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WITCHER 3: Skill Tree Basics Walkthrough

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Klaps (6 months ago)
This was really useful. Been playing for a while, but the skill tree was confusing. You explained simply, thanks!
Los Games (10 months ago)
What skill allows you to take more potions?
gamerZsoul (1 year ago)
Amazing video. I just bought the game, and was trying to find a good tutorial where it is explained and not told that to do. This video is the video I was looking for. Thank you for this tutorial.
rusty_frame (1 year ago)
no offense but jumping around like that just waiting for your igni to reset just looks silly. with the proper combat upgrades you can just hack and slash away in 1/4th the time.
Bane Dorrance (1 year ago)
I guess each player has his own playstyle...
Ecstasy_Of _Agony (1 year ago)
Hi there. Perhaps i have greeted your amazing and comprehensive video so late, i still need to get rid of the confusion about a few things more. 1) There are tabs on the left for each attribute(alchemy, combat,magic,mutagen etc). Assume i unlocked several of them. There exists skill slots in the centre as well. How could i fill the empty slots in the centre for each skill which i opened on the left? (For instance, i unlocked and enabled 5 abilities on the left. But there appears less slots for skills in the centre.) Cos, the skill slots look so limited whereas so many skills can be available to be unlocked on the left. 2) In your video, there are also locked skill slots in the centre. What do i need to unlock them?
Brok (1 month ago)
Ícaro Rodrigues (2 years ago)
very helpful. Thanks!
theinsfrijonds (2 years ago)
Not being able to jump over objects in combat is annoying. So is selecting Signs with a controller :(
maning04 (2 years ago)
thanks for the help! Now I pretty much know how the skill tree works!
Raj Singh (3 years ago)
how do u have so many points at only levl 6
Sinclair St. Claire (3 years ago)
+Gyro Zeppeli Yup, places of power.
Gyro Zeppeli (3 years ago)
+Raj Singh places of power maybe
Michael Sørensen (3 years ago)
I cant use my skill points?  PS4 ???
Been playing a while - still needed a little clarification - thanks for the video
Clair Sinclair (3 years ago)
+Thesearentthedroidsyourlookingfor Glad I was able to help!
broadbandtogod (3 years ago)
Nice tip at 6:07 but it is impossible to actually hear who you refer to -_- Draf Oliacas?
GameRevolution GR (3 years ago)
+broadbandtogod I added a card, but the link goes here: http://www.gamerevolution.com/features/a-guide-to-building-geralts-skill-trees-in-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt

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