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7 Days to Die: Meaty's Survival Story #15

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Playing Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield 4, Fallout New Vegas Thank You for watching, look around my channel for a good variety of games. Enjoy! Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 Crazy fun Co-Op Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/YouAlwaysWin
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Text Comments (77)
Michelangelo 88 (10 months ago)
Man, the hub cities used to be huge!
Logan Petersen (3 years ago)
I watch this every day after school
multihacker 3695 (3 years ago)
Nuu. Why would he leave the sledge hammer?!?!?!?! I'm Sad now.
multihacker 3695 (3 years ago)
Apparently, the zombies chose that building to have a zombie party. That's the point I use my sniper from a roof ( barricade the ways up) and snipe them all.
cody pennington (3 years ago)
do you play grall online
cody pennington (3 years ago)
your awesome man I'm a new subscriber and you can mine the iron on the ground in the city
Dalton Wright (3 years ago)
Remington 700s had a recall because of their firing pins messing up
Denise Gamboa (3 years ago)
Ya your house does look cool ( you😎 ) (me😍)
Pow3rGaming (3 years ago)
As I watch you it seems that you shoulda done a multiplayer version.  But I'm biased cuz I run outta excitement when it's just me in the world.  I always have to play survival games (long term) with other real people.
Pow3rGaming (3 years ago)
fyi you're the first vlogger I purposely watched the ads so you'd benefit from my watching lol   Thanks for the vids!
Erin Hardin (3 years ago)
you can make molatoves
Jessie Deberry (3 years ago)
Bro it is pretty cool
Dae23 (3 years ago)
I love your house
Jake Baumfalk (4 years ago)
I love meaty's house.
Cecily Mullins (4 years ago)
I think your house is cool too
12345678910kingd (4 years ago)
It looking epic but i thik you can fxthe car
Gage Sides (4 years ago)
anyone elce see the bounceing zombie at 32:39
Evel soulz (4 years ago)
meaty try to use the repair toolkit on the car
Micha Spir (4 years ago)
Meaty why doesn't gunns join you I think it would be fun to have him come on also it might make the series with more of a twist there for I think it would be more exciting. Also about the quality of the videos the quality is great it's much better now keep up the good work :-)
Micha Spir (4 years ago)
+Karine Riger really karine how did you even find this video or did you see my response?
Wendy Wedge (4 years ago)
david landry (4 years ago)
dig a trench around the house and put water to kill them
Ernesto carranza (4 years ago)
play with dumber
Jose Sanchez (4 years ago)
Can you please play five nights at Freddy's!!
Carpydc3 (4 years ago)
I thought this was going to be daily. :(
zachattack1479 (4 years ago)
More best series on YouTube
Guy (4 years ago)
good vids
Scareika (4 years ago)
Face fuzz!
robloxiancharlez (4 years ago)
Meaty can you play this with gunns I'm Youalwayswin?
blumanno (4 years ago)
you should dig a trench all around the house two blocks deep! deeper if you want :)
Chris48x (4 years ago)
I aspire to be like you meaty :3 i love your channel but i wonder....how do you do commentarys soo damn well! Love your videos meaty
K. König (4 years ago)
nice home... mr. architekt. i always tryed to build my castle underworld but now i will try like u ;)
Absolut187 (4 years ago)
my favorite series on YouTube right now...love it Meaty!
GORDONMUSIC (4 years ago)
And what happened to minecraft?
Rais Rolo (4 years ago)
OMG, me and meaty both said "hey the leg's fixed" at the same time!
Austin Coleman (4 years ago)
Meaty, use log spikes they are way better than the normal spikes. U can upgrade them too.
Jadyn Rosebaugh (4 years ago)
I'm new to this series. Its basically a more realistic MC with zombies?
Melissa Lawrence (4 years ago)
ya but wayyyyyy harder
Rais Rolo (4 years ago)
nice beard meaty!
Campbell Downing (4 years ago)
LOVE the series man. Can't get enough
e (4 years ago)
The spikes are really weak, use the wood log spikes instead, they do more damage, don't have durability other than if the zombies attack them and can be upgraded with planks and scrap iron.  Surround the house with a 4 high wall, with a 1 block overhang (for spider zombies) and 3 layers of wood log spikes around the wall.  Focus your higher durability materials (rebar frames, scrap iron frames) around the doors in the wall first.  The secure iron door and secure wood door can also be upgraded.  Destroyed stone can be crafted down into gravel, gravel can be cooked with a cement mold to make cement.  Cement can be used with raw stone to make cobblestone rocks for upgrading rebar frames, cement can also be combined with more gravel to make concrete. On the spawning, when 9.2 came out it may be because you already explored all those areas?  If the ambient zombies don't respawn in all the areas you've explored within 5 days then it's some sort of bug between updates.  The roaming hordes are spawning so that's good, but if the ambient zombies don't return within 5 days it's a bug between updates.  Okay right at the end of the video you started loading new areas of the city and the ambient zombies spawned in, even if it was on the roofs... you may need to restart your world.
TheBestBANANA Gamer (4 years ago)
the new pistol looks kind of like a b23r from COD
Damian Smith (4 years ago)
make a farm
Andrez Delatorre (4 years ago)
what happen to minecraft?
Cole Smith (4 years ago)
Is this game on steam
Jeremy Ernst (4 years ago)
Did you see that zombie jump frum that tree
Mac STTE (4 years ago)
Love your videos meaty, and I wish these would become daily
cowboywayron (4 years ago)
Meaty please if you love your fans play this game on a server plzzzz
SplitAuto (4 years ago)
Meaty, nice chuck Norris stache
Lilly Does Stuff (4 years ago)
Hey meaty meaty meaty meaty hi........... LOL and make gunns get killed by a zomber
Gastavo Broarmy (4 years ago)
marc f1980 (4 years ago)
if ur on antibiotics u suffer no ill effects of food poison , and u can upgrade ur woods stuff on/in house further with scrap iron
ed king (4 years ago)
copy and paste for the win
Brandt Hardwick (4 years ago)
post a comment edwardo
ed king (4 years ago)
do this with the douche/noob gunns
ed king (4 years ago)
do this with the douche/noob gunns
celena Lucky suarez (4 years ago)
awesome meaty i can't wait until you make 7 days to die daily :D
tomcat167899 (4 years ago)
Meaty, it's possible that the books are teaching you things that are the same named category but new recipes, if you find a book count how many recipes of that type you have then try to read the book, if you do read it check how many recipes are now in that category. If you have unlocked new then its teaching you new things, if not then its just a bug.
ladytanaka (4 years ago)
Wastelands are a great place to harvest wood.  Use a pickaxe to remove the destroyed stone under trees -- it only takes 2 hits to harvest the tree, versus 5+ hits with an ax.
AlexRochon100 (4 years ago)
hey meaty you should try using a shovel and dig under the scrap block see if that works because that what I'm doing for trees
Jay Meta (4 years ago)
Neyko Crail (4 years ago)
There will be feral hordes spawning every 7days meaty. I hope you know that :d
Himeraozaur (4 years ago)
some beard going on
Edward Bailey (4 years ago)
I know
David D (4 years ago)
meaty did you find the flare gun?
Super Kitten (4 years ago)
Your couch-kleptomania is hilarious. I love your priorities.
Sarah Orsini (4 years ago)
Lewis Debortoli (4 years ago)
meaty play multiplayer with gunns
Elias T. (4 years ago)
22 Like !!
tapsghostlover (4 years ago)
Meaty, you might want to take those torches that are outside down. The zombies are attracted to light as well as sound!
Finaly iOne (4 years ago)
yeeah!! 30min+, I LikE iT :DDD
Rodney Hillhouse (4 years ago)
He don't save books ! ;/ , Shotguns rock!
DunphyX9 (4 years ago)
I Like Turtles!
jacob hammonds (4 years ago)
i ate your franklin >:D
Jason Alvarado (4 years ago)
jacob hammonds (4 years ago)
i eat turtles everyday
jacob hammonds (4 years ago)
i like turtle soup

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