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Today is the Day | Stuck In Your Radio: Better Late than never!

8212 ratings | 323588 views
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Text Comments (515)
Magicdratini (6 months ago)
Sly, I love your songs more than anybody's.... Stuck in Your Radio is my favorite musical band ever. I love to sing them everyday at anytime, they're that addictive and great. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Little Shine (1 year ago)
I wonder if Sly comes back to these songs like someone of us do
Cracker (1 year ago)
Twnety-One-Lyrics (1 year ago)
Social repose?
Clarice (1 year ago)
+ Twnety-One-Lyrics yasss! the best goth moth youtuber ever!
thekalos632 (1 year ago)
2 years later and I still listen to this song and feel so much emotion.
Vi H (2 years ago)
i cant believe its been 2 years ; ;
Generic Man (1 year ago)
GK 12303 (2 years ago)
Neamiha Jackson (2 years ago)
+xXSlyFoxHoundXx great Stuck In Your Radio Better late than never! videos this is like all the songs I listen to tho
Jester Productions (2 years ago)
Sly, I just want to let you know that Stuck in Your Radio is still my favorite band to this day.
AquaStripper (2 years ago)
this is my fave
Igor C. (2 years ago)
The backing vocals got my attention in this one, it ROCKS!
Crusty Boy (2 years ago)
I put this up there with young horny kids and the others in my fav songs :3
Ian Carroll (2 years ago)
Noice stream Meme (lenny)
jabber a.k.a jasper (2 years ago)
man has it been a year since this song came out ? holy hell sly this song is still good
saimota (2 years ago)
this was, it still actually is my favorite song in this album I had started highschool and i was so scared and nervous but listening to siyr really helped me it makes me sad how i just forgot about these songs but here i am now jamming out to it :')
Annalee Higley (2 years ago)
Dominatrix Dex (2 years ago)
I'm still in love with this song.
The Gamestas (3 years ago)
Hmm, I like this just song. Sounds like sum 41 met some early 2000's rock (seether, 3DG) stuff like that.
Kylie Greene (3 years ago)
Love this song
LootsAHollow (3 years ago)
This seems like it would be great with a fighting scene in anime with two people against one. XD....Just me?
ToastyInspiration™ (3 years ago)
TOGETHER WE'LL OVERCOOOOME(Thats the most perfect part of sly's voice i've heard)
Marley Babydoll (3 years ago)
ToastyInspiration™ (3 years ago)
+Marley Babydoll :D
Marley Babydoll (3 years ago)
+ToastyInspiration™ I KNOW RIGHT
Roshan Khera (3 years ago)
I bought it 50 times
ximipe epimix (3 years ago)
Fucking casuals.
Lil-dog Bieber (3 years ago)
This is really good
Ottavio Setti (3 years ago)
Dam I love this guy hahaha 
Noah McD (3 years ago)
Cum on my nipples if ur watching in 2015
derpy22 (3 years ago)
Splorkometer (3 years ago)
Welp, prepare yourself! ...no.
Mrs_Ghost (3 years ago)
My favorite song on this album..... Cheers me up every more!!! XD
Jacob Dawson (3 years ago)
I really like the grittyer sound in this song its awesome
YeyePIzzapie (3 years ago)
i didn't even know siyr made more music. im so happy right now. thank you so much sly
SKEPTICK (3 years ago)
Auto tune
BugsInMyWillyHole (3 years ago)
I like the different sound this song has to your others, and if you do keep making music (PLEASE DO) that you should make songs like this more often. Thank You
xxgunhead (3 years ago)
This is a realy good Song homies unite
xTigre (3 years ago)
2 months later still listen to this :P
Cody is Not My name (3 years ago)
josh cheeserubber (3 years ago)
You know a song is good when it gives you goosebumps well done well done sir
Niko T (3 years ago)
sly kiss may ass
Dern Sure (4 years ago)
Dem sweet drums at 2:34
Cory G (4 years ago)
i just love it
Camo 40 (4 years ago)
Love this Song  10 out of 10 Sly 
LazyFlame (4 years ago)
It's cool it's a nice change from the more upbeat ones
Fantabulicious (4 years ago)
Who is your bassist?
therealwweawesomefan (4 years ago)
How can u easily get ur songs stuck in my head sly?
legosuperclone123 4 (4 years ago)
i love how you can still sort of here the goofiness of slys voice in some songs, its so cool :)
carlos Jones (4 years ago)
SweetLikeKiwi (4 years ago)
One of my current fav songs, listen to it daily!
Killlerturtle (4 years ago)
this is so fucking gay
Kakashi Hatake (1 year ago)
Killlerturtle LIKE YOUR MOM HAHA that's a two year late comeback bitch
Pokédork (4 years ago)
Is Sly still singing lead in this song? Doesn't sound like it.
mya seested (4 years ago)
You guys should sign up for warp tour !!!
mya seested (4 years ago)
Is it weird that's this songs reminds me of black veil brides
Cameron Minter (4 years ago)
Love it sly love the chorus 10 outta 10 ign
Redx80015 (4 years ago)
1:50 to 2:35 = eargasm
BandsnBatman (4 years ago)
Its so good guys! My favorite song so far 3 Keep up the great work
NeXoN369 (4 years ago)
This song is perfect!
Gumbyxoxo (4 years ago)
I got goose bumps listening to this song. This ones definitely my favorite. Can't wait to buy the album. c:
briandoorhof (4 years ago)
when are you going to be in the top 100? <3
Alex. (4 years ago)
Please, someone correct my friend that in the verses, it's sly singing as well as aleks. My friend thinks it's not sly singing in the verse.
applefacemoron (4 years ago)
Sly is singing alone Alex isn't even singing only in the part where the entire band is singing.
Marcanthony44 (4 years ago)
Daedra Dragon (4 years ago)
I love your taste in music. And your my favorite youtuber. I love everything you do!!!
Janko (4 years ago)
Sly sounds kinda silly when singing the today is the day part, but the rest was gooood, I liked it.
Big Boi (4 years ago)
The song is really good
LeanialIcon (4 years ago)
This song is relateable to many of us. Great song! c:
xXdeathXx xXx (4 years ago)
i just want to say thank you sly your songs all ways make me feel beter when im down #homiesunite  
I actually think that sly isn't using Auto tune Because It sounds like he added his backup singing to the background making them combine. Its weird at first but definitely not auto tune.
Erotic Mammoth (4 years ago)
Is that Aleks singing in the background, or...?
Erotic Mammoth (4 years ago)
+HeroNDawg ~ Road To 100 Subs! Thanks, dude x3
Teh Only Hero (4 years ago)
Yup! Its Aleks!
Teh Only Hero (4 years ago)
Sophia L. (4 years ago)
At the two minute mark, it sounds kinda like a mixture between Falling in Reverse and a song in Mulan... Thats what i think atleast! Cx
Necryd Runner (4 years ago)
I think this is the best one because it has hard rock and soft rock to it
Ty Radcliffe (4 years ago)
Next time sly, dump all this 'auto tune' bullshit. All it does is ruin your voice
Laro C (3 years ago)
Tumblr confirmed. It was cj and devin singimg in the background.
mightydog (4 years ago)
Most underground bands add something that is relevant to make it more modern
Mega Motorcyclop (4 years ago)
Its not...I liked it
Ty Radcliffe (4 years ago)
Maybe sly singing again layered over it
Knob Door (4 years ago)
+myphoneisdead333 If it's not Aleks then it might be another band member because i can definitely hear another persons voice. 
Devin Ortiz (4 years ago)
Finn Balor (4 years ago)
Love it especially the chorus
Bubblius Elle (4 years ago)
Are these songs still not on iTunes?
tricky6frog (4 years ago)
im not trying to be that guy. but i felt like i was listening to 2 different songs which in my opinion isn't good i liked the "songs" but i felt that there was no transition at 1 :56 sorry sly :(
EmmaLie (4 years ago)
When is this going to be on Spotify?
Collin Honea (4 years ago)
On Google play and amazon
Collin Honea (4 years ago)
Where is today is the day 9 Google play or Amazon
SinineTool (4 years ago)
My favorite song so far!
doing what you're not (4 years ago)
when can i buy this?
Ben Baylon (4 years ago)
This song is my favorite song of SIYR
Humble Egotist (4 years ago)
I fangasmed. I died from delight then the song brought me back to life. I  legit hit me head against me knee while jamming out and didn't feel the pain till after the song was done. I love your songs man, keep up the awesome work <3
Toxic2Panda101 (4 years ago)
Aleks = Angel
Blackarm (4 years ago)
This is my favorite one, sounds so good
Klutzy Mutt (4 years ago)
This is my fav song from the new album!!!! I loooove the chorus so much.
Sosgrosil (4 years ago)
Anybody else thinking of the original blue exorcist intro during the chorus?
koolboy123ish (4 years ago)
This one and young hearted kids are my favorite, I like all of them though
Zoe (4 years ago)
if you want to get to the part that goes today is the day then go to 1:56
brooke (4 years ago)
Damn dude, this song is fucking perfect. Eddie, and Aleks' backup vocals complete my life.
jakjac645 (4 years ago)
Aleks isn't on the album at all, vocally. Someone asked Sly on tumblr if he could confirm that Aleks was on this track and he confirmed he wasn't on the album at all, vocally.
Ya Boi (4 years ago)
Aleks isnt singing in any of the songs. Sly said so on Tumblr.
Xxcrazy-monkeyxX (4 years ago)
+Joe Thiringer Edwin is the real name. Eddie is his nickname
Stickman470 (4 years ago)
+Joe Thiringer Yes.
Joe Thiringer (4 years ago)
I'm sorta new to this channel, but is Eddie sly?
Rakeem Johnson (4 years ago)
I want to buy this song so bad so I'm going to buy a google play card and get it Also Alex can sing pretty good
Will Ponsoldt (4 years ago)
So when are these amazing songs gonna be on spotify
I Comment on Videos (4 years ago)
From about 2:29 to 2:31 it kind sounds like part of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song :o
TheSwagsCrewHub (4 years ago)
This is my favourite.
ThatOneGuy (4 years ago)
When is the album coming to iTunes?
Blueninja102 (4 years ago)
hmm a youtuber that is a already popular is also a badass singer hmm gg world p.s. gg sly
Beth Fields (4 years ago)
This song has over 68,000 views right now.  About 10,000 of them are from me.  Haha, seriously this is an awesome song.
Rishi Donapati (4 years ago)
The album still isn't released!
annijo99 (4 years ago)
Such a tough decision! But I think this is my favorite!
GirlWithTheBook (4 years ago)
Please get this up on Spotify! I need this on my playlist <3
IdahoBoi (4 years ago)
dylan dubois (4 years ago)
great song sly this is your 2nd best song your best one was slyfox and the curious cat
HaloooooooooQueen (4 years ago)
Your really good sly!!! Congrats
Krusher 99 (4 years ago)
Krusher 99 (4 years ago)
Mark Benavides (4 years ago)
BuRN Aggression (4 years ago)
Stuck in your radio has come so far I remember when their first song came out and I wanted to go to their concert so badly!
mack mercure (4 years ago)

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