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Music rhythm games exploded in the US during the mid 2000's...but where did these heavyweight franchises go? Let's take a little dive. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Written by Michael Connors / @mikepconnors
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gameranx (27 days ago)
Favorite music peripheral game and why? Go:
rockgod2131 (2 days ago)
Guitar Hero 2. First one I played so nostalgia plays a role
Exzavior Williams (3 days ago)
gameranx does Rocksmith count? Think its awesome you actually get to play a real guitar and lesrn it
Jacob Kim (8 days ago)
Rock Band 3 duh
Stormrage (10 days ago)
Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania, obviously, they are guitar hero's father.
Oddbrother (10 days ago)
The Rock Band 2 drum kit. It expanded on its predecessor with velocity sensitivity and an option to include cymbals alongside its four pads.
Paul Smith (19 minutes ago)
A big factor in its death is that the genre of rock declined in popularity in favor of electronic music and rap
Batty Ghøst (1 hour ago)
Gh3 and gh metallica is still always be my favorite top game back then.
clark berrey (5 hours ago)
for me I still play rockband I am a fan and I will always play them rockband is my favorite game it sux when they took off the pro set on the ps4 was the best coz u could playpro like rocksmith It was and still a great games harmonix is re introducing differnet there gearing up for new stuff thank u
Mase4200 (9 hours ago)
I just never really enjoyed any of the games after GH3 i liked the goofy yet fun element the game had but then it just became dull i wish they would make something like the first three rather then try to come up with crazy ways to boost the sales. keep it simple and fun is all i really want.
theprogoldstorm (11 hours ago)
Clone hero
Rocking Raver (14 hours ago)
I preferred Rockband myself when I got it years ago, but i got so good at it that it actually started feeling stale. I was already pretty adept with my actual guitar when Rocksmith came out and decided to move onto that instead. It's definitely the best way for beginners to learn how to play
Yubby Yubby (15 hours ago)
Guitar Hero Live was the complete opposite that I ever wanted in a guitar hero game. Such a shame. Love guitar hero but I don't see us getting another one in a long time
Daz G (17 hours ago)
Crap soft pop rock songs.
Heat Rule (20 hours ago)
GH3 and Rockband 2 are my favorites
Jose Garcia (1 day ago)
I missed out on being able to port over old RB game songs to RB4 and I know Harmonix has lost licenses for some of these songs, but if they could bring back a few and make RB Greatest packs from past RB games, that would be awesome.
Richard Bastuck (1 day ago)
GH killed the genre, RB got caught up in the fallout
crashkurs (1 day ago)
I feel like I have seen this exact video before but with more actual information.
oiedave (1 day ago)
here is my opinion 1. trash selection of new music was selected 2. rockband 4 was released with missing important parts like match making, online play, being able to export songsongs from previous games was not possible... at least buying them... although there were many ppl asking for them they released very few songs 3. the game quality overall was decreased.. trash graphics and even the songs.. loved the effect of people singing the song with the band in rb2 or rb3.. lack of amazing stages.. overall they all felt worse on rb4 4. campaign was really poor .. in fact o was expecting the same story mode from the previous games rather than that stupid tv show like mode it is a pitty as i really enjoyed the game.. so now it seems to be dying 😭
Michael Wigg (1 day ago)
New gaming consoles, no more support on the old game, no backwards compatibility and having to purchase all new stuff is what killed it plain and simple. Had a blast playing these games with friends and family, it was a real game changer.
xILightIx (1 day ago)
I think the character creation killed part of it for me. Rockband 3 introduced latex looking models with bad hair and style. Also, the career mode didn't seem to flow as nice. Rockband 2 had a ton you could do with your characters to make them look cool and fun stuff like make a band photos online and even 3d print your characters.
Derp (1 day ago)
bad developers on the part of activision and harmonix lost alot of fans when people bought the whole rbnetwork setlist and couldnt carry any of there songs over.
FishySquidMan (1 day ago)
Rock Band 3 and 4 still have very active communities. Plus Clone Hero exists.
Jay Daniels (1 day ago)
Rock band green day
Rodrigo Aceves (1 day ago)
I play this so much that I could beat the entire 'through the fire and the flames' on expert with my hand over the frets, but I was also that kid who kept playing while the other kids moved on to the other activities so it's a loose loose situation
Mike Elco (1 day ago)
Am I the only one confused? Mad people still play these games...
Retsam (1 day ago)
3:22 Hello Fifa :)
Most audiences listen to shitty ass rap now so rock music is less appreciated
jerry pierce (2 days ago)
i am having so much fun with my rock band 3 on the Wii. but i want a cymbal expansion for my drums, but i cant find one they always come with drums.
BinxGamesandGuitar (2 days ago)
A Rock Band/Guitar Hero video not mentioning Clone Hero?? Bizarre
Turb0s (2 days ago)
News flash: Rock Band isn't dead, guitar hero is
Arron (2 days ago)
guitar hero Metallica i'd say, me and the lads loved going through the playlists in that game but for me REAL guitars came along and I never looked at GH/RB again. There's even games for the real guitar. Can highly recommend Rocksmith 2014 remastered
azuritereaction (2 days ago)
Just to note, none of these games "created a genre" as you said in the video; rhythm games started almost a decade before them with parappa the rapper, beatmania, and DDR (which was incredibly popular itself). Even if only counting instrument games, drummania, keyboard mania, and guitar freaks did this years before them too, as well as many, many other rhythm games from companies like Namco, Konami, Andamiro, Sega, and others. Heck, there was even a version of DDR that linked up with a karaoke machine and Guitar Hero itself actually has a note in it's manual about a patent from Konami (who made Guitar Freaks) that they had to adhere to/pay for. Harmonix also put out rhythm games prior to this with Frequency and Amplitude. Not saying GH and RB weren't huge factors in popularizing the genre for a new generation in the west, but just figured that was something really inaccurate to say in the video; otherwise, great video, and agreed with all the rest :)
Cristián Carvajal (2 days ago)
Guitar Hero World Tour is my favorite. Let's gather everyone who has GH4 as his favorite game :D
Ritsuka Aoyagi (2 days ago)
Hey Gameranx....two words. CLONE HERO
Lachlan Blackstock (2 days ago)
They just need to put better songs on the damn things
Fall3n Vandals (2 days ago)
it was rap. Rap killed guitar hero and rock band. People hate rock music now
George Lima (2 days ago)
I still play Rock Band 4. The ever growing music library helps it stay alive, but I'd love a new game. Harmonix said they will not create any new RB to this generation. But the next is getting closer, so...
Chris F (3 days ago)
My cousin didn’t want the new guitar hero because he was too young to want to play it. I took and played it and was so disappointed
i always get to 69% on fire and flames lol
Nick Shepley (3 days ago)
Dead or not, these series are timeless, Favourite are GH2 & 3
funnyDJ25 (3 days ago)
What about games like rocksmith that came bundled with an actual guitar?
Adderall vs (3 days ago)
Clone hero is where the thunder went. Free game, compatible guitar hero controllers, 20,000+ songs in DLC, smooth to run, and you can add background videos to it while you play. Amazing how a fan made product can shit on the original made by “professionals”
Austin Whitelaw (4 days ago)
Guitar hero lives on in the form of Clone Hero. Honestly it seems like because of Clone Hero and all the clips on youtube, Guitar Hero is getting more popular than it was maybe 2-3 years ago. That being said, a new game probably couldn't do much because everyone just adds custom songs to Clone Hero and there is no reason to buy a new Guitar Hero.
minic (4 days ago)
the main games might be dead but the community is absolutely THRIVING with clone hero.
ugxsan (4 days ago)
So I am a long-standing follower of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises. I always played the games very seriously with every intention of gitting gud. I think you've more or less hit the nail on the head as to what killed these franchises. The competition, the over saturation of the market, the declining interest from more casual players. Between the two it was just too much, too fast, with Activision stereotypically releasing multiple GH games a year. With their latest iterations, I think both companies had wonderful answers to the problem. Acti tried spicing up the gameplay and making something unique while Harmonix chose to make Rock Band 4 more of a platform in itself than an iterative title. However, it just seems to be too little, too late. Or perhaps too much, too soon? Rock Band 4, at least, is still receiving regular updates. Although it's nothing even on par with the support we were receiving back in the glory days when they put out anywhere from three songs to an entire album every week. It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, these companies attempt to do in the future. I don't think Band rhythm will truly die, but it certainly didn't leave itself much room, this generation.
Twins Swift (4 days ago)
I loved guitar hero, it's what I grew up with. I played one rockband game though.
Camcod (4 days ago)
should have thrown a shoutout to clone hero and phase shift
WaVeYBabyV (4 days ago)
Guitar Hero Live!! Fuck yea!!!
Rob Meister9.3x74 (5 days ago)
Not enough Metallica and not enough Deep Purple. 80% of song lists were cringy 2006 bands and songs from the 20th century that weren't popular. I mean c'mon, if you're going to include songs from that century, put the good ones in.
jorda_ wolf (5 days ago)
I still have all of the gutair heros and rock band
Mandogy - Games (5 days ago)
webduelist (5 days ago)
simple, DLC, and Over saturation at the same time.
Clone Hero though
Vincent Zombi (6 days ago)
As much as I love rockband and it’s huge selection of dlc, guitar hero was better, with the hammer ons and pull offs, it was more playable and fun!! And I use to play both games back to back sometimes but I’d always go to gh first, I still play but it’s not as fun anymore when ur soo good but no one plays to compete anymore and that just sad man.. I picked up rock smith 2014 when it came out and now I can play my favorite songs on a actual guitar. But I’d like to say that guitar hero did help with music rhythm and keeping up with beats and oh!! Finger speed!! So these games are history and should be remembered when gh and rb ruled the world and I was ok with it
Joe Borromeo (6 days ago)
What killed it was hard was too hard because it added a note and got faster, the drum were never accurate to the song either and most of the songs sucked. Guitar Hero Van Halen is still playable
MR SERIUS (6 days ago)
Cuz its fake Fuck those games Glad that bullshit is gone! 😆🖕 Play the real instruments
Mateo Garcia (6 days ago)
1 big reason you forget the hiper oversaturations
Eduardo Souza (6 days ago)
Best GH setlist: GH2 best GH ever: Warriors of Rock worst GH ever: GHL best RB setlist: RB2 best RB ever: RB3 worst RB ever: Blitz
Paul Blackman (6 days ago)
What did it for me was the release of Rocksmith. As someone who played guitar before GH and RB, you can’t go back after playing a game with a real instrument. That Rocksmith is STILL releasing content despite not having updated the game in five years. That’s a good lifecycle to still have people purchase content.
ToniRali (6 days ago)
Rocksmith killed the other franchises, imo
turtle19dad (7 days ago)
Still have RB2 and 3 for Xbox. Looking for 4 on PS4
BIFCO Meyer (7 days ago)
I play all of them but I buy all the when they was cheap. And I stay with Microsoft when the last generation came out to have all the dlc song I buy for rock band 4. For me what kill this games is too much money between each episode the dlc and of course the instruments. That you can't use the ps3 controller on 360 or ps4 on Xbox one that you can't buy one time the song and play it like a mp3 or doing croosplatform. And people didn't want to give try. Guitar hero live try to comeback to a more casual playing with playing online without xboxlive gold or psn pro needed. But the commercial on that was bad. And the 6 frets scare people who didn't want to buy another controller. What a shame because the 6 fret guitar are more simple to manipulate and hurt less then the 5 fret. Rock band 4 still doing new song and in September 2018 renew for 2025 all the songs so meaning that thing are not so bad after all.
The Bearded One (7 days ago)
Guitar hero new controls killed guitar hero. Rock band is still doing well.
Caserol23 (7 days ago)
i really agreed for this... The latest console and the game was so very expensive... i cant really make it or afford the game, which i very saddened it :(
zush zeer (7 days ago)
you can play the first guitar hero using the ps2 controller btw😅
L319HV (8 days ago)
hell yeah, still one of my favourite genres of games. I bought rockband 4 day one and still play it with myself and friends regularly. i dont even mind if this is the rockband game as long as new songs keep coming out, why try and bring out something new when you have something that works great. I only wish it wasnt so expensive to buy a full band kit for rockband 4 now that madcatz is gone.
AlexisAlexis859 (8 days ago)
Rock band 4 is still active and gets updates but guitar hero live is dead cause the online is being shut down winter 2018
Lamia Alzain (8 days ago)
Green day rock band and rockband 3 and guitar hero aerosmith are my favourite and I still play them till this day
varmint (8 days ago)
Best one is still rock band 3. Customs creators collective keeps it fresh :)
Drumerslayer700 (8 days ago)
Two words my friends Modern music!!!!!!
Brendt Waner (9 days ago)
Easy rocksmith happened.
Luis Ikari (9 days ago)
La única razón por la cual no juego el RB4 es porque no encuentro instrumentos en mi país u_u o si los hay están muy caros :v
Paul Stewart (9 days ago)
I got my kids Rock Band 2 for Christmas the year it came out. They played it for a while, then moved on to other games. I got behind the drum kit and was instantly hooked. So much so that I now play real drums. Even funnier is that I wrote an Android app that mimics the "note scroll" in RB for drums; this is still how I learn to play new songs on my acoustic kit. I "chart" a new song using the Reaper app with the Custom RB3 template, export it to a midi file, and my Android app reads this midi file. It syncs it to the mp3 of the original song and the notes scroll by as the song plays just like the RB game. It really helps with the muscle memory when learning a new groove. I can even set specific start and end points in a song and it will loop. I'm an old guy (mid 50s) and would have never started playing drums without RB. And playing drums in a band with other musicians is easily the most fun I ever had. Sounds corny, but playing in a band is pure joy. Never would have happened if it weren't for RB.
Todd Dorey (9 days ago)
Gameranx - you're also forgetting that Ubisofts release of Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014 Remastered you get more satisfaction playing it than Guitar hero and Rockband. Rockbands only advantage is the ability to hook up a digital drum set which in turn can help you learn. I can't touch the new guitar hero now because of Rocksmith. Even not as a learning took the game is so satisfying to play especially with friends.
Alistair (9 days ago)
Can you guys do a what killed freespace? :)
Shea K (9 days ago)
I play a e-kit in RockBand 4 weekly even today... the problem with Rocksmith or Clone Hero is they never supported drums, and when the friends come over, everyone plays a bit of everything. People bagged a bit on the franchises for not having 'real instruments' but yet, I play a real instrument in RB4... and RB3 did have string guitar support on some songs. If you went the way of only playing guitar, I think you may have missed out... ;)
Tim Van Holder (9 days ago)
Still playing RB4 and enjoying it. Seasons and 1500+ songs help. Lack of controller availability is an increasing concern though.
anottakenusername (9 days ago)
"No one wants to buy the same exact videogame every year... most of the time." Looking at you with Madden/Fifa/2K.
JOEL ALONSO (9 days ago)
Realizing that I could equally use my time playing a real guitar and learn an awesome skill for life is what killed it for me.
Oddbrother (10 days ago)
Would you include Karaoke Revolution in the next "What killed" series?
The papiiZ’s 9203 (10 days ago)
Guitar hero was best but it died after they took the color guitar buttons to put this new wack shit bring back the original with better songs and watch everyone buy it again
James Kirk (9 days ago)
i owned and played all of the previous GH and RB games but my main reason for not buying RB4 was incompatibility with the previous version and equipment. i really wanted a new rock band version for the xbox one, but they failed to deliver imo
71joker71 (10 days ago)
Guitar hero killed itself with Live. Rock Band, while nowhere near as popular, is still going strong with Rock Band 4.
71joker71 (10 days ago)
I still play almost daily. The fact that Harmonix took the time and effort to port our old dlc purchases to this generation of consoles shows just how much they care about us and the game itself.
Jonny B (10 days ago)
Pshhh have never in my years of playing guitar heard someone who says guitar hero got them into guitar playing haha. None of those people lasted long term I'm guessing. I mean I'm sure some did but still, not really much of a thing.
Ondřej Bakan (10 days ago)
Hardcore "fans" killed the Guitar Hero, when they turned away from Guitar Hero: Live. They were afraid of the new controller, because they used to play 5 fret for like 10 years and they were good at it and they didn't want to start all over and learn the new guitar layout. Now, 2 or 3 years later, same "fans" are playing the new, improved 6 fret guitar with Clone Hero. Thank you for killing the best Guitar Hero/Rock Band game ever.
War Dimension (11 days ago)
The reason why i stop play guitar hero/rock band: 1. Guitar hero 3 (repack) is to long to install, i want to but... 2. I got blue screen on guitar hero world tour. R.I.P. 3. My hard drive is red 4. I don't have console to play rock band, emulator just so laggy 5. There's phase shift, and real guitar
Undercover Orange (11 days ago)
through the fire and flames on expert is easy....
Nick P (11 days ago)
Two main reasons 1. Oversaturation. WAY too many games released in such a short amount of time. They had spinoffs, handheld games, etc...it was way too much. 2. Failure to keep pushing and changing the formula. A lot of the games were just literally reskinned versions of the previous main title, and that's unacceptable. They used the same exact guitar button layout for the entire series. Guitar Hero 3 was a very hard game, and after that none of the games could really compare in difficulty except maybe Metallica and Warriros of Rock. They need to switch thuings up, add another button or two, keep things fresh. It's laziness is what it is. Guitar Hero Live changed things up, but it was too little too late, the song selection was trash (they had to know that it's mostly METALHEADS who play GH), and the new button layout was actually worse than the original. They should have just added a 6th button next to orange.
Brandon Kocurek (11 days ago)
well my favorite was gh live
Ryan Schaffer (11 days ago)
Guitar Hero 3 all the way!
OS Reptar (11 days ago)
We grew up and then to add insult to injury get real jobs. The big/main fans were teenagers mainly back then.
I M Infamous (11 days ago)
Guitar Hero/Rock Band got out flanked by Rocksmith. While the two popular games lingered on plastic guitars, Rocksmith went straight to real ones. By the time Rock Band and Guitar hero was ready to upgrade to that level...it was already firmly taken. The games had no where to advance to. Rocksmith was firmly entrenched in the real guitar game genre. So it was game over for GH and RB.
Gang leader (11 days ago)
What killed this type of game? Peoples taste in music.
Juan Alvarez (11 days ago)
Guitar hero is till Played by Japanese with new songs
J D (11 days ago)
I stopped playing when I realized I spent more time trying to learn a video game guitar song than it did to learn on an actual guitar.
Leafleap (11 days ago)
I blame activision
Brian Monaghan (12 days ago)
Still playing rock band 3. Created so many legendary bands and bought a ton of dlc. I don’t need a new game at this point. The expansive dlc was enough for me.
Commander Milk (12 days ago)
I think the new style of guitar hero in guitar hero live killed it for me I enjoyed the 5 fret buttons. Why did they even change it.
monkeyliver19 (12 days ago)
What killed it is the fact that the last one sucked
Finchspielberg (12 days ago)
"No one wants to be the same game every year" except those that play sports games.
Eduardo Torres (12 days ago)
The Rock Band THE WARNING got started by playing Rock Band the video game when they were little girls and want to do it for real, now they are a real rock band, in 2015 they released an EP one of those songs is on Rock Band IV and in 2017 they released their 1st Album and one of those songs in also on the Game as a download later this year they are releasing their second album and they just kids, 3 sisters 18,16, and 13 years old
shortshortdi (12 days ago)
Guitar Freaks and Drummania existed before GH, Japanese are the real geniuses here.
juesebelmont (12 days ago)
The Ice Age!
Luka (12 days ago)
The shitty, god awful music.

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