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The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

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Text Comments (16415)
BuzzFeedBlue (4 months ago)
Be sure to follow the bois on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/buzzfeedunsolved/
alondrabell (13 days ago)
Matthew Thompson p
ALE VARA (22 days ago)
M Ax (24 days ago)
BuzzFeedBlue 🌭the hot dog saga
carecahill (29 days ago)
When has Shane been promoting these ideologies? I've seen a lot of these episodes and I've always thought of him as a good guy--sarcastic, yes, but definitely have never gotten any racist or patriarchal vibes from him. (Not trying to be disrespectful of your view, just curious.)
Chanel K (30 days ago)
Dima Serjogin wtf get off youtube
Alicia Theo (1 hour ago)
the voice box def said dont laugh at me
PhoenixInLove (4 hours ago)
I wanted to know what Shane was talking about with the Air Force One movie...
Shannon George (13 hours ago)
I hate the sound of that fucking spirit box!! Seriously, that has to be the worst sound ever. Wanna scare someone? Throw on a spirit box, doesnt matter where or with who. Pants will be pissed. (In my negan voice) 🤦‍♀️I cant sleep now...
Kpop Trash (15 hours ago)
I am not.... any STAYs or Straykids fans
_CocoNat_ (19 hours ago)
What's wrong with Ryan? He was behaving so oddly...
Jennifer Gonzalez (21 hours ago)
He said dont laugh at me
Candy Borjas (1 day ago)
Ryan is so feisty this episode.
K.B. Schweitzer (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who thinks it would be hilarious if a ghost slammed the door to solitary while one of them was in there?
Fuzail Abrar (1 day ago)
who else remembered the chapel from detroit:become human when ryan and shane entered that chapel? nobody... just me... i guess
Nuvi Saldana (1 day ago)
The Shaniac!!!! XD
Arkham Asylum (1 day ago)
The wind is actually Ghost 👻 Farts.
Bobbie-Sue Pocock (1 day ago)
Aw, Shane reminds me of my granddad :D And my favourite ever is Ryans scared face :D
Alyssa Rose (1 day ago)
At 11:29 it sounded like “not happening” after they ask James to repeat their names
Eryn Shipley (1 day ago)
Parkdog191 (1 day ago)
I took a tour hear during the day and it was scary then but it was really interesting
Samantha Avila (1 day ago)
At 17:45 if you put it at .5 speed it sounds like it says "I'm home" Instead of "I am not"
Mango (2 days ago)
*Ah I found ya, motherfucka!*
brandon Upton (2 days ago)
yo 17:27 there's a shadowe hand that moves
your FBI guy_ * (2 days ago)
Shane's nose tho
Erin (2 days ago)
4 months later i still feel bad ryan cut off shane like that when he was explaining something
Petar Lukacevic (2 days ago)
Who else heard something at 10:53???
Eragem Ignacio (2 days ago)
I sense over confidence in this episode.
whatarewedoing (2 days ago)
guns do not discharge hitting the ground
hannah nelson (3 days ago)
You guys fight to much
Jade Eryn (3 days ago)
"don't laugh at me" James cell
Karla Morales (3 days ago)
Why Ryan so mad and snappy towards Shane???
Ignas Krivickas (3 days ago)
10:53 i heard No i'm not sure if it was a whisper or a edit
captloki13 (3 days ago)
Ghost Harassers
You guys should have went back and seen the chair, if its on place or not???
Sheyla Rivas (3 days ago)
this feels like im watching ghost adventures
Shadow Reaper 666 (3 days ago)
Do you ever wonder if another ghost hunter were to enter the same building as Shane and Ryan all there is a weird sounds coming from a all over the place
Aesthetic Creations (4 days ago)
You guys are literally scared or FRIGHTENED when you hear a "thud". Then why calling the demon out?
Lamari Childs (4 days ago)
You idiots, it wasn't Ryan it was Ricky Goldsworth
ariel (4 days ago)
Dang Ryan is really mean in this video... :(
Kate Lim (4 days ago)
"We are talking to AIR"
Hoodie Alien (4 days ago)
17:46 sounds like “I hope” not “I am not”.
Jessi (4 days ago)
Also sounds like the voice said "I hope" instead of "I am not", which makes more sense in response.
Jessi (4 days ago)
I'm not a fan of the ghost box... like I used to really like it because it seemed like it offered something, but now knowing those sound snippets it grabs are from AM radio waves... yeah, you might hear some AM radio for a millisecond and think it's an intelligent(?) response. You're just tricking yourself. Fun but also frustrating.
PugLord21 Gaming (4 days ago)
11:12 it said not happening
Valeria Cardenas (5 days ago)
Who said No at 10:55?????
Itsbombskull gaming (5 days ago)
shadowthehedgehog182 (5 days ago)
Apple taters
Sarah Joy Castillo (5 days ago)
I honestly hear "I hope"
Karson Erp (5 days ago)
Mary Black Rose (5 days ago)
My thumbs hurt in sympathy to those inmates that were hung by their thumbs
Ralph Anus (5 days ago)
@BuzzFeedBlue https://witchesofthecraft.com/category/book-of-spells/spirit-summoning-spells/ Not promoting anything, this may help you on your ghost hunting series.
Ralph Anus (5 days ago)
@BuzzFeedBlue http://www.tanahoy.com/psychic-learning/incense-to-attract-angels/
Ralph Anus (5 days ago)
Before using a Oijia board you should perform a circle of protection spell to protect yourself from evil spirits and demons. What it will do is keep all the bad things out of the circle within a 12 foot radius. That would be most wise.
Ralph Anus (5 days ago)
Those iron rods you used in one of your previous episodes were used by wickens and witches hundreds of years ago to detect the prescence of spirits. When they cross each other that's how you know there are spirits present. So wickens tell me.
Ralph Anus (5 days ago)
After you guys finish filming your episode you can always go back and bless the foundation with holy water, blessed salt, and ceilanite. Those minerals repel evil spirits and so does iron. In midevil times iron fences would be erected around graveyards to keep evil spirits out. Just so you know.
Ralph Anus (5 days ago)
If you light a candle and it flickers up and down rapidly that is a sign that there are spirits present.
Ralph Anus (5 days ago)
There are wicken spells that you can perform before you enter a haunted location that will make it easier and more likely for spirits to reach out and communicate with you. Google it with the keywords ( wicken, magik, and spells). Would love to see you do longer spirit box sessions and use the Ouiji board more often during your episodes. Shane makes this series funny as hell.
Ralph Anus (5 days ago)
Spirits that are trapped between the spirit world and the living world need people to pray for them so they may cross over. That's why ghosts become poltergeists, they are letting you know they are there because they need prayers. They are not trying to scare you 99% of the time. Before you start up the spirit box you should tell them to communicate with you and ask them for their name, then promise to pray for them. The spirits will be more likely to respond if they think they will get something out of the spirit box session. I'm a little bit psychic, I know what I'm talking about.
Jonah Novoa (5 days ago)
the response to the jesus comment sounds more like "I hope", they heard "I'm not you" and someone else heard "I own you". So, yeah I chalk it up to " the usuals".
Christian Eirby (5 days ago)
At 11:14 it sounds like he says "Not Happening"
Adasia Boline (5 days ago)
Around 16:00 why is there 2 identical chairs in the chair room?
Alex Barnard (5 days ago)
15:10 you’re welcome
19:35 P R E A C H 🙌 wowza, seriously tho, if ghost HUNTING doesn't work out, maybe the ghoul boys have a future in ghost THERAPY😂
Y E A H B U T J E S U S . . . I S J E S U S H E R E ? ? ?
Emily Love (6 days ago)
How is there like 20 most haunted places in America
Maleia Harper (6 days ago)
I love Shane
:Q oh my god....:Q
how come that the camera man is not scared????
Dankster Gamester (6 days ago)
Bananamangopeach 978 (6 days ago)
Pheenie zulak (6 days ago)
at the part at 27:40 i heard "what if the warden sees us?"
Kayla (6 days ago)
"is jesus here?"
Denise FanOfYou (7 days ago)
1:53 That was so mean...
Emily Daniels (7 days ago)
Shane has BDE like Pete Davidson. I dig it
Phoenix Lucifer (7 days ago)
Smell you later
Jada Walter (7 days ago)
Who is it? SHUT UP, who is it?
Phoenix Lucifer (7 days ago)
Mosey (7 days ago)
1 time, would love to see Ryan just slap Shane when he shakes his head no. It's such a condescending look. I've never loved, hated a series so much.
RedVelvetSalma (7 days ago)
Ew why am I watching this at night
keera Brar (7 days ago)
Don’t mind me just hiding in the comments as one does
Jordan Patriarca (7 days ago)
Looks like the damn overlook hotel
Kai Marie (7 days ago)
11:20 sounds like “dont laugh at me”
Grumpyblues (7 days ago)
that was some baller harmonizing
Mournclaw (8 days ago)
17:40 I went back and listened to it at half speed and this is pure comedy gold right here LMAO when Shane laughs it's like they're both drunk and high at the same time xD (...On a more serious note, it could also be saying "I dunno" but then again that's just something I say a lot so...)
Nikki Darden (8 days ago)
16:10 why is there 2 chairs
17:32-17:34 Jesus is omnipresent His everywhere
Matt Smith (8 days ago)
27:30 "Hello, Ryan"
Oliver (8 days ago)
11:14 was “don’t laugh at me” in a higher octave voice y’all gotta stop mocking the ghosts
Meyaka Brown (8 days ago)
Shane is so smug I wish that cell closed and locked him in for a while. #🐓
Dracula (8 days ago)
27:08 "No escape" "Michael" what is this prison break?
Meyaka Brown (8 days ago)
💖 Merry me Ryan! 💖 Also you guya harmonizing waa devine. ☺
Natalia pereddo (9 days ago)
LavenderRose Tea (9 days ago)
When Ryan said "say my name" it sounded like Emma white
Amelie Pöpel (9 days ago)
1: Does anybody else hear it say " There is no good in us" at 27:42? 2: at 10:54 it sounds like something says " No" 3: at 28:23 when he turns the thing of it sounds like something says " that's awful"
Mittens 67 (9 days ago)
27:16 the voice to me sounded like it said Michael.
akino darrell (9 days ago)
akino darrell (9 days ago)
I feel Shane should go at it alone one episode. I think the less energies their are the more likely you are to be singled out and attacked
akino darrell (9 days ago)
10:52 who the hell was that
Daria Glorioso (9 days ago)
I think that you dont attract negative energy because you two were positive one, in the law of physics positive plus negative atrract each other. But I think ghost hunting is different one -Rm Valenzuela
Maria Booth (9 days ago)
Why are there voices so high? Have they not gone through puberty? Just a bunch of buzzfeed beta males!
I have walked in the same place as you
Opal Rose (9 days ago)
11:15 he said "don't laugh at me"

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