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Crazy Adventure with my Friends VLOG

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WhataDayShelby's webcam recorded Video - November 08, 2009, 03:56 PM one of the many storys that we have growing up and always something crazy going on ha
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Pranavi Gandham (8 years ago)
I was at outdoor school and my friends mom is the watchy person and she left so we all went crazy. Then we started playing truth or dare and we all ended up breaking somthing or getting hurt somehow. I fractured my wrist because i fell out of the top bunk. My friend did somthing to her ankle because she ran and tripped over somthing. And we started annoying other cabins and yeah.... anyway we weren't even supposed to be awake and we didnt get in trouble....
rockandrollwithcream (8 years ago)
Once me and my friends went on an exchange program with a school in taiwan (we go to a bilingual school) and at one point me, my buddy and a couple other people in the exchange program went to some random hotel. And we found out that the walls weren't to the ceiling, and one of my friends buddies parents made us go to bed early, and we found this place where you could look into any room and we saw them doing it right there. (we were in 5th grade) SO AKwARD
vanymay (8 years ago)
The craziest thing if ever done with my friends was a journey by bike... We were all uhm..14 years old I think and we were one week away and drove with our bike ca. 150 km away from home (and back!) in maybe 4 or 5 days (I'm not skinny but not the fitest person and it was hard to drive the whole way with all my clothes and other stuff on my back.) But honestly it was the best thing if ever done. there were no parents or other people just me and my 5 friends and we had so much fun.
Beatriz N. (9 years ago)
yeah... but they don't taste that great when they're COLD!! haha
CodesRCool (9 years ago)
wash your teeth, brush your hair, comb your face.
Jessie Brown (9 years ago)
Hot dogs come precooked.
DevRoxToo Gaming (9 years ago)
I actually don't have a life experience...yet...I hope
Rob Sammons (9 years ago)
your audio and video syncing is getting really bad at the minute , podcast was the worst :/
hopeistheword (9 years ago)
one time in band camp... lol jk, i loved the story though ^.^
Padfoot7411 (9 years ago)
Wow the audio and video are not synced in this one XD and my most memoriable moment with my friends was with my best friend whos just like a sister to me, we were talking to me and she was telling me a story about her and and instead of saying "hairs on her butt" she said " Butt on the hairs" and I know its stupid but we laughed for like two hours over that.
Lisa Davis (9 years ago)
i love your giant as microphone:D lol
thetabbots (9 years ago)
my most memorable moment....when i was spending the night at my grandpa's house and they woke us up at 2 in the morning saying were going on a road trip, it was random and we drove for eight hours ALL around Texas, it was an amazing experience with our blankets and pillows, and the ford excursion, that was when i was 5 :P
kyleigh larsen (9 years ago)
haha omgsh ur funnyy
Your Geeky Ojisan (9 years ago)
One time when I was living in Denver, after about 2 hours my BF at the time convinced me to go streaking with him down the street in the middle of the night while it was snowing. We were out there a good 20 min having sword fights with icicles(wound up giving him a bruise on his cheek lol), and the he drops in the snow and makes a naked snow angel. It is to this day one of my fondest memories.
fearmeforiamrob (9 years ago)
i was drunk and my brother hurt himself and was in the hospital. so i was stuck in the hospital with my whole family while i was completely wasted.
Dawn Lee (9 years ago)
Did you shave your head?
NinaRoxxanne (9 years ago)
dude, i thought you shaved your head...
Sarah Vest (9 years ago)
Man so far nothing my friends and I have done that crazy. Though everytime we go to the mall we make either new friends, or see old ones. Or like today we just ran to every store and tried on anything we could fine. But yeah, we haven't done anything totally crazy yet, but hey there is tons of time!! :D ♥
jess (9 years ago)
my friends and i helped to figure out a mystery involving our hometown. it was pretty epic. i felt like i was in scooby doo.
Brianna DeRose (9 years ago)
this old guy ws driving out of a parking lot from dunkin donuts and me and my friend, vikki, were walking to dd and the old guy stops the car, and he was with his friend who looked drunk and was like moving strangely in his seat, and the old guy asked us how old we were and told us to not drink or do drugs because we are the future of America xD i will NEVER forget that xDD
Ri Ki (9 years ago)
obviously people got greedy , he was hoping to get some cash out of it and shit didnt pan out , check his 2nd channel I think it was PhilipDeFranco or some shit like that , he talked about it a little in his latest vid
KimmiSmiles (9 years ago)
watch Phil's vlog, he explains why...
brenda8745 (9 years ago)
nice video
reeft (9 years ago)
why did sxephil leave the station? insiderinfos NOW
therealkirstyrichard (9 years ago)
love it! :)
The Captain's Vlog (9 years ago)

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