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Far Cry 3 - Hurk (All cutscenes)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This video depicts all cutscenes with Hurk, a supporting character in Far Cry 3. The text on the screen is in swedish. He only appears in the game through the exclusive content "Monkey Business Pack" in which Jason helps Hurk through four missions.
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Text Comments (795)
Saba Kupreishvili (8 days ago)
Is this the new arki from primal
Saba Kupreishvili (8 days ago)
Womics (14 days ago)
Hermano, Hurk is in Far Cry 4
connor vaughn (17 days ago)
I'm starting to think Hurk is either a time traveler, or works with some govt agency that's even higher than the CIA.
sharky (1 month ago)
nice vid
clockner ** (1 month ago)
Slickquirt INDTM (2 months ago)
Well now he s become brobot wtf is wrong with Ubisoft, gonna miss him in far cry 6
MiroTheGameplayer (2 months ago)
6:07 What the hell Hurk?
Anonymous Truth (2 months ago)
I am so annoyed of this character. I don’t see why people like him.
Lovingcanadian CAN (2 months ago)
I got the call from hurk around the beginning of the game I Finnished the game and it keeps telling me to meet hurk but I don't know where he is
Naeka (2 months ago)
I didn't love Hurk until Far Cry 5, but now I have to replay all the games with him in it again because omfg....
Dániel Magyar (3 months ago)
hurka power
Consigne Courageux (3 months ago)
I finished the game 3 time but i have never seen that guy ever in my all lifetime before this video.
Ace (3 months ago)
"Citra's 100% MILF" najcdsjkfbjdjgfckj
(3 months ago)
He said the diamonds were taken from Bowa-Seko. That's the southern region in Far Cry 2😄
ond- i (4 months ago)
His parents were pacifists my ass 😂
D B (4 months ago)
Damn hurk used to have definition to his Arms
Khristian Adams (4 months ago)
Where can I find him? Cuz I finished the game like 3 times but I never seen or do his missions
khi coolblast (4 months ago)
Hurk you beautiful retarded man
John Seed (4 months ago)
Before the collapse? HURK IS A TIME TRAVELER!
Kenny Powers (4 months ago)
Ubisoft make Hurk the main character of Far Cry 6 make it happen!This guy is fucking hilarious.
Rodrigo Jr Sotto (5 months ago)
This guy is gonna take a bullet to the brain one day
Daniel Zagora (5 months ago)
I like how Jason actually befriends him. All the other characters just get on his nerves.
and Far Cry 5's deputy sort of befriends him, in a sort of "I'm mute, but one language we both speak is let's blow shit up" sort of way.
Aly Badry (5 months ago)
Hurk is in 3 fc games so far plus his ancestor is in primal
Lord Chancho (5 months ago)
Hurk lost a lot of weight by the time of Far Cry 5.
Dragonsfire Gaming (5 months ago)
When you first meet him, the diamonds he sends you to get diamonds from Far Cry 2, rough diamonds were used as currency
John Seed (5 months ago)
Why is he missing all the tats in far cry 5? He only has one that’s says mom
Archaic Builds (5 months ago)
How the hell did this guy get from Montana out to this island? Hurk needs a game or comic book or something.
ranker4 (5 months ago)
Actually it's from this island, then to Kyrat, then to Montana.
Dr. Deltality (5 months ago)
0:35 well that's pretty clearly not true
JACKO WAKO (5 months ago)
hurk for every far cry that comes out in the actors life span. freaking love hurk so funny
Wayne Payne98 (5 months ago)
Hanging out with Sharky and Hurk in FC5 is fucking hilarious
Autistic Aniki (5 months ago)
Hurk, we've met your parents now. They're anything but pacifists.
brody (5 months ago)
Hurk is the best character ever.
Pharaam (5 months ago)
Hurk, your parents are not pacifists lol
Abi Surya Pratama (5 months ago)
Hurk is like urki in far cry primal
Fariko Wishless (5 months ago)
8:30 "Dude that sucks so like Whatre you gon do?" This fucking guy 😂
Robert Lombardo (5 months ago)
Hurk's parents were pacifists?! After Far Cry 5 I am convinced these games are ALL in different universes!
K (6 months ago)
Am I the only that feels like Jason is so much more expressive in this and a lot more enjoyable to listen to?
Sofia Gustavsson (6 months ago)
Hahahaha this Guy is swedish just like me hurray
Frosty Team (6 months ago)
Hurk is of good character and my favourite pudding C4 monkey isn’t a bad idea
TangyRabbit (6 months ago)
Why do I not remember hurk in fc3?
FUmarc (6 months ago)
Hurk is the hero we don’t deserve, but the one Far Cry games need.
DatAshe 17 (6 months ago)
Damn 3 farcry's at the same time
Stevie Jeebie (6 months ago)
Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn’t love Hurk
Eaglelie (6 months ago)
he looks a bit like woods from CoD BO series but just a fat version
RealJad11games (6 months ago)
Hurk is the best
614Amsterdam (6 months ago)
He says his parents were pacifists when his mom flys around in an attack helicopter...
and his dad's jeep literally has a machine gun on the top.
ImDeadV2 (4 months ago)
614Amsterdam his parents used to be pacifists until the cult came.
CrystalVolts Gaming (5 months ago)
614Amsterdam lol 😂
Joshua Gamez (6 months ago)
Nah my parents are pacifists. Really? Well they ain’t Obama lovin libtards that’s for sure
Mister March (6 months ago)
wait a minute your finger is gone that means Hoyt is already dead lol
TheCrowbar474 (6 months ago)
You meet his parents, They're anything but pacifists.
DapperBeast (6 months ago)
Gotta love Hurk...
Garrett Sampson (6 months ago)
He prays to monkey gods in far cry 5
TheShadowfire204 (6 months ago)
Huh. I don't remember him in Far Cry 3. Thought he was made for Far Cry 4 and returned in 5
Eva Larsson (6 months ago)
Ur swe
Yoshihara (6 months ago)
Probably because he was a character in primal , I hope they keep him going. His character is hilarious
Mark Tse (6 months ago)
lol hurk said his parents are pacifists but his dad was a gun tooting republican politician and his mom is a helicopter pilot who armed it with guns.
Lara Gem Ali Academia (2 months ago)
Mark Tse Hurk said this "BEFORE" the cult came
Regis Martel (6 months ago)
7:08 Did Hurk just mention the collapse? Oh my God Hurk is an Fucking Peggie.
Harry Arthur (6 months ago)
he says his parents are pacifists but theyre clearly not in 5...
Colton Larsen (6 months ago)
Welp they fucked up the whole "parents are pacifists" thing in Far Cry 5.
despacito 69 (6 months ago)
He is everywhere
Frigglebiscuit (6 months ago)
"my parents were pacifists." hurk....thats a fucking lie from hell lmao xD your parents show me otherwise haha
0:37 farcry 5 likes to differ
Martian Buddy (6 months ago)
How do I get this?
Lucien Lachance (6 months ago)
You can never have enough hugs... That's a fact of life, man.
Welber Ferreira (6 months ago)
John Seed (6 months ago)
Did he ever fuck chimps, feel like he has at some point
Hulkbuster 91 (4 months ago)
John Seed YES he showed the power of YES
noah marietta (6 months ago)
666 comments. I had to add one to save your soul
The Godfather (6 months ago)
I was pretty retarded when I played far cry so I never played any side mission
Christopher Mccree (6 months ago)
His dad is no pacifists
the real gawaran (4 months ago)
TheRealC4Gaming could've sworn she was the attack helicopter. Who knew?
oceanboy (5 months ago)
Them Obama lovin’ Libtards..
Saxi Reaper (5 months ago)
The guy is an idiot...and occasionally a stupid genius so god knows what “pacifist” means for him
Robert Lombardo (5 months ago)
TheRealC4Gaming I'm fairly certain all the games take place in parallel universes.
TheRealC4Gaming (6 months ago)
Christopher Mccree Neither is his mom. She drives a fucking attack helicopter
Brandon Keeling (6 months ago)
So hurk missing some tattos in Far cry 5 on his arms.
Braindawg (6 months ago)
This is embarrassing.
Nick Fodness (6 months ago)
When you relaize that hurk has been more places them you had
Roshgar Saman (6 months ago)
Swedish subtitiles
SPARTAN GHOST98 (6 months ago)
Hey the c4 on a monkey mission became a reference in farcry 5 sharky mentions it to hurk
Zachary Thomas (6 months ago)
There's even a hurk jr heheh
404BYTE (6 months ago)
0:50 I like how the subtitle said half kilo of C4 lol
Jannik Pohl (6 months ago)
These are no cutscenes
Killer Joy (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that when Jason was with Hurk he acted less gullible and more intelligent? Hurk brought out the best in this guy.
TheMinishGuy (6 months ago)
Hurk is a legend XD
games time (6 months ago)
i love hurk and urki
"my parents were pacifists" Uuuh, no
KAMAEHAMAEHA (6 months ago)
Citra is South East Asian?? She looks mixed black.
Jason Stewart (6 months ago)
carlosanchez 69 (6 months ago)
I love how Jason fist bumps hurk without hesitation
CommanderCatman (6 months ago)
Parents were pacifists? Oops. Someone missed this when they made Far Cry 5.
FruityLemonTV (6 months ago)
oh my dayz he is so annoying hate him so much :( why far cry 5
Slope XVI (6 months ago)
Are you swedish?
WHOMAN (6 months ago)
far cry 6 turki is the new hurk
havreGet (6 months ago)
*Inkommande samtal från Hurk*
AForsaken Fox (6 months ago)
I fuckin love Hurk
NACHO (6 months ago)
Tjena Sverige pojk!
Foxtrod (6 months ago)
Angenämt! När ska du ladda upp videor? 😜👊
NACHO (6 months ago)
Foxtrod ähhh.... glöm det jag heter Maximus
Foxtrod (6 months ago)
Sverige pojk?
NACHO (6 months ago)
Foxtrod p12?
Foxtrod (6 months ago)
Hej P12:a!
Amrica ball (6 months ago)
God dam this guy was in almost every game i played
Kelley Richards (6 months ago)
Is FC3 phone ringtone the same as GTA SA?
Rasmus Ericsson (6 months ago)
Ja det var tider
Luke Parham (6 months ago)
Jason was an ass all throughout that game.
Jermie Dash (6 months ago)
Hurk will be in far cry 5 as well. I saw it on Cartoonz channel
Pix.PantedYT (6 months ago)
iv never seen hurk in farcry3
Revolutionary Gaming69 (6 months ago)
Positive reinforcement, gonna have to remember that
Zulhazreen Hazreen (6 months ago)
wait,citra's malaysian? holy fuck.

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