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Far Cry 5 Spoiler-free Review Discussion - Game Scoop! 477

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Text Comments (191)
kevinno (4 months ago)
Wow... Sam is an age-denier 😂 Like Justin said, it's literally true. There are simply phisiological factors that will deteriorate your ability to play certain games well. Your reaction time deteriorates, your ability to distinguish between primary- and secondary information deteriorates, and your ability to process information deteriorates. Saying that it's not true older people can't be as good at games like FPSs is just plain ridiculous. You get worse at many things as you get older, including games. Unless scientists can inhibit the physiological deterioration humans go through with old age, that's not going to change just because you really want it to, as sad as it is.
Cr4zyP1r0 (5 months ago)
Sam just lookin real silly there for a minute 👀
ChrisLeMale (5 months ago)
Men doesn’t age they are like fine wine and in general age is just a number..... sure there are ^^older^^ people which can beat 18year old kids.
Kenny the Jet Smith (5 months ago)
We want to go to the future in order to go back to the past ( vr to live in the 80s)
Basada79 (5 months ago)
Would not call ESO a first person game since almost everyone that plays it plays in 3rd. Definitely a misleading since it can be played in both.
Marcus Augustinus (5 months ago)
I binge Zelda 1, Zelda 2 (my fav despite the hate), and aLttP pretty much once every year.
Dom Arseneault (5 months ago)
I love all the facts that Sam knows about Arcade cabinets and stuff.
Marcus Augustinus (5 months ago)
smoothslide (5 months ago)
I don't think Sam is completely wrong. Yes, I do believe as you get older your physical capabilities worsen, especially after playing videogames your entire life. That said, 40-50 years from now, I don't plan on playing with some stranger online. As the argument stands, I'll be retired and playing with my retired buddies whether couch co-op or online so at the least I know we're all in the same level of playing field. Sure, if I'm playing competitively against the younger crowd I'm screwed. But why would I seek out that kind of game if I know I'm at a disadvantage?
Adam Coles (5 months ago)
New mics?.....or is the ringing just me 🤔😣
Robert (5 months ago)
I wanked over faith.
Terrell Campbell (5 months ago)
It’s always frustrating when I’m screaming into my screen the answer to 20 questions. It’s been a few times I’ve guessed it n you’ve guys missed it. Ugh I think I wanna join next time lol. On a side note, everyone always forgets about eso lol
Andrew Quinn (5 months ago)
I binge the Uncharted games (1-4) yearly...
Gameonysus (5 months ago)
I think physical ability does matter when it comes to competitive shooter BUT people peak at different points so i dont think you can just say a 65 year old is automatically worse than an 18 year old. Like if we think about being a runner your general peak is when you're younger but if you started running in your 20s or 30s you might peak at 40 years old or even later. TLDR many factors are at play but YES older folks will generally lose some skill but hey there are plenty of young people who suck. I'm in my 20's and am like how do I reload.
Matthew Lowery (5 months ago)
I feel ilke you guys had almost nothing to say about Far Cry 5. So many of the reviews and articles I've read, from Polygon to Waypoint and Eurogamer, have provided some really well thought-out critiques of the game's narrative and the ludonarrative dissonance in the game, and I was hoping you actually had something to add on that.
Yungstar (5 months ago)
no mention of Thec64 mini guys, shame on you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGM35K1vHhQ
Yungstar (5 months ago)
it came out on the 29th of March, you were all over the NES/SNES mini's
Game Scoop! (5 months ago)
We covered that last year.
Ruthless Savage Hatred (5 months ago)
Far Cry 3 only comes with far cry 5 if you get the season pass
Ruthless Savage Hatred (5 months ago)
Put this podcast on Spotify please :)
Noroc Trussy (5 months ago)
Billy Mitchell has been nailed for cheating on a lot of his record runs, not sure if the guys knew that...
Billy Atwood (5 months ago)
Debating on getting this or Wolfenstein 2 since it's on sale but I can't decide
Andy Davies (5 months ago)
Sam is very knowledgeable about arcade games. It's always cool to see other peoples passions, it helps me appreciate the old arcades more by seeing his interest and knowledge.
Andy Davies (5 months ago)
They should do a science of aging and gaming segment. It sounds like there is a good discussion there if they did a little research. A quick search of the literature shows that it's still an open question. Response time does decline but only marginally and is compensated for by skill and experience. Aging's affect on gaming is probably game/genre dependent and rolls off at different ages for different games.
Lenny Wright (5 months ago)
Wow this was like Game Scoop All-Stars! I haven’t seen this group together in a while, keep up the great content and thank you (Scoop!)
twistedspine (5 months ago)
Fun fact for Sam since he's always sharing good information; Rudy from the Funhouse pinball machine is voiced by Ed Boon of Mortal Kombat
twistedspine (5 months ago)
That's awesome! I'm going to E3 this year for the first time and am excited as a huge Mortal Kombat fan as MK11 is likely to be announced and demoed there (fingers crossed.) Would love to meet Ed!
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
OwlHonda I met Ed and talked about Funhouse THIS WEEK!
kuribo04 (5 months ago)
FFVII is a masterpiece. It's extremely weird, so really it's not something you can check on somebody else to see if you like it. You just gotta try it.
kuribo04 (5 months ago)
And yeah, the remake being handled by Nomura is definitely not for me, but I hope whoever wants it enjoys it.
kuribo04 (5 months ago)
For Sam, in case you play it. The load times on PS1 are really short I'd say (they were a problem on VIII though). The PC and PS4 versions of the game are an actual crime. To make an analogy, it's like your NES CRT to flatscreen comparison. The game just looks horrible on PC and PS4, and some changes were made that just boggle my mind (the big one is that to every character a mouth was added, making them all look ridiculous, when the idea was that they no mouths on purpose, to express a wide array of emotions, a simple but effective trick).
Michael Stepowyj (5 months ago)
guessed my first 20 questions! ESO scoooooop
HoodedDude (5 months ago)
Loved hearing Daemon sharing his opinions on the podcast. Personally, I'd rate Far Cry 3 higher than the others. It was still a challenging, especially at first, the survival aspect was very new, the villain was very memorable (still gives me chills), the setting was very cool, the whole Insanity Island theme. Even the drug trips were better than FC4's. It was a breath of fresh air. Haven't played FC5 but I'm honestly more excited about 3's remake this summer.
iXi Club (5 months ago)
I agree with Sam that age is overblown when it comes to skill at a game. There are plenty of highly competitive players well into their 30's for fighting games and other competitively played games, meanwhile the idea that someone in their late 20's is still being perpetuated as old and not able to keep up with those who are younger. There are plenty of people who continue to prove this notion false, and Sam's point about not having the time to practice or other factors is a strong one imo. Just look at the Melee community in Smash Bros., many of those players are already in their late twenties and mid thirties, yet they're still competing at a very high level in a very technically-demanding game. Think about that, Melee is INSANE yet these people will whoop people less than half their age due to a mixture of experience, natural talent and acquired skill. I think with time this notion will fade away a bit, albeit never removed completely because there is still some merit to reaction time lessening with age, like with physical sports I'd think. -Julian/FUNKNOWN
HR Shovin-Stuff (5 months ago)
on the old games front, I believe quality sustains itself. I still play Gears 3 on the regs. Especially since it became back pat on my one x. Visuals can only get so realistic before they are just real lookin'. AI and Controls is where I think the big leaps are gonna be
stumpy4770 (5 months ago)
I totally agree with Sam. I'm 48 and hooked on Crossout and kicking arse on the game mode Black Scorpion, that has everyone in the same car with the same weapon, and relys on quick reactions and being able to lead your shot at moving cars, while in a movin car. Now I have just started playing one of my favourite games of all time in VR, Wipeout. Trust me, you need quick reations to play that game in VR. I think Daemon is thinking about giving someone who is 67 years old (that hasn't grown up playing games) a controller to play against an 18 year old. I've grown up playing games and I think because of that, I still have a very quick reaction time and an ability to scan and take in visual information quickly. I've been saying for many years gaming will help to keep your mind sharp and maybe stop dementia. I'll never stop gaming :)
SotNist (5 months ago)
Right on.
Stephen Ellement (5 months ago)
I just want ready player one to be real. Now thats VR
rustypwns (5 months ago)
Great scoop this week!
freak66969 (5 months ago)
I agree with Sam. The fact that older people simply don’t have enough time to sit and play the same game for hours and “git gud” plays a factor into it.
Rob Petrizzi (5 months ago)
SSAAAAAMMMMMMM.... you're exhausting -_- Edit - Still exhausting, but I have to give you props on the arcade trivia.
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
Rob Petrizzi Sorry! And thanks!
Deepak M (5 months ago)
Far Cry 5 is awesome
Eric Jobe (5 months ago)
Sorry, Sam ;-) https://psychcentral.com/news/2010/09/13/as-we-age-loss-of-brain-connections-slows-our-reaction-time/18031.html
Rayza NC (5 months ago)
Sam you're very wrong about people not having slower reactions when they get older. You'll find out soon...
Art of the Union (5 months ago)
The conversation about senior citizens being bad at playing games is flawed because the comparison of a gamer losing coordination to an athlete losing coordination is not analogous at all. Regardless of the "Esport" title, gaming is not a sport. It's a sedentary activity that just requires hand-eye coordination. True athletes age out of sports because their body deteriorates from extreme physical labor, and they can't keep up with fresh bodied youth (but even that is being pushed with modern science - example being Tom Brady). A more apt comparison to older people being able to play video games would be seniors playing an instrument, to which many do and do well, a simple google search will give many videos.
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
Art of the Union that’s a really really good comparison. age=practice and refinement in addition to deterioration.
Mike Kurzer (5 months ago)
LOL at the reaction time discussion. Its a proven fact that reaction times peak at 24 and slow with age. This isn't debatable.
mylittlepkle 1 (5 months ago)
Facts don't have any place when my feelings tell me different
Mike Kurzer (5 months ago)
For the record, you only get FC3 with the season pass for 5. Not just for buying 5.
Kevin Mercier (5 months ago)
Pete Bundy (5 months ago)
i had that 20 questions answer so fast can't believe u guys didn't get that one! great cast as always boys
GasKanOnFire (5 months ago)
TenaciousDDP101 (5 months ago)
What a very informative non spoiler review of far cry 5. Did a great of spelling out what the game does and how it plays. Going to pick it up now. Thanks
Dave Matthews (5 months ago)
Sorry Sam, your reaction times get slower as you get older. Comparing it to chess, does not work as you dont need instant reactions for that game do you,
DrJ ! (5 months ago)
I’m playing anything river city ransom or River city inspired. Just played a fun Japanese NES import that starts with you and a buddy breaking out of jail, very fun!
Nintendad816 * (5 months ago)
I can’t believe anybody plays games on easy I’ve never even considered it cause normal setting is usually perfect not hard but not a total breeze
Glenn Thomas (5 months ago)
Nowhere near enough love for Far Cry 2. Come on Daemon.
VodulinMyer (5 months ago)
Actually got the 20 questions game this time, so surprised they were thrown off by it.
Nintendad816 * (5 months ago)
I’ve totally thought Waco since the first trailer
Not a Sandwich (5 months ago)
Ohhhh can we please dynamite the scientologists?? Pretty please??
Overseer76 (5 months ago)
After all this time, you guys finally got me to scream the answer to 20 Questions at my computer. I've gotten it ahead of you multiple times, but rarely have you been so close and whiffed.
André Santos (5 months ago)
they made games in the pre-historic era??? SCOOP
Celicagame13 (5 months ago)
Destin is a turd
EagleEye6486 (5 months ago)
Time Stamps 00:05 Start 00:14 Episode Overview 00:21 Far Cry 5 11:29 Far Cry Arcade 14:21 Listener Feedback - Far Cry Rundown 17:45 Listener Feedback - The Games That Defined This Generation 23:56 Listener Feedback - The Impact Of Senior Citizens On Gaming 32:02 - 32:15 Ready Player One Movie Spoiler 32:34 A Discussion About Binging Old Media 34:05 Listener Feedback - Binge Playing Old Game Series 38:36 Listener Feedback - Game Arcade Game Recommendations 47:45 Video Game 20 Questions 54:11 Outro
Abraham M. (5 months ago)
EagleEye6486 What they said. Thanks for you dedication.
Erlaxis (5 months ago)
Thanks, this makes the podcast so much better.
Satt M (5 months ago)
All these things they're talking about regarding FC are the same things that have been said about the previous installments. Yes, it's decently fun, but you could basically copy and paste comments/reviews from 3 and 4 and it's saying the same thing.
AllAboutCars91 (5 months ago)
Damn I can’t believe they didn’t get the 20Q answer! That’s one of the few where I was confident on my answer and was right!
Markell McKenzie (5 months ago)
Oh fuck yeah. I'm in. Subbed.
SensaiChill (5 months ago)
Simon Dixon, You've never played Far Cry? Do you know the definition of insanity..?
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
SensaiChill playing the same game twice and expecting a different result?
Adam Howard (5 months ago)
My orthodontist had an N64 and PS1. I just took my carts or n64 memory pak while I waited for my sister's appointments. Also I never played ps1 so it was my intro to Spyro. I bought a memory card and a few games just to take there. Never bought a PS1. Spent a lot of time there due to my sister's terrible teeth
MrBigk421 (5 months ago)
I think its time to drop 20 questions. its so frustrating to listen to because the guys dont even try any more. Destin is one of the most frustrating people in the world to hear play this game and he wants to turn every thing that gets mentioned into his own personal soapbox moment.
Novadamus (5 months ago)
In reality, law enforcement lights up that commune from a distance, killing everyone whether they are leader, follower, man, woman, or child. Why can't I do that in this game?! :(
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
Novadamus you can't contact the outside world, were you not listening? And if you say you could just get a helicopter or send a message by dog carrier, the story is just too complicated for you to understand :)
Calvin Young (5 months ago)
Here's a study about your reaction time slowing with age. Love the show though lol https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/brain-test-judges-how-old-you-are-based-on-your-reaction-time-a6729966.html
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
Calvin Young Reaction time is like 10% of games *and 100% of Ms. Pac-Man. Think sniping, support, etc. it takes patience and knowledge.
YouTubePoopTrain (5 months ago)
Baby Pacman XD never knew that exist
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
YouTubePoopTrain it rules!
Eric Waugh (5 months ago)
Sam should talk to pro FPS players who have have aged and gotten worse. It happens to them all. I think Alfredo Diaz has talked about it before.
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
Eric Waugh Old pro players could barely react to my questions. They’re so slow!
Corey Galvan (5 months ago)
If you could have a box that plays every single game from that system, what system would it be? Mine would be the game cube.
Blactrick (5 months ago)
Someone should follow Sam into his old age, so we can see how he plays games then
andrewcool01 (5 months ago)
Hi Sam, I appreciate your reply. I don't think people are saying that all older games will be bad at games, in fact I know some are still better than your average person at games. I think what people are saying is that an elder gamer will never be able to be an e-sports pro at say, star craft simply because of the effects ageing has on your reaction time and in most cases, vision and perception. A 20 year old pro will always have an obvious advantage, I don't think anyone would suggest that older gamers can't be good or shouldn't play :)
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
andrewcool01 I accept that people deteriorate and age, of course, I do not accept it outright negates their ability to play (and win, and enjoy) video games. I don’t even accept that reaction timing matters as much as I’ve been getting @ed about. A person that’s played the same map of COD for 60 years will be just fine. They might even win a match. Or probably all of them. It’s a hyperbolic to say “science predicts all gamers will be bad” — does that better explain my point?
andrewcool01 (5 months ago)
Mate, when you're 75 years old you'll be terrible at it, read some peer reviewed scientific journals about motor control and performance as you age, suck it up and admit you were wildly wrong. Here's one to get you started: https://academic.oup.com/cercor/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cercor/bhx297/4608066 To be perfectly clear, you do not know or understand this issue more than the hundreds of scientists who have literally spent decades studying this, you are a video game journalist, not a scientist. :)
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
Blactrick I’m def better at pinball than I was at 20!
Agent Sampson (5 months ago)
Fem-Shep all the way bro, all the way..
Ben Voigt (5 months ago)
I’m with Destin on the Sheppard thing, I’ve plaid those games so many times and I’ve more recently tried to go back and play as FemShep and I just feels weird to me.
Red Sharky (5 months ago)
Man your theme tune gets me so pumped!
Kishan Bhakta (5 months ago)
27:17 Sam, Justin's right, it's literally true. As you get older, your physical abilities deteriorate over time like slower reaction times, etc.
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
Squall2020 no it's part of that weird SF cult that thinks there are more than two genders, it's racist to dislike ideas associated with certain religion, kids should be given drugs to transition, gay pride marches do not have sexual behaviour inappropriate for public performance, women and men are biologically the same, racism only applies when a majority group does it. Adding in ageism is not much of a stretch. Ageism is not a thing, just like Islamaphobia. We have to accept that we have our time and we gain other things from getting older like wisdom as our physical abilities decline.
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
Kishan Bhakta you're wrong. Now I'm in my mid-thirties my body needs longer recovery times and that is ageist
Safetytrousers (5 months ago)
Many of the things you have to do to become a player in an e-sports team are the sort of things only young people are likely to want to do. Those things alone would count most 36 year olds out. And most 36 year olds would not want to hang out all the time with people 16 years younger than them.
Devon Archer (5 months ago)
Play video games your whole life is a pretty big trigger for getting arthritis, which is a pretty big mallus towards playing a game well.
E Bones (5 months ago)
Max Payne 3 on PC still looks better then most games out today.
E Bones (5 months ago)
Guys 2 was also dope.
ChrisW (5 months ago)
I'm currently binge playing the Yakuza series like this. 3, 4, 5, 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, 6.
ChrisW (5 months ago)
Charlie Milroy i hope Ishin gets a PS4 release in the West
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
ChrisW I played 6, 0, Kiwami, Ishin, Kiwami 2. I don't have a PS3 and I'm hoping 3-5 come to PS4. After playing 6 it's painful going back to the older games. I still love them eventually so they are worth playing. Even Kiwami 2 is a big step back from 6.
Baytuh (5 months ago)
I'm about 75% through with Far Cry 5 and i gotta say this is probably the best Far Cry game (IMO). From gameplay to Story to the main and side characters and villains. I put the seed family up there with Vaas from Far Cry 3 or even taking the number 1 spot. I do believe that Kyrat is the best location in the Far cry series so far. I've also been reading a lot of games media impressions & reviews on Far Cry 5 and it seems like a lot of them wanted FC5 to have the story they wanted to see not the story that the devs at Ubisoft wanted.
Abraham M. (5 months ago)
Baytuh I think the reason why the game's story is criticized so often is because it feels so tonally different from the gameplay. There's a dichotomy of the whole thing. One moment you're watching a cutscene getting a story that tries to be earnest and tackling serious issues, but then you go to the gameplay portion and you're pulling crazy stunts. This lack of clear vision is why the game has been docked a couple points. Not because the media wants a certain story, but because the writers and the gameplay designers were seemingly working on two different games.
AwesomeByrd (5 months ago)
Sam is right. Older people just don't have as much time to practice as they used to. If you are one of the adults that has a job where you get a few weeks to a month off from work a couple times per year, you can get pretty good at a game again. I'm still easily better at games than my students are and I'm in my mid 30s. Try playing an online game like Friday the 13th and see how terrible the kids are at it as compared to the older adults.
Gunslinger Oy (5 months ago)
Just thought I'd throw in that Ronaldo, Federer, buffon are all examples of athletes playing and winning in their respective sports. Additionally, I'm not sure Sam meant it in the context of older people playing against pros, just online against other average Joe's. Worth a thought anyway, rather than the obnoxious and dismissive, "that's dumb".
AwesomeByrd (5 months ago)
The people currently in their 30s that actually grew up with video games will be the real test as they get older. You can't expect people that didn't play games to suddenly pick up something they aren't used to and be competitive. As far as older people not being competitive with younger people, well then, can you explain why Tom Brady and Roger Federer are still so much better than so many of the best of the younger people? They are some of the oldest ones at their position and the younger people can only dream of being as good.
Not a Sandwich (5 months ago)
An old person looses coordination. Plus their hands start to stiffen up. It's common knowledge. What a dumb argument
High Warlord Occurrence (5 months ago)
AwesomeByrd I am also in my mid 30s and I think people above 60+ can be very good at all sorts of video games. That said, I think that very few above 40 will be able to archive e-sport level in any games. What they said about chess is partly wrong. Even chess players perform the best while they are young.
ChrisWY27 (5 months ago)
I was screaming Elder Scrolls Online at my screen when they were dancing around it haha. Such a forgotten game. Everyone said "imagine playing Skyrim online?" and then when Bethesda developed it no one bought in.
Safetytrousers (5 months ago)
Bethesda didn't develop Elder Scrolls Online - ZeniMax Online Studios made it. Bethesda is the publisher.
PB Hend (5 months ago)
As a 34 year old that likes GTA but also FPS games I still see myself playing them in 20+ years. I don't see that genre going away and I also don't see my generation somehow enjoying point and click murder she wrote style "adventures" and the EAs or Bungies of the world drastically changing their marketing. If the current eldery population started playing a niche genre and opened a new market segment then sure but otherwise it's going to be more of the same plus a few new genres I'm sure but you get the point.
Martinj1417 (5 months ago)
Daemon you missed one big cult. Jehovah’s Witnesses. They number 8,000,000. I was a former member and an elder. When I woke up at 38 from my Brainwashing and left my entire family and every friend I had from my birth shunned me. In some ways they are much worse then any militaristic cult. They allow children to die if they need a blood transfusion and they hide and cover up pedophiles. Also there are over 20,000,000 exJWs out there who are also being shunned by their families.
Young Werther (5 months ago)
Scoop! Enjoying Far Cry 5, it has good changes on how you progress through the world overall.
PB Hend (5 months ago)
I'm with you on most things but can't complain about the difficulty of a game, or say that it's not difficult, if you play on normal. Easy is for people who have never played a game/franchise/genre, normal would be once you have some exposure, then hard for seasoned gamers. I've played sports games, and most other genres, for 20 years. A whole lot would have to go wrong for me to lose in any of those on normal. COD also comes to mind, point me in a direction and it's run and gun from checkpoint to checkpoint all while smelling the roses.
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
PB Hend sometimes games have an inexplicable difficulty spike, and after dying 10 times I'll reduce the difficulty. But for people whom complain Wolfenstein is too difficult or shouldn't make fun of you playing baby mode, maybe walking sims are a better fit
cyborg526 (5 months ago)
As I’ve gotten older shooters are much harder for me to be competitive at. I find I enjoy playing more of a support role in games like battlefield or healer in overwatch.
Ichsuka (5 months ago)
Far Cry 5 could be Far Crys Assassins creed 2.... but probably not - Scoop!
Agent Sampson (5 months ago)
25:00 That's what I call a sick retirement..
Daniel Trevino (5 months ago)
Respectfully disagree Sam.
Benva 83 (5 months ago)
I also did it with Halo. Started with the first 2 games on the OG Xbox, then the 360 games including Anniversary version and 5 on Xbox One. Took me a few weeks (not including Halo Wars).
FinallyJeremy (5 months ago)
Destin,we need you back on Unlocked!!!
PB Hend (5 months ago)
Sounds like the cars in FC5 are using Tesla's autopilot!
The Gaming Pastor (5 months ago)
LOVE IGN! LOVE GAMESCOOP! But i've found that IGN sometimes alienates its conservative audience. Some of the comments about Trump *supporters* are a bit judgmental and divisive here. Just my two cents. Have a great day!
Game Scoop! (5 months ago)
I honestly don't think we made any judgmental comments about anyone.
Roland Lewis (5 months ago)
How long until someone makes a battle royal mode and map in Far Cry Arcade?
david sKIME (5 months ago)
Lmao hes becoming the bitter old man I see it more and more every week. You know who I'm talking about
david sKIME (5 months ago)
No not Justin lol
Rayza NC (5 months ago)
Justin doesn't seem to like anything these days. Fatherhood ruins people.
Joe D (5 months ago)
david sKIME Justin?!
Aaron Koronkowski (5 months ago)
Oh Sam not getting that reaction time slows down as you age (even minor) will make playing fast paced games more difficult to compete in... it is a not a theory, but a fact.
Aaron Koronkowski (5 months ago)
Samuel Claiborn I do agree old people will be good, but they will never be able to considered the best because someone as good at the game will be 17 with much quicker reaction speed.
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
Aaron Koronkowski I just don’t believe that NO ONE OLDER THAN 25 will ever be an amazing gamer. That’s ridiculous.
jwick6 (5 months ago)
The ageism argument is an interesting take on older gamers and i would totally read an article involving age in gaming. One of you guys should write it and i'd prolly be the only one to read it.
jwick6 (5 months ago)
Andy Davies thanks for the correction man. It's good to hear from a primary source.
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
Andy Davies And let’s be honest, Michael Jordan (super old!) can still beat 99.999% of the global population at a 1:1 game of basketball. It’s practice, innate skill, and, yes, physical condition. But the latter matters to the smallest pro segment of people. The idea that no one will play online games because their ‘reaction time is statistically lowered’ is just silly. They will play, and might win!
Andy Davies (5 months ago)
As a physicists today I can tell you from first hand experience that it's not true that scientist do there best work in there 20's. This perception comes from a different time and is dominated by only a handful of famous examples such as Albert Einstein. It's really your late 30s and 40s that most do there best work. Then there is a divided between the physicist who become to niche in there 50s and those who keep doing novel work. Those who keep doing novel work become leaders in the field and direct the effort of the younger scientists.
jwick6 (5 months ago)
Samuel Claiborn it's definitely interesting. It would seem that if you've been playing games all your life you would have increased muscle memory and an edge. On the other hand many physicists do their best work in their early 20's with a noticable, albiet slight, decrease in their later years. It's a difficult problem with multiple variables which is why I want you guys to do the leg work. Hahahhahaha
Samuel Claiborn (5 months ago)
jwick6 I don’t buy the arguments that reaction timing = all video game skill, ever. It’s not whack-a-mole.
Agent Sampson (5 months ago)
Scientology is a cult. Come at me sci-bros!
SotNist (5 months ago)
Scientology actually defunded the Cult Awareness Network with lawsuits so that they couldn't be identified as a cult anymore, and it's part of why so many extreme radical views and organizations have been able to grow and become so mainstream without being properly identified and labeled. Now we live in a world full of science denying Patreon evangelists who aren't being kept separate like church and state should be.
Stranded Alien (5 months ago)
I'm 49 years old and I've stopped playing online, only single player games now.
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
Rayza NC one day they are going to have over 25 online game sessions to make games more enjoyable for people who don't want to be griefed
Rayza NC (5 months ago)
I just can't stand getting killed by something i can't see, i don't find that fun at all. People are too annoying in online shooters. Only FIFA online for me, and World Tour Tennis when it's out.,
ZXBilly (5 months ago)
Same here. There isn't much of a place for this 40+ in multiplayer gaming. I enjoy slower paced games now and i can guarantee your game preferences change with age. My reaction times became noticeably slower pretty much on the day of my 40th birthday. That birthday is a bummer folks. All that said, i'm still a 10,000+ point Mario Kart 8 player :)
Dylan Prater (5 months ago)
Stranded Alien I quit most online FPS competitive shooters because of the younger generation and their antics and mouths. I’m 42 and I remember when being able to connect to some one else not in your house was such a thrilling idea. It made it possible to meet and play with people like me, but it’s like anything social media, certain people ruin it for the majority and then these company’s and franchise seem to cater to the minority. Give me a great place to get lost in with a compelling story and I’m all set! Long live the single player experiences!
Josh Rogers (5 months ago)
"oh no! The ball didn't go in the cup! But that's ok, beacause the ball is on a string and attached to the cup!"
BiggTonyStyle (5 months ago)
Cpt Clown (5 months ago)
Never stop doing what your doing, best podcast out there!!
Peter Atkinson (5 months ago)
yep, more than anything else. I love the show!
Abraham M. (5 months ago)
Peter Atkinson Literally your favorite part? More than anything else?
Peter Atkinson (5 months ago)
Cpt Clown literally my favourite part of my week :-)
Christopher Lomasney (5 months ago)
Don't you need to buy the season pass to get far cry 3?
Phil Jeavons (5 months ago)
They literally said if you have Far Cry 5 you get 3 for free, which is wrong. It's part of the Season Pass.
Ben Voigt (5 months ago)
I bought the retail version and they did make it seem like that.
Abraham M. (5 months ago)
Christopher Lomasney You can buy it separately a month later, I believe.
SotNist (5 months ago)
Last minute hype got to me, but I had to return Far Cry 5 after an hour or so. Couldn't handle it. I think it made me feel the way N'Gai Croal probably felt about Resident Evil 5. Too much constant association of the look and sound of religion + the unkempt look of vagrancy and mental illness, with identifying and sweeping dehumanized enemy combatants in a rural, semi-urban warfare environment. It came off like this generation's toy soldier training and cultural orientation day for classic, Deliverance boogieman tropes. I didn't want any part of it so I decided to listen to my conscience and not support it or suffer through it.
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
SotNist I always saw the far cry games as a comment on the "civilized" people going to less developed areas and doing horrific things with preachy morals, then basically it turns out you are a naive person who is interfering with something they don't understand. It's kind of like taking out a dictator only for the power vacuum to leave space for an even greater evil. I haven't got far in 5, so I don't know if that applies in this game. Please no spoilers
Charlie Milroy (5 months ago)
SotNist I don't understand why you bought it in the first place
SotNist (5 months ago)
It does apply to many games and it's alarming when dehumanization and demonization are applied to sweep and clear fundamentals that give off a detached, training simulation vibe. Learn to identify targets based on behavior, culture, beliefs, appearance and commonality. Pull the trigger. Disable agricultural resources by conflating them with domestic terrorism etc. That the main character was sent in as law enforcement in order to justify the subsequent campaign only cements it for me as having been created from the perspective of establishment and governance. Perhaps intentionally so. Aside from real world events like Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Oregon stand off, the New York draft riots and the Civil War, I was immediately reminded of the infamously lousy, made-for-TV prequel that was commissioned for the broadcast premier of A Fistful of Dollars. The network wanted FCC-friendly justification for the killing, so they made Clint Eastwood's character an elite agent of the old American military sent on a mission to save a town from a gang by any means necessary. It recontextualized the film with a perverse sense of moral certitude, righteous authority and a license to kill. It was laughably bad, but also very revealing. You can watch it on the blu-ray bonus features. As for me, I live in a rapidly developing diverse metropolitan, midwest suburb where weed is legal. I have lived in seven states, three countries, and even more cities. I've been homeless for many years of my life as a child and an adult. I come from several generations of fatherless, immigrant families. I was raised by lesbians in the south and midwest in the 80's and 90's. I've lived, worked and loved with all sorts of people. I'm also a barber who's always been able to intimately converse and relate to every kind of person there is. I've seen a lot and know a lot. The world often troubles me. At the end of the day, I understand people and I refuse to see monsters in human beings. States of being are passive. Whatever reason you understand me, I wish you well.
Abraham M. (5 months ago)
SotNist I can understand your feelings, but I am curious about your wording. You said one of the reasons the game bothered you was because the enemies were dehumanized. But I think that applies to vast majority of games. The enemies are soulless vessels that just exist in order to be overcomed in basically every game. What about this game made their dehumanized nature impact you more than with other games? I wonder if it's because this game hits close to home, because you're from a rural area in the middle of America? Does part of you feel this game ape the people you know? I'm just curious. I don't mean my questioning in a negative way. Not trying to invalidate your feelings or anything like that. I can actually understand where you come from. Again. I'm just curious.

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