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Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Human

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Text Comments (21664)
td202 beats (1 hour ago)
Lol when he goes out to do whatever I bet he's like " I think I'll go see the humans today"
Brender omari (2 hours ago)
😄 mark should see this
Kyla's Tube KJSG (2 hours ago)
I'm not gonna use Facebook after this. 😨😂
Kyla's Tube KJSG (2 hours ago)
His headphones....😮👍🏻
Chris carlson (3 hours ago)
Mark Zuckerberg is a female to male tranny.
iFT 72 (3 hours ago)
Satan control Mark
Infotainment Hub (3 hours ago)
*Seeing this video now...makes this 1000x funnier....the way he drink the water* 😂😂
Mark suck a bird
Dương Minh Trí (6 hours ago)
68°C in the room? Welll he's not a human
Ken Mcaree (7 hours ago)
Nickel back are awesome you bunch of clones
Love Letter (7 hours ago)
Ken Mcaree (8 hours ago)
Mark is all apart of the Antichrist revolution & they know there end is near
Shelly Armas (9 hours ago)
His eyes are freaky!!!
Layla English (10 hours ago)
Beepy Sheep (10 hours ago)
Mark zuccerburg is a robot-lizard which works with Donald trump
Kame Hame Bla (11 hours ago)
11:11 it's an army!!!!!!
Michael Lien (12 hours ago)
He lizard
Gioan Thai (14 hours ago)
Lizard baby
Even Saputra Napitupulu (15 hours ago)
Mark a perfect human in this world and you ..who are you? Are you human or goat life in room 2 x 4 metter
BGW Yay (16 hours ago)
Morgan Freeman is his Jarvis. Lol
Thangjam Shailush (16 hours ago)
He got d looks of a python head.
frederik9878 (16 hours ago)
Tech Now (16 hours ago)
pewdie pew you are not also a human
Nawera Chishti (16 hours ago)
Yay glowing headphones
Suger Face15 (17 hours ago)
I know him and he isn’t
oplix (18 hours ago)
Top Gamer Power (18 hours ago)
Scott Bunning (18 hours ago)
Asian wife green life
Scott Bunning (18 hours ago)
A lot of people look others in the eye when they talk it’s called being respectful
Sasaki Haise (18 hours ago)
This is slonsored this is sponsored im getting paid for this xD
Scott Bunning (18 hours ago)
No he’s not a lizard he’s a Snake 🐍 hsssss
Anuj Kadam (19 hours ago)
Not at all
Andrew Zhang (19 hours ago)
Andrew Zhang (19 hours ago)
Gee The Metal Cat \m/ (19 hours ago)
nickelback zuccs
Dricoar Miguel (20 hours ago)
Pewdiepie coloca legendas em português
Mary Exr (20 hours ago)
Aayush Gurung (20 hours ago)
Respect Him.Bro because he pays you and make you.famous cause he make my family so I respect him
James Burdzinski (23 hours ago)
Voice of Morgan Freeman ?!
James Burdzinski (23 hours ago)
He has the stranges eyes ! he was like that at Capital Hill
Prince Vegeta (1 day ago)
Jarvis is in this aswell now we need iron man
Prince Vegeta (1 day ago)
The lizard now we need spiderman
sf94_fan channel (1 day ago)
Road to 100K lul
Evil Monster Gaming (1 day ago)
2:36 lol
Go sign the petition to make water renamed to zucc juice
annabeth (1 day ago)
when suckerberg started laughing at his own jokes i kind of felt like puking
Felix Ludovice (1 day ago)
Im spider man realtalk
F Ff (1 day ago)
I've did i've did hola 《:
F Ff (1 day ago)
JayDoesGraal (1 day ago)
The music intesifies the video....
Senpai Senshine (1 day ago)
Senpai Senshine (1 day ago)
soo funnhy lmaooo
Vivi Has arrived (1 day ago)
Maybe he’s just camera shy
Cyborg Commander (1 day ago)
Pewds be snakeyman canfarm?!?!?!! 2sp00ky4m3
Rural Herptology (1 day ago)
Trappin Captin (1 day ago)
sucka bug
Alan in the Alps (1 day ago)
I bet Mr. Zuckerberg is the type of guy who plans a weekly wank! He seems like a wednesday wanker
pato pito (1 day ago)
por supuesto no es humano, es un judio de mierda
Kamal Mustafa (1 day ago)
LEWI MCPHERSON (1 day ago)
super lyrics (1 day ago)
Farith Haikal (1 day ago)
Erin Laemmle (1 day ago)
So what!
Erin Laemmle (1 day ago)
It make's perfect sense that a person would work on something that relates to their weaknesses so they can strengthen them. But is that a good reason to push social media! Is it really a good thing? social media?
Kawaiii Unicorn (1 day ago)
Mark Zuckerberg: and I was human and I’m still human 😂
discodancer1234 (1 day ago)
What happens when a cloud evaporates? HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
Behnam V (1 day ago)
seems like he over prepare for his interviews/presentations. understandable for someone in his position.
sahil lama (1 day ago)
fucking psycho...get a life dude
Guitarriff1988ii (1 day ago)
White people in general are NOT human by nature. Descendants of the Neanderthals, subspecies.
LennY PauloNS (1 day ago)
i just reviewing all your vids
LennY PauloNS (1 day ago)
Arnav Borah (1 day ago)
It seems like few are really jealous of the fact that Mark is successful and the youngest billionaire.
Frank Wilkinson (1 day ago)
The scariest thing is that there are nutcases in this world who really think that people are lizards! What is it in their sad lives that makes them so stupid, so prone to believing the most ludicrous concepts and so evil as to accuse people of the most heinous intentions? Drugs, an inferiority complex, jealousy of successful people? This swivel-eyed lunatic is verging on the edge of insanity. What's scarier is the thousands of people who believe him. For years they've been warning of 'the New World Order, or how the Illuminati (who don't actually exist) are going to take over the world but guess what? It never happens and no one has ever captured an image of these 'lizards' who supposedly run things. PewDiePie, seek help quickly before you tip over the edge.
kysmefgt (1 day ago)
azek rtwhy (1 day ago)
He is not a reptilian but a dark Being.These technologies are all that they type create really do great harm. Radiation is radiated
Mario9964PC (2 days ago)
i found out he's a cyborg lizard
Keybobo metan (2 days ago)
He is a shy man but he is a good guy.....!!!....i can read his face n he was not the cloning man or lizard people like america people say!!!....people are liar on youtube!!!!!
Carolyn Sallinger (2 days ago)
He sweated really bad one interview..but he does seem bit off the norm..but during the trial recently seemed normal
Iceman FlatEarth (2 days ago)
No lie bro sumthins up💯
BeaAndChelli Plays (2 days ago)
Swaissa Naim (2 days ago)
Fak you
XanderBlue (2 days ago)
He's a hybrid for sure, but Grey or Reptilian I cant tell which.
Josh Boyens (2 days ago)
Oh no, Morgan Freeman D: Zucc is going to have to change that now. Q_Q
Cherry Fizz (2 days ago)
If you listen closely with teaching the baby mandarin you can hear "salamandarin" if you put your mind to it.
Petr Vrbacký (2 days ago)
Pewdie found something wrong about him before congress, good job.
GnomeK (2 days ago)
Mark Wehavenoprivacyberg
PotiaGraphy (2 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg actually An Horse... please share this info... lol
Ados Trik (2 days ago)
“Mr. Zuckabehh”
Gourav Tripathy (2 days ago)
Is that heaphone real??
Nordic Wolf (2 days ago)
Hes jewish. Thats whats up.
03Oni (2 days ago)
this video is stupid. and gives nothing.
Reenitha Francis (2 days ago)
This video really Zucker
C&A Productions (2 days ago)
I wish l was a dog not homeless
C&A Productions (2 days ago)
He looks like an elf
C&A Productions (2 days ago)
Good pie
Nicko Ray Morgia (3 days ago)
rolita taping (3 days ago)
Hai Li (3 days ago)
so easy. why in the world, he and his wife, a very young, very healthy, and very rich couple had 3 miscarriages on her first 3 pregnancies. as far as i know, she gave a premature birth to 4th pregnancy. imho, facebook is so evil and it causes so many teen suicides that karma went back to his family.
Dawn Strong (3 days ago)
He just had to name it jarvis Y cant he get a mind of his own and stop stealing other peoples ideas???
Computer Face (3 days ago)
I feel bad for Mark everyone is so mean to him.
Trenchex -YT- (3 days ago)
TO GET ONE *MILLION SUBS* *(not really)* thisisnotascamtoget1millsubs.com

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