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Find Lush Planets 95% of the Time WITHOUT MODS [ No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update Update 1.3]

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Find Lush Planets 95% of the time in No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update 1.33 without using any mods. It's really easy. Simply finish the Atlas Rises Storyline and drop into the Green tranquil galaxy. No Man's Sky New Update 1.33 & how to find lush planets in no man's sky 95% of the time {sometimes if you are unlucky, you might find only desolated ones). Link to reddit discussion about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/6v4xrh/major_spoiler_if_youre_a_fan_of_lushforest/ No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update 1.3 Playlist: https://goo.gl/Ffvvtq No Man's Sky Update 1.3 Atlas Rises is the third major update for No Man's Sky and brings in a huge range of very neat features, including - New S Type Exotic Space Ships - The ability to find and use portals - Multiplayer Joint Exploration for No Man's Sky - A brand new story line and various story missions - Factions, space conflicts & more! Join in the adventure! - Subscribe Today! : https://goo.gl/mrXyXQ - Follow me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/FB2ACU
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Text Comments (38)
iMYX (2 days ago)
Fun fiction: Dont land on These planets without plutonium ON HAND.
Immortal J'slan (3 days ago)
Anyone notice his starter planet was named Toeneil like Toenail YOUR WELCOME 😂 4:30
Max Weir (9 days ago)
That last planet was gorgeous!
_ WereWolf_Engine _ (1 month ago)
I chose to refuse because I was worried i would lose all my stuff, my ship, my units, my base and have to completely restart the game. I completly regret making that choice, can I fix this? I want to change my choice and reset the galaxy. how can I go back I cant reload my last save, this happened a long time ago.
Steve Hunter (5 days ago)
Well you can just use portals to get to the center. I forgot exactly what it was but I’m pretty sure it’s just a full line of the first glyph.
_ WereWolf_Engine _ (1 month ago)
KhrazeGaming -oh man, I have to go there 10 times to go to eissentam
KhrazeGaming (1 month ago)
I am in the exact same situation. Unfortunately we cant go back. Only manually by going to the center.
Chaz Roberts (1 month ago)
What are the other choices other than a lush galaxy. I always thought the Atlus was EVIL lol so I never presued its missions.
KeMiKiLL (1 month ago)
how to find lush planets?...play the fucking game.
Rebellious Criminal (3 months ago)
any way to get your base back after the purge?
Pierre Leblanc (1 month ago)
It is not possible, if you chose to reset, your base was reset as part of the galaxy that you left.
Fortnite live gaming (4 months ago)
The fuck is the code
a,u, o,f (5 months ago)
I picked the one full of conflict
Bergen Dahl (5 months ago)
How do I activate the main story line?
Bergen Dahl (5 months ago)
KhrazeGaming the main story line is lost among the stars right? Or something like that. Thank you by the way appreciate the video
KhrazeGaming (5 months ago)
Well simply play the game on normal/survival. Or check your mission menu
Uncl Dolan (10 months ago)
Currently there is a bug with all paradise planets with the tree seeds. There was supposed to be updated textures and new tree seeds but they are missing from the updates however they are still being linked. So they are not showing as many trees as there should be on paradise planets.
leolionhunt (10 months ago)
i chose the turquoise blue galaxy. I thought the green one would be more radioactive. :(
Ya boi Julian (5 months ago)
leolionhunt toxic? Radioactive is yellow
Max Ramos (10 months ago)
BS L plays has found like 2 or 3 beautiful paradise planets already and he just started the story s a bit past where you meant the person with a triangle head
Divided Reality (10 months ago)
What I've gathered so far is that a corporation created Atlas as a way to save humanity from the inevitable destruction of the real world, or universe.
Divided Reality (10 months ago)
KhrazeGaming Yeah, especially the fact that there are some straight up weird planets
KhrazeGaming (10 months ago)
Damn that sounds cool. Too cool actually so it makes me suspicious xD
JudeStJude (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Also, I was wondering a couple things if anyone can help me. 1. Will Nada And Polo still show up and give me multi tool upgrades and the other rewards for progress, or do I need to finish them before a certain time? 2. Between the Artemis and Atlas missions, do I need to do one or the other of those first before I progress? Just generally wondering if anything is "missable" before I progress to certain parts.
KhrazeGaming (10 months ago)
DarkDisturbedDex +DarkDisturbedDex. You will be able to progress further like normal. The storylines are not dependant on one or the other. The only thing that will hapen in the new galaxy is that the main storyline will reset (on top of your upgrades needing repair(
maskedathiest (10 months ago)
is this the first time you are here? when i went through the portal and the planet exploded. i did not see the option to cry out? seems i was not at the purge quest yet i think.
KhrazeGaming (10 months ago)
There is another similar quest earlier on, but this is the last one.
DNA GENETICS (10 months ago)
I wish they would add bigger trees and more trees
Arcqui (4 months ago)
KhrazeGaming and fort the ps4???
Arcqui (4 months ago)
DNA GENETICS in the pas, befor the Atlas rises update, the lush, forest, parafise, jungle, and manu other, have very dense forest with many vegetation but afert the update aller of this type of planet have quite tree and notre dense forest (sad)
expressrobkill (10 months ago)
there are bigger trees just not huge ones, i agree though i've seen examples of planets with amazing rock formations and forests jungle like but i think it still needs a bit of improving if it wants to look epic.
KhrazeGaming (10 months ago)
They screwed tree generation since 1.3 dropped for sure. Luckily we have shaidak's generation which fixes that until HG fixes it.
Tryn (10 months ago)
But I didn't reset the simulation :(
KhrazeGaming (10 months ago)
You can still go to the center and do it there or go to an earlier save if you have it and make the choice again.
Godot (10 months ago)
aaaaand nobody cares about the game anymoreXD(sadly)..
Unicornic (10 months ago)
Not really the game is slowing coming back 20k+ people play on steam and more on PS4
Iridium (10 months ago)
KhrazeGaming (10 months ago)
you;re whalecum

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