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Good Teen Rated Games - Part 1 - Xbox 360 And Playstation 3

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Good Teen Rated Games For Xbox 360 And PS3. 10 Likes And I will make Part 2!
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Jacob Sauls (3 months ago)
Yeah it is kinda weird seeing Christian music with shooter games but it's ok
Grizzly (10 months ago)
Great song👍it’s funny that’s it’s playing to shooter games😂
Cra ig (1 year ago)
Where's part two!?!
DillonYalvis (1 year ago)
Got part 2, 3, and 4 on my channel
DaFlyKiwizYT (1 year ago)
Christain boy lol
DillonYalvis (1 year ago)
You know it
Chase F (1 year ago)
Prince of Persia is garbage
Chase F (1 year ago)
Prince of Persia is garbage
Eli Hanley (1 year ago)
Chase F it’s kinda like assassins creed so do u not like that either???
Alberto Gibau (1 year ago)
Rly good channel
jacob gauvin (2 years ago)
I sung this song for choir
Meme Boi (2 years ago)
love this song listen to it on the radio, but it's kinda funny to hear while playing shooters lol
Jacob Sauls (3 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with Christian music I love it
DillonYalvis (1 year ago)
Nah you love it
pikachurobloxen (1 year ago)
Cra ig (1 year ago)
jerryray shaw It is
Royalty (1 year ago)
AGuyNamedJacob (2 years ago)
Lol, gospel music on a shooter game vid? XD
Westdog. (2 years ago)
its not gospel. its christian contemporary.
DillonYalvis (2 years ago)
If you listen to gospel music sometimes, and play shooter games other times, it's the same thing if you do it at the same time.
DillonYalvis (3 years ago)
The music in this video is Greater by MercyMe
Meowster (3 years ago)
This has copyright issues
Eli Hanley (1 year ago)
Miss Meowster no he gave credit in description
Johannes (3 years ago)
What the hack is that music 😨😨😨😨
Westdog. (2 years ago)
christian music.
Meme Boi (2 years ago)
DillonYalvis (3 years ago)
10 Likes and I will make part 2! Thanks for watching!
DillonYalvis (1 month ago)
It’s been on my channel awhile, m8s
Troll vs Everyone (4 months ago)
DillonYalvis Where's part 2???
Cra ig (1 year ago)
Kae-T (3 years ago)
Thanks for the help, I am not allowed to play M games so this helps
Beverlass (1 year ago)
Kae-T i am allowed but i dont play them coz my dad dosent understand m rated last thing i want is a playing an m rated game not knowing whats it about and you see inappropriate stuff

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