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Kritix ft. Jenny Jones - All Of Me [Official Music Video] [Mayan Audio]

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Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (10)
Jan Luzinsky (1 month ago)
this tune is totally addictive, one of the best vocal things
marklar498 (3 years ago)
Nice production.... Impressive
Craig Wyting (3 years ago)
This is a great song, very easy on the ears and you can follow the story within and video which is refreshing. I'm delighted to see Claire the female artist in the video, it is of no surprise she has taken that position, this lady is a great actress and having had the pleasure of her on our sets its very encouraging to see her participating in music video's also. I highly recommend her to any director producer who is looking for a natural dedicated talent. Claire is our leading lady for the production of TEN to be released 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxXoqDNSqlY Director 2BlokesFilms
Rik Freeman (3 years ago)
Gooo Jen, love it!! (y) :-)
Jamie Martin (3 years ago)
Fat tune
Sam Archer (3 years ago)
Nice tune, love the light and dark blend...one of the best i've heard on this channel for a while!!
Tuff Touch (3 years ago)
Love this tune man!
willh199 (3 years ago)
Banger 💯💯
Mayan Audio (3 years ago)
You can catch Kritix and Jenny Jones Official performing 'All Of Me' Live on the 12th of September for the Mayan Audio birthday celebration at club no.65 vauxhall London - Line up: SIX BLADE - Special guests KRITIX ROKLO TRACED TRIMER (Fireteam Set) INTRASPEKT BENNY L Live PA - JENNY JONES PERFORMING 'ALL OF ME' Hosts: MC Coppa // MC Nuklear // Pastry maker // J Silks Tickets - https://www.deftickets.co.uk/events/mayan-audio-12-09-2015
Mayan Audio (3 years ago)
Kritix All Of Me ft Jenny Jones : Single and EP available now. Beatport exclusive - http://btprt.dj/1NLyZK1

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