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7 Days to Die - Kicked out of Trader Joels - Can It Be Prevented Above? Below?

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In this 7 Days to Die video, we are testing whether or not you can prevent being kicked out of Trader Joels when it closes. And what about zombies? SMASH that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for More!! ► Subscribe On Youtube! http://goo.gl/dJ6K01 ► Support On Patreon: https://goo.gl/CmLKbh ► Discord Server: https://discord.gg/qD5qdsY ► Capp00 Merchandise: https://goo.gl/LtgVoe *SPONSORS/AFFILIATES:* ⚫ ElGato Gaming: http://e.lga.to/capp00 ⚫ TubeBuddy: https://www.tubebuddy.com/capp00 ⚫ KontrolFreeks: http://www.kontrolfreek.com/?a_aid=Capp00 *Follow me on Social Media:* ----------------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/capp00 ► Support On Patreon: https://goo.gl/CmLKbh ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/capp00.tx ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/capp00gaming ► Live Streaming: https://www.twitch.tv/capp00 ► Amazon Affiliate: http://amzn.to/2gwRjgN ► Capp00 Merchandise: https://goo.gl/LtgVoe ○○○○ My Tech Channel - CappTech: ○○○○ ► YT: https://www.youtube.com/c/capptech ► Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/capptech ----------------------------------------------------------- *GEAR I USE:* Camera: http://amzn.to/2FvEGzi Camera Mic: http://amzn.to/2xZZwnw Desktop Mic: http://amzn.to/2G4lLcO Capture Card: http://amzn.to/2FnWZmO Webcam: http://amzn.to/2G2CnS2 Mouse: http://amzn.to/2g8F2Pi ► Want to mail me something? Capp00 P.O. Box 174136 Arlington, TX. 76003 (Fan Art, Drawings, Post-Cards, Letters, Candy, T-shirts, hats, anything really) I'll unbox it live on video too. About 7 Days to Die: 7 Days to Die has redefined the survival genre, with unrivaled crafting and world-building content. Set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, 7 Days to Die is an open-world game that is a unique combination of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games. It presents combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth, in a way that has seen a rapturous response from fans worldwide. Play the definitive zombie survival sandbox RPG that came first. Navezgane awaits! End Screen Music: "Juke Joint Jezebel - KMFDM"
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Text Comments (274)
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Welcome all the new members to #CappNation. Trader Joel can't keep us out! ► Support On Patreon: https://goo.gl/CmLKbh ► Discord Server: https://discord.gg/qD5qdsY ► Capp00 Merchandise: https://goo.gl/LtgVoe
Rati0_ Gaming (1 month ago)
Capp00 what if it was hoard night and you was above the flag pole, could the zombies get in ?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You can't build in or on top of the entire area.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
I'm using the Simple UI mod
Ryan Kuypers (1 month ago)
Capp00, thanks for the educational videos. Quick question: How do you get your body temperature, food, and hydration levels on your HUD? I've looked all over the settings with no luck.
Rafael Mendivil (1 month ago)
Capp00 Great vid. Can you build on top of the Trader Joe's?
Who the hell builds bases above ground in this game?
Empyrion (10 days ago)
You can go into the well and you will be safe from the hordes.....
Capp00 (10 days ago)
Ok, I'll check it out later. Thanks!
Empyrion (10 days ago)
I sent you proof in your discord
Empyrion (10 days ago)
Nope it doesn't go down to the mine shaft area, I will gladdly show you in a video to prove to you its real
Capp00 (10 days ago)
It still kicks you out when he closes the doors though.
MisssDrisss (11 days ago)
What about under ground in the well?
Capp00 (11 days ago)
It still teleports you out
Prometheus 18562 (12 days ago)
Also could there be a video of vehicles and other things that 7 days could add it could be like a long list with other people's help.
Prometheus 18562 (12 days ago)
since apparently zombies are allowed to stay in couldn't you trick the system into thinking you're a zombie by getting infected?
LodanSD (16 days ago)
So Can you ACTUALLY build above the Flagpole?
Capp00 (15 days ago)
I don't know if you can. I know you don't get teleported out above the flagpole.
Jaci Naragon (17 days ago)
Silvia, her niece Brittany, and their big friend Paul
SuicideBeGood (19 days ago)
I've been looking for half an hour I still can't find the trader
Simon Valen (21 days ago)
there are tunnels under that trader check in the well
Capp00 (21 days ago)
You still get teleported out even in there.
Sinner_Purge _Empire (23 days ago)
When are the consol updates coming? Been months we still don't have the turrents i'm on xbox one
Connor McMullen (28 days ago)
Do u still get kicked out if your in the underground cave system at the bottom of the well?
Capp00 (27 days ago)
David Fubuster (29 days ago)
The closest trader to me in my solo is glitched. I can't ever go in. If i get to close, I'm tp. Sucks but i did find several more traders. Think it had something to do with the door when i was kinda on it but not when it closed. Btw, if you want to stay with the trader, WOT mod is cool. You can stay at the traders and you actually have AI that helps you defend it.
Oliver Blaze (30 days ago)
For some reason it teleports me out even during day now in this specific trader location, I’ve restarted my game but still kicks me out and can’t go to this trader anymore. Is there anything I can do?
Capp00 (29 days ago)
I'm honestly not sure. It's a bug, but I haven't see it myself.
Ben Havenner (30 days ago)
Is console ever getting another update?
Capp00 (30 days ago)
I heard this is a big update coming this summer, but I don't have any information.
Christken King (30 days ago)
Can you build in trader joels?
Capp00 (30 days ago)
No, unfortunately.
Mauro Ernesto (30 days ago)
what about standing on the flag?
Capp00 (30 days ago)
Once you touch it, from what I could tell, it kicks you out.
Fredrik Andersson (30 days ago)
Can a red moon horde kill the trader if you leave all the outpost doors open? Me and some friends suspect that's what happened while playing v15, possibly v14. Someone forgot to close all the doors and after the red moon the trader was permanently closed. A real bummer as we had set up shop nearby for easy trader access. Sounds like that's not an issue anymore as the trader's front door close automatically at 22:00, or maybe it was just a bug back then.
Capp00 (30 days ago)
A good habit to have. :)
Fredrik Andersson (30 days ago)
Thanks! Good to know. Still going to politely close the trader's doors when I leave out of old habit though.
Capp00 (30 days ago)
No, the doors close automatically and are locked and can't be re-opened until the next day.
Jordan Kabke (1 month ago)
I subscribed
matthew williams (1 month ago)
i didnt think you could place block inside?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You can't.
James Facciolli (1 month ago)
Isnt there an underground area in that trade building?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Yes, it won't keep you from getting kicked out though.
Joe LOSEY (1 month ago)
what about building inside of the area? try it, and see if it will let you.
Joe LOSEY (1 month ago)
okay, it was just a thought.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You can't build inside or on top of.
Spellcaster14 (1 month ago)
Can the zombies destroy trader Joel's? If you were to sit above it during a blood moon would they break in?
Spellcaster14 (1 month ago)
Ah ok, that makes sense.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
They can't. The structures are treated as barrier/bedrock.
Justin Spaulding (1 month ago)
For the low low cost of a new scuf controller my law firm will represent you in a court of law for non-zombie discrimination. Traitor Joel will be traitor capp00 once we're through!
Portal Gaming (1 month ago)
Keep up the good work man, I believe in you
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Thank you, I appreciate that :)
Sam Rutter (1 month ago)
You rock
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Thank you sir!
Cadibaluzzi (1 month ago)
Can zombies enter in the shop while you are buying? can they kill the trader or don't care about him?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
If you leave the gates open, zombies can enter the base. I don't believe they can hit him, because they aren't designed to even target him. So assuming you managed to hide directly behind him while they were trying to hit you, they probably wouldn't even be able to reach him.
Mr pro pipes (1 month ago)
At least on console you can't build over the trader... If you have max health you can build up kinda high and jump over the wall, but it leaves you with almost no health.
Mandatory Profile (1 month ago)
I think the whole area is protected from digging and building, all the way from the top to bottom. I could be wrong but I think I wasn't able to build too close when I have tried it. So cheating (flying) is the only option but if you consider flying a viable option then you don't need to be at the trader, you can just hover through the night anywhere on the map. Edit: I have confirmed that one cannot build over the protected area. (tested at 154 elevation, didn't have more frames with me to go higher)
thunderlord2200 (1 month ago)
are you able to be able ti disable this at all or mod it so it disables this? i can unstand forcing you out of store, but i would think they would of allowed u to stay inside,
w g (1 month ago)
Can you do a 7 day horde vs the traders base or would they not be able to attack it either . Just curious
accident04prone (1 month ago)
Great vid! Hey have you thought of checking out Conan Exiles? Just officially launched on steam and has a similar same feel as this game. PLUS we could all use your mythbusting skills for that game! haha. Keep up the good work.
Gamesanity (1 month ago)
can zombies attack you inside Trader Joes?, can zombies walk inside trader Joes if you leave the door open? Cuz Im assuming that in this video you spawn the zombies in, right?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Yes, they can walk right in through the front gate.
SARSteam Railways (1 month ago)
ha ha ha, this is cool. Thanx for making the time to do it... I might try the bridge thing for fun :)
Capp00 (1 month ago)
My pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to watch it :)
tenshi souran (1 month ago)
Hay capp00 were the zombies active and can you place blocks on the flag pole or just above it
Raul Lawson (1 month ago)
Is this game getting any new updates smh I stopped playing after awhile
Midge Fidget (1 month ago)
There's a hatch in the well that takes you under the store. Try being way down in there when the timer goes off.
Glitchy Soup (1 month ago)
7 Days to Die - Kicked out of Trader Joels - Can It Be Prevented Above? Below? Above: *yes* Bellow: *no* I really hate, when you have to spend 7 minutes of your time to get answers to these 2 yes or no questions.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
It's called a testing video, not a Q&A. If you hate it, make one yourself that's 5 seconds long just answering the question. People pose these things for me to test. So I TEST them as many ways as I can think of to prove one way or another. Which is what people want to see.
Sara Webb (1 month ago)
that's how you can get a trader killed
MadMikeGamerXL1 (1 month ago)
Not sure if anyone has mentioned this already, but you flying above the flagpole gave me a thought. I'd assume the collision box of the trader is the height of that flagpole, since you were able to fly above without being teleported. My idea is; since you're able to fly above that, I'm going to assume building above the trader at that height would work... would it be possible to build perhaps a bridge of sorts at that height for horde night? Since the zombies will start attacking the walls that are still protected, is this possible? I'm gonna guess not but it'd be a nice test. Great video!
SlayerO013 (1 month ago)
It would be funny as hell if you could go in there with stage 2 of 3 infection and the game had a cataclysmic brainfart and didn't kick your ass out since it thought you were a zombie also. :P
KC askmelater (1 month ago)
CAPPO was wondering if you built a cage can you take the arms off a zombie and keep it as a pet
Capp00 (1 month ago)
No not really, they'll still bite you.
jnipper81 (1 month ago)
I always thought trader joels should rent rooms
Kinq Calb (23 days ago)
jnipper81 Oh you mean like in Fallout 4 I see.
Brian Helt (23 days ago)
That would be pretty cool. I also don't understand why we can't sleep on the beds that we craft. Obviously not on horde nights, but on normal nights it would be a lot better than crouching in the middle of my house all night, waiting for daylight.
jnipper81 (1 month ago)
Kinq Calb no i mean if you rent a room you dont get the whole night you skip to the morning.
Kinq Calb (1 month ago)
jnipper81yea but not on hoard night. And it should be a ridiculous price because of the OP protection you get from the unbreakable blocks
Gyles Lawley (1 month ago)
Can't kill anything in traders on console as far as I know. I tryed when a bear got in and couldn't kill it
Denver P (1 month ago)
If the zombies were switched to "move", would they be kicked out?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
No, they'd just wander around inside, unable to get out.
Shiv (1 month ago)
Pro tip: lock the zombies inside the trader’s for the night 👍
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Excellent tip :)
CHERUSCI 14 (1 month ago)
Tradet Joel is definitely of the MERCHANT CLASS (you see the parenthesis too huh?)
CHERUSCI 14 (1 month ago)
Man, I spawned in a Random WAY north of him, and it was so cold where I was that I could barely run 100 paces without having yo build a campfire. After I finally get to the trader risking life limb and property all along they way, whats my first experience w the place " hey folks, trader asshole is closing" or whatever he says. I built a base and campfire in record timing, survive the night, just to find my little 53 chips aint worth a bowl of catpuke
Ender Dragon (1 month ago)
Break down the door
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You cant
Dwergarphalanx (1 month ago)
If i am correct you won't even be able to build above it either. I don't think the Traders acts like bedrock. it acts more like a claim block. if i am correct that should prevent building. have you tried testing if you can build over top of the traders yet?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
I haven't. I know you can't build on or inside the traders area. If it's like a land claim, then if you go high enough, you should be able to.
HuntingMachine (1 month ago)
Trader Joels! XD
Copendub (1 month ago)
I believe there is a way to turn off eveything that makes a trader a trader off such as kicking you out at 50 and being indestructible in the xmls in the prefab folder. You open data then prefabs and find the settlement ones. those are the traders. you find the one you want or all of them. open the xml (example=settlement_trader_01.xml ) and set trader area to false and remove the numbers in trader area protect and teleport. Then generate a new world and go find that trader or any trader if you did it to all of them. Now you should be able to either break in after hours or stay in and not be kicked.or even make a base out of a trader outpost.
Copendub (1 month ago)
obviously you cant do this on console and yes i know you weren't going for anything near this in the video im just letting people know the possibility is there.
Justin Frost (1 month ago)
What about the lock safe behind the trader
Justin Frost (1 month ago)
Capp00 I know that but it's locked 🔒
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You have to find the secret underground tunnel that leads to the trap door behind him :)
Indigo Red (1 month ago)
One thing I would have been interested in. This certain trader has underground tunnels. You go down the well. I wonder what effect that would have. I think I know, but curious all the same. Great stuff as always Capp!
Capp00 (1 month ago)
If you are within the borders of the walls, it still kicks you out. And thank you :)
Necron99 (1 month ago)
Usually if not always on PS4 ( at least) when u kill Zombies inside of the Traitors no trespass zone; the Z’s will disappear before u can loot & skin them.
Actually according to what i have done and seen so far there is 12 blocks from each side of the wall that count as bedrock. You can not build on top of them you can not destroy anything on them but u can go and dig all around the trader till bedrock and you can start building at the 13+block ,so for people who wanna try and go above flag pole level remembwr you have at least 15-20 blocks before you get past the walls ;) imma tey and see if i can managw to build a bridge. Ty capoo fr the vid abt 7days!
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Thank you for watching!
Sylvain Ruest (1 month ago)
There's a bug with traders that happens, not sure what cause it tbh, but they lock down and don't open back up...ever! You can try to get in the trader right at high noon and it will still kick you out as if he's closed. The sign on the outside will be turned off like it's midnight. It's kinda funny, that happened to me in my first game on Navezgane and exactly at that specific trader. I thought that was what you were testing. But hey ho, kinda hard to test out bugs. In case you're wondering, it happens also on random gens and that/those traders that will lock down are basically dead. They will never open again even if you cheat commands. Nada, try it, I dare you xD Concerning this video, I can't wait to see someone build a bridge over a trader that spans like 150 blocks accross. You can't build on traders so physics will kick in and the math is not looking to good for those who tries. GL!
mrwoggle doggle (1 month ago)
Hey capp. I found a glitch where I seem to get kicked out of another traders (not Joel’s as in the vid) at any time of the day. Same teleporting. Not sure if I upset the guy but it boots me and my mini bike when I try to enter. Do you have any ideas? Thanks
Capp00 (1 month ago)
It is a bug I've heard of, but never seen it myself.
BlueMysteryWolf (1 month ago)
Can you even build up there to begin with?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
That's a good question. Give it a try and see ;)
Cody Sloan (1 month ago)
Yayyyyy new video 😍
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Atze Fatze (1 month ago)
The trader is a big invisible cube that has been defined before. Everything within this cube gets kicked out. Another thing is that zombies never go thru the door/gate when its open, it looks like there is a invisible wall for the zombies. Greetings...
Dirk Visser (1 month ago)
Atze Fatze in a16 they can walk trough the gate but in a15 they cant
queasyweasel (1 month ago)
Oh also if a wandering horde spawns in or around the trader, be sure to loot the bodies before they turn into gore blocks; since nothing can be placed on the trader land, gore blocks won't spawn and the zombies will disappear along with any loot on them :L
queasyweasel (1 month ago)
Zombies can also spawn inside the trader's gates, I had a wandering horde spawn in there randomly while I was shopping for a while :P They couldn't destroy any of the blocks either though
Necron99 (1 month ago)
“True CAPP; they can walk into traitor Joe’s and they CAN hurt you...though the traitor won’t do anything about it.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
The zombies can walk through the gates when the doors are open. No problem at all.
daniel schooley (1 month ago)
If you want to stay at the trader i recommend playing darkness falls mod you are allowed to stay at traders in that mod. good video as always.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Well of course. This wasn't about mods, it was about if it was possible at all in the core game.
Danu Winartha (1 month ago)
The question is, can you build the bridge over it? Does the invisible wall hold a structural integrity?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
That is a good question.
Terry Rhuebottom (1 month ago)
OK so how could you use being able to go above trader joes to your advantage? IS there a way to base there somehow?
Terry Rhuebottom (1 month ago)
That might make a good video
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Maybe so.
Michael Barabos (1 month ago)
hey, what texture mod is that?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
No texture mod. Only thing I have installed is the Extra UI mod.
Basta recker (1 month ago)
Pff, reminds me of the first time playing 7DTD when I finnaly found a trader and thought I could sit out the 7 day horde at his place. God was I wrong...
Basta recker (1 month ago)
Capp00 Yeah no hospitality there
Capp00 (1 month ago)
He booted you out on your butt huh? lol
Einlander _ (1 month ago)
"The ownership of land is an odd thing when you come to think of it. How deep, after all, can it go? If a person owns a piece of land, does he own it all the way down, in ever narrowing dimensions, till it meets all other pieces at the center of the earth? Or does ownership consist only of a thin crust under which the friendly worms have never heard of trespassing?" -Tuck Everlasting
kriskorp (1 month ago)
What a rude fella. I say you take your business to Trader Hugh. I bet he will be less of a jerk.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
I will definitely be moving on town the road. lol
LordFireFist (1 month ago)
I don't think the traders are brave enough to "move" the Zombies at night and that's why the Zombies are allowed to stay #cappnation
Capp00 (1 month ago)
<3 He's hiding behind the safety of his counter.
BlackburnBigdragon (1 month ago)
Can you place blocks around the Trader? If so, an elevated base right above might be an interesting idea.
Jerry Smith (1 month ago)
its like 15 blocks out from the trader walls it wont let you place blocks, you can't get above the flagpole because there is no way for you to support the structure or even place blocks inside the "force field"
BlackburnBigdragon (1 month ago)
Here's the question: Will that flag pole support a block. What's the most minimal structure you can get to live up over the top of the trader and still be a decent safe base? This could come in handy. A base... a trader down in your basement. The question would be... supports of course. That would be the big issue.
random person (1 month ago)
+Capp00 double reply
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You can, but I'm not quite sure how close you can build to the base.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You can, but I'm not quite sure how close you can build to the base.
theraiderz64 (1 month ago)
I found the teleporter thing on a hoard night...... Sprinting across the desert was never more intense
dominic manok (19 days ago)
David Arbogast (1 month ago)
For anyone considering altering blocks or building around the trader, do so at your own risk for it can cause the trader to despawn permanently. He can be replaced via console commands/debug mode but it's a hassle. People think its a glitch but I think the Fun Pimps enabled this intentionally so people wont have an advantage building so close to the trader. I've tried it many times and each time that bugger despawns.
Eldor Luedtke (11 days ago)
I put my base across the road from Rekt, I had this tower I built as a way to see of I could get high enough to not be detected/hunted on 7th day hord, I was showing as not detected, but they took the bottom out and down I came. Rekt has never opened again, parts of my tower are in the road, I can not remove them, he won't open. Sadness.
TheNaraShikaku (1 month ago)
Good to know!
Ryan C (1 month ago)
This works on console, can confirm because I tried it
Empyrion (10 days ago)
Its only does this on the Navesgane map, On random gen maps, you can stay in the underground area. I have done it many times. I have done it with friends, its not confirmed at all.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Nice! Thanks for confirming.
diAMID80 (1 month ago)
I found a traider in a sandy biome and dug it in a circle, sitting on the edge of an indestructible zone can survive blood moon horde
Capp00 (1 month ago)
There are 5 total trader spots in the world, I believe. Different traders there, but same concept. A great hiding spot
Mr. Fox (1 month ago)
You need do do a video to see if you can build a base above the trader to survive a horde night! That would be awesome if it worked!
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Will do :)
Andrew Freeman (1 month ago)
Have you heard of a glitch that kicks people out during the day when it should be open? There is one trader in my map that I walk into no matter the time and get teleported out... Another good video!
Capp00 (1 month ago)
I have actually heard of people getting locked out entirely.
Kevin Hathaway (1 month ago)
I found that if you access the trader the split second he kicks you out the shopping menu is still available until you close the window
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Bailey Wiseman (1 month ago)
*Traitor* joels
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Indeed he is!
gautam pillai (1 month ago)
hey cap did you know w=about a damn structure within the gorge in the desert in navezgane map i am thinking to go into it but a bit nervous can you guide me through it?
Zly Kebab (1 month ago)
New, nice video
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Thank you very much!
gautam pillai (1 month ago)
very cool facts i get to know from you man thank you for your effort
Capp00 (1 month ago)
I'm glad to know that, thank you :)
gautam pillai (1 month ago)
HMMMMM interesting so can we make a pyramid or a structure surrounding the traders base? like a shell basically surrounding the trader
a z (1 month ago)
gautam pillai wuld be cool
random person (1 month ago)
I have an idea . if you dig a fall pit around the trader and place some iron bars on the inside edges , the zombies can't damage the walls AND the trader won't kick you out .
Saraphiene Haldritch (1 month ago)
I heard the traders can be killed by wolves if they get inside.
mbos14 (1 month ago)
last time was around the switching of the year and they still where unable to get inside even with open doors
Jerry Smith (1 month ago)
how long ago did you last play because they have been able to get in for a long time now
mbos14 (1 month ago)
i did that once and they got stuck on an invisible wall where the open gate was.
ZombieBarioth (1 month ago)
mbos14 They can't destroy the walls, but if you leave the gate open they can still wander in.
stonie Cad (1 month ago)
I need to see this.
Kevin Tedford (1 month ago)
I wonder if it makes a difference that the zombies are "sleeping" and if they're active would they be kicked out?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
No, they aren't affected regardless, they can hang out all they want
Saraphiene Haldritch (1 month ago)
Capp what about under the trader? Next to you in the video is a well you can access and go down under ground. Kind of a cool place down there but basically useless except for the mushroom. But would you still get kicked out since you're under ground?
David Arbogast (1 month ago)
Isnt the chem station down there too? Its not totally useless.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Yeah, you still get the boot if you are down there too :)
PilotDamian (1 month ago)
Hey Cappoo, have you dried digging at the sides and behind the fort?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
No problem and thank you for watching :)
PilotDamian (1 month ago)
Capp00 ah gotcha thanks! Btw nice video! Keep doing more!!
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Yes, it's the same all around it.
random person (1 month ago)
sometimes I get a bug when one of the traders walls are missing and. can get in
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Oh nice. Not really breaking and entering if the wall is missing lol
MrEgomies (1 month ago)
I did this also in my playthrough... I made huge fallpit around trader "island"
MrEgomies (1 month ago)
And you can build on the wall that can't be destroyed. So if you make that fallpit around trader wide enought you can make a base on the edge of trader area, how cool is that? And with drawbridge you can make youself a easy way over the pit.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Very tedious, grinding work.
MrEgomies (1 month ago)
Capp00 yeah put the work to do it was horrible! Still i found lots of gold,silver and diamonds :)
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Seems like it would be a good strategy.
Zynjnn ` (1 month ago)
Capp00 You are always thinking outside the box (pun intended) Great Video. Admittedly this has been a lil secret I found early on in my gameplay. I do hope that FP corrects the height level above the traders so it is non-build area, but it is a nice lil emergency blood moon reststop if one has done the work and or finds themself out in the wilds low or out of ammo at nightfall. I have tried to see just how many Zeds can fit into the area before the night is up, lol it can be made into a funny non kill fall trap or Zed kinnel. lol
Zynjnn ` (1 month ago)
One of the best things about 7d2d is one's imagination is really the only limit. There is just no wrong way to play, but this is really jumping on the line to the Gray Area of a game exploit imo lol. Why not try it once until they fix it. :P
Capp00 (1 month ago)
:) Thanks. That would be a good way to contain them, get them locked in at night.
martin pollard (1 month ago)
Have you thought of dropping a bedroll?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You can't place any blocks.
John Nicholson (1 month ago)
Check out the "Darkness Falls" mod. No protection on trader base, you can build on the trader base and must help protect him. Really cool.
StevenSendak (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, yeah. I don't believe the trader nor the Quest NPC can be killed. My favorite tactic with Darkness Falls is to fortify a trading post and turn it into a functioning base with security. (There are guards defending the base who die quickly if you don't protect them, but can obliterate zeds if utilized correctly.)
The big question is, is the trader himself still in god mode?
Capp00 (1 month ago)
That does sound pretty cool!
Bits of Pulp (1 month ago)
SPOILER I found out that all of the ground all the way to the bedrock is invulnerable. I wanted to try destroying a Trader's post in CM by digging out the ground from under him and replacing it with a bunch of gas barrels. I don't know if that's changed recently, however.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Hmmm, I literally tested that in the video, that it was invulnerable all the way to the bedrock.
DarthLysis (1 month ago)
Guess that keeping zombies in and humans out is why it is called "Traitor" Joels! Nice vid!
Capp00 (1 month ago)
lol yup. Thanks for watching :)
Skittzy (1 month ago)
Just a thought could you dig a trench around the trader post and then wait closer to the walls as the Z’s would fall into an unbreakable trench down below whilst you were safe up top?
Jerry Smith (1 month ago)
yes you can do this, i have a trench 4 wide, down to bedrock all around the trader, leave a couple blocks past where you can't build and you can even put in a drawbridge. it's cheap, but it works lol.
Saraphiene Haldritch (1 month ago)
Skittzy problem would be spitters and maybe spiders. It would be easier just digging to bedrock in the mountains or building to 100 election to completely avoid horde night all together
Skittzy (1 month ago)
Capp00 another brilliant post as well so thanks, thought it might be possible to build a platform above the trader using a post in each corner you could then dig the trench and wait on the platform on horde nights
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Possibly yes. You might be able to stand between the closest dig spot and the wall without it launching you back out. Hmmmm
ironman213 (1 month ago)
I was kick out permenttly what did I do wrong? The to the store would never open.
ironman213 (1 month ago)
Capp00 Yes I was permanently locked out. I thought I had hit something inside there with an axe and got booted. Didn't know if you had come across that
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Even the next day?
Smigol PL (1 month ago)
You haven't try to stay on top of the flag.
Smigol PL (1 month ago)
Ok,i think i didn't see that
Capp00 (1 month ago)
I went on top of the flag in the video. You can't build in there, so I was flying right on top of it.
bobs200 (1 month ago)
I knew about the bedrock thing, but not about being able stay above trader Joe's. Can you build in trader Joe's or around it. Thanks another great video
Capp00 (1 month ago)
You can't build in or close to around the base. So if you were going to figure out a way to build over it, it would start out wide.
James gs (1 month ago)
Go and talk to the trader and stay in that menu and see if he still kicks you out
Capp00 (1 month ago)
He does.
Dwayne Wallage (1 month ago)
You're going to have lots of fun with Alpha 17, but it still looks like its a few months off. That HP and experience bar they use to show us how far along they are is still more then a third full, and its not going down fast. Still, can't wait for its release. Cars, bikes, single player copter, and full guns as loot, rather then gun parts. Gun mods instead of parts, so that will help with buffs, but no more incomplete weapons! Who in the hell ever heard of all those weapons being in pieces like that in real life? Mind you, who ever heard of seven day hordes in real life either.
Capp00 (1 month ago)
Yeah I'm really looking forward to A17 too.

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