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Skull & Bones: E3 2018 Conference Presentation | Ubisoft [NA]

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Live from the E3 2018 Ubisoft stage, watch the conference presentation of Skull and Bones. Sign up for Beta Access at www.skullandbonesgame.com/beta #SkullAndBones #UbiE3 www.skullandbonesgame.com https://www.facebook.com/skullandbonesgameUS https://www.instagram.com/skullandbonesgame https://twitter.com/skullandbonesgame http://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA ABOUT SKULL AND BONES: It is the Golden Age of Piracy. Renegade captains command the most powerful weapons on Earth: warships. You are a pirate captain who has refused the king’s pardon and sailed from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, an untamed frontier full of lavish riches. However, these waters are also a battleground where far-reaching colonial empires, powerful trading corporations, and ruthless pirate gangs clash. In order to survive, you will have to build a lethal fleet, prey upon lucrative trade routes, and ally with other pirates in your endless struggle for supremacy. Dominate a Dangerous Open Ocean: A shared open world that reacts as you plunder rich trade routes Customize Your Pirate Experience: Choose your captain, recruit your crew and build deadly ships Naval Combat Redefined: Use your weapons, spyglass and even the wind to stalk and destroy your prey Play Solo or Coop: Raid the Hunting Grounds alone or group with other players to hunt larger prey Explosive Multiplayer: Enter the Disputed Waters and fight for supremacy in a variety of game modes Skull & Bones: E3 2018 Conference Presentation | Ubisoft [NA] http://www.youtube.com/UbisoftNA
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Text Comments (114)
CragTV (2 months ago)
What is the song at 4:30. Someone please tell me. I’m going crazy.
Sanrin The Necromancer (2 months ago)
Will there be on foot exploration and combat?
Mr. Handsome (2 months ago)
wow, i cant believe he said that word!
Brandon Gomez (2 months ago)
Id rather just go back and play ac4, at least there you can actually board a ship and fight like a badass everything else they showed was in the game as well
EliteOG Gaming (3 months ago)
Honestly, when I first saw this game at E3 last year, i literally went speechless I was so excited, Black flag was one of my favourite games, I just wish this game would have more land combat and ship boarding like AC: Black Flag, copy and paste for Origins mechanics, everyone would be happy.
Daniil Kushekov (3 months ago)
Will there be support for dualshock 4 on the PC? please
3SIXR3 Gaming Channel (3 months ago)
This game could be more amazing if you guys added open world with islands and Boarding fights from Black Flag Game that you guys have. Copy and paste to this game ?
Virgiliu Ionescu (3 months ago)
So that legendary chest message and got disappointed Edit: time 7:29
FDNY101202 (3 months ago)
Based off the comments we can establish that 1) people are so anti social/can't find friends 2) need more stable internet... Almost all games are online, it's 2018 not 1996.
Suha Krisztina (3 months ago)
XxIN SANITYxX (3 months ago)
This game will be such a huge failure lol
StrawberryFerret (3 months ago)
Signed up for the Beta for this day one <3 This is the only time I have ever been so excited for a game <3 Thank you Ubisoft
Nemus detelinara (3 months ago)
will it have land gameplay tho?
Lil Sasuke (25 days ago)
Nemus detelinara most likely, doubt it’s just gonna be ship combat
Aljand Tabada (3 months ago)
i dont care if there's boarding or not i just want to have intense naval combat w/ friends and be the damn pirate king
Cirds (3 months ago)
More detailed sea of thieves
cam smith (3 months ago)
will we able to play offline thats what i wanna know
Drw 85 (3 months ago)
so AC black flag pt2
Chaos Raven401 (3 months ago)
Ok that is cool and all but can it be played offline in not I am skipping this game
Gabe Walker (3 months ago)
Will this game have melee combat?
LyinCakeGamingMike (3 months ago)
I knew id see AC: Black Flags pirate fighting mechanics in this game! they worked so well.
Callum Appleton (18 days ago)
They announced it not long black flags actually game out, it was a licensing issue at first.
WarshipX2 Videos (3 months ago)
1:08 that dudes face though 😂
back Bull (3 months ago)
White Ensign Do not indiscriminate pirate death, there is no mercy
OuttaQuarters (3 months ago)
New type of Loot box to introduced here. they are called "Booty Boxes"
Shiftinggers (3 months ago)
hellscorpio82 (3 months ago)
Black Flag naval combat multiplayer! That's the name of this game
Lord Swibbler (3 months ago)
I mean not to be mean but this is just Assassins Creed Black flag without the assassin or land part
- Blu_Pixel - (3 months ago)
Yeah that's what people asked them for
THE DEMON SPIRIT (3 months ago)
Captain Squishy yep and it's online so is gonna be fun to play with friends
Vitarx (3 months ago)
I'm gonna play this omg it's amazing
Skip6235 (3 months ago)
Am I going crazy, or in the press conference did the cinematic trailer not have the voice-over?
Scopatutto Now (3 months ago)
Good Ubisoft
Stone S (3 months ago)
Wonder if they're going to have Peg Boys in it. If they're trying to get pirate authenticity. They were fucking animals.
Scopatutto Now (3 months ago)
Ruel Saunders (3 months ago)
Ubisoft loves the seas and pirates
DefinitelyNotKisa (3 months ago)
For honor with boats.
Nick Blake (10 days ago)
DefinitelyNotKisa what are you even talking about?
Jason (3 months ago)
Looks WAY better than Sea of ... I forgot the name, but that other pee-rat gameee.
Valentin (3 months ago)
I Hope there's no foot combat. That means more polished ship action. Do you realise that ?
Rusty Heckler (3 months ago)
Loot crates, and lots of them.
Shiver Me Timbers (3 months ago)
I hope that there is a single player campaign... similar to that of Black Flag... without the Assassin game play boring following mindless missions.
zangel gaming (3 months ago)
Looks like black flags without land combat
Grey Sky (3 months ago)
I thought this was going to be a game where you join a secret society.
WarshipX2 Videos (3 months ago)
Elusive Specter (3 months ago)
WarshipX2 Videos I'll join ya in that adventure if possible
GentleBen (3 months ago)
*"a new wind was at our backs blowing us straight to heaven"* - I can dig it
Ryan Saguros (3 months ago)
Ship classes [R6s] + AC [Ships] + Loots [Division Dark Sector] + Combat (Offense and Punishes) [For Honor] = Skulls and Bones
Jv Karlo (3 months ago)
It gonna have loot boxes why
Devendra Pisda (3 months ago)
So many details in the ship, wow
saskia (3 months ago)
Devendra Pisda true but I’d love to see some of your crew members getting killed in a heavy fight, I mean there are explosions all over your ship and nobody gets a scratch
Willow Graal (3 months ago)
No one cares about this game its all about For Honor now
Elusive Specter (3 months ago)
Willow Graal i cant wait till October and also for this game
Hobo Hobo (3 months ago)
Sea of thieves done right!!!
Ali Mehrez (3 months ago)
Hi Jon no
Christopher Larkins (3 months ago)
Wonder if there will be character customization?
Fascist Goy (2 months ago)
Mimou Chiron joining the world of crime does not make you a pirate also majority of them were eorupean not only that but alot of them were slaves im talking about Sub saheren africans of course
john smith pirates are more than likely to be the minority joining the world of crime because the society rejected them...
Dark Magnus (3 months ago)
john smith Wot?
John Smith (3 months ago)
Theres already statistically unrealistic representation of minorities & lessers so I doubt its required.
LT PUNISHER (3 months ago)
Goodbye sea of thieves
Sangre del Bosque (3 months ago)
this is different XD
snoop lenny (3 months ago)
Teddythegamer // You can’t even compare them. One game is focused on finding treasure while the other is focused on battling ships.
Firas Ziada (3 months ago)
SimDoughnut and another sea of thieves fanboy.
Firas Ziada (3 months ago)
Teddythegamer // awful? You mean actually good? And this actually being a game and not an early access disguised as a full game.
SimDoughnut (3 months ago)
@LT Punisher yeah you have fun playing a pretty pirate ship, I'm happy to stick with playing an actual pirate. :)
NemesisofWusses (3 months ago)
You lost me at "friends"... I'm out. #singleplayer
Im Diabetus (3 months ago)
Games Media must not
Games Media (3 months ago)
You don't have friends?
Ubisoft North America (3 months ago)
You can set sail solo or with friends, Nemesis.
Wild Nugget (3 months ago)
Yeah, we all can tell why you have no friends. You're not entitled to any singleplayer game. No company owes you one. Dement.
NemesisofWusses hehe some ppl like multiplayer too, you don't need to be extreme.. Play both genres
Korrupt (3 months ago)
Wow no watch dogs :(
John Smith (3 months ago)
Black Main killed that franchise.
adcon00 (3 months ago)
Could be fun, but I wonder if there's on-foot combat.
Jay Walker (3 months ago)
I think they said there wouldn't be last year.
Kula Productions like car games ?
Retrx (3 months ago)
. Tactical point
Kula Productions (3 months ago)
Looks amazing, but yeah if it's only fighting with boats it'll get boring quick I'm guessing
LIQUID SNAKE (3 months ago)
adcon00 yeah
Anthony Seta (3 months ago)
This looks great. Can't wait to play it. Great E3 Ubisoft
Ubisoft North America (3 months ago)
Thanks, Anthony. We hope to see you on the high seas during the beta >> https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/game/skull-and-bones/
RafAJIb (3 months ago)
Song: Daniel Pemberton - Growing Up Londinium
RafAJIb (3 months ago)
KevinS (3 months ago)
Ashfaq Nawaz yes
Ashfaq Nawaz (3 months ago)
didn't they used the same in "King Arthur legend of the sword?"
Yacine (3 months ago)
So far , microsoft has the best conference and you're the second
- Blu_Pixel - (3 months ago)
Microsoft doesn't win everything just because of halo
BumpOnALog (3 months ago)
Lol are you high, Microsofts sucked
A and A gaming (3 months ago)
Most defiantly not
Nyu (3 months ago)
Yacine LMFAO! 😂
valenesco45 (3 months ago)
Nice games! I like this one
brayden Robbins (3 months ago)
brayden Robbins (3 months ago)
Tyler Plays (3 months ago)
JETT4TH gaming (3 months ago)
So far I think you guys had the best conference!
Ubisoft North America (3 months ago)
Thanks, Jett! We can't wait to set sail with you.
Jason K (3 months ago)
Bethesda was the best, IMO.
Apparently every conference except EA's conference won..
Kula Productions (3 months ago)
Sony won imo. A little bit of talking and a lot of focus on games itself
IamOnlyArchon (3 months ago)
Sony's was underwhelming. Good but not the best they had. MS for now takes 3rd. Beth at 1 and Ubi at 2.

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