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Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC Release Date CONFIRMED (Far Cry 5 Vietnam Season Pass DLC)

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Far Cry 5 DLC Hours of Darkness Release Date was just Confirmed for June 5th by Ubisoft! Far Cry Arcade Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbiXtxlO0lY&list=PLrsG74Aq3nzW_448Czb6ptLMwHqNPaSFh Wendell Redler is more than just a Hope County resident, he’s a veteran soldier of the Vietnam War. Listen to him recount his glory days, as you travel back in time to war-torn Vietnam to take down Viet-Cong. Trapped behind enemy lines, will you be able to rescue your squad mates and evacuate to safety? Instagram: http://instagram.com/willbangura Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrWillyJB Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/bangura Merch: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/MrBangura/ Donate: https://streamlabs.com/mrbangura
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Text Comments (101)
James R (13 days ago)
Reaction prediction "Oh it's okay I guess"
iam gungsman (18 days ago)
Pls respond i just got a vietnam dlc achievement pop up on my screen so excited
gunna beesee (18 days ago)
stop that hope.its finished and done.its farcry 5.its cool
Soggy - Alan Dawson (19 days ago)
Wish they would add something to the main game after completion.OK, you can use Outpost master but just something to keep you going back to it.
Fernando Tills (19 days ago)
Scares me because the dlcs might be short as fuck.
WittyDander 007 (20 days ago)
Comes out on the same day as the new R6 season, which looks quite good so...
Stop motion Central (20 days ago)
6 fucking days that's absolutely amazing
I hope it's as long as the original game 😂 well, certainly that's not gonna happen. But I'm more hyped for new weapons and outfits that I can use in the main game. Perhaps New Game Plus mod in the near future?
Abdulrahman Hammad (21 days ago)
Is the season pass free?
Ryane torres (21 days ago)
You guys shouldnt be asking for dlc in the first place. Its bullshit
Japeehhiツ (21 days ago)
I know im stupid but if I buy season pass I get this DLC to farcry5 when its published?
Abrar Munshi (21 days ago)
Japeehhiツ ya
Gavin Childers (22 days ago)
They have the achievement list out early
Jonathan Smith (22 days ago)
They already released all the dlc s win the game came out I have had the all sents the day I got it
Big Terminator (22 days ago)
It'll be short, no story and not worth the price of the season pass. I'll wait and buy Far Cry 3 seperately.
Nabil Ahmad (22 days ago)
Well this is releasing on my birthday
Nabil Ahmad (13 days ago)
The Judge thanks
The Judge (13 days ago)
Nabil Ahmad happy birthday
Nabil Ahmad (21 days ago)
jman7481 awesome i ve always been a fan of the shows but not the movies
Nabil Ahmad (21 days ago)
jman7481 Thank you!
jman7481 (21 days ago)
And I also like nightwing have always been a batman fan since I was little same with green arrow
Jessie B (23 days ago)
Cant wait. Absolutely loved far cry 5. So sad i have completely finished it.
GMFreeman (23 days ago)
One thing that I'm really excited for, is the fact that we'll probably get the M16 and other Military rifles and SMGs.
jman7481 (21 days ago)
GMFreeman yup also for the main game as well
Polyline (23 days ago)
Wait, if you purchase the season pass before the dlc is added do you still get it?
Polyline (23 days ago)
ok thansk
Mark Belousov (23 days ago)
Polyline yes, you get all the dlcs including farcry 3 classic when they release it
Mark Johnson (24 days ago)
They just officially added tons of new assets in the editor prior to the release of the Hours of Darkness. So this means each DLC will be available for mappers 1 to 2 weeks before the release so there can be tons of fun with it. And also including the Vector and MP34 as well along with other few weapons. Ubisoft is literally THE BOSS!
jman7481 (21 days ago)
Mark Johnson all we need now is new game plus
jman7481 (21 days ago)
Mark Johnson that they are they also work at my dad’s old rolling stone building cause my dad used to work for rolling stone
Lesley Deakin (24 days ago)
A love far cry 5
AJ Goodman (24 days ago)
Im pumped for the dlc's but damn i hope they fix some big bugs like disappearing reaper trucks and enemies. And god do i hope they make it so your F.F.H will jump in the box of any pick up truck i know hitting them doesnt hurt them but the sound they make is atrocious, or even make it so you have to collect abandoned vehicles and bring them to the scrap yard for like $100-$300 depending on the vehicle, it gives flat beds a bigger purpose then what its at now... Idk i guess this whole game still needs work and im excited to see if these Dev's really care about the game or just making money from the Farcry name
shyya williams (24 days ago)
My grandpa fought in Vietnam
Porter H. (24 days ago)
WILLY I JUST FOUND SOMETHING CRAZY!! After installing the update for Far Cry 5 I noticed that on my progression meter (PS4) dropped from 67% to now 53%, as if they added new trophies! So I checked all of the trophies and at the very bottom the VIETNAM DLC TROPHIES HAVE BEEN ADDED, this shows us another of a glimpse of what we can do while playing the DLC! I think u should make a video about this. I own the Digital Gold edition of Far Cry 5 on PS4 I thought I might tell u this so that if you discover that the Vietnam trophies haven't been added to your list of trophies on your PS4 then maybe it would be because we have different versions of Far Cry 5!
Porter H. (18 days ago)
AdamM 123 I Bet! And MAN YOUR GOOD! In Far Cry 3 Classic edition I've only saved the two girls(Daisy and Liza), that's it. Today I will be working on saving at least one more friend. The next mission I have to do is investigating Willis to find the tribal knife. I only know that the man in the white suits name is Willis because I played Far Cry 4, Primal, and 5. (I haven't completed Primal, but I'm sure Willis isn't in it lol)
AdamM 123 (19 days ago)
Also, thanks grinding the platinum trophy was ,of course, time consuming with the skydiving, the fishing rods, finding all of the Vietnam lighters, all the collectibles and destroying all the beacons
AdamM 123 (19 days ago)
I was. Yesterday i did the update because i hadn't been on ps4 since April i got platinum for farcry 5 in about 3 days check my psn trophies jasper-grasperJR and i completed the farcry 3 campaign yesterday (completed it twice on ps3 in 2 days, and i got platinum for farcry primal. So, before i launched farcry 5 i noticed my 100% wen to 84, as said above. I was worried to see if my grinded platinum had been lost but they have now changed it into a separate column
Porter H. (19 days ago)
AdamM 123 WOW u got 100%! You got every single trophy that's awesome! I bet when u saw your trophy meter went down that far after updating your game u were like, JEEZ UBISOFT HOW MANY MORE TROPHIES DOES FAR CRY 5 NEED! And then u saw they were for hours of darkness lol
AdamM 123 (19 days ago)
mine dropped from 100% to 84% but now they have put the hour of darkness into ti separate trophy dlc
JaySw34 (24 days ago)
Are there evergreen pine trees in the Vietnam jungle?
solarneddy (24 days ago)
The trophy list was up this morning
Original Juice (24 days ago)
I'm looking forward to this dlc. it's a shame Battlefield V is not going to be a Vietnam /cold war era setting. But i'll take this for the time being! Good video thank you.
I hope it’s immersive.
RockaJabroni (24 days ago)
Was your own fault for buying watchdogs 2
Yashua Berube (24 days ago)
I’m gonna start to escape Vietnam in nine days >:D
stefan živković (24 days ago)
I love vietnam war and i cant wait for this DLC i hope it will be a longe one and i hope you can get to freeroam in the 'nam
JackMontana (25 days ago)
There's not going to be depth to it
László Dajka (24 days ago)
yes. it is too much to ask for.
Paul Henstock (25 days ago)
I just hope there is a flyable Huey
/Love/ /Peace (25 days ago)
i need only new weapons
Connor Wadsworth (25 days ago)
That looks sick
L3GENDS OF BOSS (25 days ago)
I hope it’s sorta similar like blood dragon, different theme but a somewhat decent size map that you can free roam.
Kayden Low (25 days ago)
Gta 5!
Kayden Low (25 days ago)
Can you play other games?
Neonplays88 (25 days ago)
I hope it like a small open world map
McFaZeNugget (25 days ago)
Let em put my wet Willy in ur ear
Lokesh Loki (25 days ago)
I am waiting
Vault Boi (25 days ago)
If they put hueys in the dlc im buying it
Jo G. (25 days ago)
It's awesome, yeah but seems like a little one time thing
John Howard (25 days ago)
Cautiously optomistic
fab q (22 days ago)
Nice willy
Joe Osborne (25 days ago)
do a fortnite vid
Dan McDermott (25 days ago)
Feel the same will!
Matt Swift (25 days ago)
If Im honest im not hype for Nam i know imma enjoy it but the others look better
jman7481 (21 days ago)
Matt Swift and the weapons as well can’t wait to play them on the x
Patz (25 days ago)
I hope its whole new open worlds in vietnam and mars
John Ward (15 days ago)
Patz and coop.
KunalK25 Gaming (25 days ago)
Johnny Woodchip!!! (25 days ago)
L1A1Rocker (25 days ago)
Thanks for the info. What does D.L.C. stand for?
Ronnie Kray (25 days ago)
L1A1Rocker (25 days ago)
Thank you!
DASWorkshop (25 days ago)
L1A1Rocker: Downloadable content.
Jason Voorhees (25 days ago)
It better be a long ass dlc
Kernal_ Sergeant (25 days ago)
If it isn't good, at least we'll have Far Cry 3 which was $30 anyways
Ranjit Singh Singh (25 days ago)
i like this game keep playing plez
Tjaden Paul (25 days ago)
I love the way Will says Vietnam in a not creepy kind of way.
Ayman Yunus (25 days ago)
Sooooo hyped gonna buy far cry 5 next week
I Giomofrfr (15 days ago)
Ayman Yunus I see u just bought it judging that this comment was posted a week ago😂😂
Wyatt Moore (24 days ago)
AJ Goodman hey at least you will still get to play 3
AJ Goodman (24 days ago)
Damn.. I did not think this through
Wyatt Moore (24 days ago)
AJ Goodman yessir and I failed to mention the season pass is included with the gold edition. season pass holders get access to the far cry 3 digital edition on may 29th. since not a season pass holder you're gonna have to wait until June 26 for the standalone release
AJ Goodman (24 days ago)
Yeah i bought it on release and there were still massive bugs so i figured id buy the standard edition then invest in the season pass later on, but i didnt know you get farcry 3 with what the delux edit?
Zachary Crader (25 days ago)
I hope it's a pretty long dlc
*Richierich555* (24 days ago)
Deathmaster (25 days ago)
Omg i am sooooo exited for this
Deathmaster (25 days ago)
Is it Far cry 5 (hours of darkness) or far cry (5 hours of darkness)
MrLuciano Kushe (25 days ago)
Deathmaster The dlc is a mission or is open world with si much missions?
Taryn Colyn (25 days ago)
You are awesome
Joar Vik (25 days ago)
Jon K. (25 days ago)

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