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The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

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Text Comments (15496)
BuzzFeedBlue (2 months ago)
Be sure to follow the bois on instagram! https://www.instagram.com/buzzfeedunsolved/
Samantha Sheehan (4 hours ago)
BuzzFeedBlue hey buzzfeed I was wondering if you guys have investigated Villisca Iowa ask murder house yet ?? If not you guys should really check it out you can look it up on YouTube ☺️ I would love to see that video
I'm an idiot gamer (7 days ago)
BuzzFeedBlue I went to the Ohio State reformatory for a school project in fourth grade lol
Liam Crossland (57 minutes ago)
Ryan: in room on his own Shane: I Ryan is doing a thing Ryan: does the thing
Liam Crossland (1 hour ago)
Fucking Roland
sabregoose (1 hour ago)
The cell part for Solitary seemed to say names, maybe fellow inmates? The names were Michael, Anthony, Emalia.
Marcus Lindgren (4 hours ago)
It's a bit reminiscent of Toluca Prison in Silent Hill 2, with all the decaying walls and such.
Aliiciabrux (4 hours ago)
aww, poor shane when ryan cut him off while talking about air force 1
“Now there is a LOT of wind”
Rosa Draws (8 hours ago)
Ok when Shane asked if Jesus was there and the spirit responded to me it sounded like it said "I hope." instead of "I am not."
Kellie Bohlig (8 hours ago)
11:14 *"DONT LAUGH AT ME"*
sweetistweeter (9 hours ago)
I... did not expect Ryan to be a bass.
ADX CA (9 hours ago)
Do one on Lars Mittank
C.L (11 hours ago)
24:11 - 16:07 .......Shane
Minhaj Uddin (11 hours ago)
"well if there's anyone here, my name Shane" Lmao
Morgan Freeman (12 hours ago)
19:06-19:11 beautiful! haha
Dr. BeesMD (13 hours ago)
11:14 "Don't Laugh At Me"
emma hoffman (15 hours ago)
Should do some unsolved cases in Australia, particularly ward 21 in morriset!!
Susan Egege (17 hours ago)
I thought it said “ I hope” not “ I am not”
Tara Atkins (17 hours ago)
The harmony was 🔥 My ears have been blessed
MyMusicalSide22 (18 hours ago)
17:04 sounds like a child laughing!?
MyMusicalSide22 (18 hours ago)
In James’ cell, after they heard the classical music, the voice sounded like it said the words “classical music” back at them
its gracie (18 hours ago)
you guys should go to myrtles plantation in st francisville louisiana !! i’ve been there, something pulled my hair
Eliz-Marie van Jaarsveld (20 hours ago)
At 17:47 it doesn't sound like "I am not". To me it sounded like "I own you" which, in my opinion, is either terrifying or kind of funny...
Alternate Reality (20 hours ago)
goddammit roland
Bella Quinn (21 hours ago)
Shane is the suburban white Dad who says ‘this move is good for us’ and ignores everyone telling him the house is haunted until he gets dragged off and killed
Izzie Kanoski (22 hours ago)
I would like to meet their camera guy who is silent, but appreciated
Rubi Garcia (22 hours ago)
10:55 you can hear a man say help
Ellie Townsend (23 hours ago)
11:30 James"not happenin"
supercoolhoneybee (1 day ago)
17:35 sounds a LOT more like "I hope" and not at all like "I am not." Just sayin'
bob turner (1 day ago)
19:07 they where actually pretty good
Audrey Weber (1 day ago)
I get the feeling that Helen's death might not have been an accident? Idk anything about the real story or anything but the gun firing when it fell on the floor seems like a really unlikely situation. It's probably possible, but I think it's also possible she might've just committed suicide and the story about the accidental discharge was a coverup.
D Pepper (1 day ago)
Ryan needs a hug in this video :(
Jennifer Aguilar (1 day ago)
I heard 'don't laugh at me' so quick theory. What if James committed suicide because his cell mates made fun of him coupled with the fact he probably still had like 7 years to go on his sentence
Thiderem469 (1 day ago)
Oh man, thought this was a re-watch for me, but apparently every other time I've tried to watch this episode I've fallen asleep 😅 I don't remember half this episode
Destinee Garcia (1 day ago)
When asked if Jesus is here “I Am Not” I heard “l Hope”
Annika U (1 day ago)
11:15 “Don’t laugh at me”
Isobella O'Connell (1 day ago)
Go to the Santa Fe prison in New Mexico. That place is fucked
Alma Zul (1 day ago)
Shane is a very funny person
Hansel (1 day ago)
24:36 Its nice up here, i like it 25:02 *ifuckinghatethisplace*
Hansel (1 day ago)
20:28 welp
Eman Kocher (1 day ago)
“Hop on me I’ll give you a ride all the way back to sunny Los Angeles” gladly 😏
Robert Shores (1 day ago)
That lady was murdered or killed herself. Guns dont just go off when you drop them
Alisha Sukhu (1 day ago)
If it's a reformatory, why does the title say penitentiary?
16:30 trandion Indian dance
Chad Cuervo (1 day ago)
How does he not care about Air Force One??
Marcus Kurschat (1 day ago)
You need to add a jump scare or 2. Maybe during the static video?
SeaLavender1 (1 day ago)
At 11:15 the voice is clearly saying don’t laugh at me
morgan (1 day ago)
Adrián Enciso (1 day ago)
at 17:42 I actually hear " I hope" LOL
yuval brami (1 day ago)
19:6 this is actually really beautiful
jose gazca (1 day ago)
Lol their sense of humor is to great
Emma Daughenbaugh (2 days ago)
I feel like Shane was genuinely scared in this
Aye K (2 days ago)
*all cabinets close and open repeatedly*. Shane: that’s what cabinets do sometimes
WhereisSamuel 1 (2 days ago)
27:32 “hello ryan”
dylan !!! (2 days ago)
goddammit roland
ilikesle ep2 (2 days ago)
They should do the devils hole in new jersey
It’s like ghost adventures but funny
16:00-16:40 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ellie Lara (2 days ago)
Ryan: *gets thrown off building* Shane: oh, he must have tripped.
Siobhan Linden (2 days ago)
These guys need to come to Connecticut!!! Crazy, haunted, abandoned town that just radiates creepy vibes before you even get close.
Sunset's Garage (2 days ago)
What are the Static cameras for?
Sara Wyldes (2 days ago)
When they were talking to James I swear to god I heard “Shane” There was another time where I thought I heard “hi Ryan” after you asked to repeat your name.
TITANICguy 2002 (2 days ago)
27:30 To me it sounds like "Hello Ryan".
PeachFiz (2 days ago)
This series has gone down hill
Vicos3 Plays (2 days ago)
27:15 I heard Vicose... My youtube channel name is Vicos3 (obviously) and my name is ryan. Too much coincidence
Amber Louise (2 days ago)
"i am not" - i heard something before they rewound and showed us what they picked up, i heard "i hope" and that to me is pretty scary tbh because they're asking if Jesus is there and the ghost is hoping he is - maybe they're looking for salvation and redemption from their crimes as they're in the chapel!
Celab Remington (2 days ago)
Bro I'm from Ohio and my mom goes there to hunt ghosts
Mongoon (2 days ago)
Clara Partida (2 days ago)
You REALLY need to visit Idaho Old State Penitentiary (https://history.idaho.gov/oldpen )   ....It's calling you....
Jackie Dudas (3 days ago)
There was somewhere in the 19:00 min section where I saw a little white dot go across the screen!
Summer Heartss (3 days ago)
Shane: *sees an actual fully visible ghost* “BuT iTs a HoLOgRaM!!!1!!1!2”
mac donalds (3 days ago)
The voice at 17:40 sounds like "i don't know". Also, at 27:31, it says "hello Ryan".
Ashleigh Bibby (3 days ago)
At 19:19 You can hear a clank and at 19:21 you can clearly see an orb go across the screen
Nanoblock (3 days ago)
Its not “I am not” but “I hope not”
Peep Weeper (3 days ago)
I want u to solve the mystery of why the girls at my school don't want to go out with me
Remi Talico (3 days ago)
“Well if your busy now I’ll smell you later!”
Naiya (3 days ago)
I just wonder how the camera man feels about this...
Harlie Andresen (3 days ago)
At 28:40 after Ryan stops talking does anyone else here a whisper?
Jackalyn Massof (3 days ago)
When they moved the chair they should have left and then later they should have checked on it to see if the "ghost" moved it.
Jackalyn Massof (3 days ago)
oh never mind i just finished the video
Emilee Kern vlogs (4 days ago)
Jeez I’m sorry you had to be in Ohio in the winter
the jacker Jjhn (4 days ago)
Haley Williams (4 days ago)
Did anyone else here a whisper growl of “No!” at 10:52?
Funk Raptor82 (4 days ago)
this is where shawshank redemtion was filmed
Jaxx Jaxx (4 days ago)
I don’t like it how Ryan gets so rude and arrogant to the spirits and ghosts and stuff once’s he done the scariest part of the place. I get why he gets cocky and why he’s so elated when he’s done the scariest part, but he doesn’t need to mock the spirits when he’s leaving. I completely get why he acts like that, it’s just bothersome.
Clayton M (4 days ago)
Honestly, I hear "I hope not" rather than "I am not"
Brooklyn Forney (4 days ago)
I feel like it's saying "air force one conduct"
Maci moo moo nunu (4 days ago)
At 27:08 it gave me chills!
The Guy (4 days ago)
How come they never went and checked out the chair room again, just to see if the chair moved at all
Project Monz Gaming (4 days ago)
Any got the link to the turd photo on Instagram?
It sounds like the person outside the chapel says, "I hope not" to "Is Jesus here?"
**Shane's respectful season** Shane: "If you turn on those lights, you'll go to Heaven."
Horrid Jakers (4 days ago)
I didnt hear "I am not." I heard "I hope not."
Braeden Krzenski (4 days ago)
It’s so cool
Harald Grotle (4 days ago)
I slowed it down and the ghost said “Don’t Laugh at Me” not monopoly lol it starts At 11:15
Chief_AL (4 days ago)
“Is Jesus Here?”
Wes 69 (4 days ago)
I feel like ghosts don't come out when they know they're being recorded
your mom (4 days ago)
Look at how big of a prison they are in and tell me you wouldn’t be scared too. Ryan is just scared and terrified and it explains his moody behavior.
your mom (4 days ago)
I feel like they have a ton of spirits following them..
oliviaaclairee (4 days ago)
when they were in the room of the guy who burned himself alive, the radio definitely said "dont laugh at me"
Patrick Newman (4 days ago)
I have been there and It was so scary!!!
brooke Noneya (5 days ago)
I feel bad for James. He was sentenced to fifteen years, so he killed himself, hoping to escape that Hellhole, but then ended up trapped there for all time. That's a horrible situation.

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