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Top 10 Best Graphics in Video Games 2013 [1080p HD]

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►New 2014 games http://youtu.be/yc-OUOcLZcg ►How to build a PC to play these games at max settings: http://youtu.be/4w8I48HilQw ►Subscribe! http://goo.gl/E2DgF ►My Gaming Gear: http://astore.amazon.com/veryyout-20 ►My Gaming PC: http://astore.amazon.com/veryyout-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=3 Keep in touch! Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/verytraumatic Console gameplay recorded with Roxio Game Capture HD Pro PC gameplay recorded with Avermedia Live Gamer HD Edited with Sony Vegas 12 Commentary recorded with Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone
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