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APU Memory Discussion

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APU memory allocation and what is it really? Want to start a discussion with you the users on the topic. if you do not like this format please let me know. I will not use it often even if it is liked, its kinda boring to be honest.
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Faux Fennec (2 months ago)
mind blown
Faux Fennec (2 months ago)
feekes (2 months ago)
LOL, I love the nitty gritty when it comes to technology. This video hasn't received a lot of views, but I will continue to make this type when the need comes up. I'll do more animations next time as well. Thanks for the comment.
H31MU7 (6 months ago)
Just set it to 64mb, the rest of the PC is smart enough to allocate what it needs, when it needs it :)
feekes (6 months ago)
H31MU7 unless there is a specific application that is looking for actual vram quantity before it starts, yeah exactly.
I'm out y'all (6 months ago)
Nice vid I just turned on push notifications for your channel.
feekes (6 months ago)
I'm out y'all thank you so much. I will make sure to have good content weekly, without static images like this video. Busy work week.
feekes (6 months ago)
Apparently I cannot say "this decision". That was the best i could do after like 5 takes. I will not use this format often, but I was slammed at work this week and wanted to make sure to upload some new content, and its important to discuss memory allocation.

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