)
anyone else thinking FAR CRY blood dragon happens after this? oof
Callum Wooding (1 month ago)
Witch One Was The Good Ending Was It The First One Or The Last One? I’m So Confused...?
AcePanaHEM (1 month ago)
Anyone know the song at 17:20 ??
Jinhunter Slay (1 month ago)
What if there’s a 4th SUPER secret ending that’s so hard to get nobody figured out yet and the developers are keeping quiet about? Maybe that’s why all the endings are bad? Because the true good ending is still hidden?
CrimsonSpecterN7 (1 month ago)
10:45 "I'm nuclear. I'm wild. I'm breaking up inside..."
This entire game I was looking forward to digging a knife in to Joseph Seeds throat or beating his head in until he was no longer breathing. I feel personally slapped in the face.
Emory Daniel (2 months ago)
Ok so maybe I just missed something or I’m not observant, but if they come back with a larger police force, they would set off the nuke anyway, or am I wrong?
Kalle Wesanko (2 months ago)
I got the bad ending that all them died. I was wery disapointed!!
Adam ghost 22 (2 months ago)
What if you forget to pause de game and sees credits
Ayman Aiden (2 months ago)
I'm fucking astonised where did they get the nuclear ???
Noscrim (2 months ago)
wow, shortest game i have ever seen :D also: if you choose to walk away and than the radio starts: "only youuu..." i guess you just go nuts again and kill everyone... thats a bad ending too aint it?

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