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Far Cry 3 - All Cave & Nightclub Scenes

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 These are all the cave scenes plus the nightclub scenes depicted in Far Cry 3. The text on the screen is in swedish.
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Text Comments (61)
Anton Björkström (19 days ago)
bra vidio
emin karacan (1 month ago)
6:58 madem giricez kabire patlayalım habire
Cooper Vla (1 month ago)
Masked Dancer (2 months ago)
Najs med nån från Sverige
odudi (3 months ago)
That's why when your in some 3rd world country and the sign tells you to stay in the erea reserved for vacationers only..you stay in that erea. And even that your not 100% safe.
gcHK47 (4 months ago)
Doug worked for Vaas... I would love to see those Thai gang-bangers get harassed by Vaas.
katelyn ast (5 months ago)
oh damn i only took it once in my playthrough thanks man!
Chris (5 months ago)
When The Scene Where Jason says his Staying My answer to It if you could talk to them as an Option like i will not stay here or other choices like i will stay and like Will you Marry me Liza Snow and we will come back home together that would have been a good Feature in the game isn`t it? anyone agrees Like this comment
katelyn ast (5 months ago)
well i mean you can go back with them in the end and she always saw the potential in him so i like to think they stay together and she helps him through it.
Aquaz (5 months ago)
I love the locations in this game😍
Quoc Le (5 months ago)
That dj is the one who cause the events in far cry 3 to happen XD
Madness1845 (5 months ago)
I missed these completely on first play through. Replayed this year and found them, they are cool.
Claude Gyroside (6 months ago)
R.I.P Unamed Friend that died offcamera
Matt Super 13 (1 month ago)
I think Vaas says having killed him at the start
czure94 (7 months ago)
At 9:29 you see how tough and badass Keith tries to be... then he gets bought by Buck and you find Keith just sitting there in the fetal position
The Crooked Man (8 months ago)
best game ever
somebody's me (8 months ago)
The way they dance is so funny 😂. The VAAS GUY was wearing red t-shirt))) that’s explains everything
Cesar (9 months ago)
You skipped the Robot!? How could anyone skip the robot dance???
Spooky Goon 731 (9 months ago)
Tha Club song is by Die Antwoord!!
MarxistKnight (9 months ago)
I wonder what this would be like with Mass Effect Andromeda's facial animations?
SyncKo (1 year ago)
I didn't do this on my most recent play through. Though, I remember doing this on my first back in 2012.
Michael Biland (1 year ago)
12:00... That asshole....
TheCabbageSoup (9 months ago)
TopspeedFr3ak97 (1 year ago)
Michael Biland he was probably working for vaas. hes wearing red.....
Augus J Famitsu (4 years ago)
The end was the best!
Jaynee Castillo (1 year ago)
Augus J Famitsu 5 m
Nova Satus (4 years ago)
11:45 that ass knew what he was doing -.-
TheCabbageSoup (9 months ago)
HD Gameing (5 years ago)
hoq did you get down stars
RaiiZeR (5 years ago)
best ending ever
Jaynee Castillo (9 months ago)
RaiiZeR @
sonicboomers122 (5 years ago)
What nightclub?
Cody Criner (5 years ago)
haha screw u guys im going home!!!
Yash (9 months ago)
Cody Criner CARTMAN!!
godofwarrocksman (5 years ago)
He was most probably the friend Vaas said he sliced open at the beginning of the game
AlexZebol (5 months ago)
CrazySailor1637 except that very Doug was shot in the face by Vaas in first trailer.
CrazySailor1637 (5 months ago)
he wasn't. he worked for vaas
godofwarrocksman (5 years ago)
it was reveal in an interview that he was actually in league with Vaas as a spotter outside the island
prettieboiswag (4 months ago)
rhys bailey the guy with the red singlet
rhys bailey (5 months ago)
godofwarrocksman, who was?
Anna Montenegro (1 year ago)
godofwarrocksman was gonna say did Doug set em up?????
Haris (5 years ago)
Yeah but Jason tells Oliver to go on the boat with everyone else. Jason wants him to tell his, meaning Jason's, mom that he's on the island. Jason's a fool for leaving his friends and then never wanting to see his mother again. But he's not a fool if he saves his friends and doesn't give into Citra's deceptive "warrior" stuff. He's only a warrior as long as he does good things and doesn't follow Citra's corrupt agenda( the part about saving his friends and sometimes helping the tribe is okay)
McMufffins (5 years ago)
dude i like the nightclub scene where you start to fight with some douchebags
joe middleton (5 years ago)
i know after the intro and these scenes you never see him again
The13thole (5 years ago)
wheres the guy with the beanie
Formula One Fan (6 months ago)
He was cut from the game. He was originally supposed to be a friend named Vince that Jason had to rescue. He was killed off screen and mentioned by Vaas at the start of the game. All dialogue about Vince was removed from the game too.
emma87654 (1 year ago)
MuzzMan99 If you listen to him while he was yelling at Grant, he apparently killed him and cut him up.
ItzGaming yaboi (1 year ago)
Vass kill him
hellfire6028 (5 years ago)
Take the red pill everytime you go to the cave. (After saving Liza, Ollie, Keith.)
Gerasimos (5 years ago)
how can you play the nightclub missions?? i have played only the first after you take that red pill...
Jessica Taylors (5 years ago)
that DJ dude looks like Vaas,kinda
Jessica Taylors (5 years ago)
0:24 Look at Liza's ass...you're welcome.
godofwarrocksman (5 years ago)
You can actually have optional interactions with the others in the cave eg after Keith is save, you can talk to Daisy about the knife, or before going to the Southern Island, Oliver tells you that he too consider staying on the island with the doctor
Foxtrod (5 years ago)
Yes, that's the third and final nightclub-scene in the game
ariiiiii2r (5 years ago)
i dont remember 10:13- 12:50.. was it optional ?
Noah Esquivel (5 years ago)
Firetoucher1001 (5 years ago)
will u do a "all citra cutscenes"? plssss :))
Foxtrod (5 years ago)
Just Dance, back home ;)
Christopher Reid (5 years ago)
Where does Jason get his dance moves?!?!?
Nick Maxwell (5 years ago)
Hey how do you do the nightclub? And how'd you get tattoos on Jason's right arm too? Please respond!!
Ludvig Nobel (1 year ago)
You get to the night club after eating the berries in the cave. The other tattoo is a dlc. I responded.

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