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FARCRY 5 - ALL ENDINGS (All 3 Endings) Bad, Good, Nuclear [1080P 60FPS]

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Subscribe ➜ http://bit.ly/2oUkw8n Far Cry 5 All 3 Endings in the game, secret ending, Good (Or bad) Ending, and worst ending (Nuclear) Support me/Donate: http://bit.ly/2oVO5GZ Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisZanar Become my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ZanarAesthetics
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Text Comments (5367)
Ajax4678 GAMING (3 hours ago)
Then fallout 76 comes out lol
Mystical Beast (8 hours ago)
and so began the fallout series.
Michael Sanchez (14 hours ago)
When I saw the bad ending all that was going through my mind was HOLY SHIT I KILLED THEM
San Blindsnake (15 hours ago)
The problem with this type of endings is to find desire to play again... What would be the point?
Ryne_168 (15 hours ago)
When the tree fell in my game I said there’s no way I did all this just for everyone to be killers by a tree then everyone was killed by a tree...
Donald Beckman (18 hours ago)
Fuck this game I'm selling it right now
Jeremiah Freeman (22 hours ago)
yeah im done with this game series. They always do this. They always tell us that the only way to win, is just not to play. Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5. Damned if you do, damned if you dont. And this jesus freak makes my skin crawl. Ive known more then my fair share of them. thats the worst part of it. There really are people like this out there.
D.DoT-Z (1 day ago)
Now I have to look at the shitty menu of Hope County hit by a nuke without music God this has an awful ending You don’t feel any accomplishment knowing the bad guy was right and all you did led to nothing
DiMZLy (1 day ago)
JokerCirca66 (1 day ago)
The last ending, the cinematic intro, that was the high point of the game, the game play in this is great but that intro scene that was great. The game didn't have other cut scenes near as good.
JokerCirca66 (1 day ago)
This would have been so much cooler an ending if it wasn't ruined for me right after I bought the game by fuckin losers who put spoilers in the vid title and thumbnail photo. I didn't go searching it out, it was just in my face one day in recommendations cuz I watched gameplay trailers before I bought it.
JokerCirca66 (1 day ago)
I chose "resist"
Abraham Sandoval (2 days ago)
Yo plz someone tell me which one was the good ending cause for me they all looked fuckin bad
Ben Benkhadra (2 days ago)
So basically you can beat the game without doing anything? what a joke
Leevi Lampinen (1 day ago)
Ben Benkhadra Yeah thats the point it a joke
Yannick Dreier (3 days ago)
There is no good, bad or secret ending.. The apocalypse happen anyway.. Something is coming. You can feel it, can’t you?
NOTHING HERE (4 days ago)
I swear Far cry 5 good and bad ending is so fucking creepy (for me)
Willem Blood (4 days ago)
*The second ending is the perfect*
Still waiting for a fucking Far Cry with dinosaurs in modern day.
Jordan Clever (5 days ago)
Why do they not just kill joseph seed tbh.
What if The nothing was real and was all just a dream From a deputy in Montana and any ending you choose is the ending of the dream
Dusk278 (5 days ago)
So the one Farcry game with no actual good ending, a game where the villain wins no matter what you do
Auksiniai Ereliai (5 days ago)
Guys if u didint notice when u had to choose a ending there was bliss near you and after The nuclear ending it shows that joshep is dead so what į think The nuclear ending was fake
Neurax Destroyer (6 days ago)
And then you both died from radiation burns
Leostar (7 days ago)
so,NO MATTER FREAKING WHAT HE WINS?! THAT IS THE BIGGEST AMOUNT OF BS I'VE EVER FREAKING SEEN, i regret buying the game now, i wasted money on a game where you technically lose no matter what
Калиев Мади (7 days ago)
Why they alive in nuclear blasts? It's verry simple, Mountains can easily stop main sonic wave & main heat light time, main dose of ionizing radiation, and all nuclear warheads was anti bunker warheads. But create very much fallouts. This mountains are become GLOW. Wasted to millennia years.
szalma94 (7 days ago)
Can you win in this game?
sharpshooter188 (7 days ago)
Huh. Weird. So you get the best ending by just walking away at the beginning.
Eli W. (7 days ago)
A game idea: The walk away ending is canonical. They drive away and the Junior Deputy attacks them, obviously. Except either the woman or the other man survives and calls the Splinter Cell team, i.e Sam, Grimm, Briggs. The Splinter-Cell team investigates, then sends their spies to the land to stop the PEGs. This is the next SplinterCell-FarCry game.
Michael Magdy (8 days ago)
3 pathetic endingssss !!
Michael harbour (8 days ago)
Joseph seed did bad things but it's not like the protagonist handed out flyers for people to leave the cult. He/She killed more people than Joseph, John, Jacob and faith combined. Maybe the protagonist is the villain after all. And since the good ending is to just leave at the start, that means violence against violence is not justifiable. "When are you gonna realize that every problem cannot be solved with a bullet"
Reaper0fTitans (8 days ago)
Of course I got the worst ending, why not
KeoneArt (9 days ago)
Anyone else watching these before making the final decision.
Gokujr2005 (10 days ago)
13:43 always wear ur seatbelts kids
Alex Person (10 days ago)
honestly im kinda disappointed with these endings. i just finished the game myself and with all the work and time you put in to save everyone it just doesn't matter, they kill everyone off with the nuke or you go insane from the music or you can just simply not play the game. great game terrible ending
Baby Crab (11 days ago)
What happen when the music played
PandaKappas (11 days ago)
This game has so much relation to the apocalypse and the bible its kind of amazing. Joseph has all of the 7 deadly sins carved into his body. In a way the four Seeds represent the four horsemen (they’re like the seeds to the apocalypse.) Conquest (John) War (Jacob) Famine (Faith) and Death (Joseph). Its amazing how well the devs incorporated the idea of the apocalypse into the story
Bee Hill (11 days ago)
There is no good ending.
Darthrocker06 (11 days ago)
I will never pay full price for another Far Cry game. All three endings are bad and the map was pretty boring (although pretty).
Trevor Philips (11 days ago)
It is really weird how a game developer can make you a game whose ending leave you wondering for months
happyyy go luck (13 days ago)
lol I finished and it was nuclear WTF what a shirty ending good thin it's not the only one
666tbird (14 days ago)
I gotta admit I did a total 180° on the "Good" ending; after it first happened I absolutely hated it - because I had no idea about the radio broadcasts and what they were foreshadowing (and I know I'm not alone). Now that I know, I think the ending is pretty amazing and brave. The whole story changes when you realize Joseph was right all along. Of all the "prophets" preaching Armageddon throughout the ages, one of them will eventually be right. So can Joseph really talk with God, or is it just the blind squirrel finding that one nut?
Jawann Sharper (14 days ago)
Danm' they mind break already? Pussys but yo i pick the right bad ending
Larry J (14 days ago)
There is no "Good" ending, fuck this game.
Dinuka Mapa (15 days ago)
So, wait? There's more gameplay to be had if you arrest him 5 minutes in? I just let him go and thought that was the game.
FuZeN (15 days ago)
So theres no ending where everyone gets to live?
TheJeffreyJellyfish (16 days ago)
That music tho
Gusta Ant (16 days ago)
What I could beat the game in like the first 5 min
Gusta Ant (16 days ago)
I got nuclear my first time beating it
Boi Goty (16 days ago)
This game is shit
Roblox 4k Gaming (16 days ago)
*SPOILERS FOR FC3, 4, AND 5* Now that i think of it. Do any of the Far Cry games have an optimistic ending? FC3: you become a monster. FC4: everyone who wants to control Kyrat are all evil in their own ways and no matter who you choose, you fail. Even though you were only there to spread your mother's ashes and you were basically forced to fight a war that you had no business in. FC5: Kill you friends in a brainwashed state of mind or Montana gets nuked up the ass, all your friends die, and you are trapped by a crazy ass cult leader in a bunker.
Roblox 4k Gaming (15 days ago)
D. Pedro II i think the writers intended to make the bleakest far cry to date. The endings depress me.
D. Pedro II (15 days ago)
hell ye they are, and considering that if you decide not to cuff Joseph and not play the whole game, think about everyone we met there, they'll just keep suffering. There's no good in this game xc
Roblox 4k Gaming (15 days ago)
D. Pedro II thats what everyone calls the endings. Good and bad. But id say they are both bad
D. Pedro II (15 days ago)
yes, but my question is why the guy put "good" ending in the title, there isn't one
Saku Hakkarainen (16 days ago)
Whatever you choice, can you play the game normally after the last mission?
Odin Games! (16 days ago)
I think Farcry 6 isn't going to happen, as the 2 legitimate endings both end up very badly. One being Rook murdering everyone in the car, the other being a nuclear fallout. The secret ending... is secret. I think this was either a tie off of the Far Cry series or Farcry 6 is going to take place before the nukes, if in that timeline, or will just keep on trucking after Rook, without anyone finding out. I'd like to hear what you guys would think is going to happen, if anything does.
The black Army (17 days ago)
Walk away ending make me sad
Left Over Fajita (17 days ago)
Idk about y'all but I liked both endings but i didn't like the game that much. .
D. Pedro II (15 days ago)
Sec Def Prime (17 days ago)
What a shit batch of endings
amber lawson (17 days ago)
I got nuclear on my first go, i was so mad like "THE FUCK NO!!!!!"
COLD AS ICE (17 days ago)
So you can't kill him
Cj Cj (1 day ago)
D. Pedro II (15 days ago)
COLD AS ICE (17 days ago)
Rip 😂
Khorne Zerker (17 days ago)
What a load of absolute shit fucking endings. "Yo, a nuclear bomb just dropped lemme take the responsible in my truck!" What the actual fuck?
Dieter Kotwürfel (18 days ago)
I like the german Joseph way more.
Laura (18 days ago)
what happens if you cuff him in that last ending?
Silent Gonzalez (18 days ago)
Wait so let me get this straight the last ending doesn't start the game?
D. Pedro II (15 days ago)
Ghoul :King (18 days ago)
This Game Made me Think About Stuff
bravery85 (18 days ago)
I got the nuclear ending ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bray._.derby (19 days ago)
So the game can last 5 min great
Michael Lück (19 days ago)
Such a good game laid to waste because of some bs points the writers tried to make. Kinda reminds me of the last jedi in that regard. The entire game looked like some true to life problems we all face in current day with the radical cults only with a little twist of them actually not being moslems but christians. (which is not farfetched given christianities past...) But kinda like Last Jedi all the points that where made to us as rational thinking human beings where thrown out the toilet and it even makes you question if the parallels where intentional or not and if this entire plot could be christian propaganda. lul. (don't judge me on that... you must admit it makes more sense than the endings shown...)( If the nuclear ending at least amounted to anything... like a nice tie in with fallout... but it's not even their franchise... Or maybe some hints about a possible next far cry being like fallout in the post apocalypse. I think the writers of this didn't recieve enough pain in their life, so they don't see the need to use games as an actual media outlet for fun. everyone trying to teach shit theese days and we all know... Learning experiences in games suck unless not intentional - im looking at you preschool computer games...
Joker (19 days ago)
Remember god is watching
Lil Zed (20 days ago)
which ending is which wtf. and what if you cuffed him at the end?
D. Pedro II (15 days ago)
The title is misleading, there's no good ending. If he had cuffed him in the end, the game would start, that's literally 7 minutes within the game
Kieran Calder (20 days ago)
I loved the story throughout and the concept of Far Cry 5. I chose the resist option because I thought Joseph was going to keep the others blissed and he could have easily been lying and killed the sherriff and co anyway so what would be the point in walking away I thought. So I resisted in the thinking I could stop him, however I did not anticipate the ending to be that significant hoping for the satisfaction factor for braking Joseph Seeds neck takedown style but it turned out he was right and God was watching.
D. Pedro II (15 days ago)
I hated how easily they could take you, when fighting John, only after getting knocked up you'll get abducted, but with Jacob you suddenly get shot and passes out
BaronVonMappingston (20 days ago)
I got the nuclear ending
LouistheHedgehog (21 days ago)
Can you keep playing in the post-"good" ending?
Anthony xxantmanxx (22 days ago)
It's crazy how this shit is coming from a Farcry game holy shit
Spasserboy (22 days ago)
The nuclear ending is one big illusion!! At this point in the game your brain is all rotten by all that Bliss you have been exposed to, and you are now very suggestible and easy to manipulate. Joseph knows this, and starts off the first illusion at 2:27 when he suggests to you "an earthquake" which your senses inteprets as a kind of storm/hurricane (remember this is before he overturns the barrels of Bliss!). After Joseph is defeated in the Bliss induced shootout, he starts off another illusion at 10:41 by suggesting the coming of the apocalypse, which your senses inteprets as nuclear annihilation. Right after this happens Joseph starts singing Amazing Grace which is a kind of hypnosis technique that is also evident in one of the cutscenes with Faith, where she is during the exact same thing to the Sheriff by singing Amazing Grace to him. The game supports this theory at 13:27 when it is clear that Joseph is not in the car with you, suggesting he is outside your illusion taking you to the bunker while singing Amazing Grace. Joseph is just a manipulative babykilling schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur who uses drugs and hypnosis techniques to control people. If you take the 'Walk Away' option, you properly attempt to kill your friends when hearing 'Only You', but at least you have wiped out and destroyed the entire cult, - except Joseph. That's an okay ending all things considered.
Adan Martinez (22 days ago)
I just did the nuke one on accident and it scared the shit out of me
project pros 2 (22 days ago)
Then there was Fallout 76
Joshua Varela (23 days ago)
Then which is the good ending
Anonymous Gamer (4 days ago)
In the other two endings your friends dead English my for bad sorry
Joshua Varela (4 days ago)
Anonymous Gamer good point
Anonymous Gamer (4 days ago)
Joshua Varela every ending is shit, but the best is the secret because nobody dies
Radu Ungureanu (23 days ago)
Ahahahah, these are the endings? Man I'm glad I didn't bother finishing the game. What a convoluted and presumptuous piece of crap :))
Chris Reiser (24 days ago)
Maybe the nuke/bunker is not the ending. Feels like after seed dumped the barrels you are hallucinating the whole thing after that. You kill Seed and in the end the nuke premise is driven by radio talk shows broadcasts about NK possible dropping bombs and all the bliss you just were swimming in. Then at the real end “you begin play again” for a brief moment you see a bliss flash of a nuked town and then your back in Hope County and the town starts to put itself back together.
Magica Negra (24 days ago)
Why is it good - Bad - alternativ? It Shoud be bad-bad-(alternativ is ok)
Worldowner (24 days ago)
bad, worst and evil. No good ending.
MAXIMUS (24 days ago)
Well, that is one way to do it. Just don't arrest him...game over.....hmph...lol.
Jimy (24 days ago)
I don´t get the 1st one can someone explain it to me please?
Jimy (19 days ago)
Thank you so much
1234 5678 (19 days ago)
Jimy the song that’s played over the radio is the same song that Jacob used to make you go insane and kill Eli, the red screen implies that you went insane but I think you can interpret it any way you want
Anthony Vigil (24 days ago)
How do you not get nuclear
Cody Scarberry (25 days ago)
Who is ur favorite specialist
Ender Wiggins (25 days ago)
So you can finish the game in the first five minutes of playing?
GOING EASY (25 days ago)
There is no good ending either the people of Hope County in live under a religious tyrant or they get destroyed with a nuke. Where's the good ending.
Caleb Brown (26 days ago)
in the ending where you kill everyone is pisses me off that the song makes you kill everyone. i heard it on the radio 8393838 other times in the game and nothing happened, but apparently this time i choose to go crazy. and after the nuke ending when you go back to play after the credits, joseph is labeled as dead and i'm somehow out of the bunker with no explanation? and everyone on the surface survived the nuclear explosions? glad i put all the time into the game just for that rushed ending. not only did the ending make me feel underwhelmed but every boss fight against the other seed family members was utter garbage. faith and jacob's were extremely boring and dragged on and the part where jacob just looked like some random peggie sniping on a hill annoyed me. i thought he was a random peggie then i shot him and the screen went black and i was super confused. then both me and jacob were teleported to a rock 300 yards away from where we were and he's dead. and faith just being a floating wizard with 1000000 health was extremely boring and repetitive to kill, and so radical that it felt obligated. i had more fun beating innocents up with a bat then i did during any boss fight. and every cutscene with faith where id have to slowly walk past hallucinations and listen to their boring and repetitive dialog was ridiculous and something i wish i could have skipped. and the hunters hitting me with bullets while i'm flying in helicopters or inside of eli's bunker was just plain bad. i thought i was gonna be able to avoid the hunters and have some fun with that then out of no where i get shot sniped by the worlds best sniper while i'm in my helicopter 3000 feet in the air. and the character dialog was bad, but that didn't really bother me because that was a common theme in every far cry game
TheCoper COper (26 days ago)
The reason we get so much bad writing in video games is because stupid children get impressed with nonsense like in this game. So much convenient, repetitive, and outright nonsensical writing, yet they praise it as something masterful. Go read some good books and watch some good movies... you need to grow your standards quite a lot.
My Mafia Videos (26 days ago)
If I were there I would have started punching the father just like the hero started punching the villain near the end of the movie Kung Fu Hustle 😂
Luke Carney (26 days ago)
Shite endings
Oerwout10 (27 days ago)
i dont really like how the endings work. they make it so everything you have done in the game is for nothing. both endings result in the world being bombed by nukes. but the one where you end up with joseph in the bunker is a little bit better because at least in that ending you didnt kill your friends.
Edi Iorgovan (27 days ago)
Man, I hate the fact that we didn't fuck Faith :((
Goobey (27 days ago)
Thr33D (28 days ago)
blackout 935 (28 days ago)
If a nuke went off the resulting EMP would have fried the radio and that truck wouldnt have been able to start...also that first wave of debris would have been hot enough to turn sand to glass and killed them all instantly.....still cool tho
Wamp76 M (28 days ago)
This guy has the most plot armor of any character..kinda annoying
Horizon Foz (28 days ago)
What's happening to Rook in the first ending? He just fade out?
Caleb Harch (29 days ago)
That nuke ending is so depressing.
Yuri Mendes (29 days ago)
At least Larry is OK on Mars.

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