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Far Cry 4 Co-op Funny Moments With Vanoss (Noob Adventures)

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Text Comments (2527)
2:25 i got scared lmao when he ran to h20delirious
Delirious Toonz (1 month ago)
This is the fucking greatest shit i've ever seen so fuckin funny hahahaha
ye lin (2 months ago)
play far cry 2
Zeptyx (2 months ago)
Karma is real XD
H20 Gaming (2 months ago)
2018 and this video is still awesome
*_Austin_* *_5098_* (2 months ago)
Kyrati Fishing 101
Baby octopus adventures (4 months ago)
Delirious has the same Luger general Engel has in wolfenstien 2
MinoBlue (4 months ago)
OMG I almost choked on my ramen when Vanoss got attacked by that eagle!!!!! XD
Jesse VsKatelyn (4 months ago)
"HES STUCK ON THE RAILING" dude hes on the floor you dont see him on the floor?
Yoboi i3 (4 months ago)
who still watches this in 2018
Raul Hernandez (5 months ago)
H20 delicious do more farcry4 funny moments
jordan horn (5 months ago)
that was awsome
JDAY 37X (6 months ago)
The shop guy is mervin
ed Delgadillo (6 months ago)
R.I.P Teddy bear
Solo Queue (7 months ago)
2018? It's been 3 years or 4 this is just like yesterday D:
Leo nootnoot (7 months ago)
all the cpus are just staring at them. "why was i programmed."
DeadlyShark2139 (7 months ago)
When I was done watching this video I got the game and I love it playing it with my friend
poke blade (7 months ago)
A rhino scared mini
Taye obbop (7 months ago)
daveheavens (9 months ago)
I have cubed💙
Fleecas hd (10 months ago)
Had a bad day and this is my fav vid and just made my day
reopri9000 (10 months ago)
hold on how dit you guy played both in pc and xbox???
jake animates (10 months ago)
Eva Möller (11 months ago)
Jag jilar far cry
Que tenga la sal la agua en España hace
Aaron Neilson (1 year ago)
Gta 6 asian bootleg
sansda savage (1 year ago)
You so so cool and I love your voise
Donna Bartlett (1 year ago)
Muna Rai (1 year ago)
play gangstar new orleans
Brad Hensarling (1 year ago)
Karma the eagle knows
Mary Romero (1 year ago)
michael cochran (1 year ago)
play more
it really shows that he is holding him
Kathleen Williams (1 year ago)
that was cool
Lahung Jayan (1 year ago)
i play far cray5
KingZaySmitty. 24 (1 year ago)
I loved it when Delirious Pissed off the Elephant . That’s the best part 😂😂😂
lui lui (1 year ago)
Treasure kish (1 year ago)
6:00 i died rofl
JeFe Alpha (1 year ago)
vanoss trying to run from a tiger lmfao
Chyna White (1 year ago)
your my best friend
Jeffry Martinez (1 year ago)
Kazi Sushmoy (1 year ago)
i like your farcry 4 videos
676 _J (1 year ago)
13:17 that's when man first discovered fireworks
spacecloud (1 year ago)
8:46 at was at this moment they knew they fucked up XD
SquishyyGhost (1 year ago)
Imagine if the hawk was vanoss' dad. Like the first attack with he dead shop guy was him yelling "PUT THAT HUMAN DOWN I DON'T CARE IF YOUR FRIEND WANTS TO BURY HIM!!!" And like when Delirious was attacked at the waterfall that was just him going "OH NO YOU ARE NO GOING TO PLAY SPACE INVADERS AND INVADE MY BOY'S PERSONAL SPACE MISTER!!!!" XDDDDDDD
Coolboys Colgateboy (1 year ago)
I love u h20 boyyy
trust me i animate (1 year ago)
wild cat does not like vanoss
Iwan Widjaja (1 year ago)
I have 2,400,00K
Montavious Gaither (1 year ago)
yeah I know
blessington100 (1 year ago)
More far cry
Jackjma03 (1 year ago)
Just watching the croc jump in the air like that just made my whole day so much funnier
l Kirbystarwonder5 l (1 year ago)
Also h20 delirious nice trolling vanoss
l Kirbystarwonder5 l (1 year ago)
Delirious nice throw dude
Captain Wolfe (1 year ago)
10 out of 10 landing
donovan (1 year ago)
Anyone wanna play co op? None of my friends have the game so I can't really play with anyone lol (I restarted my story)
insta seanzooted (1 year ago)
when he got hit by the elephant i jumped
Cody Fischer (1 year ago)
Bernita Gunn (1 year ago)
Ouday El hassan (1 year ago)
Samuel Christie (1 year ago)
love your content :)
James Medina (1 year ago)
3:29 being with friends be like...
Lowkey grinding - (1 year ago)
10:10-10:19 never laughed so hard 😂
Isaiah Cook (1 year ago)
, shercon vs balloo
carole taft (1 year ago)
Atomic Panda (1 year ago)
at 2:26 I looked away from my screen then looked back then the elephant jump scared me 😥🔫
Ssundeedeath4321 (1 year ago)
i swear i did not eat your cookie Gh
Lobit Gaming (1 year ago)
i swear i did not eat your cookie
Fe4rless Streams (1 year ago)
i swear i did not eat your cookie kd
Toredo 111 (1 year ago)
7:47 So funny
Ahmad Adil (2 years ago)
who is hurk?
Max Hart (1 year ago)
Ahmad Adil yeah
useless AF (1 year ago)
Ahmad Adil its just the 2nd caracter in far cry 4 when you play multiplayer
Cyntilla Johnson (2 years ago)
do u play on ps3
Brenda Smith (2 years ago)
deez nuts
play far cry 4 again please I love it if my comment licks for 1,000,000
Max Hart (1 year ago)
player awoken (2 years ago)
Sheep Entertainment (2 years ago)
MINECRAFT MINI GAMES ok I'll lick my computer screen for you
Aunri Brogdon (2 years ago)
Aunri Brogdon (2 years ago)
WARRIOX (2 years ago)
xbox one ?
Max Hart (1 year ago)
WARRIOX 268 yeah
Johnny Z. Muñoz (2 years ago)
PC just using a Xbox remote
Jantixz (2 years ago)
Teddy bear
HG.ExtremePhaZE (2 years ago)
i waited 2 years and its still distorted
Debonay Joseph (2 years ago)
Man I haven't laughed this hard in a while, those damn eagles lol
Insanity Perfect (2 years ago)
soul of the merchant returned as a hawk
zey OLIVETREE (2 years ago)
its not lui its marcel!!!
CREATIVE BIG BOI (2 years ago)
Jump scare elephant!!
Scott Weyer (2 years ago)
sow cool
Lucid Nightmarez (2 years ago)
this was one of the funniest videos I ever watched of his
Senlong (2 years ago)
I like how it took him 3 seconds to figure out that a honey badger is in front of him 6:29
Charlie Knibb (2 years ago)
deth to delirious that sun of a bich
TheIron Giant (2 years ago)
H20 is the funnes ever
Totally Gullible (2 years ago)
Delirious you rule
LISBET RODRIGUEZ (2 years ago)
I love your freaking videos
Carlos Estrada (2 years ago)
Good bye
GHOST GHOUL (2 years ago)
can you no scope in the game
Jayden Pace (2 years ago)
I lov the way He ended the vid
Raghh (2 years ago)
Polonium Danger (2 years ago)
@6:08 "It's like Harry Potter " I'm dying
H2O Delirious (2 years ago)
Aunri Brogdon (2 years ago)
I am aunri jhunne brogdon
H2O Delirious (2 years ago)
I love your videos H2O
sergiusz serek (2 years ago)
dont kill dogs idiots
Bill Nye The Cosby Guy (2 years ago)
Marcus Ruiz (2 years ago)
H20 delirious is so funny and cool
Raul Chaiez (2 years ago)
funny shit
Alicia Kalar (2 years ago)
Haeri (2 years ago)
vanoss is a dick
Beneita Hallums (2 years ago)
cartoonz won you did not see

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