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Text Comments (26)
lil Aakatchaq (2 years ago)
Note to self: never work as a pizza delivery person :P
Rica Ivory (3 years ago)
So I didn't even wanna sleep after 10 hrs at work thanks Igor -_______-
Skworld823 (3 years ago)
Five nights at Freddy's ? You can handle it.
Bigboom243 (3 years ago)
Pizza guy: How did the pizza get in here? Igor: Wait there's pizza in here? Oh, nice! (Monster scare) Igor: OH F***!!!! I laughed my head off at that part! Oh and play five nights at freddys!!!
Adam Crawford (3 years ago)
That actually freaked me out... And gave me a headache! Wow! Also! I love the fact that I "know" someone named Igor! Epic!
P2 Dylkovich. (3 years ago)
Hey TryHardNinja, Listen bud. I absolutely love your channel. But not this one. GamingAwesome? Igor? 5K subscribers compared to 500K subscribers? Man, you need to stop posting on this channel and post gaming on your old vids as it seems you would get more money doing that and its better for the fans. Thank you and sincerely, myself. Please answer this its killling me
P2 Dylkovich. (3 years ago)
No dude i dont have a problem with your name, its just odd hearing it because its not what im used to. Btw the content is fine but not enough people see it because of the new channel. Sorry if i came across that way but im just trying to give you feedback. And i do love the channel, but the original one with the older videos. The last of us was a great playthrough
GamingAwesome (3 years ago)
You have an issue with my name? My REAL NAME is Igor. From what it sounds like you have an issue with me using my real name and also the fact that this channel has less subscribers. I'm not sure why YOU'RE worried about the number of subscribers I have. Last time I checked the only person that actually impacts is me. If you don't like my name then I suggest you take it up with my parents. BTW you didn't say a single thing about my ACTUAL CONTENT. The content is exactly the same. "You love my channel" but don't care about the videos I actually post just my name and the number of subscribers I have? Excuse me if I don't care. Have a nice day.
DonAcDum (3 years ago)
Pizza shit I get it
alyse ray (3 years ago)
I through my phone at spongbob (that's what was on the TV)
Jess Darke (3 years ago)
Now I'm defiantly ordering pizza on Halloween and creeping the shit out of them ;D
Girish Manjunath (3 years ago)
Woah! A horror game inspired by a tamil movie! :0!
Girish Manjunath (3 years ago)
Hey, +TryHardNinja | GAMING MUSIC, this is the inspiration, not Papa John's ...: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_(2012_film)
Chloe (3 years ago)
I liked for the 'pizza shit' joke lol
kiroro pupper (3 years ago)
wat? what the hell happened?
Domo Thunderbolt (3 years ago)
Yeah, TOTALLY goes in the "WTF" folder!!!
Wippia (3 years ago)
that was so funny ! XD
OceanOrange (3 years ago)
Can You Play Fight Nights At Freddys?
Gilga (3 years ago)
I love your name, Igor. We sure have awesome names. :3
Rita Devicora (3 years ago)
The thumbnail is scarier than the game...I'm not going to be sleeping tonight!
Oh #%*~ i can't see it again, AWESOME video and Tryhardninja are you going to play Five Nights at Freddy's? LIKE
Tom Arida (3 years ago)
Interesting point: By 'Interactive Fiction' do they mean video game? XD
Tom Arida (3 years ago)
'How did the pizza get in here?' There's pizza in here? Oh that's nice! OH FUCK!
Robert Sallai (3 years ago)
Memer Boi (3 years ago)
Nice video
Katy (3 years ago)
pizza shit yeah best joke EVER XD

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