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How Easy Can Kids Buy M-Rated Games?

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Text Comments (374)
OreoZSUK (6 days ago)
Either get your parents to buy it say your 17 or Just buy it on your console
caden3ds (3 months ago)
I think kids should play m rated shooters, except if there shooting innocent people
Big Mac without cheese (3 months ago)
caden3ds All M rated games!
Stoney Steve (4 months ago)
I hate how people blame the industry but it's really just their shitty parenting.
Alex mendez (4 months ago)
I got cod blacks ops 3 and infinte warfare they asked my dad for id and he was talking on the phone with my mom and the attendent said do u let them play these game and my dad said yeah but was not even paying attention and gave him the id and bam!
Alex mendez (3 months ago)
Christian 2018 ikr
Big Mac without cheese (3 months ago)
Elliee 05 Those rats did that to my dad too. I wanted to tell them off so badly.
FpKz Catdude (6 months ago)
My dad is actually really chill about most M rated games! I just bought a Call of Duty game yesterday (but he was there that is a requirement if ur under 17 lol!)
Default 76 (6 months ago)
oliver cruz (7 months ago)
12 not 18 12
oliver cruz (7 months ago)
i am 10 i am only aload 12 games
bungholegaming6 king (7 months ago)
I am 19 years old now then i.ll get that
ALEXIS A (8 months ago)
Walks in GameStop alone Worker : Walks in GameStop with Dad Worker: HI WHAT CAN WE GRT FOR YOU WE HAVE EXCLUSIVE NEW GAMES AND FREE MEMBERS CARD
Kithro Games (9 months ago)
I hope all children who get m rated games to burn :D KILL THEM ALL
Pagan Min (9 months ago)
I mean I don't care as long as they don't do it
The Demon Mercenary 03 (9 months ago)
when i was 11 or 12,i bought Assassins Creed IV without any problem
fortnite boy (3 months ago)
Same I'm getting it when I'm 12
ZingZong (10 months ago)
if the parents let them to play or listen or watch them that is the parents choice not other people
Evan boi (10 months ago)
Kids get whatever they want. I mean,Even I got doom! And I’m (insert age here)
antonio perez (11 months ago)
I’m 16 years old but realistically I’d say I look like 19+ with my facial hair and everything, A lot of people think I’m already an adult even though I’m not. I wonder if I could buy an M rated game without them id’ing me.
I Play Everyone,Everyone +10,Teen & Mature Rating Games. ;)
EdgyDabs (11 months ago)
My first game was gta san andreas i was 3 years old
Benjavaz (1 year ago)
I'm just pissed off that kids and teens are treated like second class less-than-human members of society.
phone , (7 months ago)
Yea adults think they like gods or something I’m a human too
King Rage (1 year ago)
It easy to buy games user age I was 9 years old and it was dead rising that’s ma 15 plus and I bought movies like that to
Bell AH-1 Supercobra (21 days ago)
In the store, or online? Australia?
John Carlson (1 year ago)
Ya word i am 16 i went to go buy rainbow six siege which is kind of a mild M rated shooter similar to battlefield and call of duty and the guy at GameStop wouldn't let me buy it. I even showed him my drivers license which proves that i am 16
fortnite boy (3 months ago)
What your old enough to get a m rated game
Koba The Irish Pomsky (1 year ago)
13 no one under
Random guy (1 year ago)
How easy it really is Creat a steam account Beg ur mom 4 a gif gad Use lt 2 bye a M rated gaem Misspelled 4 fun
Matt Kacar (1 year ago)
I got skyrim when i was 13
fortnite boy (3 months ago)
I'll get it when I'm 12 or 13
Leonardo Da vin ci (8 months ago)
Chuck Norris i got it when i was 10
Sebastian Garrido (1 year ago)
I hate being 16
SaltyStyx 53 (1 year ago)
I have my first Adult game at like 7
SaltyStyx 53 (1 year ago)
My parents bought me my first M game 6
soulchard/tacocat (1 year ago)
being a kid im pretty angry (mature kid) (doesnt mean i have m games) that these kids have these m games that teach them to kill ppl
Only god Knows (1 year ago)
parents MUST know how to buy and care for their kids , not leave them alone
Swag (1 year ago)
First sixteen seconds and I'm already cringing
Mr. Naviel (1 year ago)
Can't u just call gamestop and act like you are your parent and tell them your kid (you) is gonna pick it up with the money?
+Godfrrey000 buy games online kids
Godfrrey000 (10 months ago)
They can tell by the voice tho so it won't always work
Yee Boiii (1 year ago)
I played Gta since I was 5 years old and my grades are top and I don't go and beat up innocent people I'm not a bad boy
Sazzandara 1996 (1 year ago)
it's such bs I'm 21 and I still get ID for a video game
Queleas (1 year ago)
Wow, sounds pretty good! (>_<)
Jeremy R (1 year ago)
I remember when i was a kid CoD 2 just came out and i made my mom buy it for me the dude at walmart gave us the dirtiest look i flipped him off as i walked away with the game in my hands LOL
Well said!
TGIDV1 (1 year ago)
or teen
Mr.Panda Gaming (1 year ago)
If your under age and GameStop won't let u have it, just order the game online easy as that
Or tell a kid that you will buy it for them but must pay an extra ten dollars lol nerd profit
+Godfrrey000 yeee yeee
Godfrrey000 (10 months ago)
Or buy a bunch of gift cards and digitally download the game
ClashGo Gaming! (1 year ago)
Mr.Panda Gaming u have 2 be with an adult and they will tell the adult everything in the game
DBZ32AMV (1 year ago)
I'm 11 and I still got gta 5 but I almost wasn't able to get it because the dumbass GameStop guy said it has nudity and sexual content and cursing which my dad hates but it was my money so i got it
PrettyGoodGamer 35 (1 year ago)
its usually luck and creativeness basically. BTW you do realize you could download it online with a gift card or credit card and it will finish downloading in like a hour or less ,without the cashier hassle.
sarah Harmison (1 year ago)
i got codbo3
DrunkSamurai (2 years ago)
It isn't even illegal to sell M rated games to minors anyway.
Cole Anti-Zilla 82 (2 years ago)
DrunkSamurai I'm pretty sure they are just recommendations too
DrunkSamurai (2 years ago)
+Lnks Claybitblocks Only thing I'm not sure about is if it applies to movies too.
Cole Anti-Zilla 82 (2 years ago)
DrunkSamurai Yep the ratings are recommendations
CMPunkFan 2005 (2 years ago)
is watch dogs good
Godfrrey000 (10 months ago)
Watch dogs 2 is better
Destructor 9F (2 years ago)
no its shit
jordan saiyan (2 years ago)
the only games that i think that are not for kids is gta 5 and god of war
lighing flash (8 months ago)
GodfrreyRBLX SO what I grew up liking gore.
lighing flash (8 months ago)
jordan saiyan Well its not your child shut up. Im 12 and I ave god of war and gta 5 what your going to do about it
Godfrrey000 (10 months ago)
Yea god of war is very bloody and gorey
jordan saiyan (2 years ago)
Yep i would care the game has nudity or sexual content
jordan saiyan (2 years ago)
Michael Lai (2 years ago)
the store keeper does not even care
Master Of Bait (1 year ago)
Bell AH-1 Supercobra where they sell games stupid
Michael Lai (1 year ago)
Bell AH-1 Supercobra (1 year ago)
Which stores, may I ask?
HAZOX (2 years ago)
I'm a teen,yet I still cant
The Joker (2 years ago)
I just bough just cause 3 sweet!!
relaxed Adrian (2 years ago)
dude im under 18 and got gta v and left 4 dead with my money
DBZ32AMV (1 year ago)
dragon slayer cause ur 1 year older then the M 17 thing on the back
Dragonborn 360 (2 years ago)
Buying call of duty for your kids is not bad parenting.
James Aparicio No it isn't.
lighing flash (8 months ago)
Dragonborn 360 Excuse me thats stupid a 13 year old is still a child and they can still shoot up a school so yea. Dont pretend if their are a older kid they wont do stupid stuff they can if they want to.
lighing flash (8 months ago)
HARAMBE Haaraambe No its fucking not I been playing call of duty since I as 9 you need to shut up. Bad parenting is parents not raising their child right. Buying a fucking game got nothing to do with parents raising their child.
John Carlson (1 year ago)
James Aparicio no man you can put a setting on your console to mute voice chat and you can turn off blood and that stuff
jason pech (1 year ago)
Blitzmister GMD why are you saying it sucks all i see on your channel is geometry dash
ok halo isn't even that bad It's only rated M for Blood That's It!
Kennan Dunn (1 year ago)
Gaming4Real-The4RealGamer same goes for skyrim.
Andre Temperatura (1 year ago)
Gaming4Real-The4RealGamer true forge is so kid friendly!
GEORGE CARTER (2 years ago)
Im 16 and im 1 year away from buying a m game but my mom is lazy taking me 😁😁😁
DJ Holster (2 years ago)
So yesterday I went to Gamestop and I saw a GTA V with a rated C sticker over the rated M. 🤔
Logan Paul (1 month ago)
Grapes And Berries (3 months ago)
Haha a 3 year old playing an 18+ game, buy it Now XD
fucking buy it and keep it, funny as shit
bro dgamer (2 years ago)
who else is playing a call of duty game
KidsPlanet (2 years ago)
You have a really nice channel
_ _ (2 years ago)
I was playing gta at the age of 3 mabie this explains my therapist I'm 13 now
ricer boi (2 years ago)
this is so stupid....u can just buy gift cards and redeem them online lol
L3GENDS (2 years ago)
Andrew Bond (2 years ago)
My mom wouldn't let me get an m rated game till I was 10
Default 76 (6 months ago)
I was 9 when I first got a M Rated game.
phone , (7 months ago)
Mine cousin played gta when he was 7
Aids a (8 months ago)
i wont get it when till my 20 im still 12 but i can play m rated games on my frienf house sucks
Godfrrey000 (10 months ago)
And I got my first at 7
Godfrrey000 (10 months ago)
It's easy af to get r rated games in Australia
Get on My LeVeL (2 years ago)
I have a m rated game before when I was 10 my parents know that I'm responsible to not do actions like in the game in real life like gta, and call of duty
James Aparicio (2 years ago)
+Mahaer Mahmud (MahaerPlaysS2006) Why Do You Put A Capital Letter Before Every Word?
I Am 9.
I Am Also Responsible! But I Don't Buy Because I Can Be Offend.
Anthony Ventrella (2 years ago)
Just buy it digital
Lil’ Kasp (2 years ago)
For real
Aidan Garcia (2 years ago)
i was playing gta for 5 years and i havent killed anybody yet and i dont want to
Supreme Kobè (2 years ago)
Liar. I really doubt you stayed still in the first room during the Prolouge mission for 5 years dude.
James Aparicio (2 years ago)
lol want a trophy or something?
KaiTavia (2 years ago)
You were probably raised very well.
The Randomchannel (2 years ago)
dont worry there had been decade long studies that show they dont make kids violent
Aidan Garcia (2 years ago)
it took me 2 years to get me an m game lol
Timothy Graham (2 years ago)
Man it's easier buying a joint at my middle school then getting m rated video games believe me I know
Stoney Steve (4 months ago)
Timothy Graham id be trying to buy a new game that just came out and they wouldn't let me so I just hit up one of the thousands of dealers and bought a gram of coke instead lol
King Rage (1 year ago)
I tassie if you are a kid you can buy gta 5 my brother did and he was 10 when he did that
King Rage (1 year ago)
Timothy Graham no it not well depends on ho’s at the redgister but I was 9 and bought dead rising man
Servine (1 year ago)
Hammam Saeed lol
Only god Knows (1 year ago)
Timothy Graham lol a 9 year old could get GTA V in my country...
Old School C (2 years ago)
amazon is where I by m rated games
Landon 12j (3 years ago)
walmart video games are ripp off there way to expensive
Landon 12j (3 years ago)
and they still let him play
lighing flash (8 months ago)
GodfrreyRBLX You dont know nothing about his parents.
Godfrrey000 (10 months ago)
Well even if you're mature your parents are probs concerned about u plying them
Landon 12j (3 years ago)
my parents wont even let me play cod and im way mature then my older brother
Alex Pallett (3 years ago)
My GameStop is pretty good I tried to get a M game. They said nope. You have to have your parent.. Or guardian
DrunkSamurai (2 years ago)
How does that make GameStop good exactly?
Alex Pallett (2 years ago)
+ mw3 is not even violent compared to other games  
Alex Pallett (2 years ago)
+Salvador Sanchez  i know right.... honestly i think if the kid gets the concept of the game he can get it
Lil’ Kasp (2 years ago)
Well that sucks
Nikita Bondarenko (2 years ago)
+Alex Pallett parent guardian is horrid and grouned shit. kids kills parents, steals m rated games. Robbers is better than Parent or Guardian
Peridot (3 years ago)
Dude...i can buy M rated games..as long as your parents are there its fine XD....they even let me pay for it myself...they didnt say a word about my age...NO ID NEEDED AND THIS IS GAME STOP!
Yolo Swag (3 years ago)
at my walmart theres a self checkout and no one checks it rings up normally
Kenley L (3 years ago)
And that's why we have steam
Kaiden Filmore 3rd (10 months ago)
And psn store
Ethen Rosas (2 years ago)
And PlayStation store gift cards :D
KaiTavia (2 years ago)
yes XD
malwaretester2000 (3 years ago)
very easy buy it online with a prepaid visa or amazon card that's how i got Saints Row 3 and Hitman Absolution
thesuperstickman87 (3 years ago)
I remember one time I was sixteen trying to buy battlefield (With my mom too) and I was at the register and about to pay for it when the cashier tells my mom it's rated m is that okay my mom says yes. So I give the cashier my money then she starts saying all this bullshit about the game saying that in every mission you cut somebody's head off, so then my mom says no even though I was sixteen at the time I wanted to punch that cashier so badly
justin gonzalez (3 years ago)
I 14 and I can buy Games at any store except GameStop
Lil’ Kasp (2 years ago)
Go to best buy you have a better chance there than you do at gamestop
I hate gamestop they did not let me buy saw the video game 👎👎
DBZ32AMV (1 year ago)
CF entertainment FLORES good cause it was ass anyway
Janet Sotelo (3 years ago)
+CF entertainment FLORES just have or mom or dad with you that's what I do
Brandon S. (3 years ago)
But honestly kids are exposed to so much at an early age anyway. Why is the age 17? I think it should be changed to 16-15.
Emogummies (3 years ago)
Lies I can easily buy any game in Wal-Mart
Kaiden Filmore 3rd (4 months ago)
That’s Walmart tdgaf they just there so they can get money plus there not hired to warn them about the game there hired just so they can buy it
borncoy (3 years ago)
+Texax k
Dany 578342 (3 years ago)
It really depends on how mature you are
RIPDunkey (3 years ago)
Im 12 and I just went to a retail shop to buy M rated games the guy don't even gave a shit plus im not a addict I do well in my studies lawl
CRISTOFOLINI (3 years ago)
I'm 16, I can drive a 2,000 pound truck by myself to Walmart, hand the guy my $60 I earned myself, but I can't buy a rated M game. I have been playing these games for years and believe it or not I'm not a murderer. I a teenager from Vermont, who doesn't hate his parents, and is always on my High School honor role. The whole Rated M system is broken especially now. That 12 year old can go buy $60 worth the PSN points and just download the game. They don't card for that, so you might as well just let them by it...
lighing flash (8 months ago)
Happy Bert But the thing is why cant you people mind your own damn business if he wants to play that let him. People like you are annoying to kids all you say is their too young for this their too young for that. You are not their parent.
Happy Bert (1 year ago)
The only thing i find dumb is that many gamers criticize kids when they see kids playing games like COD, CS:GO, TF2 and many other M or T rated games and tell them "You aren't suposed to play game like this, kid.". Yet 95% of them also played similar games at their age. Whenever i see a kid playing CS:GO i want to ask him " Aren't you too young to play games like this?" But then i remember that when i was 8 i played cs 1.6 everyday.
Marcus Green (3 years ago)
It's so easy to get M rated games when you're a kid. Go to the 7 eleven or whatever corner store near you. Buy a visa debit card that could be used for online purchases, put your cash on the debit card via the guy at the register. Go on amazon and make an account. Activate your card and buy your damn game. So easy.
Oskar Mora (3 years ago)
+Marcus Green Okay thanks
Marcus Green (3 years ago)
+Oskar Mora No
Oskar Mora (3 years ago)
+Marcus Green Do you have to pay taxes though?
Marcus Green (3 years ago)
+Oskar Mora it depends which type of debit card you're buying. Some of them ask for id. But buy a visa vanilla debit card I think that's what its called. You don't have to be 18 to buy that one.
Oskar Mora (3 years ago)
I live in USA in the state of Oregon
Amy Adams (4 years ago)
I remember walking into gamestop as a sophomore in high school and bought the game Persona 3 Portable. Now while not as bad as GTA it was still rated M. I was only 16 at the time and wasn't carded or asked if I had an adult who is buying it for me. Just straight up walked to the counter handed the guy my money and left. I think I also bought assassins creed as well. Even before the age of 16 I was buying rated M games without my parents being there. Maybe I just looked older but if you saw my past self I highly doubt that is the case. So guess it was just carelessness on their part. Only time I was asked if I had a parent was when my mom bought me GTA for my psp back in 7th grade.
hakukashi (3 years ago)
Like why do we who oppose such stupid, worthless age restrictions even bother patronizing such shitholes of stores, anyway? If they think it's ok or funny to shit on kids or teens, they sure as hell DON'T deserve any income. 
Amy Adams (3 years ago)
+hakukashi I bought the games 2 days after Christmas so it was still 2009 when I bought my rated M games. 
hakukashi (3 years ago)
+Amy Adams What year was that in?
Amy Adams (3 years ago)
I didn't either. It could be because of the one bath house scene or they point the evoker to their head. I'm guessing parents would be concerned if they saw the character pointing it to their head. But you are right that it is a good game.
Pear Avenger (4 years ago)
Easiest way is get steam free, buy 10 euros/dollars paysafecard, card code in to the steam, and buy da game
Kaiden Filmore 3rd (10 months ago)
Or get a psn gift card from GameStop with money on the card then redeem the code on your account
Knight Shiba (3 years ago)
Exactly but i was after Dragon Age 2 but it aint on steam
BJM Graphics (4 years ago)
Discipline! When I worked at Walmart as a front checkout cashier, I was the card checking Nazi and if the parent wasn't in line with them, I would hold the game under the register until a parent showed up. Every employee has an opportunity to sink or swim a retail store. All stores has protective messures for minors. The GameStop that I go to has a 100% checking on all M-rated games.
BJM Graphics (4 years ago)
M-rated content didn't exist when I was a kid not until in my teens and the rating system was brand new. My parents would have done and said the same thing if I were a kid growing up right now. Every child is different some brighter than others or have some mental issues so it's up to the parents in making the final decision. The rating system is just a tool and not the law, well at least not nationwide. Some parents think that the rating system is the law like tobacco or alcohol and that it is enough to protect their child but in most states it's not.
Amy Adams (4 years ago)
I dont think my gamestop ever did that unless it was gta. I was 16 and bought Persona 3 Portable for my psp. Not as bad as gta but still rated M. I was never carded or asked to see a parent. Only time was when my mom went with me to buy gta for my psp when I was in 7th grade. But it's good that your store does that. My mom at one time was the gamestop manager. So she knew all about the ratings and the games. But she had a talk with me when she bought me my first M game in 7th grade. Saying that this is just a game, it's doesn't pertain to real life and that if I ever acted the way I see in games I was going to get and that I would never play these games again. She let me play because I was a good child, because I was getting good grades and never acted up.
David Hardesty (4 years ago)
Digital download...
It's Britney Twitch (4 months ago)
Games on online store are way too fucking expensive
Abu (3 years ago)
Ikr gift cards
I do miss how the Russian engineer looked from Bf3. How they look in bf4 is kinda stupid. Anyways moving onto topic I really don't see how Cod or battlefield for that matter can be rated M actually. Sure you got your Langauge but im sure most hear that from their parents when they were little and the shooting well its not even gorish if anything It should be T for teen. There are alot more games out there that really deserve to have the M rating on it. But i do remember my first rated M game was the classic resident evil when it was about horror survival. But my first M rated game to call my own was 50 cent bulletproof but the game just reminded me of how my pops lived.
Aakarsh Swamy (4 years ago)
And you dont believe me? Check me out on the leaderboards in black ops 2. My name is "LegenaryChampion" then you'll see that I dont suck
Aakarsh Swamy (4 years ago)
Oh for fuck sake I cant understand why sooo many people are fucking pissed at kids getting these games?? Im 13 years old and guess what? I have over 10 rated M games including GTA 5 and Ghosts and even BF4. I have good grades in school and also im GOOD at the games. I dont suck. Just becuase you see a video on youtube showing kids sucking at a game doesnt mean ALL OF THEM DO! And also hey I play black ops 2 and other FPS games multiplayer. And trust me none of the games so far made me take a big gun, go to my school and kill alot of innocent people in real life. NOTHING! poeple are really overeacting and extremely stupid. Dumb idiots these days! In my opinion a young age or childhood is the BEST time to play video games because you dont have anything to worry about. You dont have to worry about work your stupid boss nothing so stfu assholes!
Nakool Films (1 year ago)
Kids buying M rated games, uh oh it's the end of the world! There are kids that do drugs and go to parties and do things they shouldn't be doing at their age and get in trouble with the cops, Kids buying M rated games which have no affect on most kids, is the least of their worries....
Only god Knows (1 year ago)
Aakarsh Swamy that's the BIG problem. and i didn't get a chance of buying GTA V ever because my parents and my brothers all know about it.
Diego Vazquez (2 years ago)
bro, i couldnt have said it any better myself
SpongeBoob SquareDork (3 years ago)
no one gives a shit about your grades, dumb fuck
Daniel Arreola (4 years ago)
Aculy I went to the store and I was going to buy a CD that had exploded lyrics and they dident let me
GayWeebsNMemes (4 years ago)
look, if 12 year olds to teenagers are mature enough to play a game, that means it doesn't mean you HAVE to be 17 to play this, it just recommends it. But you have to be mature and handle all the mature stuff first. If you are 13 and in up, you can play teen rated games, but that is recommend. Teens like 13,14,15 can play m rated games if they are mature enough to handle it. I am 13 and I am mature, I know sexual jokes, or language. Call me a little kid all you want. Stupid faggots.
Leonardo Da vin ci (8 months ago)
lighing flash me too i aint playing some pokemon shit like that im 12now if theres any sexual things in the games ill just skip it or just ignore it
lighing flash (8 months ago)
SuperMosh1990 How about you shut up and dont control and tell their child what to do with their life. You adults have it hard anyways lol.
lighing flash (8 months ago)
GayWeebsNMemes Im 12 and Im not playing no fucking mario or sonic games ok.
Kaiden Filmore 3rd (10 months ago)
GayWeebsNMemes nah I’ll play doom,wolfenstein,and grand theft auto 5 all I want
matteoboss41 (4 years ago)
They coukd even use M games to stop crime because yes killing hookers does make some people happy! Maybe getting chased by cops is your deal, thats what gta is for.
matteoboss41 (4 years ago)
First off M video games arent that bad its about what you think! I see lots of people play video games that are M and theyre only 11. I know one person who is kind of volient (friend with bad dad) that thinks about bad stuff HIS DAD BEATS UP PEOPLE!
John Freeman (5 years ago)
thats why kids shouldn't use the internet
MrMundo3d (5 years ago)
The internet and TV are good sources for kid to see violate contents
John Freeman (5 years ago)
Thats not the right way to use that counter insult....oh well you ARE a kid. lol stupid
John Freeman (5 years ago)
Yep you're 12. since you fell for that obviously fake reply
John Freeman (5 years ago)
and since you used the word "shit" you are scum.
John Freeman (5 years ago)
well it's CUZ it's M rated..you NEED ID before playing a game that has guns blood and gore. it makes sense right? kids aren't even supposed to see shit like that yet
John Freeman (5 years ago)
cuz you're a kid
John Freeman (5 years ago)
omg..multiplayer.. there are no fuckin mature kids in multiplayer..have you even MET kids with mics ingame? lol gods they can't tell if they're being annoying or being funny.it's annoying as hell cause grown ups and kids have different tastes in humor. if you wanna play online games with the big boys then don't use mics.

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