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Hello all. Todays video covers how the argument for Historically accuracy or lack of it, in Battlefield V, becomes misconceived and twisted. This leads to the honest argument being accused as being simply Sexist or Racist. There is literally no middle ground in many peoples eyes, and very little understanding for players, players who get a kick out of historical prevalence and authenticity. The voices of our Historical passion are finally sounding above the white noise of Triple A Gaming, but let it be heard properly, without miss the mass interpretation by agendas. People who judge those who want historical accuracy in games, tend to not understand or care for history themselves. Who are they to tell us otherwise. Why should historical accuracy not be an enjoyable feature in game, to me it matters just as much as the game meta, or gunplay. Game imagery and presentation is a recognisable and upfront game feature. The overall image, portrayal and ambience of the game, its models, characters and their equipment is truly how our brains either believe a setting or choose to question it. Why should those who are ill informed about historic happenings be lead astray by people who wish to change the way in which we think and act in modern times. If people in modern day are striving for equality and diversity, I'm sure they could do it with more respect than to hijack a time period and try and use it as a tool to spread a message, using in vain the sacrifice of all those people who died fighting in The second world war. THANK-YOU FOR WATCHING SUB.LIKE.SHARE TO SUPPORT! Media Used: All The media used during this video was to make reference to/or confirm a point of view. I do not claim to have produced any of the material still images shown. Images have been used from online sources to back historical sources and make reference to the subject in the video. All media has been used to depict the subject within Fair Use. The video is used to both educate and criticize. Disclaimer: I do not intend to cause hate and incite abuse toward any of the mentioned parties in this video. I do not agree with boycotting products or to create an aggressive approach to people or parties included in this video project. I am not calling for the abuse of developers or peoples opinions. This video is an opinionated video used in a way to educate my personal opinion and represent the voice of people who have similar criticisms. Any reaction that is a result of this video purely lies with the viewers discretion and it is his or her responsibility to ensure his or her actions are in line with a decent behaviour within all legalities. Thank you. Music Used: The music used in this video both compliments the video and enables the subject to be put across more effectively. Thank you to its producer for allowing content creators the freedom to express themselves with non-copyright and Royalty Free Music. [No Copyright Music] You - myuu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR9s88XLBf0 You by myuu https://soundcloud.com/myuu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Music for Creators https://youtu.be/DR9s88XLBf0
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Malakith (2 months ago)
It is clear they twisted the setting for political reasons. One dev was very clear about it in a comment: "I knew this was going to be a fight when i pushed for female soldiers in Battlefield. I have a daughter, and I don’t want to ever have to answer her question of “why can’t I make a character that looks like me” with “because you’re a girl.” I fundamentally feel to my core this is the right way and I will find myself on the right side of history. And I think many people will play the game despite their reservations. And maybe learn something about either history or themselves. That is part of the making games art." Noticed how he said he'll be on the 'right side of history." by changing actual history?
crazybongo5 (1 month ago)
That was a PR rehearsed reply to the question - i can't take it seriously. It's about money. Money and exploitation. When so called 'gamers' were complaining about woman in gaming it wasn't about justice or proper representation. It was about increasing the market and customer base. Same thing with the 50% of women are gamers argument. They didn't include that they included cellphone apps. As in playing candy crush or temple run while waiting at the doctor's office. It's all lies and nothing to do with equality.
DROIDARMY LEADER (1 month ago)
Malakith Ok if I was in his shoes. All I would have to say to his daughter is that WW2 didn't have women all over the place, maybe snipers here and there and resistance fighters, but mostly medics and factory workers, and stay on Fornite.
Jeffrey Lebowski (1 month ago)
"On the left side of history..."
goodhumourwagon (2 months ago)
You're a piece of shit. But you're correct.
_________ (17 hours ago)
I have a couple of questions regarding the weapons, your video lists a no4 enfield in your hands, it looks more like a number 3 and looks like an Aussie one with the grip lines on the fore grip, that and reflector sights didn't start to be used on small arms untill after ww2.
YetAnotherYoutuber (1 day ago)
we in czech republic are proud of what kingdom come:deliverance was (including its bugs) and what it has become (the same historical game minus bugs)
John Doe (3 days ago)
You're just saxist and probably rhacist too you just don't understand you just... Did I mention I'm vegan now?
rock432 (3 days ago)
They could've done a mission with the all women pilot squadron from Russia. I think they were call the witches or something like that. But they didn't care to read any facts.
Kenneth Bowers (4 days ago)
Like I said initially, I would wait for Post Scriptum. Now that the game is out, albeit still needing some tweaking the game is very fun, immersive, and visually fantastic.
Apophis STR (4 days ago)
Dice is so racist, they forgot about us Chinese in the trailer. Where's my Unicorn hair duel-wielding katana trans Communist Chinese Nazi who identified itself as an attack helicopter? Unacceptable!
General Omega (6 days ago)
I know this video is 2 months old (as I am typing this) but I'm glad people like you exist. Those who actually care for history.
N.O.X Cooperative (6 days ago)
General Omega Thank you good sir!
Odin (7 days ago)
Im glad to see people see trhought the SJW propaganda and can think for them self, its not about women being in the game, its about the setting. If they want to portray the woman in ww2 do campaign mission with SOE female on a mission or something that happend. Not in multiplayer at the fronts, i know people will get triggered but i watched every ww2 documentary i can find, and not in a single one i see women on the frontlines, 100 of dead bodies floating in the water and some washed up on the beach half covered in sand. When will the bashing of men end? Women did a HUGE part in ww2, but not in combat divisions on the frontline. The only women in combat roles i know are SOE agents who worked inside enemy territory with resistance fighters and it was probably not even more than 50-100 women agents who mainly reported intelligence to England wich was incredible risky and dangerous. Its about portraying women in the war the right way, this will only make damage to womens reputation because it will be ridiculed of women in ww2 and also the same for men, they destroying history for political agenda. It ridiciludes the bravery of women in the war and the men in the war, and kids will grow up seeing this as how the war played out. History is so damn important to keep, im glad this generation knows that and actually tries to defend it. Fuck all feminist man haters who turn this to a white mans racist race. I dont give a shit about women in games in general, i often play as a women in like conan exiles for fun or RPGs. I want to buy the game because i been waiting for a ww2 battlefield for a looong time now but its always a catch with Dice, i love ww2 shooters and honestly i dont care if there are a fucking black women in my squad as long the game is fun as hell and you get a imagination of how cruel war is. Its the political and SJW shit that turns me off hard. We moving towards a strange world. Learn the truth about history, its the only way to prevent another conflict and know when coporations planning to cash in. Things like this they have done for years to alter the minds of people, throught books, games, movies and even fucking arcitecture who supposed to present a time in history who are totally altered. The knew generations see these things and do not question it, why would they. Sorry for my bad english and grammar, not native english and learning a third language right now and it mess up the grammar a bit in the beginning when learning a total new type of grammar.
MrElliptific (8 days ago)
"Social cocks of EU" ??? I think US and Canada universities are well infected enough by gender and social studies to contaminate Western societies in their own rights.
Ghoulest (9 days ago)
The worst part is that it's not even going to be a fun game, It just seems like Battlefield 1 with more women.
Dump Truck (9 days ago)
Seems weird to me that people care this much. Sure, it's a fact that there weren't women in WW2. But did DICE ever say they wanted to make a 100% historically accurate game? I doubt it, and I doubt that's what fans of the BF series wanted. BF players never cared about historical accuracy, if they did they'd be stupid to play BF in the first place. Let people make the game they want, dude. There's plenty of better examples of diluted and incorrect history to get mad about than a shitty AAA game that is trying to appeal to the most people.
Alijah Hodgson (10 days ago)
oh god, all this babyrage over fiction is retarded. Saving private ryan wasn't close to accurate, inglorious basterds wasnt close to accurate, fury wasnt either, but you whine about this game for 4 videos? Nobody thinks this game is a history book you absolute fucking tard
Alijah Hodgson (10 days ago)
Claude Legrand (10 days ago)
I appreciate you voicing your well-funded concerns!
Ibonez gameing (10 days ago)
I know this is random but won't peaple to know as a black 16 years old male millennial that loves history I must say I love his videos and agreed all of what he says and on bord with him and as well wish sjws and other politically incorrect groups should stay out of gameing I mean they don't even care about gameing so if you are of them or don't care about history and don't won't to lean about something as great as history then STAY OUT OF IT ! Plz of the love god and everything it's seriously pissing peaple off. Thank you
High Price (14 days ago)
Most people who fought in world war 2 were white. There. Said it. Many, many died - and this game spits on all their legacies. Anyone who enjoys the freedoms they provided should only venerate that memory. Today’s world is so conflicted and paradoxical - it leaves me nostalgic for earlier times.
John Daring (17 days ago)
Anyone remember day of defeat ?
The Redcoat (19 days ago)
Post Scriptum helps me understand the hell my Grandfather went through to stop Nazism, BFV makes me glad he's not around in 2018.
Nafem (21 days ago)
I think you're seeing it the wrong way. Dice didnt let it go to sjws, and isnt full of modern feminists, Dice just labeled their game as "WW2ish" so it sells better. The fact that you can play as a woman doesnt sell a game. The fact that a game occurs in WW2 does it.
Jordan Holm (22 days ago)
I couldn’t finish the video, this is such a far fetched argument it’s almost disgusting
Ayer Flite (22 days ago)
i wont play the new battlefield unless i can play as a black female SS soldier.
The White Wolf (22 days ago)
Gas the Commies (24 days ago)
I'm in xbone but iv decided that I'm not even gonna interact with this shit game and when ever I see a youtube video about the game I put it under not interested
SUICIDAL SAMURAI (24 days ago)
Soon it will have black woman who are transgender and Pam sexual in the Waffen SS
Jacob Welch (25 days ago)
Dude you have summed up my feelings exactly. Also I am loving Post Scriptum. So glad I finally got a PC
Kibi (1 month ago)
Guys Sadly big company’s don’t care about historical accuracy they rather push there liberal agenda and microtransactions im not saying it’s a good thing I don’t like it as much as the next person but there are games that do perfectly portray WW2 EA like always is being a shitty company
Aditya PAram (1 month ago)
My rules for historical accuracy is the same as those for a book to movie adaptation. - it must be identifiable as an adaptation of that period or book - it must teach the same lessons as that era or book
GATAZO (1 month ago)
Suqa Medick (1 month ago)
SJW's are annoying as hell, high schools are so affected by them in some schools that you literally recieve fake modern day articles about Beyonce in a world history class. :(
y0ghurtsuit (1 month ago)
Remember Medal of Honor? Who developed it? where did it go? - Yeah, it died with Warfighter.. In the hands of EA/Dice.. They totally ruined a genuinely good title, which led the way for COD and BF. Both of which was great games back in the day, but are now suffering from corporate and political influence.. Great..
y0ghurtsuit (1 month ago)
And I remember there was this huge fuzz about the "Taliban" and they had to rename it etc.. It's such a contradiction to read the CNN interview with both the Developer and Liam Fox, with what they said back then, but have nothing to say today.. Medal of Honor was all about authenticity and the historical accuracy, all the way back from the beginning, and now, over a decade later its suddenly "not okay" with "too much" historical accuracy? Just because wars are "too recent".. Jesus.. It's a sad direction.
y0ghurtsuit (1 month ago)
So do I.. Exactly my thought.. I heard so much bad about both the release in 2010 and also Warfighter. Now I don't believe much in rumors, because each person has their own values and oppinions, so I bought them and found both games highly enjoyable, so did many of my friends.. Warfighter may have been abit "over-hyped" at a time (remember those two teams who had to compete? "FPS-Hero's" vs "Real Soldiers" ? That was pretty entertaining to watch - But if that "overhype" killed the game, ALOT of titles today should have died aswell..
N.O.X Cooperative (1 month ago)
y0ghurtsuit I really miss Medal of Honor, everyone get solds the story of how it flopped, but the first modern Medal of Honor that released in 2010 based on the Navy Seal story in Afghan was an absolutely brilliant game. I agree yeah they were murdered to make way for the globalist approach to putting out Cod and BF.
Aditya PAram (1 month ago)
Hey what game is he playing?
N.O.X Cooperative (1 month ago)
Aditya PAram Yeah I believe so although they are saying release now next month. If you pre order you’ll be able to play in a couple of a days and it’s well worth it!
Aditya PAram (1 month ago)
N.O.X Cooperative so it’s in early access?
N.O.X Cooperative (1 month ago)
Aditya PAram Post Scriptum 👍 pre order it on steam now 😎
SoulScr3am (1 month ago)
This is one of those videos i want to show EVERYONE, Very formulated good video right here.
N.O.X Cooperative (1 month ago)
SoulScr3am Thank you and feel free!
Grubilman (1 month ago)
The realism argument is never received correctly. Many people making an argument for authenticity, use the word realism, and get shut down. Regardless, previously, Battlefield was always authentic. They gave us the tools that existed, and it was enough to create a suspension of disbelief. It was close enough, whilst still being a game. But the moment you strip that away, why even bother calling it a World War II game? People have said "It's just a game, it doesn't need realism". Okay, so would you be okay with adding Star Wars blasters as DLC in a World War II game? NO WAY! Because that would completely derail your immersion into the setting. Well, that is the same exact reaction that people who enjoy history are having, seeing the things that are being shoehorned into Battlefield V. And on one final note, in response to the tweet from the Dev. "The game must be fun". However, fun is objective. You can still make the game fun for others, while keeping it authentic. However, when you disregard the people who wanted a nice, World War II experience, by adding things that do not belong, you are ruining their fun. Plain and simple. The people who don't care about authenticity just want to play the game. So, make it authentic, and everyone will be happy. It's pretty simple to me. Also, if you don't have the ability to explain to, and teach your daughter that women didn't fight in World War II, you're a poor parent. Sheltering a child will not build a strong mind that can handle the real world.
Nachos And Cheese (1 month ago)
Verdun is probably one of the most historically accurate World War games out there, and yet it's still fun.
Jason32Bourne (1 month ago)
This still blows my mind. Why are companies so thick? How do they not understand that this type of shit doesn't work. Just why? There's no reason to do this shit. Seriously. Pandering and pushing thoughts and agendas, or at least trying to, to such a small small area of human existence. It make zero business or logical sense. Who runs this shit? Is it a ploy to divide humans even more at the cost of money? Since when was that a favourable thing, even to the like of them. Probably is though. Ludicrous.
DIO (1 month ago)
The more historically accurate, the more fun it would be. Instead of running and shooting everyone with your op gun, and just re-spawning, after you die. You will have to stay on your toes, with an intense match, where your death could actually mean the defeat of your team. For example, your a guy that has anti-tank gear. You mess up and run in the open field shooting everyone, but die because you came from older type games, like COD and BF. Because you died, you couldn't use your gear to kill a enemy tank, which then shoots and kills your team's tank. Which allows enemy infantry to push up further, which lets your team slowly die out. And you've lost the game.
caligula (1 month ago)
Brexit has NO connection to Sweden being SJW-country (officially, at least, i hate generalizations) If you go and watch the main "pro-Brexit" campaign ads, you see exactly what you said wasn't on "yes"-voters minds, the economical argument, i.e. they promised BS to the voters Sry just pointing this out, it's not meant to discredit the rest of what you say
Soundwave 47 (1 month ago)
Out of all big players in ww2 only the Soviets used women in frontline combat. The Germans, British, Italians, Americans, Japanese and the French did not use woman in frontline combat roles. Partisan, resistance, guerillas, agents and other forms of unconventional ways of war does not count. So EA and DICE are caving into the Sjw and pc agenda but what is most important of all is money. Women gamers are a untapped potential demographic for profit. Also to bring more women into a male dominated industry.
Justin Avery (1 month ago)
Well spoken sir....
N.O.X Cooperative (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching!
DRS_ au (1 month ago)
@N.O.X. Cooperative . . . . Excellent narrative.
elvisTastic (1 month ago)
I think if you want authenticity, go join the Army. Leave the video games to be what they should be...games.
markhartsfield97 (1 month ago)
My question is, why do they think that this is what needs to happen? They need to realize the difference between "based on WWII" and "Historical Accuracy". It's making me sick that they think changing history is gonna make this better. Also using your daughter like this is so twisted. When she asks "Why are people so upset about this?" DON'T SAY "YknOW WhAt? YOu'RE RiGHt. ThIS Is nOt OkAy.." NO! You say, 'Well sweetie during world war 2 women didn't serve in the military, Give or take the soviets and french resistance. Women Helped as nurses and worked in factories to help the war effort. So they did help but a majority we're men. Times were different then." It's so simple to explain. Gah this makes me frustrated.Don't get me wrong i have no problem with women in powerful positions, but when it's forced into stuff like this I just can't agree with it.
Ja3k D3an (1 month ago)
You all don’t have to read this, but here is my stance on Battlefield V. I’ve been a longtime fan of the Battlefield franchise and this new installment has both excited me yet also split me as well. Battlefield’s general gameplay is what has had me hooked from the very beginning, with its combined-arms warfare and fun strategic style. I’ve even gone as far back to play BF1942 which I was a big fan after playing a couple of games. My past experiences and my passion for the franchise doesn’t negate the fact that there is a clear agenda being pushed by the devs. Although it saddens me, as it does to many other people, it doesn’t really turn my interest away from playing it. I get that this ranges from person to person, especially history nuts (whom I give full respect to), so I can understand the hate being thrown at the game so far. I feel like the gameplay of a game should be more valued than the historical authenticity, but I feel that especially for battlefield v because of one particular thought. I feel as though this game is NOT your preset take on WW2 like games such as Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose, it Red Orchestra, but rather, a WW2-*themed* shooter *based* on some of the lesser known aspects of the war, while retaining that arcadey feel to it. Personally I can’t play games like Post or RO2 because they look like play out too slow for me. So if it’s TL;DR, from a Battlefield person, I can firmly say I’m getting the game not for its clear SJW agenda, but for the gameplay that interests me overall
Ja3k D3an (1 month ago)
N.O.X Cooperative Thanks for reading man! Just FYI I have a PC and I still have the option to play those games you listed out, but yeah it does rather make me ashamed to not play those realistic games in replacement of the new Battlefield coming out, since everyone is hyping up the only genre of games that’s not too enjoyable to myself. Oh and I knew about the game Enlisted prior to your video coming out and I gotta say I’m quite interested in how that particular game will play out. I’m assuming Cuisine Royale (the first person part of it anyway) is a taste of how movement will feel. It’d be nice if you’ll give us more info as development goes on for that game!
N.O.X Cooperative (1 month ago)
Ja3k D3an Thanks for commenting dude. It’s nice to see you have common sense but it’s sad to see you have limited options when it comes to being able to play something you are completely happy with. If you have pc there are faster pace WW2 options like Day Of Infamy. If you don’t I hope the arrival of Insurgency Sandstorm on Console one day transforms another WW2 mod that may give you a historically unaltered yet fast paced game. Check out my video on Enlisted also 👍
luke oneill (1 month ago)
guna have to put a trans gender in there now
BoomShaqaLaqa Sir (1 month ago)
If someone ever gets the chance to ask the devs, please ask this: Will you be adding modern weapons (name any new moder weapons , i cant think of any, but like weapons that didnt exist during WW2) ? If he says no, ask why. Most likely he will say no, then turn it around saying its the asme shit about BF: V basically ask anything, weapons, vehicles , situtions. Will you be able to fight 9/11 ? Time period doesnt match, but that doesnt matter to them does it ?
Brien (1 month ago)
As an actual veteran myself I really dont give a shit, however where I do give a shit is when developers open their big mouths about an open agenda. Id rather have a conspiracy theory over an actual no shit agenda. That includes the left and the right. I wasn't gonna buy this game based on the fact its a Bf1 reskin, but this really puts a stop to me purchasing it.
Captain-Admiral (1 month ago)
Ding dong your opinion is right.
THE WHITE DEATH (1 month ago)
what is this game you are playing?
vin 950 (1 month ago)
This game is just blatant vagina washing of history.
Ghostley Centurion (1 month ago)
I like battlefield 1 better than this politicly correct crap
Jmob T Raw (1 month ago)
Lmfaooooo gthfoh
Aaxonz (1 month ago)
I also cannot help but think that the women who lived during this time would not like to be depicted this way either.
Xizax41325 (1 month ago)
you lost me at console players, for they aren't people
I'm black So I'm slow (1 month ago)
History is a lie white boy!!!
wafublah (1 month ago)
My perspective on this is DICE and EA had to figure out a different way to continue to get players to pay for their game after purchasing it, Fornite. A redhaired woman with a prosthetic arm, war paint and cricket bat is just the tip of the iceberg. We may see a BLIND British Black Female sniper w/ two prosthetic hands and prosthetic leg, w/ Australian facial paint, Gurkhas Kukri Knife, wearing a Celtic kilt, Indian Turban, Arabian scarf, Denison smock for paratroopers. All of these were used by various British colonial forces, and will be available for purchase to create the most obnoxious, bastardized character in WW2.
Bruce Throat (1 month ago)
What game are you playing in the video?
UnionDirector (1 month ago)
What the fuck is your problem? You don't like Battlefield V - you don't play Battlefield V. It's THAT simple. There are some realistic-oriented WW II shooters in production, so support them and stop putting your shit on something you are not willing to play anyway. This fucking community, man...
I liked battlefield 1 and still play it today but I'm definitely not buying battlefield V
Bob Bobbington (1 month ago)
My problem was with the BS story the developer tried to sell us.  A sob story about his daughter possibly asking, "Daddy why can't I be a girl in this game?"  He tried to pass himself off as a hero by making a game with a girl character.  Not answering your kids' question honestly or teaching them history, however, doesn't make you a hero... it makes you a coward.  He wasted a perfectly good opportunity to explain it.  To explain most front line soldiers are men... that women played pivotal roles in other areas (saboteurs, spies, the Night Witches, etc).  And when people pointed out the problems with the game DICE double downed and pretty much shit in everyone's Cheerios!
Donald Cramond (1 month ago)
# westie is poison to battlefield
Vampirerockstar (1 month ago)
"Its just a game " Ok Mein kempf is just a book
Mike Calise (1 month ago)
What game is that your playing? I wana play!
IKsauce (1 month ago)
You are generalizing people in Europe pretty fast. I come from France and no one here really gives a crap about sjws. Good video otherwise.
macdam11 (1 month ago)
Although I agree with most parts of your arguments, I think blaming only the "European Social Cocks" is a bit shortsighted. What I mean is that it probably has a part in the decision making of EA (owner), however EA is still an American Company. Therefore have a feeling that it is driven more by the "Social movements" in America than in Europe, which are in general more fierce than the European ones. Furthermore, the social movements in Europe are getting more aggressive as they try to mimic the american ones, especially the part of exploiting their "rights".
GrĪм RЄÂקЄR (1 month ago)
Anyone remember brothers in arms...that old ww2 series mainly found on the ps2 and maybe the Pc...unlike dice, they did ww2 right
Nuka Gaming (1 month ago)
This is the best video I’ve seen on the clusterf*ck known as Battlefield V. Very well made!
Richard Oliver (1 month ago)
It's not fun or entertaining, it's not immersive. It's fallen pray to the COD generation, Please just someone bring back Battlefield 2. You throw too much shit in the pan and you make something that tastes overpowering. Why did they have to kill this game? may have the numbers playing it, may be more money for the greedy capitalist bastards at EA but it's nothing like it used to be. I don't take offence to the agenda, I have my own mind, I know it's all bullshit, I just want players to use the in game Voice COMS and commo rose, I want to be able to stick with my teammates and be warned if a player has got round the back. I have lost count of the amount of times some opposing player is laughing his tits off having got round the back, done a ten man wipe out and not one of the players has the ability to warn the others. This game truly lost it's appeal for me a long time ago, I would not shed any tears if DICE just packed up shop took the money they have made and just fucked off into the history books themselves, needless to say I won't be buying this. I am so sorry this franchise has taken this direction. If anyone gave me a reason to give up gaming it was this.
Ryan Hopwood (1 month ago)
As a student of WWI and WWII this is appalling. I play first shooter video games myself and love historical-based shooting games like Battlefield 1. I was confused and sadly disappointed with the inaccurate use of African soldiers as Germanic and Austro-Hungarian snipers and horse-fighters on the Western Front of Europe. They did not exist. At all. The same goes for black British and French soldiers including snipers. It is unusual and disappointing that Battlefield 1 lacked a Canadian campaign and Canadian soldiers since Canada was a distinguished country and people separate from England in 1915. Canada played a much larger role in WWI than any other war and had far more soldiers than America. Many of the firearms used in multiplayer shooter are experimental and rarely if ever used. Some firearms are as far as fictional. Not the worse part of the game. It also needed more mustard gas. The standing up and running around in combat missions did not exist and I fully understand the purpose because its first person shooter. In real life they would not be standing, but lay on their bellies or shoot from the trenches. On occasions they will stand up and run in field raids trench-to-trench. WWI the Great War was a trench war. Now jumping forward to Battlefield V, I am deeply concerned of its use of historically inaccurate portrayal of females during WW2. If the Battlefield V trailer consisted of female Russian soldiers and the war on the Eastern Front then I would have ZERO issues. Enemy at the Gates is a great presentation of that story. Handicapped female British soldiers is pure work of fantasy and a great disservice to British war veterans. British women served as nurses, factory workers, and mechanics. Queen Elizabeth served WW2 as a mechanic on the Front in her early 20’s. Their is not one documented case of female soldiers serving Great Britain.
ComptonUnhh (1 month ago)
You offered on one of your previous videos in response to one of my comments to make an appearance on your talk show, id like to take you up on that offer and maybe shed some light on my point of view as well as many others who may not be able to put their thoughts into words in a manner that get across their points. I feel strongly about this topic and am constantly irritated by the repetitive responses of "its just a game, why do you care so much". I see this as a downplay (whether it be via ignorance or willful) of how important it is to stop this impending formation of a monopoly on media in all forms as a political agenda pushing platform for the far left and SJW ideologies. Mine and many others issues with this topic are not specific to this incidence where its "just a game" this is but a drop in the hat of many many examples where what used to be a simple non politically aligned form of entertainment has been hijacked and manipulated into a virtue signaling brainwashing tool. THIS is what we take issue with. I ask, what is without question the most influential thing in modern society with regards to how and what people think and feel? It is without a doubt, multi-media, in all the forms it takes, whether it be television, movies, news broadcasts, and yes, video games. A quote comes to mind "He who controls information, controls the world". Only a fool would attempt to deny the impact that media has on society as a whole, and submitting to that truth, you will start to see how "its just a game bruh" is not a valid way of dismissing peoples misgivings about what is supposed to be an entertainment product being used to manipulate yours and your peers opinions and feelings on certain political issues.
aby smith (1 month ago)
The SJWs force their way into every facet of our society and then destroy any of the fun the Men are having there...
Mercury Gaming (1 month ago)
I'm a battlefield fanboy but even I knew what adding women to this storyline meant
TACHANKA 420 (1 month ago)
We wanted a WW2 experience not some politcal agenda. sjws are these retarded delusional cucks who will cry and moan and call u sexist if u don't agree with their bullshit. I just hope gaming company's will listen to their fans and not these sjw retards
N.O.X Cooperative (1 month ago)
TACHANKA 420 Don’t trust the Triple A Devs to ever listen to fans, Rely on indie Devs for that, far more down to earth!
Undamagedpuppy (1 month ago)
Can you give another example aside from females in the game is really just redundant bro and btw your the only person who is arguing it like that all the other YouTubers are arguing that they simply don't want females but plz bro find another reason every single person hates just the female part but how many games have had pays hated before release but have had good gameplay trust me i love ww2 I've studied it for allot of my life and I understand we're your coming from but just find another reason bro your points are all the same just worded differently honestly it's like you tried to impromptu an intire debate round honestly I'm sorry bro but your arguement is as strong as a wet piece of paper but I see we're your coming from but look at it like this the only reason anybody has given to not like the game is that there's females which isn't ganna harm the gameplay to much is it it's not like being a female gives you good mode or something gameplay should be fun but all of you really need to give an actually independent analysis of the game not of look theres females I don't want it trust me I prefer there not be but I'm not bout to let that take over bro now if the females get some like bonus peel than I'll start screaming like a danm piss ant lmao
Undamagedpuppy (1 month ago)
I fluffing hate auto correct
KiselinaSRB (2 months ago)
i thought kingdom come deliverance did kuait good dissipate of the flack and it probably did better then it woldaw if they caved in to the sjw's.
hobdecj (2 months ago)
And this is the worse thing about it, change history, push an agenda but if it doesn’t make money then I imagine the next battlefield game will be very different.
Rust Boy (2 months ago)
The SJW’s forced propaganda agenda is very reminiscent of how Joseph Goebbels media to push his Nazi agenda
Nicky Simi (2 months ago)
Fuck yeah someone who gets how much historical accuracy can mean to some people. It's bad enough that the uniforms would probably have been inaccurate in the first place. Day of infamy was awesome with it's units (although some of the uniforms are inaccurate asf) If only these AAA Devs were on our wavelength
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
Nicky Simi A men brother
Apollo Actual (2 months ago)
Hate BF5? Get this instead: http://postscriptumgame.com/
RisingBIRDMan (2 months ago)
It may sound edgy, or hipstery, or whatever, but this old quote from an old show holds so much truth, Teen Titans I believe?. "Those who do no learn from History, are Doomed to repeat it". History should be left as it is, it should not be changed, We should learn from it, not try to change it because we don't like it, or would they rather say, erase Hitler from history, and have another Hitler pop up one day?, or any other case like that?, I simply cannot stand people who want to erase or change History cause they didn't like it, It happened, too bad, keep crying you bunch of babies......
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
RisingBIRDMan That quote is one of my favourite. So true on all levels personal to global.
David Parsley (2 months ago)
Where is all the hate over the lack of accuracy in the ww2 weapons in the game??? I def couldn't find any info of the sten gun having a reflex optic sight on it... oh that's right, the losers who actually still play Battlefield and COD need modern optics because historically accurate iron sights are too hard :(
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
David Parsley I gave it a great deal of hate in February I believe with my first ranting Battlefield video. I hated Battlefields path long before the trend of this June.
The Crow (2 months ago)
Patrick Sodurlund... "get over it or don't buy it". Dude I love this video, you said everything I'm thinking, everything, including Insurgency: Sandstorm. Liked and subscribed!
The Crow (2 months ago)
No, thank you.
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
The Crow Thank you good sir!
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
The Crow Thank you good sir!
Walter Macfarlane (2 months ago)
Great video, I am one of those console players hard to find any realistic indie games without it being a platform game...
BigFreakingCacodemon (2 months ago)
What game is being played in the video?
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
BigFreakingCacodemon It’s the best WW2 game currently going, and I think it’s going to be the strongest one for many more years to come. I have covered it quite a few times on my channel and still have more gameplay to show.
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
BigFreakingCacodemon It’s the best WW2 game currently going, and I think it’s going to be the strongest one for many more years to come. I have covered it quite a few times on my channel and still have more gameplay to show.
BigFreakingCacodemon (2 months ago)
Thanks! Going to have to check it out!
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
BigFreakingCacodemon Post Scriptum 👍
Wadinskij (2 months ago)
imagine making a movie about zuulu-warriors, played by white actors. Its the same thing. It makes no sense
Williams Family (2 months ago)
huh yet another sexist gamer. Who wouldve thought
Williams Family (2 months ago)
bruh I was just baitin. no black dude would write what I wrote unironically smh typically unless u live in like cali or ny u dont get cucked like those lib journalists but fr tho im wit u 100
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
Williams Family You think women being the forefront of a game based on a war where mainly men died and disincluding it purposely to push an agenda and then something stating that it is historically incorrect is sexist? Thank you for coming under one of the headings of this video. Your comment gives true glory to my theory. I think to focus entirely on one sex that actually had a smaller participation in the war to avoid presenting male character models is sexist. I think changing history to conform to less male presence is sexist and that dice should themselves look at refraining from accusations of sexism and look at their own presentation and query that with the definition of sexism.
Ramen Nuddles (2 months ago)
Britain is still extremely dangerous and oppressive even after brexit.
[shitpost} ぁっン (2 months ago)
The thing is that fabricating history to be more inclusive to woman or minority groups does not help them, WWII was a conflict between White Males in the European theater, The Pacific theater featured Asian men and White men. My understanding of WWII extends to those main theaters (There were also conflict in North Africa I believe). My point is that if you take the European theater for example, white men stormed the beaches of Normandy, there were no Blacks or Women. Therefor no minority groups or women should be featured in a video game thats about a conflict that was almost exclusively masculine and white. Woman and Minority's dont need to be featured in a WWII game to feel good, They have already accomplished things such as Womans Suffrage and the Civil Rights movement.
destinyxdestiny gamer (2 months ago)
this game play looks boring where is the building exploding and crumbling
Northlord 1 (2 months ago)
Never heard of you till today. Subscribed.
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
Northlord 1 Thanks brother 💪🏻
Esploratore (2 months ago)
This video pretty much sums up what I think and what many other passionate gamers think. Dice needs to keep the integrity of not only battlefield but of past world wars with actual soldiers that sacrificed themselves… Shoot most of them never saw a woman ever again after being on the battlefield and this game just puts them everywhere as if they were there the whole time. Kindly fuck off, Dice. Integrity has been lost in BFV. I won’t be buying it.
Daniel Bohl (2 months ago)
Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2, 1943 Battlefield 3 Bought collector editions games, guide books, & all the DLC I’ve been done for years Battlefields 4 God awful launch & no Bad Company 3 yet has been the reason This Leftist agenda just furthers my boycott
Oi mate, nice video n all, but going "cucks" kinda breaks the flow of the technical talk and also kinda interrupts the side you are talking to from actually feeling respected enough to try to listen to you
dholl17 (2 months ago)
What game is background?
EFlexThaProducer (2 months ago)
Honestly, it all just comes down to if historical accuracy bothers you that much then don't buy it, but do NOT try to ruin it for others that want to have fun playing the game.
Commie Fag (2 months ago)
Stop calling these idiots left wing. It hurts me, everytime people confuse liberals with actual left-wingers.
Commie Fag (2 months ago)
I'm British. I know what you mean though. I just get frustrated when people associate my ideology with the regressive left cucks who keep ruining our video games. And you are most welcome for the comment.
Mack Sarnie (2 months ago)
What's grinding my gears is that I get threatened with a ban, and told off for voicing my concerns on the official forums
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
Mack Sarnie Oh really? Who threatened you? I’ll cover it as a topic if it’s happening a lot.
Ralco Gaming (2 months ago)
I've always been dissappointed with call of duty the bullet ballistics were wrong, the games were lackluster I thought battlefield was the better of the two. At least CoD never claimed their game was immersive
Kais Kais (2 months ago)
Wheres your new vid after seeing the new trailer and gameplay lol the game is sick.
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
Kais Kais Now fallout76 looks awesome but the tease of the next elder scrolls :) that’s going to be amazing.
Kais Kais (2 months ago)
N.O.X Cooperative I admit, game looked like a bf1 clone. They even used some sounds from that game too.. it is jus a pre-alpha afterall.. not like that matters much, but overall it looks sorta fun comparing to the disaster that is codww2. Gameplay does look very similar to bf1, the only thing they did was reskin it and add more features ontop of it. Not surprising.. its from the same era as ww1.. i havent even decided to buy it yet. I have my eyes on fallout76, devil may cry, cyberpunk, and others..
N.O.X Cooperative (2 months ago)
Do you honestly think it’s good? Like a revamp of BF1 with no association with WW2 other than a far off fantasy of someone in Dice. Gameplay that’s pretty much a conclusion of fortnite that had an unwanted baby with BF1 and Cod WW2. The explosions are so fucking awful they are not as good as they could be with the frostbite engine, destruction is cartoonish, the tank view is appalling, why have indie developers like post Scriptum managed to do some beautiful tank explosions and ammo cook offs on destroyed armour but multi million developers can’t have the heart and passion to represent anything realistic. The noises are so cartoonish simple and recycled the fact that they are earning money making the game makes me sick. The fact that I can’t do a video on it is because the gameplay is so awful With giant notifications on screen, that it speaks for itself greatly with no need to devour its failings anymore.
Rikki Richardson (2 months ago)
its not just in europe you know, its in america too, afterall DICE is controlled by EA, but its nothing new really, history has always been rewritten over and over again to mask ones actions and identity "history written by the winners" there is two sides to a story sadly you never get to hear both sides, or in part its just to mask all the bad shit they did as if it never happned, but anyway in the current age people seem to be more "aware" of things what happened so companies like dice cant bullshit there way out of that waman were on the battlefield when they were not, they had alot of active roles for sure like medics/nurses, factory workers, supply plane pilots, mechanics, cooks and home defence armaments but never really taking an active role upon the battlefield, if anyone so much as mention the russians then ill just reply with that stalin was a nut case and just threw whatever he could at the Germans and hope it stuck
Ryan Kerper (2 months ago)
I got sad when you talked about how there isn't many WW2 veterans left.

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