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Subscribe! Because SMART IS THE NEW SEXY: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L Yeah, you got that right, we love space. It’s infinite, mysterious and mesmerising. The more information we learn about space the more questions we have. In this video Smart is the New Sexy will try to imagine what would it be like if you went to space without a spacesuit, or what does it feel like to walk on Mars, or how does a black hole smell? Keep watching and you’ll see that many Hollywood movies show us space as a scarier place than it actually is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: http://facebook.com/enjoy.science/ The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (15819)
Nivia Crystal (5 hours ago)
I don't wanna go to any other planet. It won't let me Netflix and chill!
Sardy Samive (6 hours ago)
Our Earth....hmm I think we can survive for 80 years I wish we could live FOREVER 1 LIKE = TELL NASA
Fnaf Gaming 105 (7 hours ago)
3:04 avengers infinity war trailer
Nikk Jones (13 hours ago)
The sun is not a planet
Rage Man (14 hours ago)
Earth you don’t know you can better than 80 years 100
Archie Gamer (15 hours ago)
Mars is actually cold urnas is cracked into Pluto
Archie Gamer (15 hours ago)
Yore head will pop of the sun is a planet you mite have nosebleed or a ear bleed or a mouth bleed
furry Wolf (15 hours ago)
Your voice is so annoying 🤣
Leslie Tittle (17 hours ago)
how long can u live on earth......forever LIKE DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Ben Smous (20 hours ago)
You could have told us what happens before the event horizon. If your feet are facing the black hole the difference in gravity would be so great that your feet would fall faster than your head, stretching your atoms and kill killing you instantly. That is definitely preferable to anything else you mentioned, because it’s an instant death, which is much quicker than a nanosecond. Also what about Pluto or the moon
Alaa Weiss (22 hours ago)
Yeah it’s not a planet the sun it is a giant star
javier ruiz (23 hours ago)
Soon an apocalyptic Invasión of The Planetary World Trade Organization will begin
The universe is not infinite, we just think it is...Beacuse we can only go so far out there!
The Oof God (1 day ago)
But the sun isn’t a planet
Harlando (1 day ago)
He did the sun but not pluto...
8 Allysoookawaii (1 day ago)
Actually on earth if your health like REALLY healthy u live for 100-118 years
HeroinFather (1 day ago)
Earth is probably the most normal planet in the solar system lol
Ashley Studley (1 day ago)
In a black hole it would tear you apart into every single atom your body is made of.
Smasher_ 5678 (1 day ago)
Solfurric acid??! Lol
Dark Native (1 day ago)
How do you know this shit
Cyrus Naicker (1 day ago)
Stephen Peroche (2 days ago)
When sun is a planet Me:Wat Da Fu- "Freezes to Death" Me when I got frozen:Yay I'm not Hot
Allah akbar
Makayla O (2 days ago)
ppl talking bout there's no God who u think made the earth a human how can a human make planets and stars and animals and shit were human can't no other human do it so how can another human do it.😑
The Sun is not a planet
Akali (2 days ago)
The way he says Uranus pisses me off.
Neil de Guzman (2 days ago)
You forgot that you can die in jupiter,s red eye hurricane
Programmer Gamer (2 days ago)
My teacher said that if you fall into a black hole you will be like spaghetti! Is it true
We can do this they said We can live on mars one day they said
Liam (3 days ago)
Our sun is the smallest sun known, yet holds the biggest responsibility, being life. Isn't that beautiful. Lets face it, life beyond space does exist, but unless we find it first, we're fucked. 95 percent of the world's oceans remain unexplored. 99 percent of the ocean floor are unexplored. The ocean takes 70% of our planet, which means land is only 30%. Go google how much land we've explored, satellites have pictured all 100% But step wise? Humans have averagely explored about 10% or less out of 100% of land, due to difficult terrains. `Just shows how little we know about our "small" planet. When you go to the deep sea, every time you take a sample, you'll find a new species, so why look up? why look up for new life when it's unexplored on our own home!
Gamer Bruh (3 days ago)
stolen Idea
Gamer Bruh (3 days ago)
stolen idea
Gamer Bruh (3 days ago)
stolen idea
Gamer Bruh (3 days ago)
stolen idea
Gamer Bruh (3 days ago)
stolen idea
Samantha Filipino (3 days ago)
My friend is a total idiot he said if you are naked and went inside the sun you will still survive
I tried going in a black hole and found nothing but loud memes
entity909 YT (3 days ago)
I think is a demensons
FN_ ChrisPlayz (4 days ago)
U can survive in mars for actually 2days
Pivot Dinosaur (4 days ago)
Where's Pluto?
lovesthebass (4 days ago)
The surface temperature of the sun is not 10 million degrees. It's about 5,800 degrees kelvin. The core is about 15.7 million °K and the corona is about 5 million °K.
Peter Cooper (4 days ago)
You forgot about Pluto
The Chosen One (4 days ago)
You forgot about earth
Stickbot Films (4 days ago)
xiomaria barrera (5 days ago)
Doll you going to die because it's not have any air some people do and some people are stupid so don't do it yourself book A book I made do you know what happened to our space to some people
xiomaria barrera (5 days ago)
You so stupid ugh please shut up your mouth hahaha hehehe
xiomaria barrera (5 days ago)
No I'm going to make you song before you you got me in my feelings Gardendale weather. Kiki do you love me girl hairstyle I have a YouTube channel. I want to shut up hey people
xiomaria barrera (5 days ago)
Capital One don't go to space out the Hammitt so you can leave their people you can't leave thousand years ago the old the old is not here at Allison Little Star go. 1000 years agonot hearing a thousand years ago because God did not make that account thing is to go so
felasfer3d (5 days ago)
I was at sun back in the time before I was born
libertyrevolutionUSA (5 days ago)
Just think of all the planets that are not on the list.. :-) We know nothing
Natalie S (5 days ago)
I was so excited to watch this video, then I heard his voice. Now I know whose videos not to click on.
Gavin Bolton (5 days ago)
What about dwarf planets. I know there technically not planets, but still, why not? Planets and dwarf planets are 2 different things
BaneOfEntropy (5 days ago)
Stolen from Aryanatomy...
tiny meme dog (5 days ago)
1920: in 2018 we will have flying cars! 2018:well we have this talking banana..
The Once-ler (5 days ago)
According to a vid I saw months ago, you actually can stand on the sun, but only for one nanosecond. If you try standing on its core for a nanosecond, you will get burned instantly.
StarBomber328 (5 days ago)
What is in a black hole? Death......... and darkness
Captain build (5 days ago)
Where is pluto
Xavier Martinez (5 days ago)
The black hole will rip your head
The sun is a star and UY Scuti is the largest star and also a star there are lots of stars.
Ahmad Alayoubi (6 days ago)
inside a black hole is another univurse
Jonathan H. (6 days ago)
In the blackHole it's was a alien it's was not what i expected
Stephen Rigsbee (6 days ago)
The suns surface averages to about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The 10 million degrees is closer to the core of the sun.
crazy cucuiatul (6 days ago)
what was that random frame at 5:59
LayLay Waffles (6 days ago)
“What would happen to you if you were in Space without a Space suit?” *we would die.* *that’s it, we would die real quick.*
coolart kid (6 days ago)
I forgot about mercury
Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 lied
Blakescool 07 (6 days ago)
In a black hole it's just black
Rakshit Gholap (6 days ago)
Just like the citizens of Mars can't survive on Earth
What is the sun a planet are what?
MonkeyBoy32904 (6 days ago)
you include stuff that are not planets? you forgot pluto
Edz Guia (6 days ago)
Sun is not a sun Its a star rather
Faith Serrano (7 days ago)
You can't survive on sun 0 seconds
R & K (7 days ago)
R & K (7 days ago)
Fetlework Achamyeleh (7 days ago)
i unweared my spacesuit and came to the black hole
Darkside Rucker (7 days ago)
Do you live on venus in fortnite because the acid storm you know what I mean uh ok
Micheal Myers (7 days ago)
I never knew that SMART BANANA was so smart 👍📚💡
Justin Chan (7 days ago)
that's how I like science, the real truth of how you can die instead of fancy speaking of going to either place that starts with the H as the first letter in the name of the place.
J Santi (7 days ago)
First man on on the moon is fake the flag was waving there is no gravity or oxygen to make it so
jason roblox and more (7 days ago)
Maybe Venus atmosphere is effected by global warming I think btw I am just 11 so if I am wrong forget it
Elvis Stone (7 days ago)
Blackhole is you trun wrom
Braden Galo (7 days ago)
Genuine question.
Braden Galo (7 days ago)
How do you explain death in the nicest way possible?
Robert Davis (7 days ago)
This guy’s voice is so annoying
FreakShow Games (7 days ago)
Legend says that if you enter in a black hole you will find some shooting stars meme flying around.
liyah Lorine (7 days ago)
iam not going to the space
Anawim Duran (8 days ago)
I'm staying here on Earth it has food
XDgamer (8 days ago)
Lasting a nanosecond in Uranus? Not surprising ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
footpuppy100 (8 days ago)
who cares ? i was in a black hole, just like twilight zone. lol
Zamosa (8 days ago)
How the hell can you not show Uranus on the thumbnail?!
footpuppy100 (8 days ago)
uranus is a black hole. lol
IIlove Unicorns22 (8 days ago)
excuse me sun is NOT A planet and WHAT ABOUT moon????
Blueberry River (8 days ago)
WTF? Mercury a minute and a half . I thought Mercury would be more deadly than Venus and Mars being so close to the sun.
Dave Cirlclux (8 days ago)
How can you count the sun but forget Pluto?
Misha van de Pol (8 days ago)
the answer of the question is you see your younger and older self
ULTiMate SHadow (8 days ago)
it`s awesome
Dinky_ toys ツ (9 days ago)
gettin crushed😯
Edward Moll (9 days ago)
I hate this narrator
footpuppy100 (8 days ago)
me too !
TheViper89 420420 (9 days ago)
U skipped earth...i guess 0-80 years? lol on "average"?
Bertolt Hoover (9 days ago)
Nice stolen video m8
Jeremy Brown (9 days ago)
6:59 I started laughing xD
rodoge gamer (9 days ago)
Chikin nuget in black hole
Makaylen Mcgary (9 days ago)
So you should prepare Uranus For a nanosecond
Vivace Cactus800 (9 days ago)
A black hole is not a planet

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