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Far Cry 3: Gameplay Part 14 - Pinned to Earth ( The Lost Plane ) #Side Mission

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Text Comments (8)
Eggdrasil Warthog (5 years ago)
This quest is so funny, creepy and cliche.
CrazyPizzaMan21 (5 years ago)
Oh crap i felt like i was watching the twilight zone there for a sec. anyone else agree?
takktakktakk1 (5 years ago)
I think its meant to be a joke about lost
Robert Halliwell (5 years ago)
I S***t my self i was like wat u mean theres no woman in the village ??? WHAT i was shaking
Nyuh Nyuh (5 years ago)
Creepy as fuck i got goosebumps for like 30 seconds when that guy told me "there is no old woman living there"
maheroho (5 years ago)
I was actually playing this at 1 am and it creeped the shit out of me lol, I was wondering why that room was dark ...
Shiny Wolf (5 years ago)
Exactly xD
Tarik Jaawani (5 years ago)
Dude...that is both creepy and cool.

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