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Far Cry 5 "ONLY YOU"

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FAR CRY 5 ONLY YOU Only you can make all this world seem right Only you can make the darkness bright Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do And fill my heart with love for only you
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Text Comments (299)
Jacob Seed (3 months ago)
Only YOU best song ever!!!
Butt FaceTroll (7 days ago)
Jacob Seed cull the herd
Oliwier 2005 Seed (8 days ago)
Faith Seed what if I leave
Oliwier 2005 Seed (9 days ago)
Entertainment Valley im not an devil I just want to leave
Entertainment Valley (10 days ago)
Your the devil
Faith Seed (13 days ago)
Oliwier 2005 Seed only if you choose to be
John Donovan (11 days ago)
"Good! Cull The Herd"
Darius Abney (1 month ago)
Man I was try do a mission and heard that song
EyInLe (1 month ago)
Darius Abney nice
Issa 91 (2 months ago)
Onlyyyyyyyyyy youuuuuuuuuuu <3 especially with loop insturment while on Jacob mission.
Yasminouche ! (2 months ago)
Je hais cette musique !
EwE (1 month ago)
Pourquoi t'es venu sur cette vidéo si tu l'aimes pas ? :c
Yasminouche ! (1 month ago)
Ah tu me dégoûtes LOL
EwE (1 month ago)
Je l'adore :)
SirFecst (2 months ago)
Why does the song affect the people that way? I mean it is just a song
Un-Ironic Productions (7 days ago)
Its classical conditioning. If you train someone to do an action according to a song everytime that song plays it will prompt that action
adhitia prathama (1 month ago)
he dont only brain washed deputy right??
Arathorn Dezeus (2 months ago)
SirFecst pavlovian conditioning
SirFecst jacob brainwashed the deputy when he captured them, the song triggers the response in the deputy
Huwat Isdees (2 months ago)
SirFecst it became like a PTSD for the deputy
Pablo Perez (2 months ago)
So no matter if u kill jacob, u still listen this song once u arrive jacob's compound
Demonic_Spartan517 (5 days ago)
and on the radio im not joking i just heard it on the radio in my car but it doesnt affect you
Danielle Flake (2 months ago)
LoL I did the same thing, I even threw bombs over the gate wail thinking "I just want to go home lol"
Mert Meşecikli (2 months ago)
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
John Donovan (11 days ago)
Mert Meşecikli Never heard, but "It's Fucking Awesome Tracking Down a Peggie Hunting Party And Take Down One By One... Give Me a Seriously Hard On... "- Jess Black
AnobayanTeam Gonzales (2 months ago)
Don't get near the compound and wait for the song to finish
Nicholas Fernandez (2 months ago)
can someone explain to me why rook has a problem with elvis?
Gian braapbraap15 (2 months ago)
It was jhonny sins
Kryton N Pace (2 months ago)
it was the platters
TheFraZeN (2 months ago)
it was jacob
Young Genius (3 months ago)
Edgy12YearOlds (3 months ago)
Far cry 5 schizophrenia edition
dmygun (3 months ago)
Only you
Dinosaur (3 months ago)
Not a fan
Alexis Avila (1 month ago)
Deputy Farcry how did you get mind controlled
Áriston Aragao (3 months ago)
Do it rookie goddammit!
Tomáš Máčalík (3 months ago)
Deputy Farcry Hi rook
DEXTER DEX (3 months ago)
Only Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Cody Nonnemacher (9 hours ago)
Can prevent wildfires
Yasminouche ! (2 months ago)
DEXTER DEX booouuuahhhhhhhh you is very very very crazy 😂
james dorman (3 months ago)
I am permanently stuck in this glitch.
TheFraZeN (2 months ago)
Nick Rye you just brainwashed by the father
Ausmic INC (2 months ago)
Nick Rye lol
Nick Rye (3 months ago)
Deputy Rook *SPOILER* No they don't, cause the father controls them and he knows the bomb is coming, so he must have a bunker or something to protect himself and his pegies. They are not free, but they are safe and controled by the bliss, so they are happy, as the marshal said. As for Dutch, he is safe in his bunker..
Adriano Martello (3 months ago)
Nick actually *SPOILERS* no they die still
Nick Rye (3 months ago)
np, did it actually work?
Tigrotto Fart (3 months ago)
Feels very fallout-like
Super Skits (3 months ago)
More BioShock with would you kindly
Unboundchart 311 (3 months ago)
Tigrotto Fart that's what I thought too also the ending made me hate the song
TheAzuregreen (3 months ago)
The song is from the 50s so it makes sense
Ranc (3 months ago)
The Platters - Only You

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