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Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Human

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JoG Man SO High (4 hours ago)
I'm Alien too . As you can see in my profile pic And Mark is Not alien he's tolip.
Franco E. Prieto (13 hours ago)
The friendly face of one of the strongest resources to information trading in human history after television . He's obviously not what we all think he is .
womp (1 day ago)
I love zuckerberg. He's actually pretty funny.
RM r (1 day ago)
it zuck me pewds 😑
Alan Mah (2 days ago)
fudge you suckerburg
Alan Mah (2 days ago)
Anthony Jackson (2 days ago)
Justin Y. (3 days ago)
Sucker berg
shadokas (3 days ago)
One word.......drugs😂😁
EVRİM İŞLER (3 days ago)
He is not a reptile and this guy know that. He is actually an AI. PEWYDEWY IS ACTUALLY LYING AND TRING TO DECEIVE PEOPLE. I BED, HE KNOWS THAT HE IS AN AI. Just watch Mark with no sound, you will see that it is a robot.
Sure he's not human. He's a Jew.
Batphink Reynolds (3 days ago)
Nice thumbnail of altered lizard like eyes pal.Click bait Captain! Seems you also have Elon Musk with weird eyes.....how did you end up with so many viewers mate? lol. Fuckerberg may have all the $ in the world but he doesn't have good looks however his billions bought him a wife lol!
Gunnar Ødegård (3 days ago)
Funny video
A.L.G.Q (3 days ago)
My dad said he likes your hair 😆
Lovely Love (4 days ago)
Yeah.. somethin is really fishy
Elenita Dayap (4 days ago)
val abraham (4 days ago)
Pewdepie fever
KERRY WHITE (4 days ago)
funny Lol
Mr Zuma (4 days ago)
Suckerberg lol I can't stop laughing
Mr. Caligos (4 days ago)
So many dumb comments. I feel sorry for you Zuck.
William Lillevik (4 days ago)
When people confuse autism with being a reptile...
-Mark, Pewds, me, and some other people in the "Reptile Humans" group room - Mark: It's really hard to be human.. Me: *_NOW YOU TELL ME. AFTER I AGREED TO HAVING SUPER PAINFUL SURGERIES TO GO FROM DRAGON TO HUMAN JUST SO I CAN PLAY CARD GAMES._* Pewds: Wait, you were a dragon? Me: Ye. Pewds: I can totally make a video on that.
Spaetzle Monster XD (4 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue Zucc is a lizard So am I too..?...
rosely covali (5 days ago)
Dear Aliens or terrestrials builders you REALLY need to improve. A LOT!!!
William Griffin (5 days ago)
you recognize the voice of "Jarvis" Zucks home assistant as Morgan Freeman ?? too good to miss .. really funny !
Rambo’s Rap Kitchen (5 days ago)
“What, I’m a dad. This is what I listen too” 7:30 excision in the background
TheRainbowDiamond (5 days ago)
"From one reptile to another" Hmmmmm.... Is pewdiepie a lizard?
- (6 days ago)
too much money
3:04 y0 tHąt's CrĒePy It actually is lol
Ed Ford (6 days ago)
Im going to have to say MZ is a reptile. Look at those dead eyes..
TÜRKİYE 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 Türk olanlar Like lütfen
Olga Vences (6 days ago)
FACTS THAT MATTER (7 days ago)
ʜᴇ'ꜱ ᴀ ᴡᴇɪʀᴅᴏ
Steve g (7 days ago)
I like my reptiles to have a sense of humor.
Bud row (7 days ago)
Mune (7 days ago)
I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pealtz (7 days ago)
he is a lizard
MCDG ADVENTURES (7 days ago)
Its my first video I watched of yours. But nobody cares
J B (7 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg has been strange since he became the youngest billionaire ever. Doesn't mean hes a reptile though.
mimi mo (7 days ago)
Wtf i look away and look straight of person. Im not lizard
riverdalefan101 (7 days ago)
At 2:29 I was looking away and when I looked back I got scared
Aabir Dey (8 days ago)
Is it just me or does Mark Zuckerberg look like Eminem?
persian cringer (8 days ago)
Is there a possibility that Zuck is a monster but just below the waist?(no pun intended)
The Loop Hole (8 days ago)
What will it take to get a thousand autographs from you?
Lit-Anmations L (9 days ago)
BANDANA GAZMER (9 days ago)
Eliana Baby (9 days ago)
For me he is normal and shy guy so that makes him look something diff.
Mr. Caligos (4 days ago)
not shy but intelligent, that's big difference, most of the humanity are dumb slaves who envy everything and want to hurt people like him, Zuck is the normal homo sapiens sapiens who uses his brain at some point
Winston B (9 days ago)
Where are you from?? Your accent is like Scottish-hillbilly? Very entertaining videos. Thank you!
6`4 (9 days ago)
wow Morgan Freeman voice for robot lol
Rexx Gamez (9 days ago)
Nice headphones
GreenX (10 days ago)
Pewds = Reptile
Im On Da Web (10 days ago)
How tf do you’re headphones do that, I have the same ones and I’d like to know
METAL Metal (10 days ago)
In pretty sure he is dubbed too.
hateful fatty (10 days ago)
Оговорочка по фрейду
eliyah feliz (10 days ago)
He lacks congruency . That’s all ... he stressed and tired ... life can do that to you .
Cat Claws (9 days ago)
that in his psychopathic tendencies to dominate other people and straight up lie to millions
Alicia H (11 days ago)
He must be the antichrist..
PC MasterRace (11 days ago)
The Vegas shooter's brother said something similar about his brother being alive.
PC MasterRace (11 days ago)
He doesn't even know how to laugh at comments like that or have fun with it. He seemed serious about making sure people knew he is human. Thats why people drill him constantly about his mannerisms.
друя '_' (12 days ago)
DoubleDeckerAnton (12 days ago)
He wants to control the world...and invade our personal lives! 👎❌
Arnav Ghosh (12 days ago)
8:30 & 8:41
Tanner Minogue (12 days ago)
"im not a Lizard" sounds like something a lizard would say.
Ateh Kozari (12 days ago)
The childthing is scary
Capn Phuktard (12 days ago)
All these internet geniuses have no soul..They will all be burned in the pits of Hell...
Fitness Physique (12 days ago)
Jessica Lynn (13 days ago)
Lizard no.. AI?? 🤔🤔🤔 probably
monstersince (13 days ago)
say it again youtube. pew die pie is a minnow in a pool of sharks
monstersince (13 days ago)
we warned you we'd expose youtube /users. fraud and shit. would you listen, no.
Pettitzg (13 days ago)
ignorant video, your just making fun of him!
Cesar Gomez (13 days ago)
Magical Blanket (13 days ago)
I wanna see a social trex.
I was Human...Now I am a God! (Crixus voice from spartacus)
Ralph Machado (14 days ago)
I like nickel back they have some really good songs
joaquin13 tv (14 days ago)
WTF happend to you PEWDIEPIE??!!
greeg devil (14 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg fucker
salma (14 days ago)
5:57 the ai voice is just like the bulletball man's
dandin3perez (15 days ago)
this is nerd jock. and a nerd life. and our world today run by them. we enjoy there prodact but dont understand them. in a way thry get as . but we dont get them
Kitty Kat (15 days ago)
65 million subs?? HOW???
multiverser (16 days ago)
I would like Sacha Baron Cohen to set up a 'fooled you' scenario with Zuck.
Havva Nur (16 days ago)
KNOWPEDIA (16 days ago)
He is a robot i guess.
The new Detroit Become: Human 2 looks great
Natasha Maile (16 days ago)
A lot of humans are not humans. We are all multidimensional beings.
Axel Barrera (17 days ago)
9:51 Please, dont say it, please
Gordon Goldmann (17 days ago)
11:10 to 11:20 why is pewdiepie's eyes purple?
Gordon Goldmann (17 days ago)
Matt Bones (17 days ago)
The fuk did I just watch?
Jin Utchima (17 days ago)
0:53 , 0:58
Oubena Managua (18 days ago)
The headphones brighter then good
Wyatt Clem (18 days ago)
Them headphones look like a goddaaaaammmmnnnnn cartoon maaaaan
Mr.X Noodle (18 days ago)
Markkkkkkkk Suck a bird
Senfbrot (19 days ago)
Pewds reaction at 8:38 is hilarious 😂
The Zucc is the real life Markus and Connor confirmed 2018. ... *_Who else agrees?_*
VERSED Verizmo Gaming (19 days ago)
this channel sucks af
I'm not sure if the guy with the face fungus and the pretentious hair colouring is actually human either. He does seem quite "eccentric" ( or perhaps just on a stimulant which is inhibiting "his" ability to communicate effectively). I hope his friends can look after him.
Waqar Ahmed (20 days ago)
Soccerbergs ffsxx my name aka Roger Facebook concept owner ur sadly late by ooo 1986to1989 Tim Burk Lee www claimed ffsxx sorry 3 decades total recall people British media suck cuts 10 years neva entertained cuts big boys look in out for real owner wf12 9ep Yorkshire BBC refused me zenab bedawi Respect interview demand hard talk
Seamo One (21 days ago)
Dude I'm just jealous of those 3 dope KAWS companions on your shelf X X
수가SENPAİ (21 days ago)
5:25 mark beni em jshzjsjdn (masum)
Reltpid (21 days ago)
F8 = Fate

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