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Leaked Footage - Super Sonic Military Spy plane !! UFO sightings 2014

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Text Comments (23)
Mash M (2 years ago)
Mr and Mr Smith (2 years ago)
Leaked? From where your ass?
Muttakin Rashid Alvi (2 years ago)
These are just gnats..flies i means... :3 waste of time! Even if aliens exist, they're not smarter than humans
ruby sharp (3 years ago)
Great fun to fly
Daniel No name (3 years ago)
It looks like the top secret jet that divide up itself up into three parts.
slabiciune (3 years ago)
How does this HOME MADE video become LEAKED? Leaked from where? Fake ass shit!
pawpower58 (2 years ago)
+slabiciune/// leaked=Not True. Hustlers attempting to draw hits to their web sites from idiots that will believe anything. The more hits they get, the more revenue they make on phoney bull shits. Idiots aren't smart enough to figure it out. Our CIA would have shut any leaks down within in minutes after it was posted. Words like secret, leaked, our Gov would light home land security search boards up instantly!!!
Axe Matrix (3 years ago)
How is this a UFO SIGHTING when you know what the fucking thing is! UFO UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT
Smitty Smith (3 years ago)
Definately looked like a couple of dragon flies fornicating to me.
Kyle Speer (3 years ago)
i love how its 2014 and people capure these with their VCR
333crypta (3 years ago)
I'm sold. Nice capture!
Fr Louie Goad (3 years ago)
US Drones, small and so "FAST"
MegaGary1960 (4 years ago)
wow that was very quite good
petulia kowchee (4 years ago)
The rocket is sideways like that, this pic could be that because i think there's two ships or wherever, hhhmmm......
petulia kowchee (4 years ago)
One of those petroglyphs had a drawing like a rocket going through a hole or tear, i really need to go check that out again, wow
Pip Moore (4 years ago)
Somehow I don't think they are military craft lol''
michael bautista (4 years ago)
its true ...honestly....i seen that same exact thing where i live...im 28 now i seen it around 15 yrs old i seen a speeding military plane shooting at another different shaped speeding aircraft....you could actually see the firing bullets....but soon dissapeared in the clouds....almost exactly the same distance like your short film but a little more clear and slightly different......gods honest truth
michael bautista (3 years ago)
Why does it have to be my government....why can't it be the government...lamp ...but true
filips989 (3 years ago)
Yeah, cause your government and military would risk exposing a well hidden truth by engaging a UFO in plain sight. 10/10 would believe.
Rustyseye (4 years ago)
Possibly insects. Very close slow scrunity and you can see what appears to be wings. Interesting none the less.
plejaren giants (4 years ago)
..those are anti gravity craft...they look disc shape too...awesome upload!
Popeye Segar (4 years ago)
Where did you get this pls?
Crystal Love (4 years ago)
Ridiculously cool...

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