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I Mailed Myself in a Box and IT WORKED! (Human Mail Challenge) (Almost DIED)

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WATCH TIL THE END! NEW VIDEO IN 2 DAYS Twitter- https://twitter.com/ricegum FOLLOW ME PLEASE InstaGram-http://instagram.com/rice (OLD ONE HACKED) Follow my ninja-https://www.youtube.com/kalimuscle Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRiceGum SNAPCHAT: RICEGUMS YouNow- https://www.younow.com/ricegum Twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/ricegum orginal creator of this challenge but he didn't mail himself to a random person house like me haha L https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guF44jttrwM Thumbnail made by- https://twitter.com/scvph MY PO BOX SEND ME STUFF AND PUT UR NAME TO BE IN MY NEXT VIDEO P.O BOX RiceGum 8020 S Rainbow BLVD Suite 100-(440) Las Vegas,NV 89139
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Text Comments (142283)
BandexGaming BG (1 hour ago)
Why was that dude so ripped
giann the man (1 hour ago)
Remember when this was a trend
genesis’sperspective (4 hours ago)
he can afford a supreme t shirt but not a plane ticket
KingOfMonkeys (6 hours ago)
Doesn't uno require more than 1 person
410/boy (15 hours ago)
Your fucking ugly no hoemo
beyblade AMV'S (16 hours ago)
Sup rice
Open S (16 hours ago)
what if u had to poop? what would you do?
rogy's plans (18 hours ago)
sweet pea (18 hours ago)
"Im trying to save money" you're wearing a supreme shirt
Ekbahadur Pun (20 hours ago)
3:19 5hat girl tho😂
Benjamin Abraham (21 hours ago)
Ricegum is a god
Myleeah King (22 hours ago)
The you tubers name was killem
Finlay Reid (22 hours ago)
How u gonna pee and poop
Faustas Platauna (22 hours ago)
3:54 best savage XD
Dash Marr (22 hours ago)
Just die *Not even joking*
sadeem alasaad (1 day ago)
man your so lucky that your a boy you can just pee but me (i'm sadly a female) it will take hella time ;-;
Aaron caurthens (1 day ago)
What the freak you doing in my house man
Kat Choi (1 day ago)
As soon as he banged into the clothes I hit my leg on my table now it hurts 😂
Jose Martinez (1 day ago)
That video is FAKER than Justin bebiers wife
thot patrol (1 day ago)
Is it bad that I used to love rice gum 😂
FD GOD (1 day ago)
Well this is the way to go if you can't pay for plane tickets mail yourself to whatever country you want to go
Halimar Channel (1 day ago)
Minions Don't Eat Bananas
Ong Zi Cong (1 day ago)
Who the fk will believe this is real lol
Lucy Angelous (2 days ago)
Eww rice gum u are so fucking gay and stop dreaming niggah no girl gonna fucking fall for ugly ass person as u and u may try roast me in one of your videos but no bitch . For all the lovers of rice gum I don’t get what you guys like about him and if you say that ‘why would I write this because I’m wasting m grime but no hoe you motherfucking cunt go die, you think ur so cool in beating Austin in the basketball event but no niggah you can’t play basketball for life you fat cunt
FUN WITH JUAN (2 days ago)
And this is how i found about kali muscle lol
Kylee McKinley (2 days ago)
Wtf y would u record ur self peeing wierdo
cute lps cat cats (2 days ago)
Wow he looks so different
The Confusion (2 days ago)
If this Asian guy with bushy brows can famous I will be able to be famous with my bushy brow Asian skillz
Dusaint 2saint (2 days ago)
7:02 its united parcel service but that's a common mistake :P
GlamourTube 2 (2 days ago)
Hudson Budd (2 days ago)
No effince but you smack
Bobbi Murray (2 days ago)
i think fazerug lives in california
Noquel (2 days ago)
Random address, trespass.
Noquel (2 days ago)
How did the food not fall when he tilted the box
Tay Tay (2 days ago)
George Dajavs (2 days ago)
What if he misplaced his Arizona lemonade for his pee
Scarletts Vlogs (2 days ago)
Wait he said he was going to California not top some random persons house
Arielle Dean (2 days ago)
Nothings more deadly then the first day of school
Obliviously Dope (2 days ago)
And going to walmart? Pake jaul? Lol
Obliviously Dope (2 days ago)
Spicy cheeros bad idea
Rainbow Monkey 117 (3 days ago)
Why are people posting comments about why he can't afford a plane ticket, etc when he can afford expensive clothes, well he is doing it for his channel... obviously.
gay boi (3 days ago)
i think... you are mentally challenged
Bella Bucio (3 days ago)
I hate you
BTP_ Mystic (3 days ago)
4:56 I needed some bandanas
Josejuan Sierra (3 days ago)
LeonardoTheSped (3 days ago)
4:13 You have a phone lmao
Josejuan Sierra (3 days ago)
Nessa production (3 days ago)
Eat a cat
Trendy Question (3 days ago)
You shoulda poked tiny holes with your knife
SpikrHDyoGeming #IL (3 days ago)
You faked it
Bdkuak !! (3 days ago)
Why does every mailing video have a thumbnail of someone eating a sandwich
The Unknown Gamer (3 days ago)
Yo so REAL #FakeAF
the longboarder (4 days ago)
Ricegum:I'm going to see my friends in California. Me:You don't have any.
the longboarder (4 days ago)
Ariel Malone (4 days ago)
I enjoy watchin kill em
Logan Garrett (4 days ago)
Read the rest !!!! Read more
Janiya Hunter (4 days ago)
How do I golf it 😂😂
racer awesome (4 days ago)
HE MADE ANOTHER Vidieoo were he actually did it
That Edgy Lobster (4 days ago)
Wouldn’t it be easier to keep everything in its boxes?
Jazzy Unicorn (4 days ago)
Was anybody else wondering what movie he was watching?..Only me? Ok lol
potato (4 days ago)
It's not real
Musa. Xx (4 days ago)
Ho else keeps watching this again and again for fucks sake whyyyy???
Amelia.Cunnxoxo (4 days ago)
How did you charge your phone
ICONIC DUO (2 days ago)
Amelia.Cunnxoxo power banks
Alexa DeSimone (4 days ago)
Hes loud asf, how did he not get caught yet?
Zz films (4 days ago)
Same thumbnail as Killem great
Stuart Roberts (4 days ago)
ali a
Illumanati Society (5 days ago)
Bro this brings back memories. This was the first video I saw of ricegum
Mia Trinder (5 days ago)
U didn’t almost die
_Bleqch_ (5 days ago)
2:52 that voice crack tho
hacker man ACK (5 days ago)
"almost died" LMFAO
Xavier Hall (5 days ago)
hey it's barely funny niga higa
Xavier Hall (5 days ago)
ain't this a federal offense?...we gotta call liam neeson😯
fluxter flux (5 days ago)
Get yo wannabe Jake Paul and Logan butt out
Goatly Bear (5 days ago)
*(Almost Died)*
Serena Sharp (5 days ago)
He got bop it and they can hear it , And wonder how he charges his phone can’t go mailing me somewhere without a place to charge my phone lol 😂🤣
Cameron Taylor (5 days ago)
The struggle tho
MaCorniLeese Egg (5 days ago)
Lol I love old rice
Aedan Mcc (6 days ago)
The salt in lemonade dehydrates you therefore water is what you should have chosen as it would last longer (survival wise)
Rodriguez Corps (6 days ago)
What happenes if have to go to the bathroom
Joystick Junior (6 days ago)
July 2018?
Jane Colhoun (6 days ago)
This is cool
gaming 101 (6 days ago)
Ricegum boi
Autumn Brooks (6 days ago)
If he rlly did it someone would hear him play the game
its sticknodea X (6 days ago)
Abby Everhart (6 days ago)
2018 anyone? Okey just me
Flare - (6 days ago)
2018 anyone
Birdo q (6 days ago)
how did ur phone not die
good memes (6 days ago)
Juarez Twins (6 days ago)
Same slide as rice
Gabriella Arellano (6 days ago)
U late
Nate Gutierrez (6 days ago)
I like that I'm a huge hater of him
Nate Gutierrez (6 days ago)
173000 dislikes wow
Nate Gutierrez (6 days ago)
Probably poop his pants
Noah Reynolds (6 days ago)
Seriously mate grow a fucking penis and crawl right up ur mums fanny
Noah Reynolds (6 days ago)
Mate grow a fucking penis and craw right back up ur mums fanny
Rixzo Frog (6 days ago)
Click Beat!!!!!
Soul (6 days ago)
My hands are sticky next moment he misses putting an apple in his mouth
what to basic ok (7 days ago)
You people mus wanna get raped What if the person u get shipped to, is a rapist,or pedophile
Amol Bhangre (7 days ago)
Hey content stealer of killem

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