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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Which Ascension Skills To Level First

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Text Comments (108)
Druid Spoe (1 month ago)
I faught a level 72 by myself and won but used so many potions im level 38
timelessnugget (2 months ago)
it's ability points not action points, noob.
sgomez8194 (2 months ago)
thank you for this guide! I guess I've been doing pretty good myself since most of the upgrades you mentioned I have chosen myself. I did have a question though: Do you have to upgrade the ascension tree for each character? or once you upgrade the tree it works for the entire party?
IamayMizono (4 months ago)
I finally know what regroup does! Everyone says to use it but nobody explains what it actually does and now I know. Thank you!
robert23456789 (5 months ago)
so was i the only one who went though like 3/4 of the game not knowing /remember about the ap things
Wulinshu (5 months ago)
One of the most pointless and useless videos I have come across for this game. It provides nothing in terms of information that takes more than 5 minutes in reading the first view skills or is an informed guide on the most useful ascension skills.
asifur rahman (6 months ago)
first i have to get those AP! why r u saying its for the beginners when all i got 72 AP for the first time n u r telling me to buy some skills that i have to buy after i upgrade some other skill on that tree to get those ur saying to buy. am pissed
Kafka Moore (6 months ago)
Doesn't make a difference. Customisation is nonexistent.
Kafka Moore (6 months ago)
Doesn't make a difference. Customisation is nonexistent.
Infamous Demon (9 months ago)
Since My first time playing FFXV...I was just LvL 9 and I beat a LvL 32 enemy.... Hey guys is this a bug or a glitch? Just comment me
StrawHatGaming (1 year ago)
how do you combo into air attacks like the one you did at 0:25 I just bought the game and i wanna know how to do cool looking combos like that
its called airstep, you hold the left stick in a certain direction while in the air. You can get stuff from the Ascension grid to improve the airstep ability, its a really awesome ability! :)
Cosmic Kryptonian (1 year ago)
I literally tried every button. I have 81 AP just waiting to be spent, and I don't know which button command is to spend it.
Cosmic Kryptonian (1 year ago)
I literally tried every button. I have 81 AP just waiting to be spent, and I don't know which button command is to spend it.
Moonman (1 year ago)
Check the corners of the screen it should tell you the button prompts.
Whiteboy (1 year ago)
Completed the game without even knowing the abilities were a thing 😭
Ausar0 (1 year ago)
Noel Ramos (1 year ago)
DarkDiamondGamer lmao oh my god.
I think you should really start with the exploration skills. With that, everytime you will do something, you will earn AP.
RandomStranger01 (1 year ago)
I go ham in the exploration tree. So i get ap and exp faster. It's boring as shit but still the best for me.
rattleXhead (1 year ago)
I honestly forgot about the ascension grid after like 3 uses because I really don't need it, the game is waaaay toooo easy
Taidoga (1 year ago)
Good for you
Erik Ling (1 year ago)
This game is making me feel real guilty about the killing of wildlife and hunt missions. The act of collecting horns and tusks are acts of poaching. Am i observing an underlying trend of cruelty in this game? When is a monster an animal, and a human a monster. The hunt side quests do not seem to adequately justify the slaughter of seemingly passive creatures.
Jarrett DeVore (1 year ago)
so regroup, do you have to use it yourself or is it done by ignis?
Latrell Spencer (1 year ago)
+Jarrett DeVore You must order him to do it. I think it's L1 on ps4 and then up on the d pad. On Xbox one its LB and up on the d pad I think.
Jarrett DeVore (1 year ago)
and he does it on his own or do u have to tell him to?
Latrell Spencer (1 year ago)
Jarrett DeVore It's done by ignis
B14ckJ0k3r (1 year ago)
This might be a dumb question but does anyone know for the skills that say they boost certain stats by levels gained does that just mean the levels you've gained up till then or every level you grow after as well? I can't find an answer for this anywhere.
Cameron Smith (1 year ago)
i was worried about the same thing. I think you continue to gain the bonuses as you level. so if you get it at level 10, you get 10 added, then when you get to lvl 11, you get another, and at lvl 12, one more, and so on. if you get it at 20, you get 20 upfront, and one for each lvl gained after. you dont waste it by getting it early, though you wont see much benefit at a low level compared to the high AP cost of buying.
SwerveStarEx (1 year ago)
I find that the "increase stats by level" skills are important to pick up early, since to my knowledge they aren't retroactive. I'm at level 30 or so and my characters (even Prompto) have 1000+ HP since I picked them up early, while my buddy had Prompto at 600 or so HP at this point-he may have even been past level 30 by then.
Ausar0 (1 year ago)
SwerveStarEx when you get them doesn't matter. you could get to level 99 and THEN buy the strength boost one, and you would get all 99 points of strength.
Fox McCloud (1 year ago)
script read
Thank you. Luckily, I had chosen all but the last one already. As a final fantasy noob, this stuff helps
Gaius (1 year ago)
I think the biggest early on is to get AP for driving, then get AP for warp killing an enemy and AP for fishing. I racked up 100ish AP rather quickly this way.
bodmaniac (1 year ago)
Definitely this. Each of those ones pay for themselves very quickly and then it's just profit.
urmanascrewed (1 year ago)
They missed the passive AP generators. Like the ones that gain you AP for camping and driving. Those are important to get first IMO.
gamerprince1999 (1 year ago)
urmanascrewed Definitely agree I just found out about them recently after obtaining other skills and realized how much of a mistake I made lol
Ausar0 (1 year ago)
unfortunately, it takes a long time just to earn back the AP spent on those upgrades. in the long run it's probably worth it, but it's just really slow
Rinbow 6 BR (1 year ago)
urmanascrewed Tnx man
urmanascrewed (1 year ago)
Exploration. The one for camping, the camping ap booster, driving, and chocobo riding are my favorite.
Rinbow 6 BR (1 year ago)
urmanascrewed in which category is that?
I honestly disagree with this video not on basis for the tips of the skills but the fact that the video is titled which skills to level FIRST. The skills that most people should go for are the exploration skills from the very beginning which grant more AP by doing certain actions like driving or camping, it will grant you so much AP from the start that it will allow you to get the skills at a quicker rate than having to battle to get the AP. Once you have the AP skills, then this video is great for knowing which skills to go for AFTER the FIRST skills.
Dimitrios Zotos (1 year ago)
Nice video, but the guide is kinda off. I mean, it's a FF game, the first half is pretty streamlined and you only need to invest in things that get you AP fast. I saw some assumptions in the guide (like you won't be getting in danger) that are probably linked with certain builds. I work with warp strikes and full on king arms, so I am always in danger zone and don't get link-strikes. So, my advice, see where you sit on your build before listening to guides on ascension.
Xander Vampire (1 year ago)
Only really disagree with one of these. If you're using the "wait" combat mode you can just use libra to find an enemies weaknesses. It costs nothing and takes zero (in game) time to do. Because of this, the skill that automatically tells you the enemies weaknesses is pretty useless and a waste of AP.
Ausar0 (1 year ago)
yeah, but wait mode fucking sucks. I swear that it drastically changes how my attacks work in addition to stopping time when you stop moving.
Gameshunter92 (1 year ago)
While I dislike wait mode, I play more in it than with Dynamic. The main reason is wait mode lets me choose my target for techniques more safely instead of relying on aiming the right enemy while the combat still flows. + Wait mode's tree allows you to do stronger Warp Strikes on enemies that aren't targeting Noctis and do more damage to enemies scanned with Libra.
Home .Cooking (1 year ago)
Xander Vampire I guess it really comes down to if you want to play with wait mode (but I don't see a reason not to). Also, you kinda have to get it if you want Ignis' enhancement tech.
Thomas Vinh (1 year ago)
Gotta unlock first the ability to take pictures during a fight xD So silly it's good
Eddie Spencer (1 year ago)
what about the 333 node that negates damage when you press (X) because im on xbox, but how does that work? pretty much makes you immortal or what?
Harry Wellington (1 year ago)
+Clara Lee yea, blackhood sucks. if you are operating the game on control 2 then you basically dont need it because you'll be pressing L1 to evade anyways
jasper afroilan (1 year ago)
Eddie Spencer z
HellsWolff (1 year ago)
The thing about it is that you can't do it on knock downs as far as I know, so it's better to put all energy into not getting hit. You can kinda treat it like a bonus window for your rolls in attacks that can't be dodge by holding the dodge button.
Eddie Spencer (1 year ago)
Clara Lee i suck at the 333 node lol cant get it to always work without spamming my button
HellsWolff (1 year ago)
+Clara Lee Yeah this is what I thought too. if you can do the dodging yourself you don't need it.
ModerMon (1 year ago)
I would say blink is a must have skill early on as it enables phase even when in atk animation. Also light phase is Rly good
Mo_ Musashi_28 (1 year ago)
The AP jump to three is ridiculous.
Cameron Smith (1 year ago)
the only one i really want is the 3 accessories, but 333 AP a piece is damn hard to save up for when there are so many good cheaper things to get.
Straightcherry D. (1 year ago)
They aren't that much of an upgrade either, just a bit. I think they did that for relatively inconsequential skills so that marathon gamers have things to do with AP in the end game. Most critical skills are around 60 at most and useful ones under 100.
jimms18w (1 year ago)
Eisai ellhnas?
arm nakornthab (1 year ago)
Anyone know if stats ascension works only when you gain levels or you can buy it anytime? For this, I meant that buying health when you are level 10 will not increase your HP immediately, but only when you go to level 11. But you will get lower HP if you buy health from level 1. Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks !
Eddie Spencer (1 year ago)
arm nakornthab good question i was wondering the same thing
Ger The Bear (1 year ago)
If you are level 10, and you upgrade the health nodes, it will add no matter what level you start. Don't worry :)
Achilles Feel (1 year ago)
Damn nice vid!
Halo Kosovo (1 year ago)
pick up EVERY SINGLE ITEM you see on the road and do All sidequests before go on with the main story.... with Debased coin n rare coin it is so easy to lvl up and yield a bunch of AP... it doesn't matter which skill you lvl up first
Halo Kosovo (1 year ago)
you gain AP with each lvl up... well if you want more AP early on I'll say start your Ascension skill from Exploration... get all of them (first lvl only since the next tier of this ascension is kind useless and cost too much AP) and this mean you'll have to manually travelling, fishing, camping alot instead of skipping them... but early game I think it'd be the most optimize way to earn as much AP as possible without sitting 1 spot and grind
Chris Alvarez (1 year ago)
NicoleKiriginTV If you use coins on magic it turns that magic into experimagic, which gives you a lot of experience when you cast it. This means you level up faster, especially if you use EXP boosting food, and you gain a lot of AP with each level up.
NicoleKiriginTV (1 year ago)
Halo Kosovo how
Halo Kosovo (1 year ago)
+Chris Alvarez yeah debased coin helps lvl up fast n gain AP as well
Chris Alvarez (1 year ago)
Halo Kosovo coins help to gain AP?
Aprime (1 year ago)
you forgot the one where you don't take off much MP from dodging
AdamRonaldo1903 (1 year ago)
You should unlock the do airstep for many time ability. It is so fun too use it.
Itai Sprachman (1 year ago)
I know, Noct will sometimes preform dragoon jumps (the straight spear dive) while he's above an enemy
Andrew Gray (1 year ago)
For the start of the game you really don't need too worry about getting combat boosting skills in any rush. You should look into the ap gaining skills for car rides, and then chocobo riding once you can use them (amount of gil i spend on chocobo use is quite daft I imagine). While it's only 1 AP each time, the amount of car travel you do in game means quite a lot of extra ap for the duration of the game (especially if like me you sometimes just drive around for fun with the classic tunes playing away). Take these ones asap, and then start working on all the cool link/combat ones. Also once you get a certain shield, and ability to summon enemies there's a simple way of 'farming' ap as well.
Jurrit de Haan (1 year ago)
Andrew Gray thanks mate
MrAcura28 (1 year ago)
Can you unlock all the skills at the same time? Is there a cap on how many AP you can get? Can I redistribute the AP in the skill tree?
Dimitrios Zotos (1 year ago)
Biggs and Wedge are in EVERY FREAKIN FF GAME. This easter egg goes waaaaay back.
StryderK (1 year ago)
Ohh yes, I just tried out that one hour 1200 AP trick and it works! The problem is the timing and you have to be at a high level, like over 45 or something and have gotten that king shield thing and the beast whistle to summon enemies. Go to the desert between the two peaks near hammerhead station and summon some enemies. If you are a high level, with the royal/king shield, you can easily wipe them all out with a single warp strike hit from the shield since it has an AoE damage effect and only a single hit from a warp strike will gain you AP so you have to be at high levels with good strength boost! If you can get something like EXP gain (food and moogle charm) you can also level up pretty quick too! This works. If you have to rest, then getting 1200AP is kinda hard, but you still get over 900 an hour so still not too shappy! For those who only got 999 skills left, especially the damned limit break, this may not be a bad way to grind! Just search it on youtube for details!
StryderK (1 year ago)
+godsplayingfield Well...Yoda tonberries....Tonberries and their fucking annoying and insane "grudges" are bad enough but Yoda..........Yeah, I know someone at SE or over at SE USA is a serious Star Wars nerd. I mean, two NPC are named Biggs and Wedge...Separate they may not matter, but together? (See if anyone made it that far)....Wonder if "Vader" will pop into this game! In the last one, World of FF, I seriously smiled when Reyn and Lann went all out talking about Warp ten....That was pretty funny! But no...I'm saving most of the 333 AP per skills and especially the 999 per skills until later. and only then pick and choose what is th emost important for me! I'm only on Chap. 8 right now after 70 hours. Too much side hunts, helping out NPC's and raiding dungeons so far to advance the story for me...This is just me though. I have to get all the side stuff done first before advancing the story so that's why it's so slow for me!
godsplayingfield (1 year ago)
+StryderK i now have one 999AP skill and it was DEFINITELY a good investment. it was Gladio's break damage limit for his skills. that with impulse is AMAZING. it nigh trippled the damage of the skill against everything that doesnt have stupid high defence like puddings and iron giants. makes fighting in the post game dungeons far easier.... especially when you have to fight like 4 Yoda Tonberries.... (seriously WTF is with those lil guys!? ... i kinda want one....)
StryderK (1 year ago)
godsplayingfield I got one 999 skills. For magic. Come to think of it. I should've spend then else where. Stats, teamworks, and explorations are all important. HP up, strength, links are all great in battle! So that's why I'm giving up three accessory slots for all characters. 333 APs for all four = too much. Maybe for Noc if I get other things done.
Liam Starrs (1 year ago)
Excellent video make more. Just info no messing about. Good info well delivered. Subbed.
SB0083 (1 year ago)
Why not any of the Exploration ones? Roadrunning is great.
Kubae420 (1 year ago)
Gotta say there is 1 node missing here and that is the Hp stat node. X5Your level in Hp for only 99 is amazing and 100% worth
Kubae420 (1 year ago)
And the maximum HP one can gain off an item is 1000 iirc and having an extra 200ish hp on prompto around level 30 is nothing to sneeze at. Quite regularly I've been noticing my friends who are either less experienced in ff or it's their first one struggle on the most trivial of content because they just don't have enough base hp. Much like nearly every other ff game in existance HP =king, ribbon = queen. I personally love it and it frees me up to use another accessory in that slot instead of a bangle.
Belias (1 year ago)
not correctly calculated. the ability text states: 10 times the amount of level turned into HP. therefore, its 990 HP, isn't it? thats alot in the scale of FFXV.
David Amaro (1 year ago)
I've found the ability to be a little underwhelming. If you're level 25 then you are only getting an extra 125 HP from it. Even at level 99 you would get only 495 HP.
Kubae420 (1 year ago)
it scales with your level so as you level up it gets stronger and around levels 25-35 having something like 3200hp on noctis vs 1200 makes a huge difference
Deity Makaveli (1 year ago)
Kubae420 is it in effect each time you level up or just on the level you're currently on?
DJWINDAGO (1 year ago)
Great vid bruv. No bullshit talk, no asking for likes, no pride, no shitty ass voice, no rubbish ass humor, just straight and to the point.. cheers mate. Wish u the best. We need more mates and channels like yours.
Pzafrk (1 year ago)
Damn, starting with 'bullshit talk,' you just indicated all the no-no's most content makers should avoid!
nefarious k (1 year ago)
I would love to hear some shitty jokes. Work is a bore at times. Oh wait, i shouldn't be watching this while at work! There, this is my attempt of a joke. Shitty Joke.
raven 0350 (1 year ago)
The Prince of Pain! YUP!
Carl A. N. (1 year ago)
How does the Analyze skill proc? Cause I have it, but I rarely see it being used by Ignis.
Itai Sprachman (1 year ago)
randomly at the beginning of a fight, there is a message on the right and Ignis glows if he rarely uses it and you don't feel like wait mode, I suggest memorizing basic weapon weaknesses, like scorpions weakness to swords (both 1 and 2 handed) or those demondog things weakness to daggers
elcapitanricks (1 year ago)
turn it on in the options menu under Combat, it scans the enemy for weakness and strengths and slows time down so you can analyze the battle field more strategically
Quantum (1 year ago)
Carl A. N. how do you use wait mode on ps4??? and what does it do
Carl A. N. (1 year ago)
Yea.. I saw that in a vid.
Kubae420 (1 year ago)
Its rare to see him use it tbh. I suggest wait mode. Locking on in wait mode scans targets so u can do it manually
JonnyBeoulve (1 year ago)
The Combat tree is the best.

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