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Show of the Week: Dragon Age: Inquisition and 5 Inquisitor Chat-up Lines That Shouldn't Work

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Dragon Age: Inquisition invites you to decide who your heroic Inquisition leader is: a saviour sent by the Maker, a pragmatic disbeliever, or a sleazy flirt who spends more time macking on her advisors than closing demonic sky holes. I aim for a flavourful blend of all the above in Show of the Week, featuring five Inquisitor chat-up lines that shouldn't work but, encouragingly, do. Your reckless horndogging is set into a plot of suitably vast and apocalyptic scale, in which every faction ever referenced in Dragon Age gets a go in a grand battle of good versus evil. It makes a satisfying contrast to the modest drama and smaller ambitions of Dragon Age 2. The twist for Dragon Age is you playing the head of an increasingly powerful religious order, instead of just an accidental underdog hero, and Dragon Age: Inquistion pulls it off nicely, balancing open-world adventure with bossing people around from your stately keep. In the field, your Inquisitor leads your party on expeditions through enormous open-world regions of Thedas, in which intricate, handcrafted maps make exploration absorbing and rewarding. Back at base, you have work to do dispatching agents on Inquisition business at the war table, crafting better equipment, and developing your fortress HQ. Here you will also find your followers hanging out between trips, discover their various chequered pasts and tragic backstories, and try to get them to make out with you. Please observe my success with Dragon Age: Inquisition companions Blackwall, Sera, Cullen, Dorian and Joesphine, such as it is, in the video above. --- Outside Xbox brings you daily videos about Xbox 360 games and Xbox One games. Join us for new gameplay, original videos, previews, achievements and other things (ask us about the other things). Thanks for watching and be excellent to each other in the comments. Find us at http://www.outsidexbox.com Subscribe to us at http://www.youtube.com/outsidexbox Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/outsidexbox Follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/outsidexbox
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Text Comments (163)
ArtistNameHere (8 months ago)
If I’ve learned anything from Dragon Age is to NEVER and I mean NEVER drink any order’s potions. EVER!
probablynotbees (1 year ago)
"100 hours"? It took me 200 for a completionist playthrough, and even then I still somehow missed several collectables.
QueenThoria (1 year ago)
Hey you forgot about Solas!
Teresa hikes (1 year ago)
I wanted harding sooo much..
expatatat (1 year ago)
Sorry guys but birds can have rabies as well, additionally, we have managed to infect reptilian cell cultures with the rabies virus so we're very close to having the technology that will one day realize Andy's dream of rabid alligator ownership.
Arachnid Badkid (2 years ago)
Glad someone else adores how Dorian compliments himself. Gotta love confidence ahahah
FrankieA (2 years ago)
can't believe you missed the chance for a crow/bird pun at 6:44 with 'alright, it's your murder'
chrbre6 (2 years ago)
haha 6:15 I read the very first option as: "would you care for a mango" oops
Mikoto Misaka (2 years ago)
cullen was the most endearing at the beginning of a female circle mage play through in origins. He gets flustered and runs away when you flirt with him.
escensu (2 years ago)
Was that an Archer reference in there? :P "-just like the old gypsy woman said"
Matthew Mudde (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks sera looks freaking terrifying.
random af (1 year ago)
Matthew Mudde nop
Dr. Sinclair (2 years ago)
Uh dragon age I just got it, and couldn't play it :(
Fretzton (2 years ago)
+Cheesy Canadian Got you , too much loading screens it make me sick.
Max Max (2 years ago)
Saviour 'Senpai' God?
WhatItMeansToBeHuman (2 years ago)
It's almost Christmas 2015. I'm still playing.
L C (2 years ago)
Mike... Channell?? oh my god I've never found anyone else with that surname that's so weird
Killian Murray (3 years ago)
dogsrulenw08 (3 years ago)
I like Dragonage but I will say I don't enjoy BioWare's romances that much. Especially Mass Effect where its supposed to be a "military" fantasy space game. Yeah you aren't really doing much military stuff when your so busy romancing every alien or talking to fans and reporters. This is why I like the Halo series for my military space fantasy. Little more action, only about 1 romance if you count the rubbish ODST story.
SharpWalkers (2 years ago)
HAHA! Exploration in Inquisition absorbing and rewarding? Please. 'Tediously working through asinine content, and pretty much forced to do so because power' sounds more like it.
SharpWalkers (1 year ago)
Yes you literally were. Did you play the game? To continue unlocking the main quests you had to have a certain amounts of power. Which meant you *had* to do the shit, collect-this-much-of-this, put-flowers-on-a-grave, light-a-candle, fetch-the-golden-halla side quests. This is one of my favorite channels, so why should I not watch their weekly show only because a segment of it is on vastly overrated game , in a game *series* I used to love, and by what would still call my favorite developer? Doesn't mean, I'm not going to be critical and disagree.
Austin Istvan (1 year ago)
you literally are not forced to do anything in this game. nor were you forced to come to this channel, or a video about a game that you think is " 'Tediously working through asinine content, and pretty much forced to do so because power'".
TheAverageGuy (3 years ago)
Lady Lucifer (3 years ago)
I romanced Sera first (I fucking love her) Josephine next (Shes fucking adorable) and i had to make a male inquisitor just to romance Dorian because hes just amazing
Jay Smith (3 years ago)
The Cullen thing continues the tradition of the Warrior class being somewhat awkward around the opposite sex. Dragon Age II, Aveline....'nuff said.
Sandro Swen (2 years ago)
also Oghren... then again, he was awkward around any sex.
Failman Movies (2 years ago)
and cullen was like that in da:o soo they didnt add new warrior that behaves like that
Failman Movies (2 years ago)
alistair( dragon age origins)
Barney Likes Kids (3 years ago)
And then there's iron bull... XD
Gerald Soria (3 years ago)
I romanced my cully wully
pathall (3 years ago)
I really want Dragon Age now, it looks great
Clinton Walker (3 years ago)
if I have to sit through the order 1886 ad one more time im going to cry
Pvpve :3 (3 years ago)
just yes xD 
Darcell B (3 years ago)
well, the inquisitor sure is chosen by the maker, the game makers to be exact
NeoDanomaru (3 years ago)
I can't play this game on PS3 without it freezing up a storm, Christmas almost ruined!  The refund and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix saved the day!!!
Ron Bourbondy (3 years ago)
Someone is a bit lonely....
Exploding Chickens (3 years ago)
3 spoky 5 me
some Thang (3 years ago)
Jane, you're my hero
Oliver Dent (3 years ago)
If that was an Archer reference... I love you, Jane.
JustSomeGuy (3 years ago)
Thanks for noticing me senpai! And seriously, that dorian mustache though
LoL Stacker (3 years ago)
hunter hyatt (3 years ago)
No though. It's doe bro.
kwititnow (3 years ago)
tagabundok1 (3 years ago)
I still like you Jane even you like saying like a lot.
YoshibirdLEGACY (3 years ago)
i thought that there were ice trolls in the kitchen.  
Agent Washington (3 years ago)
Damn it, Jane, you ruined the like button! 
avathequeen14 (3 years ago)
Theres nothing quite like befriending a mustached narcissus like Dorian, is there?
DiverKlein (3 years ago)
96 hours on my Normal run. Have a few small things left to do, maybe add a couple more hours. Killed all the Dragons, says 10/10 in the Codex, but no achievement. Working on a nightmare run now
yousuf yasir (3 years ago)
Either the animals killed andy or hes now imprissoned by them
Jai Aronsen (3 years ago)
Your mum's a demonic sky-hole.
Christopher Hoeft (3 years ago)
Well I guess we can't give them anymore likes, on account of the word like having lost all meaning. But what we can do is give them dislikes LET THE DISLIKES RAIN!!!!!!!!!
Rane (3 years ago)
John Carter (3 years ago)
Aha crows funeral "death by crows" you guys are so silly
Purechaos123 (3 years ago)
Why are there so many animals in the Outsidexbox office? Have you thought about calling an exterminator?    
Cerasinus (3 years ago)
Maybe they should bring the Daleks from Doctor Who, although they should probably get out of the office first....
Hexalina (3 years ago)
Great show :) please bring an app to smart tv's that would be amazing.
QuietLife (3 years ago)
Witcher The Wild Hunt or Dragon Age Inquisition?
Sir Loyd (3 years ago)
I like dragon age inqusition I really do but after playing origins dlc awakening and 2, I'd rather go for the witcher 3 a dark fantasy with the dodge hit mash combat sustem thn thr tacticl overview both games are good in thr own way but ive had my fil of dragon ages side
Why not both? 
skynet091287 (3 years ago)
There is one thing i absolutely HAVE to do when closing a rift in Inquisition; yell "Talk to da HAAAAAAND!!!"
Liam Dooley (3 years ago)
Hey guys, I'm a big fan of your channel and I know you guys would surely struggle to think of new ideas for your "Best, Worst and Weirdest" playlist. So, I wanted to make a suggestion. I thought a list of potential Assassin's Creed locations for future games would be really cool. What with Unity and Rogue just being released, it'd be great timing. For example, World War 2, an Industrial Revolution London or America set in the sixties or seventies with a Mafia 2 vibe. Even a future game would be amazing, although I'm not sure how they'd tie it into the story line. Maybe a software update for the Animus allowing them to travel further into the genes of a subject? Anyway, I'm sure you guys have got a handle on it. I look forward to your next video. ☺️
Mekkkor (3 years ago)
You cheeky editors! I noticed that mini Pagan Min in the background! It's all making sense now...
Mekkkor (3 years ago)
Isn't it lucky that green stuff stuck to your hand? Imagine having to get your nether regions every time you need to close a giant gaping hole, all because a massive portal hasn't got good aim when it comes to bestowing magic upon someone. 
Alina (3 years ago)
YES, I can finally rest in peace. My comment was featured on Outside Xbox. 
Noah Lach (3 years ago)
I don't even play on Xbox but all your videos are just so damn entertaining. 
Ryan Collins (3 years ago)
jackyboy777666 (3 years ago)
Talk about Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pul5ar (3 years ago)
I'd be into Janebook if there were such a thing. But Facebook? Na
Spandan Pattnaik (3 years ago)
I too would've been playing this game if it had not been banned in India for some stupid reason.:(
Calabastor (3 years ago)
It is because of Dorian some countries still have issues with any type of media showing gay people I guess.
lesbian Duck (3 years ago)
+Twan Wright called it, India is such a stupid place
Punk Cannibal (3 years ago)
http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2014/11/17/video-game-dragon-age-inquisition-banned-in-india-over-gay-character/ It's because of the same gender sex interactions. 
lesbian Duck (3 years ago)
its because stupid India is homophobic i imagine 
ocsdo apm (3 years ago)
Is it really banned ?. Who has the authority
Paul. B (3 years ago)
Pagan Min's hairstyle is not too dissimilar to Andy's. He just needs a blonde tint
iTs ShAkEy JaKe (3 years ago)
If Jane flirts that much in DA: Inquisition, what must she be like at the OX offices..
Sean Taylor (3 years ago)
anyone with that mustache definitely has herpes :P
KillerTortoise1 (3 years ago)
I can't wait to play this I even have the game in my room but I need to replay the first 2 properly and I'm soooo bogged down with 6th form
jayasimha reddy (3 years ago)
This game looks like skyrim ..only,with an actual ending and lots of romancing !
andrea garcia (3 years ago)
O no a chimpravagator I thought they were just a myth 0_o
Existential_Gamer (3 years ago)
Blackwall, like the cake, is a lie :<
tba113 (3 years ago)
Moderate fondness is overrated. I mean, it's okay, but... Well, you can always ask people to use the "yeah, all right" button instead.
Ricky McKnight (3 years ago)
I like Janes!
shaan3990 (3 years ago)
I like all the random stuff you guys have in the background :p
Madeline Van Dongen (3 years ago)
All that fine ass after Inquisitor Jane has me wondering on the exact nature of the 'magic', ahem, in that hand. Though she should make sure it isn't transmittable or she'll have to start wearing a glove.
Mommasboy87 (3 years ago)
9:11 That voice crack!
plus2happiness (3 years ago)
Flirting with characters is pretty great. Who doesn't love dancing with their partner at the big fancy party. Dorian all the way.
Tristan (3 years ago)
What's with all the Archer references Jane?
I hate to tell you this Adam, but you're a mammal.
Sam's Review (3 years ago)
hahaha.... Well it helps if you face the shark andy! :)
Cerasinus (3 years ago)
I wonder if Outside Xbox had to use the Lazarus project from Mass Effect to bring Andy back to life....
Madeline Van Dongen (3 years ago)
Maybe they've gone the 6 million dollar man route and rebuilt him from the beard up. We can rebuild him, we have the technology...
Tom Hayes (3 years ago)
So in the outside xbox office kitchen had frost trolls and monkeys...sounds pretty dangerous
EverTonyian (3 years ago)
Oh well If I cant like the video's anymore thanks to Jane braking the word like then I must adore the video's then
Walt-Tec (3 years ago)
Loving the Archer reference 
POWDER (3 years ago)
What did Mike and Andy do to anger the Animal kingdom so greatly. Well it's a long story THEY STOLE THE SACRED LEOPARD STATUE!! Ok so it's a short story.
William Davis (3 years ago)
you can express moderate fondness by saying " L- bomb" eh eh its not that great but i gave it a try. so why dont you give this video a L-bomb? no its not good srry
Chainingchart _ (3 years ago)
Liked + like + like +like = like + (d) + like + like + like = 4like + (d)? Oh no!
Chainingchart _ (3 years ago)
Like 4 D
Ally (3 years ago)
It makes me happy that Jane is an equal opportunist flirter! I'm playing my Inquisitor full lady-homo (just like I am irl) so my "official" target is Sera but I can't resist flirting with Cassandra or Vivienne because I can. Apparently my Inquisitor and I both can't stop ourselves when there's a pretty lady about.
chris beam (3 years ago)
i am a pretty pickle
Dickvanduc ! (3 years ago)
I think Daniel could have meant floorless ba dum tsss get it cause she continuously hit the floor anybody
MWGNDify (3 years ago)
I've never run into a transformer on purpose in Watch_Dogs. I did it probably a hundred times, but never on purpose.
ninenightmares (3 years ago)
No one on YouTube makes me giggle like these guys. 
SPARTAN2LLAMA1 (3 years ago)
Last me until Christmas?way off, I've had it for 5 days and have 90 hours on it, they really need to make bigger games
MouseOfGlen (3 years ago)
So what super powers did Andy get from all those animal attacks and/ limb replacements?
OMGitsathing (3 years ago)
Jurassic Park!!!!!!!!
VerifiedGamingXbox (3 years ago)
"6 angry clouded leopards" could be a lyric in the 12 days of Christmas
Jesse Clark (3 years ago)
Just assign it to the 12 Days of OXMas Challenge or whatever it was called. Make sure one of them involves Jane parachuting.
Todd Ferguson (3 years ago)
+Jesse Clark i will be so happy if outsidexbox makes a special twelve days of farcry song and sings while showing a montage of farcry awesomeness and farcry fails.
Jesse Clark (3 years ago)
12 Days of Far Cry? I would be so down for that being a song. The game has so much stuff in it, there has to be a way.
Sam Butler (3 years ago)
I thought you two had turned in to scousers at the end.
Lurker101 (3 years ago)
Skyrim That is all
Danique Boogh (3 years ago)
+Lurker101 Skyrim is boring.
cupcakesaregreat (3 years ago)
Yay show of the week I can't live without it
Tali' Zorah nar Rayya (3 years ago)
I wish you could have Hawke on your team, getting to customise her again was very cool though, i also want Merrill to return.
Hampus Juhlin (3 years ago)
why not both
Vesania (3 years ago)
+Lurker101 I don't think the Warden would've worked as well Hawke. 
Lurker101 (3 years ago)
I'd rather have the Warden Actually, I'd rather just have a dual wield warrior again
milly gribben (3 years ago)
I've had DAI for a week and I have dug 20 hours into it however I feel like I have barely scratched the surface (I haven't done the mage or templar missions yet). Its so good.
milly gribben (3 years ago)
+jordino60 Nah thats no worries I kind of guessed that would be the case (I've had the big bad spoiled for me so I'm not worried). I'm really excited to get there though but the hinterlands keep dragging me back ;)
Calabastor (3 years ago)
The real game doesn't get unlocked until you get to Skyhold which is the mission after the mage or Templar missions. I guess I should of said minor spoiler, but you see it in the video anyways.
R D (3 years ago)
Jane I love your Jurassic park top
WouldYouKindlyFuckOff (3 years ago)
Like Skyrim with sex! Just kidding, my Skyrim has sex.
James Kidd (1 year ago)
More like skyrim if the characters had personality.
Unstable Gaming (3 years ago)
Jane...marry me :D
TheRupertLitterbin (3 years ago)
Jane likes liking like like a likeable person, I don't see what's not to like... Oh wait...
MagicPotato (3 years ago)
I wont be playing Dragon Age because I prefer other types of games. But if I were to play it then I would definitely have a Bromance with the Johnny Deppish' character Dorian. 
Jimmotep (3 years ago)
So Jane will finish when the new Star Wars comes out? Just in time!
Fredrick The Third (3 years ago)
Connor Wagner (3 years ago)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Cullen in DA: origins? That one Templar from the circle tower that had a crush on you if you were a girl Mage?
Oisin McPhillips (3 years ago)
+Tali' Zorah nar Rayya don't mention DA2 
Tali' Zorah nar Rayya (3 years ago)
And DA2.
Elena Gibbs (3 years ago)
Yep... I still pair him with my mage Warden.... 

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