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Hello all. Todays video covers how the argument for Historically accuracy or lack of it, in Battlefield V, becomes misconceived and twisted. This leads to the honest argument being accused as being simply Sexist or Racist. There is literally no middle ground in many peoples eyes, and very little understanding for players, players who get a kick out of historical prevalence and authenticity. The voices of our Historical passion are finally sounding above the white noise of Triple A Gaming, but let it be heard properly, without miss the mass interpretation by agendas. People who judge those who want historical accuracy in games, tend to not understand or care for history themselves. Who are they to tell us otherwise. Why should historical accuracy not be an enjoyable feature in game, to me it matters just as much as the game meta, or gunplay. Game imagery and presentation is a recognisable and upfront game feature. The overall image, portrayal and ambience of the game, its models, characters and their equipment is truly how our brains either believe a setting or choose to question it. Why should those who are ill informed about historic happenings be lead astray by people who wish to change the way in which we think and act in modern times. If people in modern day are striving for equality and diversity, I'm sure they could do it with more respect than to hijack a time period and try and use it as a tool to spread a message, using in vain the sacrifice of all those people who died fighting in The second world war. THANK-YOU FOR WATCHING SUB.LIKE.SHARE TO SUPPORT! Media Used: All The media used during this video was to make reference to/or confirm a point of view. I do not claim to have produced any of the material still images shown. Images have been used from online sources to back historical sources and make reference to the subject in the video. All media has been used to depict the subject within Fair Use. The video is used to both educate and criticize. Disclaimer: I do not intend to cause hate and incite abuse toward any of the mentioned parties in this video. I do not agree with boycotting products or to create an aggressive approach to people or parties included in this video project. I am not calling for the abuse of developers or peoples opinions. This video is an opinionated video used in a way to educate my personal opinion and represent the voice of people who have similar criticisms. Any reaction that is a result of this video purely lies with the viewers discretion and it is his or her responsibility to ensure his or her actions are in line with a decent behaviour within all legalities. Thank you. Music Used: The music used in this video both compliments the video and enables the subject to be put across more effectively. Thank you to its producer for allowing content creators the freedom to express themselves with non-copyright and Royalty Free Music. [No Copyright Music] You - myuu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DR9s88XLBf0 You by myuu https://soundcloud.com/myuu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Music for Creators https://youtu.be/DR9s88XLBf0
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Malakith (16 days ago)
It is clear they twisted the setting for political reasons. One dev was very clear about it in a comment: "I knew this was going to be a fight when i pushed for female soldiers in Battlefield. I have a daughter, and I don’t want to ever have to answer her question of “why can’t I make a character that looks like me” with “because you’re a girl.” I fundamentally feel to my core this is the right way and I will find myself on the right side of history. And I think many people will play the game despite their reservations. And maybe learn something about either history or themselves. That is part of the making games art." Noticed how he said he'll be on the 'right side of history." by changing actual history?
goodhumourwagon (5 days ago)
You're a piece of shit. But you're correct.
Packers FanForLife (8 days ago)
Malakith completely agree. For now I am playing Day of Infamy on the PC and that game is intense and it is made by a team of like 40 people. The graphics are not that bad as people make out. Who cares about how dated graphics when the game is actually optimised, aetillery strikes look like artillery strikes, Officers need Radio Men near them to call in air strikes, limbs can fly off bodies in explsions and blood goes flying, realistic shooter where you have to work as a team to win... and so much more! Battlefield V will be a Cosmetic fest where no one will actually care about the setting and will treat it as just a FPS instead of appreciating the era and event it will be based in and on. I love History... I have massively gone off arcadey COD type games and now prefer more realistic/immersive games like Post Spectrim where you have to actually work as teams and a death is achieved in a 1 to 2 hit ratio... so no running and jumping while firing like so many Console FPS! Battlefield V could have been a step back into the old days! I have no doubt the game will play well and still be fun... for me though... if it is WW2 it has to... look, feel and act like WW2! The Devs said they wanted to tell different stories of WW2 rather than the same old... who the hell has an engine which creates cinematic battles and passes up on a D-Day Landing mode or Market Garden battle... the Battle of the Bulge... operations in North Africa the Pacific... no they have appeared to have chosen to do untold stories at which is fair enough but people want the mayhem of D-Day to get a sense even Virtually what it felt like to be there. It also helps to appreciate those that did it all for real and who had to face hell on earth every moment in those battles! Devs should be doing the Veterans a service by telling their stories and of course new ones not so commonly heard of. But I am certain they have chose what they have chosen to go for Diversity and Post Modern Ideas! People say don't make it Political... to see this as anything other than Political is why Game Devs can now make essentailly absolute crap and pass it off as great stuff. As the saying goes, you can put a lot of glitter on a turd and make it shiney and look nice... but it is still a turd! The gameplay may be epic... bit without the darkness and grit of WW2 this will feel nothing like WW2 in the slightest espically going off the Trailer looking like a more Polished Fortnight game which is another example of low attention span gaming now on the market which is all based around Cosmetics as opposed to immersive gameplay!
Malakith (8 days ago)
Packers FanForLife Very few people would mind if it was confirmed you could turn of female and "diverse" player models in the multiplayer. But so far it hasn't been confirmed for as far as i'm aware. You can have a game in a realistic setting without the game(play) being realistic itself. Besides, they could have added them where they'd have historically fitted. Either Dice is too lazy to put any effort into it or they're shoving their idiology down peoples throats. The fact that they're Swedish and make statements like this is proof enough for me that it's the latter.
Packers FanForLife (11 days ago)
foamcow women worked in the Factories yes! Women had to as nearly all the Men were in some form of bloody combat role! Women contributed a massive deal to the WW2 Victory! But the fighting and the blood and the sweat that was spilt in achieving the victory was mainly done by the Men! No is disputing Women played a pivitol role in WW2 what people who love History are saying... is that forcing this idea on a Generation who love more Video Games than History will start to change how they concieve WW2. The young Generation is impressionable so they will see this and assume this is what WW2 was! Women were also spies, in France Resistance fighters and Snipers in Russia! This in this game would be accepted as it is historical Fact! Having a character as a French Resistance fighter who is Female would be awesome, as it was due to the French Resistance Allies could gather intelligence and it would be a great memory to those French People who risked everything to fight the Nazis! Women helped alot and risked as much as the Men in WW2! But on the beeches of Normandy, the Hedgerowed Hell in Normandy and in the Battle of the Bulge, it was all done by Men on both sides, is it disrepectful to forget the sacrific they made by making a supposed Immersive WW2 game depict everything other than what Historically took place!
Packers FanForLife (11 days ago)
FrosTy theNoob it would also fit into WW2 as Russian Women were used by Stalin on the Frontline. Of course nearly all Russians were used as Cannon Fodder against the Nazis but Russian Women were used on the frontline in combat roles. So this would tie in and be no issue at all!
KiselinaSRB (2 hours ago)
i thought kingdom come deliverance did kuait good dissipate of the flack and it probably did better then it woldaw if they caved in to the sjw's.
hobdecj (22 hours ago)
And this is the worse thing about it, change history, push an agenda but if it doesn’t make money then I imagine the next battlefield game will be very different.
Rust Boy (23 hours ago)
The SJW’s forced propaganda agenda is very reminiscent of how Joseph Goebbels media to push his Nazi agenda
Nicky Simi (1 day ago)
Fuck yeah someone who gets how much historical accuracy can mean to some people. It's bad enough that the uniforms would probably have been inaccurate in the first place. Day of infamy was awesome with it's units (although some of the uniforms are inaccurate asf) If only these AAA Devs were on our wavelength
N.O.X Cooperative (1 day ago)
Nicky Simi A men brother
Apollo Actual (1 day ago)
Hate BF5? Get this instead: http://postscriptumgame.com/
RisingBIRDMan (1 day ago)
It may sound edgy, or hipstery, or whatever, but this old quote from an old show holds so much truth, Teen Titans I believe?. "Those who do no learn from History, are Doomed to repeat it". History should be left as it is, it should not be changed, We should learn from it, not try to change it because we don't like it, or would they rather say, erase Hitler from history, and have another Hitler pop up one day?, or any other case like that?, I simply cannot stand people who want to erase or change History cause they didn't like it, It happened, too bad, keep crying you bunch of babies......
N.O.X Cooperative (1 day ago)
RisingBIRDMan That quote is one of my favourite. So true on all levels personal to global.
David Parsley (2 days ago)
Where is all the hate over the lack of accuracy in the ww2 weapons in the game??? I def couldn't find any info of the sten gun having a reflex optic sight on it... oh that's right, the losers who actually still play Battlefield and COD need modern optics because historically accurate iron sights are too hard :(
N.O.X Cooperative (1 day ago)
David Parsley I gave it a great deal of hate in February I believe with my first ranting Battlefield video. I hated Battlefields path long before the trend of this June.
The Crow (2 days ago)
Patrick Sodurlund... "get over it or don't buy it". Dude I love this video, you said everything I'm thinking, everything, including Insurgency: Sandstorm. Liked and subscribed!
The Crow (2 days ago)
No, thank you.
N.O.X Cooperative (2 days ago)
The Crow Thank you good sir!
N.O.X Cooperative (2 days ago)
The Crow Thank you good sir!
Walter Macfarlane (2 days ago)
Great video, I am one of those console players hard to find any realistic indie games without it being a platform game...
BigFreakingCacodemon (2 days ago)
What game is being played in the video?
N.O.X Cooperative (2 days ago)
BigFreakingCacodemon It’s the best WW2 game currently going, and I think it’s going to be the strongest one for many more years to come. I have covered it quite a few times on my channel and still have more gameplay to show.
N.O.X Cooperative (2 days ago)
BigFreakingCacodemon It’s the best WW2 game currently going, and I think it’s going to be the strongest one for many more years to come. I have covered it quite a few times on my channel and still have more gameplay to show.
BigFreakingCacodemon (2 days ago)
Thanks! Going to have to check it out!
N.O.X Cooperative (2 days ago)
BigFreakingCacodemon Post Scriptum 👍
Wadinskij (3 days ago)
imagine making a movie about zuulu-warriors, played by white actors. Its the same thing. It makes no sense
Williams Family (3 days ago)
huh yet another sexist gamer. Who wouldve thought
Williams Family (3 days ago)
bruh I was just baitin. no black dude would write what I wrote unironically smh typically unless u live in like cali or ny u dont get cucked like those lib journalists but fr tho im wit u 100
N.O.X Cooperative (3 days ago)
Williams Family You think women being the forefront of a game based on a war where mainly men died and disincluding it purposely to push an agenda and then something stating that it is historically incorrect is sexist? Thank you for coming under one of the headings of this video. Your comment gives true glory to my theory. I think to focus entirely on one sex that actually had a smaller participation in the war to avoid presenting male character models is sexist. I think changing history to conform to less male presence is sexist and that dice should themselves look at refraining from accusations of sexism and look at their own presentation and query that with the definition of sexism.
Great Jura (4 days ago)
Britain is still extremely dangerous and oppressive even after brexit.
[shitpost} ぁっン (4 days ago)
The thing is that fabricating history to be more inclusive to woman or minority groups does not help them, WWII was a conflict between White Males in the European theater, The Pacific theater featured Asian men and White men. My understanding of WWII extends to those main theaters (There were also conflict in North Africa I believe). My point is that if you take the European theater for example, white men stormed the beaches of Normandy, there were no Blacks or Women. Therefor no minority groups or women should be featured in a video game thats about a conflict that was almost exclusively masculine and white. Woman and Minority's dont need to be featured in a WWII game to feel good, They have already accomplished things such as Womans Suffrage and the Civil Rights movement.
destinyxdestiny gamer (4 days ago)
this game play looks boring where is the building exploding and crumbling
Northlord 1 (5 days ago)
Never heard of you till today. Subscribed.
N.O.X Cooperative (5 days ago)
Northlord 1 Thanks brother 💪🏻
Esploratore (5 days ago)
This video pretty much sums up what I think and what many other passionate gamers think. Dice needs to keep the integrity of not only battlefield but of past world wars with actual soldiers that sacrificed themselves… Shoot most of them never saw a woman ever again after being on the battlefield and this game just puts them everywhere as if they were there the whole time. Kindly fuck off, Dice. Integrity has been lost in BFV. I won’t be buying it.
Daniel Bohl (5 days ago)
Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2, 1943 Battlefield 3 Bought collector editions games, guide books, & all the DLC I’ve been done for years Battlefields 4 God awful launch & no Bad Company 3 yet has been the reason This Leftist agenda just furthers my boycott
Oi mate, nice video n all, but going "cucks" kinda breaks the flow of the technical talk and also kinda interrupts the side you are talking to from actually feeling respected enough to try to listen to you
dholl17 (5 days ago)
What game is background?
EFlexThaProducer (5 days ago)
Honestly, it all just comes down to if historical accuracy bothers you that much then don't buy it, but do NOT try to ruin it for others that want to have fun playing the game.
Commie Fag (6 days ago)
Stop calling these idiots left wing. It hurts me, everytime people confuse liberals with actual left-wingers.
Commie Fag (6 days ago)
I'm British. I know what you mean though. I just get frustrated when people associate my ideology with the regressive left cucks who keep ruining our video games. And you are most welcome for the comment.
N.O.X Cooperative (6 days ago)
Commie Fag In the Uk they are the same thing. That’s why I refer to them as such. But politics aside. Thanks for commenting.
Mack Sarnie (6 days ago)
What's grinding my gears is that I get threatened with a ban, and told off for voicing my concerns on the official forums
N.O.X Cooperative (6 days ago)
Mack Sarnie Oh really? Who threatened you? I’ll cover it as a topic if it’s happening a lot.
Ralco Gaming (6 days ago)
I've always been dissappointed with call of duty the bullet ballistics were wrong, the games were lackluster I thought battlefield was the better of the two. At least CoD never claimed their game was immersive
Señor Lemon Face (7 days ago)
0:46 Call of Duty ghosts anybody ?
Kais Kais (7 days ago)
Wheres your new vid after seeing the new trailer and gameplay lol the game is sick.
N.O.X Cooperative (6 days ago)
Kais Kais Now fallout76 looks awesome but the tease of the next elder scrolls :) that’s going to be amazing.
Kais Kais (6 days ago)
N.O.X Cooperative I admit, game looked like a bf1 clone. They even used some sounds from that game too.. it is jus a pre-alpha afterall.. not like that matters much, but overall it looks sorta fun comparing to the disaster that is codww2. Gameplay does look very similar to bf1, the only thing they did was reskin it and add more features ontop of it. Not surprising.. its from the same era as ww1.. i havent even decided to buy it yet. I have my eyes on fallout76, devil may cry, cyberpunk, and others..
N.O.X Cooperative (7 days ago)
Do you honestly think it’s good? Like a revamp of BF1 with no association with WW2 other than a far off fantasy of someone in Dice. Gameplay that’s pretty much a conclusion of fortnite that had an unwanted baby with BF1 and Cod WW2. The explosions are so fucking awful they are not as good as they could be with the frostbite engine, destruction is cartoonish, the tank view is appalling, why have indie developers like post Scriptum managed to do some beautiful tank explosions and ammo cook offs on destroyed armour but multi million developers can’t have the heart and passion to represent anything realistic. The noises are so cartoonish simple and recycled the fact that they are earning money making the game makes me sick. The fact that I can’t do a video on it is because the gameplay is so awful With giant notifications on screen, that it speaks for itself greatly with no need to devour its failings anymore.
Rikki Richardson (7 days ago)
its not just in europe you know, its in america too, afterall DICE is controlled by EA, but its nothing new really, history has always been rewritten over and over again to mask ones actions and identity "history written by the winners" there is two sides to a story sadly you never get to hear both sides, or in part its just to mask all the bad shit they did as if it never happned, but anyway in the current age people seem to be more "aware" of things what happened so companies like dice cant bullshit there way out of that waman were on the battlefield when they were not, they had alot of active roles for sure like medics/nurses, factory workers, supply plane pilots, mechanics, cooks and home defence armaments but never really taking an active role upon the battlefield, if anyone so much as mention the russians then ill just reply with that stalin was a nut case and just threw whatever he could at the Germans and hope it stuck
Ryan Kerper (8 days ago)
I got sad when you talked about how there isn't many WW2 veterans left.
Crushing It (9 days ago)
What I think is interesting is that the main problem is that you can completely customize your character to a unrespectable degree. Let's make a black Nazi with a pink mohawk with a teddy bear on his gun. Yet people (both sjw and anti sjw) are utterly fixated on the female character. They lost sight of the main issue (which is authenticity and respect for history). Point being if you want the devs to focus on authenticity. Don't bring up the female subject. Because then they can spit that back in your face.
Crushing It (8 days ago)
N.O.X Cooperative Now I know that these players don't mind playing as a female in a video game (look at BF1 eastern front) but the approach people are taking is pretty much stating "we don't want females in our game" as opposed to "we want authenticity". The devs will never ever cave in to address the "we don't want women in our game comment". That would get them sued. But we can push for "authenticity". Thus removing any race or gender or hair dyes that weren't present on the Western front
N.O.X Cooperative (9 days ago)
Crushing It They can’t spit over representation in anyone’s face. Spitting in our faces with agendas is what they’ve done anyway.
IP Freely (9 days ago)
If you wanted an authentic ww2 game tanks wouldnt be as fast as they are in the game, a person trained to drive a tank wouldn't have been trained to also pilot an airplane, small arms wouldn't have the range to shoot down a plane, a third of the deaths would've been by disease and starvation. And most battles would be 2 groups of guys sitting in trenches taking pot shots at each other waiting for them to run out of food and supplies. The point about how it's disrespectful to the men who served is laughable. The most traumatic experience of their lives, an event where most saw their buddies die in horrific ways has been turned into a game where players keep score by seeing how many people they can kill. Battlefield is more of a hero fantasy than an authentic ww2 experience. If it's fun, I'll play it, if it's not i won't. I'm not trying to learn about history through a video game.
L_W (10 days ago)
What’s the game being played? Looks amazing
Anthony Defillippis (11 days ago)
I personally appreciate your opinion. When I began gaming I came across Medal of Honor which was the game on PlayStation and I got very interested in the history of the OSS. So my interest for World War II games had increased but like you said overtime they just seem to be getting more are Katie and because of this I did move to PC to open my gaming world and I to is a big fan of Insurgency. I personally have been waiting for for Battlefield to do a World War again but without all the r are type stuff and more realism. Just like the whole swastika thing I think it's a part of History I understand that some people may be offended. So what are you really supposed to do not talk about our past. Gg all
Luke Stoneham (11 days ago)
The second this guy started using the word 'cuck' I realised this was just made to get likes by feeding people anger, which is way worse than DICE trying to be inclusive to an audience.
Apen Ap (11 days ago)
I love your content sir! Thank you for these videos
N.O.X Cooperative (11 days ago)
Apen Ap Thank you man ♥️
Carlos Freitas (11 days ago)
I want a white chaka zulu!
Nikolaus Jones (11 days ago)
The Swedes are the most cucked, degenerate scum of Europe. I hope their entire country gets overrun by immigrants tbh, they deserve it
obigrumpywan kenobi (11 days ago)
The Last good WWII Game I played was hell's highway
BlueNightZX (11 days ago)
Women ruin everything, the can't stand men alone, not needing them, having fun
Packers FanForLife (11 days ago)
N.O.X Cooperative I have waited for another Battlefield WW2 game only to find myself hoping the Hell Let Loose would come to Console after watching the Battlefield V campaign! Sadly it is not! People who want to have fun in a game which is an Arcade game that is not realistic to the time period are welcome to it... why can't us History buffs who love realism have a game on Console which also depicts WW2 how we want! Realistically and Historically accurate. I love the comments of, if you don't like it don't buy it, these are probably the same people who boycoted Kingdom Come for its awesome realism and brave devs, because it wasn't diverse enough for Modern Society 😣😣😣😣... set in the bloody Middle Ages! I love games which have realism in them inclusing combat, massive Arma fan for this reason! If Hell Let Loose came to Console I would be made up. Unfortunately... in 2018 and onwards those who wish for realistic, historical accurate games now will have to go to the PC Indie game scene. Console is all about arcade... if anyone knows any realistic WW2 shooters on console please tell me! I have had enough of fast past, "look at these graphics and explosions and utter unrealistic Paintball style matches" games! I want games were I am with great people playing a game were every role is important, people must work together, it is dead silent followed by intense Firefights for objectives with dynamic Frontlines while you are fearing for your virtual life! With heroic Medic charges into the line of fire to save squad members, not bothered about KtoD ratio but bothered about having fun in a realistic enviroment on a game which remembers the courage of the actual people who had to fight in the Wars past and Present! That would be great!
BlueNightZX (11 days ago)
thats what you get for being a console peasant *laughs while playing Hearts of Iron IV"
Kiowa Fourty (11 days ago)
I started from Battlefield Bad Company 2. I have always enjoyed playing Battlefield games. When BF1 came out, it was really cool to see so many new features in a Battlefield game, but from the start it didn't feel like a Traditional Battlefield game to me. I started seeing a large number of Historical Inaccuracies and later found myself unable to play it. To this day, I still play Battlefield 4 because of it. Then after seeing the BFV trailer, I realized that I enjoyed the "Historical Accuracy" and "Realism" from the older Battlefield games, and these newer ones didn't catch my interest because they are almost polar opposites from that. Sad to see where the Battlefield games are going. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a PC. Cheers.
Micah Lindstrom (11 days ago)
Not only is this long before the game is released and able to be judged fairly, but before there's even gameplay. You might want to save your breathe for when there's more to talk about, and more importantly, an adequate amount of evidence by which to make a judgement.
Neko's Panda! ღ (11 days ago)
Oh yeah, this was when I was in your squad! It was fun XD
Vanilla (11 days ago)
While I don't agree 100% with all of your arguments, I still think that you made a few good points that we as gamers and people interested in history should adress.
N.O.X Cooperative (11 days ago)
Vanilla Well thanks for commenting, appreciated!
who seriously wants to get an actual history lesson from a video game?
Alexander Storm (12 days ago)
Note: This is only for the multiplayer component, which has never even been remotely accurate in representing any war or time period, but rather just using the themes to craft a fun experience. There is a single-player in the same vein as BF1, that will tell the stories of those who have fought in the war, or at least a representation of it. The coment made by the developer regarding the inclusion of females in multiplayer were more of just wanting to craft a fun experience where people can indulge in a fantasy, which is what the series has always done. If you don't like the gameplay, that's fine, but a multiplayer component of a series that has never been accurate in its representations of history probably doesn't care if you want to be a woman in a WWII battlefield.
Alexander Storm (11 days ago)
Off the top of my head they detailed in the livestream that they were tackling the smaller, more unknown conflicts that happened in WWII, such as the Norwegian resistance fighters, but didn't really go beyond that except to explain their choices for the events they chose. Going back and watching they also talked about making the levels overall more open to player agency like Bad Company 1 was.
N.O.X Cooperative (11 days ago)
Alexander Storm Can you tell me one of the stories of BFV please.
stevendefender (12 days ago)
NOX, is there any possibility that you could make a video that is ONLY about why historical accuracy is important in gaming? I have friends who think that the new battlefield is fine because they don’t care about historical accuracy, and I want to be able to precisely tell them why it is important.
Joe McNulty (11 days ago)
N.O.X maybe why did you actually think DICE wasn't going to be politically correct?
N.O.X Cooperative (11 days ago)
stevendefender This video covers that main theme, very old and of course audio and narration is early on in my channels learning curve but this is the general jist :) https://youtu.be/ZoqpPLd7APY
Maykay.Jaykay Man (12 days ago)
Completely agree with u N.O.X. Just want to say; money is destroying this world, literally too. True soldiers never fight for money, a true soldier is someone who puts everything else first and themselves last. That's what every should be. Anyway u cannot bend history it's physically put of the world, its like bending the earth, yet it's somehow happening, all because of this modern society which thrives in a state of denial.
N.O.X Cooperative (12 days ago)
Maykay.Jaykay Man Fair comment which is why I like to play games like Post Scriptum and Squad as well as Hell Let Loose. Team work comes over individual goal and I think that’s something that reflects on your comment in a gaming style.
Larold (12 days ago)
why is the right so triggered by women and black people? The historical inaccuracies go way further, why focus on this conspiracy like political stuff?
Un mec random (12 days ago)
Please can you translate this video entirely in French ? Political correctness is everywhere in France ! Please, send help, you sexist bigot ! (I just wanted to eat my baguette in le peace :'( )
Yearly Red Dragon (12 days ago)
Dice literally had unlimited options to choose from when dealing with WW2, but the fucked by ADDING unecessary features suchs as blue paint looking like you came from Vietnam, women, and being handicaped. It stresses me that you have to ADD to something that is basically already set up for you. Like failing an opened book test.
MegaSupernewbie (12 days ago)
I don't give a damn tbh, I am buying BF5 to have fun in a battlefield game and escape from every-day routine not to learn history or be presented with moral dilemmas... all arguments from all sides are just a waste of time
Timzh95 (12 days ago)
Immediately subscribed! Very good video. Games are becoming a means to push left-wing/social agenda's to the audience. I've heard you say: "European Social Cocks". I am from Europe myself and the politicial correctness is becoming a big problem here. But I just want to let you know that there are also many movements and parties in Europe that are against this era of political correctness! Excuse me for eventually bad English. Greetings and keep up the good video's!
N.O.X Cooperative (12 days ago)
Timzh95 Thanks for the support! Appreciate your comment and I’ll do my best to support the views of historical accuracy for all of time to come.
John Dow (12 days ago)
A game where we can kill blacks and women, the kkk well love this game. Did they add blacks and women cuz the dev are racist? Maybe looks tht way.
Arachnophilia (12 days ago)
Recently seen were the makers of Post scriptum spraying champagne onto their screens after the BFV trailer...
Killer553 (12 days ago)
True words. What can piss me off even more is when there is absolutelly no reason for historical inaccuracy. For example COD:WW2 was absolutelly impossible to understand for me. I have played the campaign. And i can give you several examples like Nazis having soviet,japanese or prototype weapons. Instead of Scoped Gewehr 43 nazi snipers were using a very rare Polish semi-automatic rifle.Oh and Gewehr 43 was added months later in a update for MP... And 76mm Sherman was some mix of M4A3 maybe M4A3E8 Sherman with a turret from Firefly. These thing makes zero sence.After i have seen these i thought people who were collecting historical data were bunch of retards who cant even open wikipedia. I am not even going to get started on behavior of weapons and tanks.
N.O.X Cooperative (12 days ago)
Killer553 Very true there was no intelligence really in most of its concept. Repeat of oddly placed weapons was probably lack of will to design different models etc. Didn’t make sense or better gameplay in my opinion.
PRESTON PALAFOX (12 days ago)
Also what game is he playing
THEICEMANG94 (12 days ago)
same devs who made squad, they care about REALISM. God bless them, I'm probably going to play post scriptum and not buy bf5 at all
N.O.X Cooperative (12 days ago)
PRESTON PALAFOX Post Scriptum :)
PRESTON PALAFOX (12 days ago)
Finally I have found my people
N.O.X Cooperative (12 days ago)
Layne Hayes (13 days ago)
I would say a new Medal of Honor WWII game would be nice but I REmembered DICE and EA bought out Danger CLose so we are basically screwed all the way around
David Keatings (13 days ago)
Hey N.O.X I agree with you a played COD there very first game which was based on ww2 that’s as far as I got sure only took a day to complete the campaign spent £30 was not amused. Played all BFs up to BF3 then lost interest when they started to lean towards the console generation.
N.O.X Cooperative (13 days ago)
David Keatings Their very first game was pretty magic at the time though :) yeah most recent titles have really flopped out in my opinion.
Dark Scorpion (13 days ago)
Truer words have never been spoken....well at least not since your last video... I don't hate women in video-games, I play as Ash everyday in R6S. Look, Say for example, that a Dev was making a video game about a historical battle where only female soldiers fought. But for some reason the Devs decided to let male soldiers be played as in that particular battle as well. In that situation I would be super pissed that they distorted the significance and sacrifices that those women paid in that conflict. If EA and DICE had said, "Battlefield V's setting is an alternate reality portrayal of WWII" then I would have absolutely zero problem with it. Heck if that was the case then give us colossal Nazi war machines and robotic killer dogs for all I care (Wolfenstein anyone?!). But not when they clearly market it as a normal representation of WWII with changes made so everyone can be happy.... The men who fought and died back then would be ashamed of how their legacy is being perverted by modern AAA developers just to suit current bullshit social politics. And any WWII Vets who are still alive are most likely too old or frail to try and defend the memory of what they went through...
N.O.X Cooperative (13 days ago)
Dark Scorpion Thanks for commenting appreciate it :)
Luke Nagy (13 days ago)
Hallelujah I am a historic fanboy just like you
Zachary Sivers (13 days ago)
You must have really fundamentally hated battlefield 1 huh? I mean, almost all the firearms and vehicles were wildly historically inaccurate I. The interest of building a fun game.
Shilop Namreg (13 days ago)
Well, looks like I’ll have to play battlefield 4 for a few more years... it’s tough being a history buff/console peasant man.
TheExpendableSoldier (13 days ago)
what game is in the background, it looks amazing! and accurate!
MrFritzthecatfish (13 days ago)
Can we have a mixed camerade shower scene as well? Perhaps crippled busted blondes naked on the field attacking using only a Katana and killing endless stormtroopers? As far as I am concerned their motivation is irrelevant, do they promote a SJW agenda? Yes, so they must suffer the economic consequences.
CiscoFrancis17 (13 days ago)
I’m not that big on history, but it’s the history of the way wars was fought that would interest me to buy. Like using bows & swords, or single shot muskets in games. From the so-called improvements they’ve made, it looks like bf1 with much faster gameplay and ww2 skin. I don’t care about the political agenda their pushing, but it tells me that they spent time on things that don’t matter. Like face paint, color schemes or wouldn’t be surprised if they had emotes as well. But putting in time to improve the gameplay, that makes it unique to the time The game is set in.
Dallas C (13 days ago)
When you focus too much on a customization option that 99% will ignore instead of the fact that the gameplay sounds insane. The most skillful hardcore battlefield yet and you guys are gonna dump it due to a shitty trailer. Then dipshit ea will make it go back to bf1 style of gritty realistic surrounding with the most simplistic uterly boring gameplay.
Mr. pingZx (13 days ago)
you say european cucks a lot, but we all now this shit started coming from the SJWs of US... I totally agree about the rest you said though.
Dick Ferrari (13 days ago)
There are some butt hurt people here. Even when I agree with some of your points you go into very wide margins which gives us a glimpse into your political ideology which honestly i give three fucks about. This accusation of the "Left" actively trying to destroy or outright change history is a farce and people like you with a platform do a great disservice when pushing a narrative such as this one. You go into historical tangents of totalitarian regimes changing their history in order to fit their ideals, (which is true) but in NO WAY this equates the active role of a private company making some outright outlandish idiocy as to the ones we have seen. You are commiting a horrible mistake of epic proportions. The game is easy to criticize for its merits or faults but I believe that this idiocy of yours in blaming an entire political perspective for the dismantling of HISTORY is profoundly misleading. I am sorry i come here to see reviews of games and such not for this shit. I know that your first response (if any) is well you might as well not watch. You are correct... I might not but this video is not less comical. May you have a fine day.
Thach Manorom (13 days ago)
Single player will be accurate
N.O.X Cooperative (13 days ago)
What's the main story we know of so far?
Brainiacthinking (13 days ago)
I agree that history is history that it can’t be changed to fit modern day standards that what we have now didn’t exist in the past. In WWII, while men came to the frontlines women and minorities worked in the factories. However historical accuracy isn’t always true in gaming. If you really want historical accuracy, go with documentaries about WWII and historical movies that show WWII. Games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc doesn’t always show full historical accuracy. For example the campaign of Call of Duty Modern Warfare was fictitious but showed Modern Weapons used in Modern Warfare. The multiplayer doesn’t show the real battlefield or what truly happened in the battle. I think what EA is doing is to make profit on the Battle Royale trend while destroying the immersive experience Battlefield always have stood for.
Mr. Lenny (13 days ago)
SJW's are literal cancer
Felipe Mendez (13 days ago)
Yours is an interesting argument for finding fault with EA/DICEs newest title, Battlefield V. Before now, I had not heard about historical fan-boys where the video game Battlefield is concerned, and I had always understood the community to be comprised principally of, gamers. Specifically, gamers that prefer the FPS video game genre even if not exclusively. Although I will admit that members of the BF community usually prefer an element of realism and historical accuracy, I don't know that this was ever an absolute requirement, and to be fair, I think the community always understood and accepted that the developers sometimes take some creative license with their product. You claim 25% of the franchises original fan base is expected to be lost over what "some" members of the community perceive as a left leaning political agenda rather than a business model designed to increase revenue. First, it should be acknowledge that any good business model, no matter what a company is selling, allows for a certain percentage of client loss, especially when the product is being changed in some way. In other words, it is expected, and allowed for because new client growth is also expected. I know that for some 25% probably sounds like a very large number, it may seem that way at first; still, how did you arrive at that number. What is your source? Please cite the source. Second and this is where some might assume I am a Battlefield fan-boy as you put it. What percentage of the BF community are historical fan-boys? Because if the original BF fan base is comprised mostly of historical fan-boys. Moreover, if these are the same people who, by their own admission, or at least according to what I have heard said by other BF YouTube commentators. Lost interest in and immediately gave up playing BF1, preferring instead to play other video games, then I am at a loss for why DICE should even feel compelled at all to deliver a historically accurate game and not continue to take creative license with their product. Especially after painstakingly working to make BF1 as close a historic representation of the Great War and still make it fun to play. I mean, that is a fair question right? Why should they be loyal to a small and ever dwindling number of fickle consumers?
Reaper (13 days ago)
I'm probably closest to the BF Fanboy, with the exception that this irritates me to no end. I really, really wanted a Battlefield WW2 style again, with the more modern gameplay it would be sweet. The new mechanics sound nice as well. But I'm not sure I can buy it with a clear conscience knowing I contributed to this kind of forced "diversity".
SlyShot555 (14 days ago)
Captain Price (14 days ago)
I agree. The only reason I’ve preordered BFV is because I don’t have a pc. When I watch you or others play Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose it’s slightly annoying that I can’t play it. I love the realism of the games, and the ‘tacticalness’. But I’m left with games like BFV and CoD WW2 and I play them because it’s something to do. It’s annoying to run and gun, to then see a black female Nazi. I understand if you see a black British soldier - because those existed. Or a British female tending to soldier’s wounds back at base... I don’t consider myself a BF fanboy, I’m more of a WW2 history buff, but at the end of the day, these are the only world war 2 games that I get to play 😕 unless I want to hand out £1000 for a good gaming PC, and tbh I would rather spend that on driving lessons 😂
Twana Hamawandi (14 days ago)
Captain Price well it's our lucky day they are saving consoles crowd from these greedy publishers
Captain Price (14 days ago)
Twana Hamawandi I bloody hope so it’s looks amazing so far
Twana Hamawandi (14 days ago)
Captain Price insurgency sandstorm is coming to consoles as well but console version is being delayed because it needed more polishing
Captain Price (14 days ago)
Twana Hamawandi they’re PC though?
Captain Price (14 days ago)
N.O.X Cooperative I’m hoping Ready or Not comes to console. Apparently it will if it’s successful on PC. I wish indie developers made console games too 😕
Big Pete 7 (14 days ago)
Damn, you describing the reality of the world makes me really depressed :'(
VancouverCanucksRock (14 days ago)
You can't see an Action Movie today without some tough Girl coming to save the day/as the protagonist. It is a clear agenda of Feminism being pushed, and I am god damn sick of it!
Leo Narman (14 days ago)
For fucks sakes they were no female frontline soldiers in the allied forces just make a hardcore mode with no women or crazy ass customizations
Anybody remember Medal Of Honor? The game built upon being as historically accurate as possible? The series abandoned by EA?
N.O.X Cooperative I need to get the recent MOH games, never played them, I'm to busy getting the old ones, I ordered the PS1 games online recently. I hope you do get the time to make that video it would be nice to see more people talking about it.
SSpider41 COD 3 is one of my favorite CODs
SSpider41 (13 days ago)
The Space Between Worlds right and cod 3 had a decent multiplayer also. Worth driveable tanks
SSpider41 They couldn't keep up with COD because Call of duty had multiplayer, Medal Of Honor only had multiplayer in the PS3/360 era mostly, and like you said it was a battlefield test mostly, so alot of people thought COD was better when it was released in the PS2/Xbox era, MOH Rising sun had multiplayer on PS2 but not on Xbox, at least that's my theory.
SSpider41 (14 days ago)
they couldn't keep up with COD popularity. So it became nothing more than a testbed for battlefield multiplayer as seen in the last one that was released. It's unfortunate. I really enjoyed blasting torpedoes out of my Thompson.
J Anderson (14 days ago)
Amazing... Bravo.
Der_Jaeger (14 days ago)
Those fucking cucks at DICE should watch this video...
Samuelu Johnston (14 days ago)
It’s just the multiplayer guys, come on. As far as single player, I’m sure they will all be historical fiction. You can still open a history book and recount historical events. Dice said they wanted to show the stories that people haven’t heard. That’s gonna be the minority and women that fought in ww2. I think it’d be cool to see the Maori battalions fight Nazis in North Africa, 442 Japanese American regiment in Europe, and women of conquered Europe fight. I’m gonna trust the BFV is gonna be a great game with a few historical inaccuracies.
InsomniaSureShot (14 days ago)
You kids had better bitch this much if Bad Company 3 drops next year with female Vietcong soldiers.
N.O.X Cooperative (14 days ago)
InsomniaSureShot Well actually female Vietnamese soldiers were much more common, in the NVA and of course the people’s army, the guerrillas and rebels that fought from arms stashes from their villages were females, kids, elderly. Vietnam is a far more fitting time. I’m not complaining about them being in the game as I state twice over during the video, it’s the over portrayal. Of course if they take the forefront it’s questionable but in a people’s army that wasn’t really set on gender rules and required the fighting of village folk, there is no line crossed. Now if they do the same for The American forces that’s a different situation. Females weren’t a big as role on the front lines for the US in Vietnam, however it was finally a time where US didn’t have segregation and in-fact was a very powerful time for minorities so overall Vietnam would have worked much better with Dices take on diversity.
jake maretich (14 days ago)
I just personally feel historical accuracy is a huge part of immersion for me. For example, RO2 is such a fun game because I can feel immersed in the setting. Battlefield V could be fun just as a shooter but I would always have the unease of the inaccuracy in my mind the whole time playing.
Schmuky Pop (14 days ago)
Right, just finished the video and to give you another perspective. I am very interested in history, especially WW2. Know Operations, in general, why when and how a crucial moment happened. But I like BF5. Because I learned about them from documentaries, shows like Band of Brothers, not video games. If someone is really interested in history, they are going to find in a way more trustworthy source than a game developer. Because of course they conform with what de media says. Many gamers look at a review and decide if they want it or not. That's it, one review. And if their games get 3/10 bc of some idiot editor, they will lose millions of $. Of course the devs know what really happened in WW2, but gaming becomes more mainstream. More and more people play and want to be represented. How can you do that as a dev? More, as a huge dev like EA. This type of thing happens everywhere, look at the "oscar so white" some years ago. I am a avid movie goer and i can say truthfully that in that year no black actors had a role that standed out( In 2017, the movie "Get Out" was fantastic) and still amde a controversy On the other side, DICE said quite a lot things that i like, like no Premium or Loot boxes. Way more important for me when i look at a game and if i buy it or not. History is important, but i would prefer a well made game with historical nonsense than a bad game but historically accurate
lifelong Crusader (14 days ago)
The time for debating and argumenting is over, actions speak louder. Don't give these fucks a dime of your money!
ReptilianWaffles (14 days ago)
I honestly dint care if women are in game because of the pressure from SJW's or politics. I'm not looking for historical accuracy like Post Scriptum. Because when i'm in a firefight I'm not thinking whats the gender of my opponent. I just wanna have fun. plus it might bring it a bigger community now that more women are gonna play the game bringing in filled up servers, especially when premium is not a thing in the game anymore causing separation of the fan base. Women dint effect me in BF1 and its not gonna affect me in BFV.
RLach (14 days ago)
This video describes perfectly what's wrong with the entertainment industry today.
Rage Brothers (14 days ago)
I couldn't agree more. Everything you said is 100% what my thoughts are. Thank you for your video and I will make sure to share it as much as I can.
Gabriel Gonz (14 days ago)
What if the war was fought by only women and minoritys and only a few percent of white racist fellas would of fought on it. And you weren't represented in the game. Would you be complaining? C'mon man wtf is your problem. You have trouble processing a black dude in a game who actually died for our freedom to be included? Do you know how many Mexicans, Puertoricans (us citizens), Colombians and Afroamericans have died in Americas wars? If you can't process it, you're going to have to deal with it. You and all you're racist fellas. Because we will be present for a long time.
N.O.X Cooperative (14 days ago)
Gabriel Gonz Thank you for supporting the point of my video. Over portrayal is different from respectful inclusion in a game. But you have successfully bolstered the point of my video about accusations hijacking the argument by coming on here and responding with accusations. Well done.
LezzSamurai (14 days ago)
When they say authentic I'm sure they would be talking about the new never before used in FPS features. Server side effects, movements, ragdolling and explosion force. When they say immersion it's to speak to the features that made past games seem real, dynamic sound, lighting, movement and environment; volumetric smoke, wind, all of the true to life elements that make it feel believable. It is a game; a game that has gotten rid of it's player dividing dlc that has caused most of the game feeling empty. With dlc now free they need a new fun way to gain support. They are very aware of history, that history that doesn't apply to multiplayer because it can't be played in the way. I for one play it for fun and immersion; that realistic aspect and feel of war I can't get with another game. Although I was expecting a more authentic setting because of how BF1 was presented, I will be one of those katana wielding black assualt/medics pushing the front lines because most hang back and don't move at my pace.
LezzSamurai (14 days ago)
Also Battlefield 1942 as authentic as it was to some people is only set in that time period with the weapons and locations, no actually story to what actually took place just people randomly running around killing in other which is what Battlefield V will be. Not only that 1942 had a jet pack in the dlc
Alex Coleston-Shields (15 days ago)
As a PS4 player, I get extremely annoyed that I don't have access to great historically accurate games. Nice vid dude.
Hazzelnot (15 days ago)
Sweden is ranked 2nd in the World Press Freedom index. Far above the UK and US who sit at 40th and 45th place respectively.
Willy? (15 days ago)
Disagree, preordered the game and I think the experience is going to be awesome. What exactly is not historical accurate? In resistence groups actually did fight a lot of women. There have been no gameplay video's yet. Let's presume women didn't fight at all in WW2, how will this addition of the female character change history? The game will still be a display of the struggle of the allies against the axis in world war 2. That is what Battlefield V will try to display. By including more races and genders more people can imagine taking part (as to experiencing the immersion of WW2 as if they are playing 'themselves') in that struggle instead of it being a (seen through a ) 'white man' experience only. I perfectly understand why the gaming industry is changing this way, even though for some reason I also don't like it. But I think its not our right to decide what kind of characters and races are allowed or not allowed in historical games. Changing history is when the germans didn't 'hunt'Jews but Hindoes for example. Or that Germany never invaded Poland or that the allies never bombed Dresden. PS I'm not a vegan feminist
RED SEA GAMING (15 days ago)
I believe video games can teach people about history as well as provide a great gaming experience I will not be getting Battlefield 5 as a student of World War II I will never get this game.
Beat89 Widmer (15 days ago)
When I get my new GTX1080, im gona get this game. For ze Fartherland!!!
Kyros Droztamyr (14 days ago)
Get these thots and negroid mutants out of my tommy killing game. Jokes aside. *no.* The female character in insurgency doesn't work either because even today, women are kept to a minimum in the frontlines. Why? Because even today the standards for military service and expectations are lowered just for them. But if we looked at the jobs these women actually do, it's obvious they are unfit for service. If the female in insurgency was a milotary contractor, that'd at least be believable. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FjwtdhpcUzw

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