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Prototype 2 | OFFICIAL trailer (2012)

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http://www.facebook.com/moviemaniacsDE - from the press release Activision confirmed today that PROTOTYPE 2, the sequel to Radical Entertainment's original best-selling game of 2009 — PROTOTYPE — is currently in development for 2012. PROTOTYPE 2's first official trailer was revealed as a world premiere during this past weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards 2010 show, where fans of the shape-shifting open-world action franchise got their first glimpse into Sgt. James Heller, and why he is going to destroy PROTOTYPE's original anti-hero,Alex Mercer. For those that missed it, head over to www.facebook.com/prototype to check out the trailer and be sure to become a fan. Gamers should also be on the lookout for the exclusive, in-depth first look preview of PROTOTYPE 2 in EGM magazine's April 2011 issue. "When PROTOTYPE surpassed 2MM units we knew gamers would want a sequel to find out what happens next with Alex Mercer," said Ken Rosman, Studio Head, Radical Entertainment. "The team here at Radical is sincerely grateful to the fans and we are laser focused on delivering an even bigger and better experience with PROTOTYPE 2!" PROTOTYPE 2 is currently in development for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and the Games for Windows . The game is currently rated "RP" (Rating Pending) by the ESRB, with an expected "M" (Mature — Content that may be suitable for persons 17 and older)."
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Text Comments (8412)
Sanjay Meena (5 months ago)
Not like Prototype 1
The Arabian (5 months ago)
I wonder how many thought this is a movie? The first game isn't really popular.
FiFTi-FiFTi (8 months ago)
Fuck you Heller! We need Mercer!
Gulam Alizade (9 months ago)
Alex is best
Gulam Alizade (9 months ago)
Pls prototype 3😢😢😢😢
Synthax (10 months ago)
Prototype 3 is coming!
Zack (1 year ago)
ГДЕ ВЫ Я РАССИИЯЯНИННН A go prototype 3 yes 2018 ???
Влад Алексеев (10 months ago)
Zack Игровой канал оо даров
Asad khan (1 year ago)
Make prototype 3
Budik Lagrata (1 year ago)
if activision give this a chance, pariah will gonna be a main villain in prototype 3 just like alex mercer but this time, he will destroy whole world by unleashing his power turning all people into weapon of mass destruction...
Voracious T (1 year ago)
Aziz N (1 year ago)
WE WANT PROTOTYPE 3 WE ARE NOW IN 2017 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Mercer (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who hated that Alex is a bad guy
Claude Speed121 (1 year ago)
0:56 Because we control Alex?
Claude Speed121 (1 year ago)
Claude Speed121 (1 year ago)
Mr Menziah (1 year ago)
Claude Speed121 yes
Saufi TOP (1 year ago)
Mr Menziah (1 year ago)
Saufi TOP yes
Lau Hohenheim (1 year ago)
i wonder if there's any hope for this franchise :(
Ace Jann Tan (1 year ago)
i played this on my xbox 360
Roman Parah (1 year ago)
prototype 3 is coming
Death_incarnate (1 year ago)
Roman Parah don't play with our emotions
Nightcore . Creepy (2 years ago)
music name ?
Azckeroth Mercer (2 years ago)
alguien sabe si habra una tercera parte ? .. por que si es asi la esperaria con ansia
Who is I ? (2 years ago)
How does this video have 6 mil views and this petition only 170 ??!! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/153/688/279/prototype-3/
hunterofyou (2 years ago)
If they wanted a new character for this game, why not use Pariah? I mean, he is implied to be a much more powerful virus than Alex, so why didn't they not use him instead of a new guy? Then Alex didn't have to become as nihilistic as he came to be in 2.
Budik Lagrata (1 year ago)
PARIAH will gonna be a main villain, he will be just like alex mercer but this time he will saturate the whole world and destroy humanity once and for all..
Arturs Miscenko (2 years ago)
Initially, I thought that they might want to preserve Pariah for Prototype 3, at that point which they thought they will develop, but as Activision didn't hit sales cap, the whole thing got put on unplanned halt.
A Bird With Arms (2 years ago)
"And I will... destroy... [Benedict Cumberbatch]"
Mr Eyeball (2 years ago)
Is it weird that all activion games second game franchise has always the same system requirements
king360xxx (2 years ago)
Travisss OFFICIAL (1 month ago)
2018 no prototype 3
Welath (6 months ago)
Lalchand ললল (1 year ago)
+LiL PaYaSo yr66r
xxX lone Xxx (1 year ago)
king360xxx hopefully prototype 3 is on ps3
Marble Hornets (2 years ago)
SpecializeGaming (2 years ago)
I love that game i cant stop playing it i play prototype and 2 and thay are wesome
Kylo (2 years ago)
Murder your Maker. The idea that ruined everything.
Dhruv Kumar (19 days ago)
Alex Mercer cant die coz Alex is the virus and if that virus is in healer then Alex is still alive
The Dark Knight (2 years ago)
the best game I've ever played.
Peter (2 years ago)
Man, I remember watching this for the first time. The hype was too fucking much for me.
NIRO GAMER (2 years ago)
That's cool
rakzaan johnson (2 years ago)
one of the best games prototype !!!but prototype 2 kinda fucking stupid ....still want prototype 3 with Alex back
The Mercer (10 months ago)
You are just hate this game, becouse. Alex died.
Stupid stuff channel! (1 year ago)
rakzaan johnson dude I kept pausing in the vid there was supposed to be the armor ability in the game but was removed from the game well we have the player skin of it but. it's cosmetic
SEBU GAMES (2 years ago)
Hey guys watch my videos I also have some nice videos
Jonathan S (2 years ago)
Da Gamer (2 years ago)
Alex Mercer Dead.Finale Mission easy.
FFCancer (2 years ago)
I know I'm a little late here, but I actually had an idea for Prototype 3 that could've possibly saved the Prototype franchise: a team up between Alex and James. Now, before everyone goes jumping on my ass saying that it would be a terrible idea, let me explain: Let's say a year after the incidents that took place in Prototype 2, Alex Mercer finds a way to escape from James Heller's body, and says he doesn't remember anything. Now let's say THIS version of Alex has no recollection of what happened before he died, meaning that he's still a good guy. He makes amends with Heller and Dana Mercer, but after that, reports are coming from all over the U.S where Pariah (the game's main villain and Elizabeth Greene's child) has taken over the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and now Alex and James have to team up to stop him. In other words, yes, you could play as both Alex AND James, with co-op multiplayer gameplay, play by yourself or with a friend. Tell me what you all think about my idea.
Kitski _Kun (7 months ago)
Nice idea but remember that Alex is still alive He is the virus . All of the other evolved like Heller and Galloway are just infected with the virus and those monsters you fought are also just infected with the virus but Alex is no longer a person ... He is the virus and when Heller consumed Mercer Heller didn't become the virus ... He just become a container for one of Mercer's bodies
DizzlyBoom (1 year ago)
Really cool but i think someone else should teamup with Heller instead of Alex.It's because alex has been too long in the game so thats why it dosent fit.
Mr Menziah (1 year ago)
Deus Vult but there is infected blood on the ground after heller consumed everything
GANJI (2 years ago)
You do realise that Alex is dead? Alex is a virus just like any other virus heller has fought and when he absorbed them what happened? Nothing. He got their memories and powers and that's it now if you go to the conclusion "BUT ALEX IS ORIGINAL VIRUS" it really doesn't matter... hell half the things heller fought were nothing but the virus and he absorbed them and Alex was very weak in Protoype 2 because he lost so much bio mass by releasing it through out the prototype world.
Genaro Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Amirai Mathias (2 years ago)
This shit is awesome.
DarthBobify (2 years ago)
They fucked this game up. Prototype 2 fuck ups: -No enemy variation or spawns such as a "Super soldier or 2 of them in a military base" or "goliath,big fatties in the red zone" -Limited use of powers/perks. In P1 you could call down tactical strikes and even tell the military the other guy is "infected" which was so funny -Horrible combat combinations and overpoweredness. I like the reflective bullets but dude wow. It is insanely OP
Jogador Um (2 years ago)
Good game.
Joseph Michael (3 years ago)
I really liked Alex, I was disappointed when he wasn't the main character of the second game, and I was even more disappointed when he died, but I still liked the second game
Chester Tamayo (2 years ago)
+Joseph Michael Alex din't died remember in prototype 1 Alex consumed a raven and he was back alivein murder your maker Heller cut Mercer's handsso Heller din't Consume Alex wholethat arms still can just consume some one and go back(maybe)
stefan moise (3 years ago)
CøŁĐ Fůsiøn (3 years ago)
as i see right now,it was planned for heller to have armor like in prototype 1 but they cut it out :(
Kira (1 year ago)
I haven't finished the game yet (85%) but I haven't seen Heller become 20 feet tall either.
feathero3 (2 years ago)
+ColdFusion brian You can get the armor as a cosmetic look from a DLC at least.
Darkblade200 (3 years ago)
Wtf does James look like that
madcow BRO (3 years ago)
Please, someone tell me why the hell Spooderman keeps getting shitty Super hero games almost every two years, when prototype was F*cking awesome and did EVERYTHING right in both games, keeping the Sequel with improved Graphics, and IMPROVED Gameplay (a lot more then just those two) Now Prototype doesn't seem to be getting a Third. Which is really Sad. Prototype and Infamous are like the only two Superpower games, now we're stuck with infamous and the new one really isn't THAT good. Please, Activision! Bring back my Prototype!
OmegaZ Gaming (3 years ago)
alex so badass -_- why james kil him
Barış Özkan (3 years ago)
james is alex Alex is James
Mariana Lyubchenkova (3 years ago)
allan survo ti amo e voglio stare cn te e solo cn te x sempre amore mio
jack brian (3 years ago)
About Alex...the producers said Mercer isnt really a hero, he's more like a evil leader after the first game, they wanted to create a hero but Mercer is not the one, plus he's at his limit, he cant enhance his powers anymore, so they decided to make a real hero which is Heller, bigger blade, stronger power, a better person overall...but yeah I'm not really into the second one...first one is still better!
Kylo (2 years ago)
Heller isnt a hero. He said it himself.
Hobzor2 (3 years ago)
There is a petition, if anyone is interested, that is asking for 1000 signatures to try convincing Activision to make another Prototype game. Google creation of prototype 3. I know I'd like the chance for the series to be revived. Maybe they'd even actually try to make a good story in the process instead of ripping off God of War.
Danish Prime (3 years ago)
I loved Prototype 1 but i love Prototype 2 better more vilance more blood more infected 
bloodcorer (3 years ago)
We want Protoype 3 with many diferent skills like the first game. Also i want a fucking huge boss where i can get into his  fucking mouth and and release tentacles from inside! And all this in one fucking piece, not divided into micro transactions with the gay argument that i can finish the game with one-two skills only or by cutting the dick of the huge boss only!!!
bloodcorer (3 years ago)
+Matthew Hunt Cant Activision take this game and get it to another studio to develope it?
maxwell voerman (3 years ago)
Matthew Hunt (3 years ago)
Actually prototype 3 is never happening cause radical got shut down due to poor sales on this game...unfortunately
maxwell voerman (3 years ago)
+bloodcorer dude prototype 3 is not coming out cuz its a big game and they are still making scenes and levels and misions so that will be long before the game is clear
Mohammed Motaz (3 years ago)
i am from 2017 and his game well be my ass
Vinx (3 years ago)
This Game sucks cause of James Heller killing Alex Mercer. ( The graphics are not horrible :) ) R.I.P my beloved hero Alex Mercer.
Chester Tamayo (2 years ago)
+Vinx Wang you know Heller Din't Consume Alex Mercer a whole he dint consume his arms so consume with the arms he's back
Chester Tamayo (2 years ago)
+Vinx Wang you know Heller Din't Consume Alex Mercer a whole he dint consume his arms so consume with the arms he's back
Vinx (3 years ago)
Vinx (3 years ago)
Yeah i know, but using Alex Mercer's skin just makes me uncomfortable and it does't fell right
J11299 (3 years ago)
+Vinx Wang But there's a radnet event that you can play the game with Alex Mercer's Skin.
Allan Survo (3 years ago)
it's now free on psn plus ;) 
Re8iZ (3 years ago)
my favorite game EVER
sharon haluska (3 years ago)
I have it And if its unbelebible
Mohamed Samir (4 years ago)
Ashool heller marcer is agood boy you want to destory alex fuck you
Sancho Ventura (4 years ago)
If there was a DLC where you get to play as Mercer, then it would be a 10/10 game, I'm not talking about the skin, I mean a story that follows Alex Mercer.
feathero3 (2 years ago)
Yes that would be cool!
Sancho Ventura (2 years ago)
+feathero3 I knew that :D But it would still be a cool idea if they would make a video game adaptation of the comics :D
feathero3 (2 years ago)
+Sancho Ventura There are comics they sell that bridge the gap in Alex's story between the first and second game. It does a really good job of showing how/why he turns dark side.
Adrian M. (3 years ago)
+Sancho Ventura Yeah That's Prototype 1 man
Sancho Ventura (3 years ago)
+Tyler Johnston What I mean is we need a game where the story follows Alex Mercer before he became evil.
TG Gaming (4 years ago)
I dont understand why is mercer so evil????? has the prototype virus in him taken control of him or something like that???? he cant just turn evil for no reason thats just dumb.
Alex Mercer (3 years ago)
No in prototype 1 ending Alex was killed the virus used his body Alex was dead by the nuke heller killed and consumed the virus RIP Alex mercer died at the end of prototype 1
Project TsukiNoMe (3 years ago)
+T .Ellerbrock after prototype 1 Alex traveled 1 year trough the world He killed a warlord in africa and people celebrated After all that time he realised that the humans are evil and selfish Then he realised that he made a mistake to stop the virus in the first game He wanted to make a "better" world with the virus Like he said in the second game that there wouldn't be anymore disseases and no more suffering
T .Ellerbrock (3 years ago)
I don't know if you realize this but he may have had overall decent intentions but slaughtered thousands upon thousands of innocents
Magesh Srinivasulu (4 years ago)
nice game
Pinkie Pie (1 year ago)
Prototype 2 just killed the franchise.. the window of attacks was greatly reduced and limited, when they tried to make it bigger by allowin us to use two powers at the same time, there was just not buttons enough to each power individually after that, and they overpowered Heller, he became litterally imune to bullets and could kill tanks and helicopters with the press of a button. they made my favorite characer a cliche villain with a horrible evil laugh.. the challenging difficulty of the first Prototype is gone, they messed up an opportunity to make an extraordinary and series
Dire Wolf127 (1 month ago)
Pinkie Pie how would you know that you don’t know nothing though I’m a little late
Fun terra Dysonic (5 months ago)
well thats you opinion you hater!
Pinkie Pie (1 year ago)
+feathero3 i'm sorry to say dear, but the prototype series are dead, Activision closed Radical Entretainment due staff reduction by the commercial failiure of Prototype 2, when i said that this game killed the franchise, i meant it
feathero3 (2 years ago)
+Pinkie Pie I thought I was the only one who likes both MLP:FiM and Prototype! Also I completely agree with everything you say. But I feel they maybe, just maybe, could save the franchise with either a cool twist and/or combining the best parts of Prototype 1 and 2 into a super part 3.
ChuckPalomo (3 years ago)
They way they butchered "unarmed" combat, it hurts. Used to have so much fun with the many combos you could make, and they don't even use the right mouse button for anything without powers equipped.
Xtreme Games (4 years ago)
0:57 Armored Heller. Too bad it didn't reach the final game.
raza shaikh (4 years ago)
Great game guys
raza shaikh (4 years ago)
Great game guys.
raza shaikh (4 years ago)
Great game guys.
Alex Seriath (4 years ago)
anyones knows the name of the OST used throughout the trailer?
Instantaneous Sanic (4 years ago)
At 0:55, he had the armor AND musclemass. Why the everliving fuck would they take them out?
Lou Angel (4 years ago)
I wish Prototype 3 has a new Mercer character in it... Plus what the fuck happened to Alex mercer?
Jorge Cruz (4 years ago)
he was eaten by heller at the end of 2
Cristescu Florin (4 years ago)
are they doing prototype3???? hope so ;)
jd johnson (4 years ago)
I may not have played the game, but this trailer makes me wish that this was a movie.
LeKingWillis (4 years ago)
It's a great game, and it looks like it'd be a great movie
RenZYT (4 years ago)
At the end of the Prototype 2, Alex Mercer and James Heller fought, James Heller Won and Alex Mercer is "DEAD"
Arindam Ghosh (4 years ago)
my one of favrt game
Gábor Kósa (4 years ago)
my favourite game :D
atharva trivedi (4 years ago)
awesome!!!!!!!!! (y)
andy palomera (4 years ago)
nice game
Vincent Manjares (4 years ago)
Yeah! Mercer rules Prototype and he's cool Traitor Seargent! Well, I'm not going to kill Mercer
CMLanotte (4 years ago)
I beat alex mercer 4 times already and i just got the game about 2 or 3 days ago lol.
Jin Lewis (4 years ago)
Still plying prototype 1 T-T
kobeantonia kobe (4 years ago)
because radical entertainment is already shut down but i hope that there will be still prototype 3
Juego de mierda ojala se violen al negro. Puto que lo defienda.
Juandaniel Franco (4 years ago)
Do you know where can i download this for free to my ps 3
Siddharth M (4 years ago)
I love that character
Siddharth M (4 years ago)
True..Mercer rules prototype
newaz fahim (4 years ago)
james heller 8 out of 10 alex mercer 9 out of 10
Froggysmod (5 years ago)
What if he wasn't dead? Theories my friend, theories.
tudy000 (5 years ago)
Yeah right "Alexis" =)))))))))))))
Zachary Cherry (5 years ago)
Its a dlc its Alexis aromor
KIRA* (5 years ago)
Do prototype 3!
Arthas Leks (5 years ago)
They had it in the beta, but later they removed it. Search up in google, you'll find answers why. I don't remember.
Peter (5 years ago)
The creators don't know who will be the protagonist? The creators have shut down.
James Koutrafouris (5 years ago)
its in the new DLC...
DarthBobify (5 years ago)
To future people who will purchase this game.. DON'T. The game lacks the fun game play of the original Prototype. I like how they set up the different zones but it's not worth it. You can't do much after completing the story like in original. Cannot get inside military bases, no Goliaths in the red zone, no super soldiers,no artillery strikes or blaming people they are the virus.... I expected this to happen in free roaming at least not gore it up .... and too easy for players....
aaquib aleem (5 years ago)
Y r u giving bad words my friend dont give bad words pls ok
VISAL NAIR (5 years ago)
is no one watching this video i didn't get my request
VISAL NAIR (5 years ago)
Dr. Lexander Alhazred (5 years ago)
tudy000 (5 years ago)
You don't say?!
G.A. Production (5 years ago)
you have it ina a dlc!
sara cs (5 years ago)
I've only played Prototype 2. It's so fucking fun. If you could just imagine for a second how much of a whiny little bitch you sound like to me...
JohnJRenns (5 years ago)
There's 13000 comments in here, how do he suppose to find it?
JohnJRenns (5 years ago)
You can have it as a skin, but it does not improve your defense, just a look.
Randy Apituley (5 years ago)
awesome game
tudy000 (5 years ago)
How about you check some of my other comments here,NOOB....

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