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Top 10 Crazy Video Game Easter Eggs That Made Us Say WTF?!

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Check out my countdown of the Top 100 Easter Eggs In Video Games - Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_d96WaoiOY --~-- At there best video game Easter eggs can be something completely unique and random. An event that leaves us saying WTF?! Here is a countdown of ten of the best examples I could find! Be sure to follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/PFqGhx Support Me On Patreon: https://goo.gl/giuey9 Dying Light Easter Egg - 5 Of The Best Unused Easter Eggs In Games: https://goo.gl/g4KE55 Skyrim Easter Egg 5 Of The Best Unused Easter Eggs In Games Part 2: https://goo.gl/kKQPJm Batman Arkham City Easter Eggs: https://goo.gl/d8NV2E The Best Easter Eggs & Secrets In Rainbow Six Siege: https://goo.gl/4fNz5j 6 Of The Best The Walking Dead Easter Eggs In Video Games: https://goo.gl/2cuIJK Mad Max Easter Egg - 5 Of The Best Dark Souls Easter Eggs In Games: https://goo.gl/zRaQOZ 5 Of The Best Unused Easter Eggs In Video Games - Part 3: https://goo.gl/QLusYe Top 10 Crazy Video Game Easter Eggs That Made Us Say WTF?! Top 10 Crazy Video Game Easter Eggs That Made Us Say WTF?! Top 10 Crazy Video Game Easter Eggs That Made Us Say WTF?!
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Captain Eggcellent (6 months ago)
I love these kind of Easter eggs. Just really weird, completely different to the game that they are based on. Follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/tpJ2F1
mb Bb (21 hours ago)
Tu est français ?
RenamePvP (1 month ago)
Captain Eggcellent WTF!?!?
Vuk Miljanovic (1 month ago)
Captain Eggcellent i really love how you put bf1942 theme instead Bf1. It was the first game i ever played and nostalgia hits hard
Johnryan Macol (2 months ago)
Captain Eggcellent
Lunar Eclipse451 (2 months ago)
Contact me on discord my username is LunarEclipse451 and my code is 3504
Angel Ramos (18 hours ago)
Hah gaaaaay
Vary Anomaly (18 hours ago)
The state looks down on that first one...
Maximillian Osaben (20 hours ago)
The editing, pacing, and length of this video is so frustrating. Just get to the damn point and move on to the next.
Renmar Eusebio (23 hours ago)
LMAO dat person in 3:15
Django Black (1 day ago)
The Hitman is not happy though
orangeapples (1 day ago)
aman singh (2 days ago)
music name?
ThEV0rnfasT (2 days ago)
Russian Bot (3 days ago)
Lol i beat mafia 3 recently that bath house thing had me dying.
Nathan Wood (4 days ago)
Dying light, best 2015 game ever
Nathan Wood (4 days ago)
WHATS THIS BOA l, black ops amazing music
Fyredrake0470 (4 days ago)
The Crysis 2 one had me laughing hard, that was so unexpected
Its Luka (6 days ago)
Parchal (6 days ago)
What's the starting music name ?
Toto Tata (6 days ago)
Diamond Slasher (6 days ago)
*Ugandam Knuckle's intensifies* 6:27
Wency KD Adao (8 days ago)
Wtf i'm watching rn?
PixelLeo 2 (8 days ago)
Brodi Beames (8 days ago)
BlackTec Playz /BT (8 days ago)
Coffee Arcadium (9 days ago)
My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Miss me with that gay shit
Dean Charadon (10 days ago)
Flying ScotsMan (10 days ago)
Love how the zombie walks into a barrel and dies
WTH!? ha i did not say WTF
freaky boy (12 days ago)
Kawaneki Owashi (13 days ago)
0:00 music? pls
lorenz gaming (13 days ago)
0:43 if ur Dick's gets big ur a dirty minded person
Ferrari (14 days ago)
Marilyn Manguiran (14 days ago)
YO WTF?!? $@×?
Lel 6 (15 days ago)
Razi Dudona (15 days ago)
i m not guy (16 days ago)
What Name song of intro?
Cunh4 Games (17 days ago)
The First one...
Jan Deiniel Ramirez (18 days ago)
I puked when i saw the llama bike.
Jan Deiniel Ramirez (18 days ago)
Also the shark easter egg is a nod to BF3's easter egg.
On Sight Games (18 days ago)
SalariedKhan (18 days ago)
I really said WTF in all of them
_Bird (18 days ago)
Crysis 2 got me so fast ahahah
Arthur 1703 (18 days ago)
Joseph AP (19 days ago)
nickolas gomes (19 days ago)
BATUHAN (20 days ago)
what is the entrance musical
Rain Daniel Antonio (22 days ago)
3:00 zombie dance
Boy Wtf (23 days ago)
Wtf first?
Master Assassain (24 days ago)
Giant shark omfg
Master Assassain (24 days ago)
Dancing zombies lolololololololololololol
Master Assassain (24 days ago)
Ink_25 (24 days ago)
The Terry (24 days ago)
Guerinel Bastien (24 days ago)
you forget the pink rabbit of saints row 2 in wtf easter egg
DEminerDG (25 days ago)
R.I.P Lincoln's eyes.
Devil Gamer (25 days ago)
Looks like a GW SHARK THAN MEG
firza almuzaki (26 days ago)
I think that llama bike was inspired by "downhill" game back at ps2
Josh Rich (27 days ago)
What's the sing at 5:30
Aditya Guneja (27 days ago)
カズト桐ケ谷 (27 days ago)
I didn't know that zombies can be a great dancer...
Xd Delicious (28 days ago)
Is that a boy Or a girl He’s gay Or what???
Luca Guglielmin (28 days ago)
And drake of uncharted 2 like a chubby drake?
HvSxPoker (28 days ago)
I was playing Mafia 3 and I found the first one. LIKE CMON, MAN!
An Le (29 days ago)
Just like the title WTF
Zack Angel (30 days ago)
5:10 Holy Shit
JPStreams (30 days ago)
Daniel Moreno (30 days ago)
ExoVTOL (1 month ago)
Evil Duck Pyro (1 month ago)
Showed two gay guys fucking not demonized family friendly content bois
Octavio Nogueira (1 month ago)
What a good song
The FrostKnights (1 month ago)
*sees easter egg in video* WTF
Josh Lewis (1 month ago)
i've seen this last one jacksepticeye was told to do the inflating head gun thingy
Drugstore Cowboy (1 month ago)
FahoodO_O (1 month ago)
william henry (1 month ago)
what are the name of the songs you used?
Isaia Luaipou (1 month ago)
WTF i saw the hidden message
Evan Faris (1 month ago)
i see the message WTF!
Friend Noob (1 month ago)
WTF Mouse This Shoot!!!!???
Great Value Ryuk (1 month ago)
Gay secks
AHNAF SHARIAR (1 month ago)
What's the song played before Hitman Blood money ?
Boogie boy (1 month ago)
Faiz Wiryawan (1 month ago)
Kyle Padilla (1 month ago)
the first one killed me
Theratslayer_ (1 month ago)
3:01 wtf
9.2 wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
i also did the megaladon one two real funny but i did it online
I found the llama bike 😂😂😂😂
Namora Residence (1 month ago)
Nyn Bernardo (1 month ago)
Nyan cat llama version NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAAAN
Nari Hoxha (1 month ago)
12:23 easier to do an headshot
Wakanda RunsYT (1 month ago)
Allyson Santos (1 month ago)
Easmin Eara (1 month ago)
Tom moto (1 month ago)
The Hitman soundtrack is still stunning...
Sapphire Warrior (1 month ago)
Shawna Sandusky (1 month ago)
Hiago Souza (1 month ago)
Os melhores tipos de easter eggs
Joshua Lisenbe (1 month ago)
スバルGNP (1 month ago)
Gay as wtf
Fortnite player (1 month ago)
Ondra Nemčok (1 month ago)
First looolllll eww
None Nobody (1 month ago)
My favorite game is Crysis 2

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