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An Atlantic Crossing Adventure - 3 Friends Sail to the Carribbean

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Here it is, after nearly a year i finally had the heart to go through my footage from our 2017 Atlantic crossing. We left Gran Canaria on the 5th of December 2017, and made our way south to find the famous Atlantic Trade Winds. 7 days into the adventure... Our weather fax wasn't giving us a good enough forecast so we decided to make port in Cape Verde, restock our beer supply, check the weather and then head straight back off again. Part 2 coming very soon. Make sure to check out A Sailing Adventures blog - http://asailingadventure.com/ and Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRWeUh6fZBkIOeUaPHKDuPg
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al math (4 days ago)
Good video wheel house makes the diffrence in bad weather, are you tempted to do a hard dodger or even a hallberg rassy half type?
Sailing Yacht Zora (4 days ago)
Oh yes, 100% doing a hard dodger!
Mark Lowry (5 days ago)
I may have missed it, but why were you only using the headsail?
Sailing Yacht Zora (5 days ago)
We had the main up wing and wing for a while but it kept gybing, and when we came through a Squall the boat would round up to wind really quickly. We eventually ran twin headsails, one from the forestay and one from the cutter stay. The main wasn't really giving us a whole lot more speed and the twin headsails helped to balance the boat out well
Shannon Wise (6 days ago)
awesome stuff!
Building SY Mistress (6 days ago)
Very cool Rhys, DOING it! Nice! As you say, you literally CANNOT believe HOW BIG the skies, sunset's, stars etc are when you are out in the ocean's, far away from land hey!
michael officer (6 days ago)
I love it!
robert toodie (6 days ago)
was that also a steel boat? looks sturdy..your comment "there is no where I would rather be" maybe except on your own boat making that crossing.
Adrian Erangey (6 days ago)
Very well made. Love the music too
Rigging Doctor (6 days ago)
Very nice! We just went the other way (left the Bahamas and are now in the Azores) We plan on cruising the med for a year or so, then we will be following your bubbles on that same route. Love the yellow sails!
Duncan MacKenzie (6 days ago)
What no fishing poles? Thanks for the video.
Fredrick Rourk (5 days ago)
Need a rig with teasers like this https://www.amazon.com/Fish-WOW-Fishing-Teaser-Trolling/dp/B01LYBLJOC
Fredrick Rourk (5 days ago)
Definitely need some gloves. Gotta have a snubber /shock cord in the line. It reolaces the soft tip of the fishing pole. Circle hooks would be a good investment as well.
Duncan MacKenzie (5 days ago)
+Fredrick Rourk Gotcha, thanks for the reply.....gloves too?
Fredrick Rourk (5 days ago)
Hand lines are best for a sailboat.
BlueFlyer (6 days ago)
wow great vid
Matt Evans-Koch (6 days ago)
Nice video Rhys. Not all sailing is laying about the deck soaking up the sun, but to those with the deep sense of adventure, the sea in all of its moods is the only place to be. Hope to see episode 2 soon. Great friends you have.
dprider02 (6 days ago)
Cool vid Rhys. I've done that particular crossing a couple times (once to Barbados and once to Antigua, without the stop in Cape Verde). Pretty much uneventful with great wind and weather both times. I'd love to go again some day!
Richard Da (6 days ago)
Brilliant coverage, awaiting part 2. I sailed from Tenerife to Martinique over the same time period as you.... The trade winds didn’t really appear for us and the Weather was unsettled for most of the trip, just wish I could of documented it as well as you do. All the best with the new boat and happy sailing 👍😎
Robin Bennett (6 days ago)
Thanks, I enjoyed that. If you're working on part 2, could you include a map when you talk about the route, please?
Steve Wright (6 days ago)
john wheatley (6 days ago)
Good content, and the edit pace was just right... Thanks for sharing...
Peter T (6 days ago)
I am sure that this voyage influenced your preference for steel. Are you considering a steel doghouse for Zora ? I know that you mentioned a main sheet horse for the future but more and more ocean sailors seem to be going with twin main sheets as an aid to stabilising the boom in light airs. I will watch with interest.
oldshiny (6 days ago)
Nice edit looking forward to seeing part 2
James Power (6 days ago)
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