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Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Human

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Text Comments (22726)
TylerE (1 hour ago)
BlaineGTV (2 hours ago)
I can't tell if you're joking but I'm laughing anyhow
Crosham (5 hours ago)
O M G Siri: activate Asgard Weapon. "I was a human" NO you was not!
Der böse Wolf (6 hours ago)
Massacre Berg
Manybeesfly Fewland (10 hours ago)
Okay...i think this guy who made this video is not alright too
idanoclo (10 hours ago)
Wheres the same color shirt everytime
Shrek Z (12 hours ago)
Mark succerberg
Hi There (15 hours ago)
*one reptile for another*
TKN ZERO (16 hours ago)
zucc isn't a reptile YOU ARE A REPTILE (I need likes lmao)
Teapartyla (20 hours ago)
You're hilarious, subscribed, lol
supadupadutty (21 hours ago)
Dude...you make too much money to have such a plain background .. spend a few dollars and put some colour on the walls!
thebronze adhanas (23 hours ago)
Lol I want to be a human too! Na I just want to drink a cup of water while people ask questions and stuff
Psilo Cybin (1 day ago)
😂😂😂😂😭😭😪🤧😂😂😂😂😂 , I had thought this .... and I’m usually right about most things - although I think he’s just a really good blagger and knows how fucken stupid the human race is ... but granted tho , the weird hair line and black eye balls does give him the bot look .
Random Stuff (1 day ago)
Only 720p...??? NOT ENOUGH!
Oscar Boza (1 day ago)
Este hijo de la mismísima reputa no sabe hacer video
Subszero Plays (1 day ago)
Rod 1984 (1 day ago)
Zuckerberg is a [Blank]...
Red Trinidad (1 day ago)
He is Mecha Godzilla
Zyphyr YouTube (1 day ago)
Davrozz (1 day ago)
Nigga it doesnt even have 300k likes yet
Sam Shepard (1 day ago)
m (1 day ago)
Bra inslag, ja jag tror alla amerikaner har fått något i maten som ser ödlor i många....tror de fastnade i v eran från 80 talet, fast i och för sig så är han lika komisk och rolig som du...
Benedict Geronimo (1 day ago)
What Is your prouf is mark not a human
Q bounti (1 day ago)
Its like a guy don't wake up one morning tell his wife or girlfriend i use to have a pumpum oops sorry i have always had a penis. Wifey gone start thinking oh snap i need some high power to discern this. Oh no she is with a she'm (she male) She'm. Watcha now
Ashir Baloch (1 day ago)
reptilian he is reptilian ...
camille mcaloon (1 day ago)
Richard Gititi (2 days ago)
Haha.. Pewdiepie has an amazing sense of humour..
Gaia scuderi (2 days ago)
Grazie per il video
Jean Shirazawa (2 days ago)
I have a question to you Mr.PewdiePie: *Do Somebody ever seen the back of Zuckerberg?* He is half reptile, the front is human and the back is reptile.
Gwen P (2 days ago)
He’s a creep no matter what you believe! His poor submissive wife
Staka Duggan (2 days ago)
Nahn Waguk (2 days ago)
Lol...his not human
LoGic. Dude (2 days ago)
Mark Fuckerberg😂😂 5:35 Man ur Headphones really glow.🤔 r u HUMAN.
Al Sabit Alvi (2 days ago)
He is not human, he is lizard 😆
Geeta Desai (2 days ago)
Very nice beautiful yours family
Dark Angel (2 days ago)
Fake news moron lizardmen? Wew stop dreaming ang making nonsense story.. Before obana is a reptile now mark? Hahaha your so funny man your judt like a child making your imaginary story haha
Frololal Y. (2 days ago)
Chris carlson (2 days ago)
transvestites everywhere....zuck....PewDiePie...zucks wife is a man..
Cavemantero (2 days ago)
Jacob Michael Greenburg.
No white person is HUEman
Joker Bhai (2 days ago)
Why you wear headphones hmm. You think you are so smart ?
Cosset Diaz (2 days ago)
Mr. Kleen (2 days ago)
TheWatcherChannel 01 (3 days ago)
Come to my channel
Linda Rose Smith (3 days ago)
You know how I see it smartass, you should have been an abortion, anybody can say anything according to your book as long as YOU and your Mrs. Chan control the world, analyze what all the idiots in the world have to say, control public opinion, determine what the outcome of an election will be and bring in the big bucks to continue doing the same. Definitely, you should have been somebody's abortion. It would have spared us a lot of grief, presumptuous prick, Dick...
Linda Rose Smith (3 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg, you want to control the world, make big bucks while you are doing it, and get away with it. 1984 really comes to life with a mind like yours. I just hope you pay for it you God-like young scoundrel. Glad you're not my son you fridging arrogant manipulator. Anything goes, it should all be analyzed by some psychopathic psychologist who finds an explanation for any aberration, or behaviour, just as long as you are getting exposure and making money. You make me sick and will till I die.
Penswayed (3 days ago)
Fastboy (3 days ago)
why felix headphones are so green like glowing
Top Real News (3 days ago)
No he's not
Happy Home Cooking (3 days ago)
Man headphones 💗
Philip Mcritchie (3 days ago)
The eyes the eyes the eyes..
Nicole Anderson (3 days ago)
I thought I was the only 1 that thought his eyes made him look like an alien of some sort lol
The Anonymous (3 days ago)
Nicole Anderson No shit sherlock *facepalm*
Celia Mb (3 days ago)
The zucc: "i was human...i am human ...still" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
THE ARCOM (3 days ago)
Is it just me or is Felix's headphone is really radium?
Subira Abubakar (3 days ago)
zuck is always nervous
Subira Abubakar (3 days ago)
Darkchainzz (3 days ago)
Bj Daris (3 days ago)
Get your Bank ready for a large money transfer, King of Kings. DARIS, ROBERT. WILLIAM Jr. You Know what you did ,
DrRyan (3 days ago)
Erica Pikapi Desu (3 days ago)
"Are you sweating?" HAHAHA
none of your business (3 days ago)
Lmfao but I LIKE NICKLEBACK!!❤️😩🖕🏻
none of your business (3 days ago)
Does this dude really talk like this!???
Nick qfn (3 days ago)
Who is this a-hole playing DJ? What a twit !!!Leave mark alone dirtbag!
Leiana Lei (3 days ago)
Reptilians utilizing his physical body as a vessel or demon summoned and using his physical body like the illuminati does during rituals.
JesusChristIsLord (3 days ago)
Freudian slip be exposing him?
Anne Cute (3 days ago)
Got it in interview the host just saw his illumi shirt.and now they said he's a reptile???
Monique Roberts (3 days ago)
Like the ghost face of him in back
TMT the manny team (4 days ago)
You can buy these reptile contacts duh
TheTrueforeigner (4 days ago)
are you really serious people are so numb and dumb he has achieved whilst you guys stagnate....and sweat...ur.bills
TheTrueforeigner (4 days ago)
guess there's no super humans on this feed...just humans nothing super about them to.busy being sheep not wanting to go on an adventure...yawn get out more
mouhab alkholy (4 days ago)
man how u have such fuuuuuuuuuuucken followers!!!!!! U SURE MASONIC
tim flood (4 days ago)
Patty Schletz (4 days ago)
Also he COPIED Jarvis the AI from Avengers.
Patty Schletz (4 days ago)
He is definitely A reptile. But Probably the worst a being a human lol
glenn ivan (4 days ago)
well well well well well well well..!! mr.. mr.. zuuckerberg..!!
Esra Yuksel (4 days ago)
Aman mark bir an herşeyi biliyorsun sanmıştım. Neyse son konuşmadan sonra farkına vardım :D sorun yok
George Tomas (5 days ago)
There is a video of obama who says there is some type of reptilian inside of our brains on the view...
jakob sors (5 days ago)
his reaction to the zucc is almost wholesome
ayush sharma (5 days ago)
Mark....GIVE ME THE ZUCC....
Empire asians Farraas (5 days ago)
Guessing not your alien you say i am not your alien
Esben Solgaard (5 days ago)
So here´s one fraud commenting the other.
tony popov (5 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Ew9oewvyd0M?t=412 hahahahaha
gfx4u1716 (5 days ago)
He is a soulless clone
David Stringer (6 days ago)
Mark is te intelligent voor normale mensen..mark is een goeie gozer...
Capt.Shami (6 days ago)
Seahawks Fan (6 days ago)
Jad Frhood (6 days ago)
Zucc meeting big nibba lmao lol
Katacus XD (6 days ago)
His headphones look fake af they aren’t human
Mouadz Carado (6 days ago)
i am too human
AbomynusSpace Alien (6 days ago)
Pewdiepie dont believe mark zuckerberg :/ and i dont believe mark :p
Lugia Catster (6 days ago)
We are uhh.. Concerned Be careful what you post
Private One (6 days ago)
Another 2012 conspiracy.
TheFlamingRedGuy (6 days ago)
this is like MatPat behind the sceen
TheFlamingRedGuy (6 days ago)
you mean Mark Lolipopberg since you said Mark Suckerberg
TheFlamingRedGuy (6 days ago)
suckers = lolipops
Sadie-Kay (7 days ago)
"I was human -- I am human" He sold his soul.
Detroit city (7 days ago)
Funny asf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 love the zoom in
Mark Harrison (7 days ago)
He isn't a lizard he is a motherfucking demon!
fiyori (7 days ago)
xd per7000 (7 days ago)
He ain't a lizard because he's ZuccBot9001
Matthew Pottinger (7 days ago)
haha i hate Nickelback! hahaa wow you read my mind haha
See Through (7 days ago)
Its not reptilian nor alien, its demon. He is not the brain child behind the innovations, he is just a pawn - a mere puppet playing the role of a genius. Behind the scene, Lucifer along with the other fallen angels are busy passing on the knowledge to the humans who have submitted themselves to the devil. Getting assistance from the demonic realm to create technological marvel, the satanic worshipping elite then chooses a human puppet (MK ultra mind controlled, demonic possessions) to promote the product or inventions to the masses. The final goal is to enslave, deceive mankind into worshipping the devil himself and technology backed by the internet is just gonna provide that platform. The devil is going to use the internet to become all knowing, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent trying to act like God. Every of our information -privacy,location, job status, personality, facial expression, I mean its starting to know us better than we know ourselves which is all getting stored inside the internet world daily and one day it will rule over us. The internet is a tool for the devil to control mankind. Its dark magic.

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