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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End | The Lure of Adventure Ep.1

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End | The Lure of Adventure Episode 1 Playstation 4 exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is an action-adventure third-person shooter video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4 video game console. As the sequel to the 2011 game Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, it is the conclusion to the Uncharted series starring Nathan Drake. The story, set several years after the events of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, follows series protagonist Nathan Drake, who has retired from fortune hunting, reunite with his older brother Sam and longtime partner Sully to search for clues for the location of Captain Henry Avery’s long-lost treasure to save his brother. The game was first teased at the PlayStation 4 U.S. launch event on November 14, 2013, as the next main entry in the Uncharted franchise. It was finally unveiled as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End on 9 June 2014, at Sony's press conference during E3, with a small teaser debuting the game's real time visuals. The game was released worldwide on May 10, 2016 and received widespread acclaim from critics, with praise particularly given to the game's gameplay, presentation, narrative and visuals. Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22 We are going in big with: Fallout 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and Star Wars Battlefront. Mixed in with our classic Let's Play games. Games will be played on Playstation 4 (PS4) and PC GET THE SAME PS4 CONTROLLER I USE HERE: Scuf Controller: http://scufgaming.com Coupon Code "MEATY" (caps) 5% off Ratings and comments are greatly appreciated meatwagon22 Meatius Meaty Chris x https://twitter.com/#!/meatwagon22 http://www.facebook.com/meatwagon22 Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/meatwagon22
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Text Comments (101)
Ashley Brinson (7 months ago)
Drake is an orphan.
devin valencia (1 year ago)
i have watched this play through 3 times and this is going to be my 4 such a amazing storyline
Marty4565 (1 year ago)
best game ever + best youtuber = best thing in the world
Unknown (1 year ago)
Hunter Outdoor (1 year ago)
Sam he
Hunter Outdoor (1 year ago)
My brother is it caring like Samhe would totally let me catch cold
Hunter Outdoor (1 year ago)
I have Xbox one and PS4 and this is probably my favorite game
DragneelWolf28 (1 year ago)
I like uncharted 4
Justyn Henriquez (1 year ago)
Did you even record any other uncharted
Dusan Asanovic (1 year ago)
First when I saw this I was like: "What is Uncharted" and now,I'm a big fan,yeeey.
tacomann Howell12856 (2 years ago)
Has anyone else seen jacksepticeye play this
Yazhen Lin (2 years ago)
Why u didn't stop the boat at 2:19? If u stop the boat Sam and Nathan wouldn't get blown. Anyway every video u made was awesome.
jin li (2 years ago)
Darren Lunt (2 years ago)
Well, Meaty asked for it... Prison fight scene translation: (after the first punch) "this is going to be easier than I thought!" After Drake's comment about doing better than that "Let's finish this" After Nate gets a few blows: "S***, This white guy knows how to fight!" Grappling... "You like that, hmm?" Very brief, but gets interrupted by the beatdown "You started it, but I'm gonna finish it." 2nd grapple "let's see how you get out of this one!" After the first backfist by Nate "how about this?!" When Nate is grabbed (kinda obvious) "Hold him there for me!" After Nate is realeased and gets a sucker punch "Fight like a man!" When Nate is pinned against the wall "This is for (not an exact translation) sticking your nose in our business!" After the Headbut "Oh, now M***** F*****, you're gonna be sorry!" when Nate is on the ground: "I'm gonna kill you (again, not exact translation) s***-eater!" (or S***head works too) probably some bystander "I'm gonna shut your big mouth whitey!" during the struggle where nate is on his back "That's enough!" When the guards come in "That's enough, you morons!" (or idiot, like it looks like) "Let me go!" After Nate's comment 'Little guy' "I'm gonna kill you s***-head whitey!" (Gustavo is a pottymouth...) "I'm gonna pull your guts out through your a** hole!" the guard "Solitary!" (that's obvious) "Shut him up!" (speaking to Gustavo) Gustavo's remark "I'll be waiting right here for you!"
Dylan Neal (2 years ago)
Now i have broken ribs XD
Anonymous Brother (2 years ago)
at the end you don't get the treasure !!!
xLanceParrish23_ (2 years ago)
Yea u do
Victor Mezquita Jr (2 years ago)
Missed meaty, love his videos💯
Jake Potter (2 years ago)
Console exclusiveness are garbage!!!!! I would love to play the uncharted series but it will never get ported to pc, even though it should be the other way around. As it is easier to downgrade a game then upscale it to make it play able on a pc.
Kevin Rivas (2 years ago)
aye PC can't have all the games u guys got graphics I do feel bad tho this game is awesome as well as naughty dog they should do COD I hope I won't regret saying that
Shane Dunne (2 years ago)
That nun is a nunja
Bert Flamma (2 years ago)
Meaty is not a fling kid he is adult at least older than u
Samuel Powell (2 years ago)
Meaty you the man
scorpion hernandez (2 years ago)
I wish I had a ps4. but I have a Xbox one, but it's still good
My friend got this game for free as a gift along with BO3 on his PS4
Andrew Hughes (2 years ago)
CHEEKY MONKEY (2 years ago)
Summor Padilla (2 years ago)
I Just started the series.. its cool.. another PARKOUR Game. more cool.. and the Brothers Tandem.. equals?.. TOTAL AWESOMENESS
devon smith (2 years ago)
Subtitles really
Nathanael Raynard (2 years ago)
pls stream it in twitch
elscarface (2 years ago)
dont call me gringo lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂
elscarface (2 years ago)
Aaron Sabransky (2 years ago)
I love how one of the first thing you learn when you learn a new language is a swear word, or 2, or 5.
ToastPuff (2 years ago)
Does anyone think Nathan looks a lot from Donald Davenport from Lab Rats?
the iron battalion (2 years ago)
Zachary Baltimore (2 years ago)
I have always whant this game I have played 1 2 3
Mystic Catalyzer (2 years ago)
Meaty uses scuff
#Woken EnigmaTV (2 years ago)
In the orphanage if you go to the room opposite the room you will go into to get free you will find a report on the fight Nathan had which is why he is in trouble)
Corbin H Buckner Jr (2 years ago)
What I thought was funny, was when he first let his kid brother throw the grappling hook, it was JUST under the power lines...just what a real big brother would do to his little bro. Big Bro: "Here, you give it a try." Little Bro: "Sure." Power Lines :" ZAP!!!"
- Jayden - (2 years ago)
dont understand how that kid is able to do all that parkour with relative ease...
Steve Echelberger (2 years ago)
Nathan dank is here
Alex Gonzalez (2 years ago)
the gang dood said that that white person eats s h i t
Owen Law (2 years ago)
Mmmmmoooooorrrrrreeeee pls imeant
Owen Law (2 years ago)
Moo pls
Sir Joseph the Paladin (2 years ago)
This game is bad ass!
Dusan Asanovic (2 years ago)
Meaty we want moreeeeeee :D
Matimas (2 years ago)
Sam sounds like Ted
Sentinel22 (2 years ago)
that's cuz same voice actor
Robert Dominguez (2 years ago)
more please
odiljon hamidov (2 years ago)
иємєѕιѕ ‘ (2 years ago)
Play plants vs zombie garden warfare 2
Tyler Stone (2 years ago)
"she's over there smoking a dubie " - meatwagon22
Todd Pullara (2 years ago)
What a great looking Game!
outlaw3197 (2 years ago)
Please don't stream this. games like this lose something when you stream them especially far cry primal
James Rzasa (2 years ago)
loved the video just wished it was a bit louder if that's possible than thanks meaty
iballisticdog (2 years ago)
It's not stealing, it's repossessing.
momicajack (2 years ago)
This is just like the old Tomb Raider games used to be! Well, at least the beginning part! Lol!
foxhound one (2 years ago)
I look forward to more of this game from you.
Wesley Briggs (2 years ago)
Me like this game
Eric Huang (2 years ago)
Wow i just watched 5 episodes of uncharted 4 cause i thought meaty wasn't going to play it
Malawi A I (2 years ago)
Logan Price (2 years ago)
turn up the game audio
Logan Price (2 years ago)
turn up the game audio
Gionni Sieber (2 years ago)
longer episodes please
Noah Luiken (2 years ago)
Rayen de Randamie (2 years ago)
Sooooooooo fun to watch. Completed every uncharted
Elizabeth Garcia (2 years ago)
meaty next time turn up the sound
Anthony Gutierrez (2 years ago)
The voice of same I think is Mark Walberg
Anthony Gutierrez (2 years ago)
+Gamin Luna (Nathan Brochu) Damn really? It sounded like Mark but nvm
Atomic Bleach (2 years ago)
+Anthony Perez It's Troy Baker the guy who voiced Booker from Bioshock Infinite and Joel from The Last of Us.
Anthony Gutierrez (2 years ago)
BobReadsComics (2 years ago)
Meaty is doing this too!!!
GlitchyMom (2 years ago)
Excellent! More, please!
Button_ Pusher_ (2 years ago)
new series hype! \o/
Cris Muffin (2 years ago)
Ryan Drake (2 years ago)
I'm the main character yaay😊😊
PSNPS496 (2 years ago)
+Ryan Drake he's nathan drake, you are ryan lol
Nate Whitley (2 years ago)
the place is a orfanage I think
Summor Padilla (2 years ago)
+Nate Whitley an*.. hahah.. no offense.. but.. when i read it.. it sounds like something is not right
Nate Whitley (2 years ago)
I'm the main character
GodGaming 55 (2 years ago)
My name is Nathan just like Nathan
Prem Chanumalla (2 years ago)
This is a really good episode...more plz😎👌😀👼👑
Polecat Fan (2 years ago)
Lol my name is NATE
Polecat Fan (2 years ago)
well they call him nate
PSNPS496 (2 years ago)
+Nate Garrity the main character name is actually nathan drake
Polecat Fan (2 years ago)
It looks just like me as a kid
Polecat Fan (2 years ago)
I'm the main character
Christian Romero (2 years ago)
meat when it says somthing like 1 bla bla its a chapter not an episode
Andy11cat (2 years ago)
audio is kinda low, but otherwise keep them coming
fatdudeinthekicten (2 years ago)
awesome game meaty ! video quality look awesome that for great videos
Demia Salem (2 years ago)
me too i know this part 4 they get the sunken crate full of copper and they sold it
Johnny Mata (2 years ago)
keep them coming meaty.
Dustin Gardner (2 years ago)
Uncharted is my favorite series! Definitely keep going on this play through!
joshuabrewton (2 years ago)
Meaty the in-game voice volume is kinda low in the game
Charles Ramirez (2 years ago)
Jacob Goldfarb (2 years ago)
video was amazeballs just saying.
Michael Poteet (2 years ago)
Rowan Plays (2 years ago)
OMG this is a series like dying light plz play more and plz 1 hour specials
Zypegamer VP (2 years ago)
NTA the lolmaster (2 years ago)
Seb Smith (2 years ago)
AllRoundPCGamer (2 years ago)
This is amazing meaty play more your the best!!!
carlos elizondo (2 years ago)
yay~!! more please

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